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Mice Repellent Recipes

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Discouraging rodents from coming into your home, car or garden is the goal. This guide contains mice repellent recipes.


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Tips and recipes for repelling mice. Post your ideas.


By guest (Guest Post)
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If you're going to use a live trap, you need to get the Havaheart brand (not sure if I spelled the brand correctly) trap that is made of metal. It would keep your pets from getting the mice once it has sprung and it actually works! I have rid my house of mice this way. It is difficult to set up sometimes because it is VERY sensitive so you end up accidently tripping it yourself but that's why it works so well - it only takes the slightly mouse touch to set it off and there are catches to make sure the mouse cannot work it's way out. It is an expensive live trap ($35 or so) but it works and you don't have to worry about mice with broken backs that are still alive in the kill traps (that's happen to me and I can't handle it). Hope this helps!

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This worked just by sheer coincidence. Mice invaded my work office and my drawers were the only ones that were mice free. I drink STASH Black Chai Tea and had several bags in my desk drawer. The ingredients are cinnamon, ginger root, cinnamon oil, clove oil, all spice, nutmeg, and cardamom oil.

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I just started having a mouse problem this week I contacted our landlord and they are using traps. I would rather not use them. I did a little research and found Fresh Cab for mice and rat control. It's all natural, non-toxic and pet friendly. You place these little baggies in corners and areas where the mice walk. The scent of the herbs deter them. I found out that the container store carries it so in the morning I'm gonna go down there and use the little baggies to my hearts content. No more mice! Hopefully. :)


I'd rather not deal with their dead bodies. Don't want my little pug to eat them. Don't want to smell a corpse rotting in between my walls or floor boards. By the way, the fresh cab company uses soy based inks, they employee handicapped individuals, they have a 100% guarantee and all their materials are earth friendly. If this works I'll be in heaven. :)

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I can't believe how cruel some of you people are. Mice do not know they are invading your home. They just want to keep warm and are hungry and thirsty. If mankind didn't take away all the wilderness, mice would have their own place to live.

Anyhow, I use humane traps and release them at a local wilderness park and to deter them from coming back I make a concoction of cinnamon oil, cinnamon, clove oil, cayene pepper and put it in a bowl with a fabric softener sheet in it. I place a couple of these bowls in everyroom and where mice may go. It does work and it's not cruel.

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Tips and recipes for repelling mice. Post your ideas.


Repelling Mice

Place used kitty litter from a litter box in small tubs in several places around the garage. Mice think. "it smells like a cat, must be a cat - I'm outta here!".

By Diana

Editor's Note: I have heard of used cat liter working as a squirrel deterrent around plants. Not sure I would want tubs of it lying around my garage, though. :-) (05/10/2005)

By ThriftyFun

Mice Repellent Recipes

Simple....put out mice/rat poison. No more mice. Place the poison ("treat") in a low bowl or dish (I use an empty pie plate), and slide under a shelf or other object around the edge of the garage that a dog or cat cannot get to so they will not eat the "treats".


Why deter or repel mice? They certainly do us no good in my garage. If they enter my garage or home they are fair game to me. Mice in the field; great for the owls, hawks, foxes and coyotes. (05/10/2005)

By valleyrimgirl

Mice Repellent Recipes

Mint. Put dried peppermint or cotton balls with peppermint extract, also bounce fabric softener sheets are supposed to work. (05/15/2005)

By Shirley

Mouse Deterrent

Use bounce sheets around your outside door to keep mice away. They don't like the smell of the dryer sheets.

By Mary Lou B. (05/16/2005)

By ThriftyFun

Mice Repellent Recipes

Just a warning about the poison pellets. My neighbor bought a house that was not occupied for awhile. There was a problem with mice. So before she moved in, she used the poison pellets. It took care of the problem. But she also found some of the pellets hidden throughout her house. Apparently mice hide some of their food for safe keeping. She had to thoroughly check her house before she moved since she did have some pets.


Also, sometimes the mice will die in the walls. The odor is horrible. I was told to put out tall containers, with straight sides, of water since the poisoned mice are very thirsty and seek water. They can get in but can't get out and drown. Never tried it but makes sense. It won't be pleasant thing to clean up but if it works, it may be worth it. That would be better than having them die in the walls of your house. (05/17/2005)

By mkymlp

Mice Repellent Recipes

I had always heard that the dirty kitty litter trick worked too. I thought that it made sense, imagine my surprise then to find that we had mouse poo in the corner of the laundry room right next to the CAT BOX! I always knew we had some in the basement, which is closed off from the cats, but to find that they've come up and are in the cats room and pooing a mere inch from the box was a shock! So, while it may deter some, I wouldn't count on it working for the braver of the group!

I personally would never use poison, before it works on the mouse they drag it all around the house and so some it it will be hidden in spots other than where you placed it and so pets or children could be poisoned. Also repeated small dose exposer and having the residue in your house is highly unhealthy! So, I'm going to look for other alternatives to try and discourage them, otherwise I guess we'll let the cats keep up there watch at the hole behind the sink! Eventually I'm sure that 3 cats will scare them off! :o) (07/20/2005)

By parisBelle792

Mice Repellent Recipes

I'm living in a apartment building with a puppy dog. The 1st year I had cockroaches. The pest dude came and put some special brown paste behind mirrors, cupboards etc. Haven't seen one in 9 years. On the down side the past 5 years my apartment has been over ridden with mice. I have had the pest dude put in some pink powder poison but they keep coming back. Blocked all holes with steel wool I also use the sticky traps and seeing that they are smart why do you think they use them in lab testing?

I've put up detour signs to go next door for free food! I've even had the health dude come in a look at all the droppings in my cutlery box, dresser and under my sinks. I was told nothing could be done as long as the landlord is supplying traps and powder (that doesn't work) but there cheap and won't buy the good poison. I was hoping that the building got fumigated but no luck yet. I was also told that if you soak cotton balls with crème de menthe found in health food stores works?

Try using an old water tub (2 to 3 feet across, depth doesn't really matter), and stretched a wire across it, securing the wire to the handles of the tub. Strung on this wire with a tin can with a hole punched in each end so that it would spin on the wire. Coat the can with bacon fat and fill the tub with water.

