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This page contains tips and money saving solutions for getting rid of mice, including natural methods.



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Rodent nest in a car's engine compartment.

Keeping Mice Out of VehiclesThis page is about mice nesting in a car. A warm engine compartment can be enticing to rodents looking for shelter.


Peppermint essential oil bottle with a sprig of fresh mint.

Can a Peppermint Air Freshener Repel Mice?Despite testimonials from some homeowners about the wonders of peppermint oil for repelling mice, many more find that it had no effect. This is a page about, "Can a peppermint air freshener repel mice?".


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What is the Safest Product for Cleaning Up Mouse Droppings?The mice have left their droppings in my silverware and junk drawer. What is a safe product to use to clean the drawer, pens, pencils, misc. metal, and wood serving utensils?


RV camper

Keeping Mice Out of a CamperThis page is about keeping mice out of a camper. Rodents are attracted to human living quarters even when they are mobile.


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Dead Mice in the Walls?We have dead mice in our attic. They ate the poison and ran away from sticky trap we bought from Home Depot. We opened all walls and know exactly which area the bad smell is coming from.


Woman Holding Mouse

Overcoming a Fear of Mice?Despite them being relatively harmless, many people don't like mice. There are some easy ways of overcoming a fear of mice.


Fresh peppermint and oil on wooden background.

Using Peppermint Oil for Mice ControlThere are a number of methods used to get rid of mice without the use of poison or traps. This is a page about using peppermint oil for mice control.


Mouse in a House

Mice Coming in Through Hole in a Foundation?Mice can enter your home through the smallest of holes. Closing up this mouse entryway is the best way to keep them out. This is a page about mice coming in through a hole in my foundation.


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Getting Rid of Mice in the Kitchen?I live in Florida, in my dad's house that I just inherited. We have noticed over a 2 week period that something chewed a hole in the bread and a hole in the cabinet under the sink for the purpose of eating the garbage in the trash can.



A mouse on the counter.

Mice Repellent RecipesThis page contains mice repellent recipes. Discouraging rodents from coming into your home, car or garden is the goal.


kitchen oven

Getting Rid of Mice Nesting in an Oven?This page is about getting rid of mice nesting in an oven. These rodents like to find warm places to make their home.


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Removing Mice From Our Home?For the first time in my life, I have a mouse problem. I also have two lazy cats. The mice are in two of my kitchen cupboards. I've repeatedly cleaned them out using bleach and peppermint oil but my mice seem to like it! I then bought two humane traps. I've had them down nearly 2 weeks and not a nibble. I used peanut butter, then cheese. I don't want to kill them, I'd just like them to leave! Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


A mouse in a barn.

Keeping Mice Out of Storage Bins?I am using plastic storage bins in my Dad's barn for things (my daughters memories, dishes etc.). How do I keep the animals (mice/squirrels) from destroying what's inside the storage bins? We switched to the plastic bins from boxes.


A cat with a dead mouse on the ground.

Cats Catching MiceDepending on how a cat is raised, they can be helpful in controlling mice. Cats are natural predators. Many will help catch some mice, but it is important to do other prevention as well.


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Using Instant Potatoes as Mouse Bait?The info I looked up only spoke of rats. Will this work the American way for mice too?


Black mouse on brown burlap bag

Getting Rid of Mice NaturallyThis is a page about getting rid of mice naturally. Using traps and poisons to rid your home of mice may not be something you want to do.


Mouse hole in wall with a mouse peeking out

Getting Rid of Mice in an Apartment?This is a page about getting rid of mice in an apartment. Getting rid of mice in an apartment can be challenging, particularly since there are common walls and you are not completely in control of the situation.


Motorhome against a white background

Keeping Mice Out of a Stored RV?This is a page about keeping mice out of a stored RV. Keeping mice out of your RV when it is stored for the season can be a challenge.


mouse peeking out of a hole in a loaf of bread

Getting Rid of Mice Without Killing ThemThis is a page about getting rid of mice without killing them. Some homeowners would like to find ways to get rid of unwanted mice without killing them.


Mouse Trap With Cheese

Best Bait for a Mouse Trap?This is a page about best bait for a mouse trap. One method of ridding your home of mice is to utilize a trap, including both snap and live traps. Choosing the right bait is important to the success of your efforts.


