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Getting Rid of Small Black Ants

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Ants taking over your house is exceedingly frustrating. This is a guide about getting rid of small black ants.


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April 13, 2011

I need ideas of how to get rid of small ants in my house?

By LaDonna from OH


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About 10 percent dry 20 Mule Team Borax in Karo syrup. Warm a few seconds, shake to dissolve. Place where pets will not lick. Ants carry it back to nest to kill queen. Queens can live and reproduce other queens for up to 20 years. This method may take a few days but problem is solved.

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April 26, 20110 found this helpful
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Use Boric Acid (found easily at any store, I have even seen it at Dollar Tree) mixed with sugar and enough water to make a paste. Then drip it where the ants are at and in a day or so, the ants should be gone. The ants will take it back to the colony and will feed it to the queen destroying the colony. Make sure to keep it away from pets and children. If ants die near the mix or if they keep coming back, you might have to tweak the mixture. Thanks to my Dad, the farmer.

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June 21, 20101 found this helpful

How do I control small black ants in the house?

By L. Engels from Pekin, IL


Getting Rid of Small Black Ants

Sprinkle borax or ashes. (04/05/2010)

By Dorty

Getting Rid of Small Black Ants

Pepper sprinkled on their trails and where they are coming in should help. It certainly stops them from stealing carrot seeds in the vegetable garden. (04/06/2010)

By John

Getting Rid of Small Black Ants

I can suggest 2 separate products that are equally effective, and also equally safe around dishes, pets, and children because you can put it in places the kids and pets can't get to.


With both (or any other method) the first step is to determine their avenue of travel.

The first is Terro Ant Killer. It comes in a small (approx 2 oz) bottle, but it lasts for a long time. You simply take a small piece of paper towel, about 1 inch square, and put one drop of Terro on it. Then place this in their line of travel. The ants get it on their feet and carry it back to the nest where the queen eats it, along with the rest of the ants, thus killing the whole nest.

The second is Combat Bug Gel. It comes in a syringe-like tube and you apply a line of it where you've seen the ants walking. Again, they eat it and take it back to the nest where it kills the queen and the entire nest. The advantage to the Combat, is that it kills many other types of bugs too, not just ants.


I began using the Combat gel about 5 months ago. Even in winter, here in the south there are still bugs coming around. I haven't seen more than one or two very tiny bugs since I first put it down. During cold weather, I clean up the old (simply wipe it up with a paper towel because it's dry by then) and put down new once every 8-10 weeks. Now that hot weather has returned I'll do it monthly.

Both products can be found at Wal Mart, KMart, Target, or any similar place. (04/06/2010)

By Cricketnc

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April 13, 20110 found this helpful

I keep having little black ants on my counter top. I keep it clean with vinegar, but they still come. What else can I try?

By Holly from Lancaster, WI


Getting Rid of Small Black Ants

Buy a product called "Terro". You will have to keep it away from pets and children, however. It really does work, so effectively. (06/22/2010)


By Laniegirl

Getting Rid of Small Black Ants

I would suggest getting a free termite inspection. I had the same problem then saw evidence of termites and wished I'd had it inspected to begin with. Now I don't have any problems with either termites or ants. Good luck. (06/22/2010)

By yoder178

Getting Rid of Small Black Ants

Mix about 10% 20 Mule Team Borax into Karo syrup. Warm a few seconds to dissolve. Squirt into cracks and crevices where no pet can lick it. It won't kill your pet, but if enough is eaten can give them an upset tummy. It takes a few days, but ant workers suck it up and carry it back to the nest and the whole nest is destroyed. Queen ants live up to 20 years and produce many more queens. (06/22/2010)

By muttmom

Getting Rid of Small Black Ants

Some of the suggestions here are toxic, chlorine bleach, Sevin powder, etc. Be careful not to leave any excess of boric acid/borax powder around if you have infants crawling around or cats in particular as studies have shown toxicity for both when they come in contact with this natural element.


With that said, I had a farm in a remote area with massive mounds of fire ants, and I also have the little ants inside my house, but these are not "sugar ants" they bite like small fire ants. They are common in Texas. I have experience with these, and here is what works, but you have to be persistent and repeat applications even when you do not see any more ants to keep them from returning.

Outside, fire ants live underground and the mounds you find are not where they live, just where they come and go from huge networks of ant farms. You will not be able to eradicate the ants, but you can keep them from living in and near your building.

Outside, mix corn meal, borax (laundry product), and diatomaceous earth (from garden supply, sometimes labeled for crawling insects and ant control). Apply around the outside of the building, in crevices, around exterior doorways, windows, and on top of ant mounds. If it rains hard, reapply right away. Don't breathe it in, it will irritate you. Diatomaceous earth is mined from deposits of tiny sea animal skeletons. The sharp edges slice up crawling insects like razor blades. The corn meal causes them to bloat and they carry this back to their mounds and this will reduce the size of the mound, even kill some queens, etc.