The mice would go crazy trying to get the bacon fat. Of course if they made it across the wire to the can, the can would spin them into the water and they would drown.

At least this way I can get some satisfaction watching them participate in my reality show of survivor. I already know the outcome. Lol. Seeing that I've never wasted my time on one of those shows and never will. This will make up for it. Maybe even put up some cameras to catch all the action?

Regards, Vern


By Vernkwim

Mice Repellent Recipes

I have heard that moth balls can also keep mice away. Has anyone else heard this? (09/25/2005)

By Jewell P.

Mice Repellent Recipes

What the heck, I agree with valleyrimgirl! If they come in my house or garage their fair game. All they do is spread disease and destroy your electrical systems. And lets face it, electricians are not cheap. I use glue traps with a little peanut butter. I also put my cat outside for a bit to keep them from coming in. She likes to bat them around them lawn. As I've only had her for a year, I'm hoping the word gets out to the mice community that there is a new cat in town. Good luck! (10/18/2005)

By spiritk57

Mice Repellent Recipes

Some of the cruel methods of catching and killing mice on this site are shocking. They make humane mouse traps which catch them alive using a little trap door and lets you drive them to a safe location to release them unharmed. It's very effective, allows you to not contaminate your home with unhealthy poisons, and quite simply, doesn't make you a little critter murderer. I have heard that peppermint works as well. (12/20/2005)

By Briana W.

Mice Repellent Recipes

I am having trouble with mice again this year. Have been here three years and no trouble until last year. I used D-Con and the mice just got in all my boxed "extra junk" and died. What a mess. I had heard that bay leaves worked but I cannot confirm this. I will try the peppermint, the moth balls, the bay leaves and anything else I hear of just to get rid of these creatures. They got so brave last year that they didn't even run and hide when I turned on a light or I was in the room. Horrible. (01/19/2006)

By Jenny

Mice Repellent Recipes

I have mice although I think its just the one but it is so clever. I have used poison traps and even the electric plug repellents. Nothing is working. My husband jokes and says this mouse has a degree. I will try the bounce sheets, thanks. (03/05/2006)

By brenda

Mice Repellent Recipes

valleyrimgirl, I think you are taking these mice too personally. They do what they do and are just a part and parcel of nature. Better to deal with them humanely, it will be good for you too! (06/08/2006)

By brett

Mice Repellent Recipes

Cats are not a deterrent, or my mother would never see a mouse on her farm! They have got better about catching rats though.....ugh! I agree, if they are in your house, just like bugs, they are fair game! They breed at the same rate as bugs! And speaking of inhumane ways to kill mice, have you ever seen a cat kill anything? They enjoy it, and rarely eat it!

While it may not repel, invest in Tupperware (I mean the real stuff) for all your dry goods, even boxed. We never had a problem with them chewing through it, and keeps all the other critters out! (06/09/2006)

By camo_angels

Mice Repellent Recipes

I totally agree with Valleyrimgirl! If they don't pay rent and taxes they have to go! Perhaps there is a "shelter" for all unwanted creatures; mice, rats, snakes, roaches, bedbugs, hornets, wasps, flies. The list is long. Anyone out there with such tender hearts and sympathy for these critters needs to open their homes to these critters. If I can catch any of them I'll send them to you! What's your address? (06/09/2006)

By Grandma Margie

Mice Repellent Recipes

I also read in a magazine about using oil of peppermint soaked in a cotton ball. Then you put it where the mouse enters the house. My problem is that I don't know where they enter. There are zillions of possibilities. We live in a field so those "humAne" traps would cost me more in gas than just moving out! I'd appreciate some insight, too.

By scruggle

Mice Repellent Recipes

I'm thinking of going with the eradication process 1st. Use whatever poisons I can muster up. Then I'll go with the deterrents to keep them out.

There's something called shake-away which might work. I don't know. It's a powder that contains fox and bobcat urine. (11/07/2006)

By winky

Mice Repellent Recipes

When you put out poison for rodents, sure, they eat it.Then maybe your cat or dog or someones elses pet eats said poisoned rodent.(mice don't always die immediately after ingesting the poison). Next thing you know your pet is dead or dieing. Not a pretty sight either. A close friend of mine had an indoor cat that ate a mouse who had eaten poison bait (and was not dead yet).The bait had been put out in a neighboring apartment. Her cat died even after getting vet. care. So word to the wise. You may hate mice, but if you have a pet and love it, don't put out poison. (01/06/2007)

By asksyl

Mice Repellent Recipes

I saw mouse droppings in the basement, recently, put out 2 traps and had 2 mice within an hour. I'm getting more traps tonight and will dilute some peppermint oil in water and spray it all over the house. I'll post back and let you know if it works. If not, I'm going with the bucket of water method and drowning the suckers. By the way, the humane method off dropping of critters in someone else's backyard - not very nice. I grew up on a wooded road in the country. People were constantly dropping off animals (esp. racoons) that they'd caught in live traps. They quickly became our problem and we'd have to "dispose" of them. (01/10/2007)

By Coneyb

Mice Repellent Recipes

I used to work in the house cleaning business. One of my customers used whole cloves stuck in her cottage furniture to deter mice. Does anyone else know of this method? (01/27/2007)

By Terri

Mice Repellent Recipes

Moth balls do work for small areas, such as storage sheds or other small outbuildings to repel mice, but then you have to deal with the smell of the moth balls when you need to work there, and the active ingredient in moth balls is "Known to the State of California to cause cancer". So I'm looking for a safer alternative. (04/05/2007)


Mice Repellent Recipes

I used to catch mice in my place by making a ramp to the top of a bucket that had cheese and sugar in it. They fall in and then you can do what you want with them. (05/21/2007)

By danny

Mice Repellent Recipes

We didn't want to use poison because of pets, the cruelty issue, as well as not wanting dead animals in our walls. We caught one mouse using a paper towel tube balanced over the edge of our kitchen counter (where we saw droppings), with p-nut butter on the end hanging over the edge over an empty tall waste basket. Mouse fell in, we released it in a park several miles away. The rest of them were too smart to "fall" for it.

We then caught some with sticky traps, but new ones kept coming and some were too smart and tipped them over. Peppermint wears out quickly and has to be continually re-applied. We tried it but they just moved away from it into other rooms.