Mouse in Kitchen

Keeping Mice out of Appliances?Sometimes mice can get into places that they don't belong. This a page about keeping mice out of appliances.


wild mouse

Keeping Mice Out of a Dryer Vent?This is a page about keeping mice out of a dryer vent. Mice can enter your home through very small holes. You don't want your dryer vent to become a thoroughfare for these pesky rodents.


A photo of mouse.

Getting Rid of Mice Without Poison?This page is about getting rid of mice without poison. Whether you use cats or traps, there are ways to control a rodent invasion.


metal mouse trap

Keeping Mice Out of Your HomeThis is a page about keeping mice out of your home. Mice often come into our homes to find food and warmth; keeping them out requires some persistence on your part.



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Getting Rid of an Intelligent Mouse?I just inherited a house and to our disgust and surprise I have noticed that we have a mouse (or mice). We see droppings, they ate the bread out of the bread box, and even ate the trash out of our garbage can in the kitchen, leaving behind urine and droppings.


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How Do I Keep Field Mice Out of Storage Shed?How do we keep field mice out of our storage shed and equipment?


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How Can I Get Rid of a Mouse in My House Without Killing It?I have a mouse that is ruling the house and is all over at night. I do not want to use sticky traps to catch it. Please help with suggestions to get it to leave the house.


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Use Spaghetti in Mouse TrapMy tip is for those people that still use mouse traps, the kind that snap shut. When I had mouse problems, I used peanut butter instead of cheese. Then I took a one inch piece of spaghetti and stuck it in center of the peanut butter.


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How Do I Get Rid of Mice?What is best way to get rid of mice?


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Long Term Mice Control Solution?We have recently seen a couple field mice near the back door of our house. We have seen them escape into a hole in the ground that is butted up right next to the foundation.


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Getting Rid of Mouse in Car?I have a mouse in my car. How can I get rid of it and also discourage another resident?


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Mice Eating Tomatoes?I have been a tomato gardener for years, but living 4 or 5 blocks from the beach, our weather includes your typical "May gray and June gloom," days. As a result even though my plants grow like mad and have tons of flowers, I inevitably get powdery leaf mildew all over them.


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Deter Mice With Crushed Red PepperWhen I was young, I lived in a lot of rented houses that had mice. After not controlling the population with traditional methods, we tried this with much success. Locate the mouse hole, if you are that lucky, and cover it with a piece of duct tape that has been sprinkled with a good amount of crushed red peppers, like you get from the pizza parlor.


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Removing Lice From Play Toys?I was babysitting a child a couple of days ago, and found out yesterday that her sister brought home a bad case of lice from her daycare. The little girl I was babysitting has them, too. I have been checked THOROUGHLY and don't have them.


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Dead Mouse on My Bed!I am really freaked out by this. I woke up at 4am and a dead baby mouse fell off me when I got out of bed. I have no idea where they came in from, and/or if there are any more, but I need a suggestion on what I can use in my bedroom to keep them out.


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Tiny Mice?I am looking for natural tips for getting rid of baby mice. I've seen two about an inch long. I think they are too small for mouse traps.


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Keeping Field Mice Out of a Vacant House?I need ideas to control field mice from entering my unoccupied house. It's 4000 Sq. feet on a cement slab. It has cement block walls with steel siding. The house is furnished and 30% is my craft shoppe which is closed. There is not an edible item in the place.



Getting Rid of Mice in the Dryer - bumps on shoulder

Getting Rid of Mice in the Dryer?A year ago I took tenancy of a small, 1940s, recently modernised bungalow out in the countryside and have been plagued with insects and mice ever since.


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Getting Rid of Mice in Apartment?I live in an apartment in Manchester, UK. I first saw the mouse when I got in the house. I used the glue type mouse traps to capture the mouse with peanut butter, but didn't manage to get it.


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Using the Pest Offense Plug-in for Mice?Do the Pest Offense plug-ins keep mice and rats out?


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Getting Rid of Mice in Garage and Car?My son's car has been visited/infested by mice. He says it smells like mouse urine. Is there a way to remove that odor, and aside from traps and poison, is there any way to keep them away?


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Keeping Mice Out of My Car?How do I keep mice out of the engine compartment of my car?


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Getting Rid of Mice Inside Your House?What bait can I put on my mouse traps that the little tiny ants will not be attracted to? I see no remedies that actually work for this anywhere on the internet. I would like these mice out of my house.'


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