Inside, you can put the borax and diatomaceous earth under the sink and places your cats and babies cannot get to, but you can also dust your carpets with it, use a broom to work it down into the carpet mat, and after 20 minutes vacuum up any excess. Some will remain inside the carpet, not enough to harm kids and pets.

Borax has dehydrating properties and tends to shrivel up crawling insects. Works for flea control, too.

You will see ants for a day or two and then they may suddenly disappear inside the property.

While you are bothered by an ant attack, use white vinegar diluted with some water and a few drops of liquid dish soap as the spray on almost anything and this will keep them under control and kill the ones you see while you are waiting for the powder to work.

If you think you have nests inside your walls or refrigerator, and you are not getting results fast enough from the powder, I suggest you do one bug fogger treatment, but not with the ones you commonly find. You need the bombs that have Pyrethrum or pyrethrin (not other things that sound similar, but are not the natural chrysanthemum derivative) as the only active ingredient. If you have allergies to chrysanthemums, do not use. This is also toxic to fish, but it biodegrades and is not toxic to other animals or humans. Great for getting rid of fungus gnats. Here is one online: (09/22/2010)

By herbaltealady

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April 4, 20100 found this helpful

Does anyone know of a way to get rid of those tiny black ants without harsh or dangerous chemicals? My house is crawling with them and I am getting desperate.

By Nancy from GA


Getting Rid of Small Black Ants

Give the diatomaceous earth a shot. It's hard to find and MOST IMPORTANT: It must be food-grade diatomaceous earth. If not, it is the stuff that has been heated up to be like glass and is very toxic. The regular stuff, however, is so good that some people actually eat the stuff for cleansing themselves. For ants and other exoskeleton animals, it pokes microscopic holes in them until they desiccate and die. Sprinkle around the corners of the house and see if it works. (01/19/2010)

By thintieguy

Getting Rid of Small Black Ants

I lived in Africa where there were a lot of little black ants: we kept them to a minimum by sweeping very well every day.

Here, we wipe a line of bleach water to make a barrier, anywhere they try to come in. Do it about 2 times a week. (01/20/2010)


Getting Rid of Small Black Ants

I have used the ant traps that you put in the corners of the room and they have worked very well. Depending on room size, box will tell you have many you need. Caution if you have small toddlers or pets they may try to chew them if you put them in a highly visible place. Also, treating the perimeter of your house helps, too. I think you can find the proper supplies at a hardware store. (01/20/2010)

By Amy3e

Getting Rid of Small Black Ants

A product called "Terro" from Walmart will get rid of them for a while, but I see you live in GA. I live in FL, and I have your problem. I am constantly battling these ants. As far as finding where they come in, they are all over the outside. I resorted to insecticide granules applied to every inch of my property, especially around the base of the house. Then I water it in. I hate doing this because it's not good for the environment. I do this every 4 to 6 weeks. It also keeps fleas down. If there is a better, safer, more effective way, I would like to know what it is. Forget all the borax, etc. I've tried them all. They might work up north. (01/22/2010)

By Stngray

Getting Rid of Small Black Ants

Absolutely wonderful product from GardensAlive that is a blue liquid and takes only two drops on the ant's "trail". They will discover and eat it, take it to the queen and it's a done deal. It costs about $7.50 + S/H, and ever so worth it, lasting a long time even though only about a 4 oz. bottle, unless you have lots of original ant trails to spot treat? I leave the drops there until the ants eat it all, then never see the ants or use the killer again. I learned of it many years ago, I have had to buy only two in all of these years and the last bottle is still good and nearly full.

Those ants are specifically "sugar ants" so go on a seek and find sugar and syrup/jelly smear and sticky places. Hunt starting at the sugar canister, then any place sugar granules could have dropped, especially wet places that might have melted and stuck to the bottoms of jars, etc.

Rarely, but occasionally I have seen this product called, "PIC Liquid Bait Ant Killer" at hardware and garden centers, so you could save the S/H fees, and any taxes that apply, but otherwise, don't let the price scare you away for such a treasured safe and most effective product, from an Organic company.

I use Amdro for fire ants outdoors, but I'll bet the PIC product would work there as well? I just happen to have so few ants anymore for at least six years now, because both products work. The liquid may wash away too easily for outdoors though. It's perfect for indoor use. God bless and good luck.(02/17/2010)

By lyndagayle62

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January 19, 20100 found this helpful

I need advice for getting rid of small black ants.

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August 21, 20090 found this helpful

I can't afford an exterminator, but need to get rid of black ants that keep coming inside my house. I think they are under my house, I live in a double wide.

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April 29, 20090 found this helpful

Please help me get rid of very small black ants.

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