What finally worked for us, in combination with the sticky traps was a product called Rode-trol, found at out local feed store. The package says: "It's non-toxic, safe for pets, livestock, non-target wildlife, children, & is biodegradable." It causes quick dehydration: "animal gets lethargic, retreats to burrow, falls into coma and dies. Lab tests show no distress by rodent." If the mouse should die in or under the house, it quickly dries up and doesn't smell. After several days, the mice disappeared and haven't reappeared for about 2 months now. Hallelujah! Now we are dealing with our yard being overrun by rabbits, squirrels & gophers from nearby fields that are being developed. We plan to try Critter Repellent, containing dried fox and bobcat urine and see how that works. Does anyone have any experience with that? (05/23/2007)

By maryskid

Mice Repellent Recipes

I use ammonia. Chipmunks, raccoons, and mice don't like the smell of ammonia. I put some in a detergent cap sitting upside down on the engine of my stored M'home and I put some near the tires or wheel wells. Also in the generator box. I also leave the engine hood open and remove the air cleaner assembly entirely. This does not provide them a safe habitat. ( disengage hood light to keep battery from draining) Also I remove the generator cover and keep it wide open with a small container of ammonia there. So far this is working. They destroyed three wires in the generator switch and they had destroyed four wires going to two fuel injection assembly solenoids. They also ate the sensor wires off the waste tanks. It wasn't sitting more than three weeks when they wreaked all this havoc.

And it may not be nice, but after I put out the $$$ to repair all my wiring I stuck a 5 gallon bucket half filled with water near the Motorhome. The varmints drown and I bury them. I can't afford their maliciousness. I have a 14 year old 22' rig, so it's not like I am living high on the hog. I use my rig for work when I have to go long distances and build decks or paint homes in area's far away. So for me it's a necessity to keep it running as well as possible. I haven't tried the cloves. I 've been told moth balls and dryer sheets do not work from the guy who repaired the generator. He should know, he's been repairing them for 15 years.

Good luck. Let me know if the ammonia works for you. (06/14/2007)

By Chris C.

Mice Repellent Recipes

I am wondering if anyone has used the Shake-Away product in a small apt in a big city. It seems to be recommended to use in houses, garages, and attics, and outside, but I live in NYC in a small 1 bedroom and am loathe to use poison as a general rule but am even more loathe to have mice pooping on my kitchen table. EW.

They say on the website it smells kind of sulfurous and I am sensitive to smells, but I'm wondering if I put it in a nylon stocking if it wouldn't be too bad. Has anyone had experience with that? (07/13/2007)

By madam

Mice Repellent Recipes

I've found black snakes to be the most efficient, but I can only tolerate them in the barn and not in the house. I can tell when there is a snake in the barn even if I don't see him. The mice just disappear. (07/18/2007)

By Louise

Mice Repellent Recipes

Trapping and releasing mice or any animal seems humane, but may be more cruel than simple killing. Most animals have territories that they defend fiercely, especially males. An interloper is driven off and wanders around until it is killed, starves or possibly finds an unoccupied territory. Not a nice way to go. Mice breed so fast because so many things eat them. It is not terrible to do what innumerable predators do. (07/19/2007)

By Biologist

Mice Repellent Recipes

Bounce sheets only help them bounce up on the chair where i put my dog food so he would not get it.
I had no luck with it, I will try the peppermint and cloves Does anyone know of the one where you mix up Dr. Pepper and bubble gum and something else. My buddy told me about this one but cant remember what else goes in it.
jwd36 AT (07/26/2007)

By jwd36

Mice Repellent Recipes

Can anyone tell me the best way to block all those holes in my kitchen? There are quite a few. I have seen mice in my kitchen and put down poison. They ate the lot in one night 100 grams. This suggests to me that I have a lot of mice after reading on a internet site, that they only eat 3 ml of food per day. What do you think a army or what? (08/11/2007)

By sarah

Mice Repellent Recipes

The bounce has worked so far. I tried hot red pepper after they chewed my starter wires. They love hot pepper! They came back and chewed the battery cable even more! ( Been using bounce - day glue traps set too!) Bring it on Jerry! (08/12/2007)

By Nice Maryland girl

Mice Repellent Recipes

I had a suspicion that ammonia could be used as a deterrent. My scientist friend reminded me that urine has levels of ammonia present, so that tidbit of info coupled with the fact that most wild animals use urine as territory markers got me curious. I just poured some around the outside. Tomorrow I will soak cotton balls or cloth to really set this thing off.
I have been catching them in traps sat in various locations around my home. I don't find it inhumane to kill these pests, I am just tired of having to clean them up.

Also, this year in Germany they have a health advisory out about mice. They spread this virus that can eventually kill a person if not treated; can cause brain or kidney damage and thin kill you.
So thanks for confirming my ammonia hypothesis Chris C.
I wish you all well. (08/21/2007)

By Germanratkiller

Mice Repellent Recipes

My family and I has just moved into a house that was sitting for about a year. We have been there for 3 months and now I'm starting to see mice. When I say I am terrified, I mean horribly terrified.

Someone told me to put mothballs down and everyday since I have saw that the moth balls are smaller and smaller. These little rascals actually think I'm feeding them, not trying to keep them away or poison them.

I just need someone to tell me how to get rid of them in a sure way. I have a nine month old and I keep dreaming of them biting her. I can't live like this.

Please Help,

Scared (08/23/2007)

By Scared

Mice Repellent Recipes

I have a travel trailer and mice get in every year & raise havoc. I have tried dryer sheets and Wafrin pellets. They store the pellets throughout everything and then I have to clean this up (I also use traps - but more mice still come in). This year I am going to try the Ammonia and also the deep pail trick. Just a note: Steel wool works to close holes, also keeping under and around the trailer free of debris: wood & leaves helps deter mice. Moth balls stink, you cannot get rid of smell. (08/28/2007)

By Wen

Mice Repellent Recipes

I met a farmer in the grocery store looking for paraffin. He told me he grates it and incorporates it with flour. He said it isn't dangerous to your pets but it does eliminate mice. I will try anything to avoid poison in the house. I don't know how or where the little buggers are coming into the house. (08/29/2007)

By Betty Boop.

Mice Repellent Recipes-cruelty free

I keep reading about toxic recipes and mouse traps which break the limbs and tails of mice and sometimes suffocate them when they fall on the neck or abdominal area. Traps can also harm your pets or small children. Does anyone know of a cruelty (and essentially guilt free) way of getting rid of mice? Because the mouse in by basement doesn't seem to mind my cat, and I'm certainly not going to use mouse traps or any thing that will kill the little one. (09/04/2007)

By Amy

Mice Repellent Recipe

The life cycle of a mouse is minimal to begin with, and then they are dirty disgusting bacteria infected rodents. What do you do if there is a spider of housefly in your home, trap it then release it into the wild? I don't have that much time, and could care less. They gotta go. (09/05/2007)

By Tanya

Mice Repellent Recipes

I need to find the best way to get rid of mice. I breed Siberian Huskies & I actually see mice crawling up my house & going in through the siding. They are eating everything. I have to wash all of my clothes over & over because they pee & poop all over it. My floors are always sticky & there are droppings everywhere. I swear I have hundreds. I have used sticky traps, but yeah that helps some of the ones that are in the house, but doesn't help the ones that keep coming in.

If you know something that definitely works let me know, & that is also safe for my animals. I have a bird & they chew her tail at night & eat her food in her food bowl. She growls at them, but I always see at least 6 in my room at once. They run on me at night while I am sleeping & are constantly screaming. They also eat the dog food & all of our food. They are not scared of us or the dogs. I need to find something that works. E-mail at tbmersekia AT with your insight. Thanks (09/17/2007)

By tori

Mice Repellent Recipes

We have mice problems throughout the year.
We also have two cats, which prefer catching rodents outside the house instead of inside. Which is no help!

Here are a few solutions that we have found work well:

The Deep Bucket Trick -Find a really deep bucket, and set up a wood ramp
into the bucket. Place food (crackers, cheese, chips) into
the bucket. The mice will get into the bucket, but not out.

Poison -Although this works well, we don't like using it all that much due to the fact that we have pets which may eat the mice after the mice have been poisoned. Do not use if you have pets or children. other than that, it works fine.

Mouse Traps -The traditional, most common, and reliable killer.

** Although all of these solutions work well, none of them are good for large amounts of mice, which we seem to have right now. Anyone know a trick/product that works on large amounts of mice? And that is safe for pets to be around?? Thanks! (09/17/2007)

By stephanie

Mice Repellent Recipes

Thanks you guys-must try this. Considering the fact that my dippy cat is only 6 months old, he's caught 2 mice the same day. Too bad when I woke up one morning a week later I saw one go into my stove, on the top part. Ick. I'm so getting rid of these pests. (10/14/2007)

By Sheena

Mice Repellent Recipes

I'm using used cat litter - excellent so far. Not sure what it might attract though. The mice have definitely quietened down. (10/15/2007)

By noynal

Mice Repellent Recipes

Touch wood, I haven't seen a mouse in our cottage for 3 years now. I buy from the bulk store, mint, & whole cloves. Buy cheese cloth and cut out squares. approx. 4" x 4" add to the centre of the cheese cloth 2 Tbsp. of mint and 1 Tbsp. of whole cloves, gather the ends and tie with string. I make sachets and throw them in all the rooms, under beds and corners. Safe for pets. Try and let me know. (10/23/2007)

By Evonne

Mice Repellent Recipes

I've been having a big problem with mice clogging up my lawn tractor with their nesting material. Most recently, my tractor had to go into the repair shop because the little buggers had chewed through the spark-plug wire and my tractor wouldn't start. Argh!

I've tried going the humane route to get rid of 'em, but that doesn't work because they just come right back. (I live out in the country.) So, as Bugs Bunny says, "This means war!" No more Miss Nice Guy! I've put out the poison; I'm also trying out the fabric-softener sheet trick that I've only recently heard about. (The guy who brought back my tractor said that at one time, folks were using moth balls to repel mice, but the little furballs wised up to that and it stopped working on 'em. Wonder how long it'll be before they wise up to the dryer sheets, too, that is, if the dryer sheets work.)

Seem to be some good ideas on this thread. I'm willing to try anything within reason to keep those little varmits away from my tractor! (10/25/2007)

By Linda A.

Mice Repellent Recipes

I live in Florida & it seems every year Rats arrive in my back yard. I tried using poison-but was horrified when my cat brought me a dead rat without paws. I am no fan of rodents-but humane is humane; anyway I purchased some of the Shake Away, seemed to work as long as it didn't rain, however VERY expensive. I am currently using another product called Rat Away, smells like moth balls to me. My next step will be to cultivate owls. They can eat up to 1000 rats a year. I am fortunate I do not have them in my house-however I would prefer not having them period. I will write later about the Rat away. I am also going to try the cat liter & ammonia as that makes very good sense and will cost pennies compared to these mail order products that I really am not sure work at all.(quote)(/quote) (11/04/2007)

By Dania Beach

Mice Repellent Recipes

Does the ammonia or whole cloves or pepper mint oil work if so please tell me to get rid of mice. (11/08/2007)


Mice Repellent Recipes

Well I didn't have any peppermint oil but I did have some dried mint. The mice didn't like it so they found alternative routes! little nasties. I have been looking into shake away but I think it would just be cheaper to get some fox and bobcat urine that they sell in the hunting department at walmart or kmart etc. just an idea. put a little down in a soda bottle lid and see what it does I will update you on any progress (11/21/2007)

By louise early

Mice Repellent Recipes

I have been plugging holes in this 'rat' (mouse) trap apartment for weeks but still have mice everywhere. Ever try to curl up with a good book and end up just sitting there listening to the sound of mice gnawing on something in the corner of the room?

So I put some ammonia in a spray bottle and just sprayed the kitchen, bath and bed rooms.

I think I may have overdone it because I'm woozy but for this brief moment in time, I'm feeliin' pretty powerful.

(unless its just delirium setting in.) (11/27/2007)

By fed up

Mice Repellent Recipes

I know for sure that moth balls work in small spaces! they used to get under my kitchen sink, and leave their droppings all over! Totally gross! No matter how much you clean! Well I dumped like 12 or 13 of the balls there and they haven't been back YAY! But they are every where else, and as for all the other people who have all these "humane" idea's of getting rid of these varmints, come get rid of mine, I don't mean to be mean, but I tell ya tried the nice thing with these things, and all it got was my little one bit, and now I'm not playing fair with them! They are nasty, leave their droppings everywhere, pee everywhere, no matter how much you clean its still there! yuck! They don't care! (11/30/2007)

By medo

Mice Repellent Recipes

I used peppermint oil on cotton balls in corners and holes and this worked for a while until the scent faded over time (seemed relatively quick, more like a week or so). My next endeavor is to put mint and whole cloves in cheesecloth squares, tie the ends and throw the sachets all over. I might add some spearmint and peppermint oil to the dried mint and cloves to intensify the smell. The oils can be found in most health food stores. OH YEAH, what definitely worked for me was Victor brand mouse zappers (I got mine from Menards for $20). They are excellent. Mouse goes in, gets zapped, you dump it without having to touch them. I place it by the stove, along the walls, and by holes-pretty much where I know they've established a path. My heart goes out to the 9/17 post who has mice jumping in the bed with them and all that. One suggestion I have in addition to the sachets and zappers, is to limit the clutter, if any, and sources of food for them. Go to bed with an empty sink, floors swept, etc. I hope these help! (12/01/2007)

By Lena

Mice Repellent Recipes

Don't use steel wool to block holes, it rusts. Use brass wool kitchen pads. Use old fashion traps. For bait rub peanut butter into a thin strip of paper towel. Wrap the paper towel around the bait trigger. Tear holes in a piece of plastic wrap and wrap it around the paper towel. The plastic keeps the peanut butter moist and smelly and helps to force the mouse to chew, rather than lick. Create a thin line of boric acid (powder) around the trap to prevent the trap from becoming an insect feeder. Trap placement is important: put the bait side against the wall crossing the path of the mouse. Releasing vermin is not humane. Humans are smart, releasing vermin is moronic. Not even the mice are that stupid. (12/12/2007)

By Cadmium Flute

Mice Repellent Recipes

I'm all for humane but you should know that mice can have up to 60 little babies and that's just daunting! I owed a snake as a pet not a mouse catcher, but she did require mice. I will tell you if you ever see a mouse with all the the little babies crawling over her to feed, you will not think twice about reducing the numbers in whichever way possible.

Tess (12/21/2007)

By tess

Mice Repellent Recipes

I'm all for humane but you should know that mice can have up to 60 little babies and that's just daunting! I owed a snake as a pet not a mouse catcher, but she did require mice. I will tell you if you ever see a mouse with all the the little babies crawling over her to feed, you will not think twice about reducing the numbers in whichever way possible.

Tess (12/21/2007)

By tess

Mice Repellent Recipes

We will never win the battle, we're simply outnumbered. I've recently found droppings in my home.

Find where they're coming IN and stop the hole up with something substantial. I found two small holes-- under the sink and behind the washer. Douse the hole with peppermint oil and ground cloves. Use expanding foam in a spray can (from Lowe's) and/or use cardboard and duct tape to seal off holes. Then, place traps (humane or not) to help gauge if you still have a problem. Mice seek food, warmth, and water. Eliminate these if possible. Good luck! (12/26/2007)

By G-unit

Mice Repellent Recipes

Gosh I wish there was a real way to get rid of these mini rats! Personally I do not think that anyone who cares about the humane way to get rid of them has ever had a problem with mice at their house. I could care less what happens to the mice as long as they aren't in my house or any place I am staying. I had to send my little girl to my mothers tonight because when we went into her room last night there was one right by her. I don't think I will ever sleep again after this. (12/27/2007)

By Krystal

Mice Repellent Recipes

We've tried the cloves, the mice just chewed on them. So the clove thing didn't work for us. (01/19/2008)

By Mal

Mice Repellent Recipes

What I do is to build a trap, and then I let a small boa constrictor in the trap. I have been trapping these things now for almost a year. I have a trap that is about the size of a rabbit pen, and currently have 13 mice, and 1 snake. I did put a couple of logs in it, and a small wooden bench. I feed the mice, who are managing to survive, in fear I must add. The snake eats 1 mouse every 3 weeks. Funny thing is the mice are not breading, must be the fear of the snake.

Also note I need to have another couple of snakes, because I seem to catch the mice faster than they get eaten, plus I'm tired of the burden of feeding the mice to keep them alive. But no more mice in my house. (01/27/2008)

By mouse trapper & snake feeder

Mice Repellent Recipes

From what I've heard chopping up bits of cork and covering with bacon or hamburger/steak grease & scent it w/ a bit of oil of anise works. They love to eat it but can't digest it. Which will starve them to death.

Also as bait for your old-school mouse traps... rub peanut butter on a strip of paper towel, wrap around trigger, then poke some holes in plastic wrap and wrap that around the paper towel (keeps peanut butter moist and forces mouse to chew it).

I prefer to trap them in some way only because I poisoned some once and one died in the wall somewhere and it stank for a while!

The wolf/bobcat/coyote urine & mint leaf techniques work well too. But you have to keep replenishing them. W/ the urine, if you stuff a plastic bottle w/ cotton balls then poke holes around the middle and soak with urine it will last a while. (Probably a technique you only want to use outdoors if you were protecting your garden. It works on rabbits and deer too.) (01/31/2008)

By Carlos

Mice Repellent Recipes

Please don't use mothballs to repel mice! It is actually illegal to use mothballs for wildlife, and it is also dangerous. There are two types of mothballs-napthalene and PDCB. Exposure (by inhaling) to the first can cause hemolytic anemia, neurological problems, and eye problems (among other things), while the second causes liver and kidney problems and has been identified as a carcinogen. Young children can mistake them for candy and ingestion poisoning can be fatal.

The electronic repellers have a pretty good reputation, but in the end the most important thing is tracking down and sealing the point of entry.



Mice Repellent Recipes

I am an authority on this particular subject, as the beautiful 135 year old Victorian house I lived in for 18 years came with "big" rats. I used rat poison with dire consequences. Eight rats died in the walls of my house and the stench was so strong I couldn't breathe. We had to rip out the bottom of several walls and pull out all eight decomposing, maggot infested carcasses. If rats and mice die in nooks and crannies in your house you will not escape the cycle of stench, maggots, and huge swarming black flies.

Mouse traps, and sticky traps are extremely cruel and inhumane. I bought "sonic" devices that emit a high-pitched sound that runs them off, and the rats and mice laughed at me as they walked by the devices all night long.

I then discovered a site on-line for the Rat Zapper 2000. This contraption is a humane way to rid yourself of rats and mice and is battery operated. It is a rectangular box. The rat or mouse crawls in the box to retrieve perhaps a piece of soft cat food which they really like. When it steps on the metal plate it is electrocuted. For the rat it is instantaneous. For you, it is clean. Shake the mouse out of the box and throw it away. I killed 8 rats in one night, on one set of batteries.

Check out the Rat Zapper on line. Its inexpensive and it saved my sanity. I just can't say enough good things about this wonderful and reasonably priced product that you can use for years.

I gave this same response on Yahoo Answers. He bought the rat zapper and killed 2 rats the first night. He said he had only killed one rat in four months with traps. (02/06/2008)

By Koiflowers

Mice Repellent Recipes

We have a few field mice find their way into our home every year. I believe we finally sealed up all the holes around our home, however, every now and than someone leaves the basement door open and they run in.

The only thing that has worked for us is the rat zapper. We have tried everything else, but this is the only thing that works for us. Mothballs, sonic devices, instant potatoes, peppermint oil, humane traps all did not work. (03/18/2008)

By Rebecca

Mice Repellent Recipes

I too have a mouse problem. For the person recommending "sealing" up holes with plywood, cardboard, etc. you will waste your time. I did that and they chewed another hole right through it from the attic - foam insulation will be chewed through too. They can walk over the glue traps with no problem or carry them away until they free themselves. I do catch some if I use double sided tape to tape the glue pad down to a surface. I'm now going for the Rat Zapper and pray that it works!! I am desperate and slowly going insane (03/18/2008)

By Sick & Tired of Mice in My House

Mice Repellent Recipes

I lived in the country and for 15 years was rat free. We had a rat snake in the attic that grew over the years from 2 feet to 8 feet long. When I married my second husband, he was terrified to know there was a snake in the attic, so he insisted we get rid of it. We were then taken over by rats! We have no idea how many the snake saved us from over the years. In our new home, I now house exotic parrots. When I spotted a mouse in one of the huge cages, I started setting traps, but they just ignored them.

I moved the cages out by the pool and they only perch inside at night, with no food left out, either by the pool or in the house. Once again, I started setting the traps and desperately hungry, I was up all night, catching and resetting the traps. We trapped 16 the first night! I had no idea there were so many. In a one year period, I have trapped 171 rats! right now I have two little ones that have ignored the traps, coming into the attic at night to sleep, but I worry will have babies, so my Jack Russel Terrior (he's gotten quite good at catching them and lets me know when one is in the pool cage) and I are trying real hard to catch these.

For now, the attic and house are quiet and we have been able to sleep. I use old fashioned spring traps, baited with a piece of stale bread, peanut butter, a little pancake syrup, and then drizzle bird seed on it. They can't resist. The problem for me is not catching them, it is keeping them out. they've made holes in the brand new pool screen, the eaves and come in the dryer vent and eaten through the vent hose and chew through all efforts to keep them out.

They've eaten my orchid, strawberry, and house plants out by the pool because we leave no food out for them. The birds did not "chum" them in, we trapped 15, the first month in the house, when we had no birds! I have a friend who got a leak in her roof that soaked through the ceiling and the ceiling fell in. That's when she discovered that the squirrels had been storing tons of acorns in the attic and they all came down, in the living room. I have no qualms about trapping these varmints. They will destroy your house! (04/11/2008)

By Sandie

Mice Repellent Recipes

Hi All,
Surprisingly, no one has mentioned getting a cat. We had cats for years - since we originally found a couple of mice in the house. Both cats have passed away and this is the first time in over 15 years years that the problem has returned (our 2nd cat died this past year). By the way, those traps with the red "V" on top - forget it - the traps don't trip and they get a free meal. We're going back to cats. Mice smell them and if they're not caught, they leave on their own. Save one from the humane society that's old enough to "hunt". Good luck ! (04/16/2008)

By Rocki


Summary -

mint, & whole cloves. Buy cheese cloth and cut out squares. approx. 4" x 4" add to the centre of the cheese cloth 2 tblsp. of mint and 1 Tbsp. of whole cloves, gather the ends and tie with string. Throw sachets in all the rooms, under beds and corners. Safe for pets.

The Deep Bucket Trick
-Find a really deep bucket, and set up a wood ramp
into the bucket. Place food (crackers, cheese, chips) into
the bucket. The mice will get into the bucket, but not out.
Can also use cheese and sugar

Paraffin- grate it and incorporate it with flour.

Bounce dryer sheets (sometimes work)

Black snakes


fox/ bobcat urine- called shake-away

bay leaves

moth balls (but they smell) (05/27/2008)

By Answers

Mice Repellent Recipes

Someone had written this last year:
"RE: Mice Repellent Recipes
Post By Scared (Guest Post) (08/23/2007)
My family and I has just moved into a house that was sitting for about a year. We have been there for 3 months and now I'm starting to see mice. When I say I am terrified, I mean horribly terrified.

Someone told me to put mothballs down and everyday since I have saw that the moth balls are smaller and smaller. These little rascals actually think I'm feeding them, not trying to keep them away or poison them.

I just need someone to tell me how to get rid of them in a sure way. I have a nine month old and I keep dreaming of them biting her. I can't live like this. Please Help, Scared"

My reply:
You were not feeding the moth balls but rather the moth balls were sublimating. They change from solid to gas form without "melting". (06/03/2008)

By Liz

Mice Repellent Recipes

Thus far I have used a combination of methods, the green pellets which they collected and haven't seen any pellets around. The flat sticky traps with a tab of peanut butter in the middle, witch works like a charm but you need to do the dirty work and collect the traps with the live mice. I have caught about 7 mice in 2 days.

After reading that peppermint and moth balls work to repel mice I decided to combine all of them, Ill let you all know how it goes in a few days. Wish me luck. Kelly Kels NYC apartment.


By Kelly kels NYC Apartment

Mice Repellent

I use Bounce Laundry sheets. They seem to work when fresh for a few weeks. Let me know what you think? carter AT (06/22/2008)

By Don

Mice Repellent Recipes

Stopping their point of entry. The most effective way is to locate all the holes as mice like to travel pipes. I would recommend going to your hardware store & picking up steel wool. Mice can't eat through it & seal all pipe or wall openings. Then there won't be reinforcements to those you do catch. (06/23/2008)

By Siberblue

Mice Repellent Recipes

(submitted via email)

Which scent of Bounce. Bounce makes 10 different numbers and scents.

Roxy (06/24/2008)

By jess

Mice Repellent Recipes

I hate mice and rats. Actually, I am totally terrified of them. I also hate to see dead ones.. I tried this method in keeping them out of my house.

You can now seal it with Raven Door Seal. It looks like a long car screen wiper which you may cut and adjust to seal the gap. Include some screw to attach to the door. It is simple to install. Took me only about 15 minutes.

You can check it out at

Since installing them. I haven't seen a single rodent in my house. (07/11/2008)

By genie1978

Mice Repellent Recipes

Don't worry about the state of CA saying it causes cancer. Almost everything on Earth is cancer causing and the state of CA is busy listing it all. Mothballs Do impede them some. They don't like the strong vapors in tight spaces which is where they spend most of their time. The mothballs will get smaller naturally as they out gas. You want old style Napthalene which are still sold. Read the box at the store for the active ingredient.

Used cat litter.
It does impede them some, but there is the caveat that without constant refreshment of the spray, not to mention a lack of cat presence, they will begin to ignore it and even become stupid enough to head into areas where there are cats waiting.

Deep buckets.
Use a 30 gallon+ trash can, lid off. Put a board from the floor to the top and put food in the bottom, just enough for the night. Birdseed and peanut butter are liked. Let them go back outside.

Steel wool.
Not enough unless you follow it up with something more permanent. As in where a water pipe penetrates a foundation, steel wool then concrete/mortar right after. Wood should have a section of fiberglass sheet backing the steel wool. Without adequate backing, they will push their way through from the other side and/or pull the wool through to the other side.

Most important.
Clean everywhere you can. Leave no garbage, boxes of unsorted household junk, etc. Put mothball packets in all drawers and closets. When you know a room is clear of all lurking rodents, stop up the penetrations they enter through and work room by room back to the entry point to the outside world. (08/06/2008)

By No One You'd Want To Know

Mice Repellent Recipes

I woke up to a mouse crawling on me in the bed. It was my first spotting of a mouse, although we suspected them because there were droppings under the kitchen sink for weeks before. I have never seen droppings anywhere else in the house or seen a mouse until this.

I cannot sleep and have no peace of mind. We put poison out last night because I want them dead but it hasn't been touched yet and now from what I've read I am worried that they are going to smell. but I cannot deal with doing the live or sticky traps either and having to dispose of the mice. Please help! Any ideas for keeping them away from my bedroom/bed? I need to get some rest! (08/19/2008)

By km

Mice Repellent Recipes

Variation to deep bucket. Use a five gallon pail and string a string from one end to the other across the top by making a hole in each side of the bucket at the top and then string that sting through a pop can. the end product should look like a bucket with a pop can suspended over the top with the string. Then slather peanut butter on the pop can and put a board from the floor to the rim of the bucket. Then fill the bucket with antifreeze, ( I live in a cold climate, water well work). The mouse crawls up the board, onto the rim of the bucket, jumps to the can, the can turns and the mouse falls in the water and can't jump out and drowns. You need about 8 inches of water in the bucket! (09/10/2008)

Mice Repellent Recipes

Nothing keeps away rodents better than a cat. Mice hate the smell of a cat. At my apartment we were catching 3 to 5 mice a week I got a baby kitten. Those mice disappeared. Before spending money on peppermint oil, glue traps sealing the house try getting a cat. Adopt from the spca. (09/11/2008)


Mice Repellent Recipes

We put antifreeze in tin pie plates in the attic. It helps keep the traffic down up there! (09/29/2008)

By cadub

Mice Repellent Recipes

The best offense is a good defense, if you want the mice out don't let them in. Try not only setting traps inside, but outside too.

By Corbin D

Mice Repellent Recipes

Try those white toilet bowl freshener blocks that you clip inside the toilet bowl with the wire clips. They are a good repellent but they do eventually melt/away. Scatter them in trouble areas (hopefully areas that are out of sight). I'm convinced these work. I guess they are like giant moth balls, but the smell is tolerable. (10/06/2008)


Mice Repellent Recipes

Thanks for all the advice, I will start with the mint and cloves, and picking up a cat at the shelter. I will get some moth balls too. I hope this works as I don't want to set traps or put out poison. I will post back soon. (11/05/2008)

By kristina

Mice Repellent Recipes

There is such a thing called stainless steel wool which will hold up a lot longer.

I wouldn't recommend anything vaporous such as moth balls or toilet products(!) I think cancer is the least of your problem. Asphyxia, anyone? (11/17/2008)

By murcury

Mice Repellent Recipes

FYI --- If you choose to catch and release mice; take them at LEAST one mile away or they will return. (12/03/2008)

By mrs-dee

Mice Repellent Recipes

Sonic Pestchasers, google it. No vet bills, no cat food, no litterbox, no herbal remedies, no toilet pucks, just pay $33 and plug them into a power outlet for 1600 sq.ft. of mouse-free bliss. Although, insulating your house and saving a cat from euthanasia are only the right things to do so have at that too! ;)

As far as mice under the hood of your vehicle, I have no advice, besides setting a trap beside the thing every time you park it. I had a mouse build a nest inside my heater blower motor last year, causing it to burn up each resistor one at a time and eventually take the bearings out of the motor. Had to pay $100 for a new heater motor and still have heat and a/c on the high setting only. Happy Holidays. (12/03/2008)

By Timberking

Mice Repellent Recipes

We have mice who chew through our sump pump hose every fall and I use the clear plastic rectangular traps that have a swinging door that makes it so they cannot get out unless they figure out that if they roll the trap the door will fall open! For the most part I have had very good luck with these by putting a dog biscuit (livasnaps) with peanut butter in the trap. Good luck! (12/03/2008)


Mice Repellent Recipes

I have killed about 20 mice in two weeks with the battery-operated zap trap.Works great. Now am focusing on finding out where the bastards get in. I thought I only had a couple mice when I bought the zapper - how wrong I was!
Don't take mouse problems lightly. They breed like crazy, carry bacteria and do a LOT of damage. (12/17/2008)

By MouseHatr

Mice inside walls

I hear them behind my wall. I don't see them or any evidence of them. Only what I hear in the wall. What do I do? (12/29/2008)

By Chris

Mice Repellent Recipes

Use a trap and kill them. I put peanut butter "under" the metal tab instead of on top of it. They have "to work to get" and and I always get them and it's a fast death. (01/02/2009)

By Debbie P

Mice, oh dear god mice.

I've only seen one, the stupid little bugger keeps poking his head out from under the dryer, and when I stare him down he flees. It started to get interesting, until he decided to go out the other way(Back under the dryer, past the washer, through 3 feet of shady area[Carpet&stool] and by the stove) and I heard him running and chewing on things. Truly creepy sounds. Although I have to admit, when he screamed several feet away from me, that was definitely a lot worse of a sound.

I dug around, made a lot of noise, scared the shit out of the mouse/mice for every scratch, nibble, or scurry that I heard, so they are no less than afraid now.

I can get traps, but I don't know what to look for, and after hearing countless beasts running in the walls and in the ceiling I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight; not without my big dog by my side. Oh, and to the ceiling issue, we have a sort of attic, with no flooring, just insulation and a warm, moist environment to hide out in.

I set up a primitive trap for tonight, a 6-7' cup with peanut butter and a bit of fudge at the bottom, with a Styrofoam block held up by two skewers to make a perfect little path in. Will this work, and is it deep enough? Is there a reason that every insists on wood, because if this thing refuses to check it out, I'd be a bit disappointed.

I'll do a perimeter of the house tomorrow, cover up any obvious entrances, and hopefully find a mouse in my trap.

You know how they say-commonly in reference to bugs- that if you see one there are twenty more? Yeah, thats not something I don't want to think about.

The furry guy keeps poking his head out, in fact I think he just did it again a minute ago, although I kind of missed it. He is waiting for me to leave, although I'm a bit edgy after hearing countless "I woke up with a rat on my chest" stories.

Anyway, that's the lowdown on my plan, I don't want to use poison as I have a dog, and the rotting corpses don't appeal to me, but I have nothing against killing these things inhumanely. If it means stabbing them with a rusty pin I'll do it, whatever it takes to allow me(And my mother and dog) to sleep well.

I can easily say that after one arrogantly started chewing quite loudly and scampering to his hearts delight, practically under my feet, that this is nothing less than a crusade, and I won't stop until the furry infidels have been burned where they sleep!

Any help you guys can offer I would greatly appreciate, and I'll be checking in here daily, until they're all dead, or I move.

By Teenage exterminator

How many are there?

I hear them all over the place now. Am I paranoid, or have all those 'bumps in the night' of the past actually been mice?

From occasional wall scratchings, and scampering, I'd guess that there are probably 10 or so active mice, but I don't really know how far they go. Could one mouse be covering two rooms?

Anyway, now that my mother has had one scamper under her feet, she has finally gone along with buying the traps, so we won't have to live with these pain-staking sounds anymore.

If we buy the good traps, the cylinders that are guaranteed for a kill, and we buy enough, how many can we expect to kill? All of them? half? (01/08/2009)

By Teenage exterminator

Crafty mice

We got four 'humane' traps that trap them live, and they aren't working. The one or many mice have activated them dozens of times, but when they get inside they shake it around until the door opens, going as far as flipping it over.

The only other alternative is the wood traps...any suggestions?

Oh, and my dog has eaten 3 of the four mice traps so far, and he isn't learning not to very quickly, so wooden traps could be a hassle. (01/13/2009)

By teenage exterminator

Mice Repellent Recipes

If you're going to use a live trap, you need to get the Havaheart brand (not sure if I spelled the brand correctly) trap that is made of metal. It would keep your pets from getting the mice once it has sprung and it actually works! I have rid my house of mice this way. It is difficult to set up sometimes because it is very sensitive so you end up accidentally tripping it yourself but that's why it works so well - it only takes the slightly mouse touch to set it off and there are catches to make sure the mouse cannot work it's way out. It is an expensive live trap ($35 or so) but it works and you don't have to worry about mice with broken backs that are still alive in the kill traps (that's happen to me and I can't handle it). Hope this helps! (01/18/2009)

By Amy the humane mouse trapper.

Mice Repellent Recipes

My husband and I have dealt with the mice issue in our cars for 2 years now and the only thing that works for us is fox urine, it repels them; we get at the local feed store and we buy the fox urine granules. Every evening, during chilly weather, we sprinkle it around our cars, especially the front of the car and the front tires. We missed my car for one night this month and of course a mouse got in and chewed a wire! You can also leave instant potato flakes out in a pie pan or sprinkled around to control the problem, but it doesn't kill them instantly, it just kills them off and controls the mice population. We use the fox urine every night. (01/18/2009)

By Eve

An Old Fashion Greek Recipe to Kill Rats (No Chemicals Involved)

One dose sugar,
Two doses flour,
Three doses powdered plaster (you can find it in any hardware store).

Mix together and place it in a shallow dish where rats have been spotted. Beside it, place a bowl of water.

Rats love flour, they eat the mixture and get very thirsty, drink the water and the plaster goes hard inside them. Then they're dead. (01/27/2009)

By kelly

Mice Repellent Recipes

Cats do work for mice problems. I have lived in an old farm house for 11 years and only in the last couple of years (since I quit letting my cats go in my kitchen) did I get mice in the kitchen. IF the cat can access the room where the mice are hanging out at, said mouse will get caught.. IF you have a cat that is a mouser. Some are better than others at catching mice. >^..^< (01/30/2009)

By Rebecca

Mice Repellent Recipes

I have a mice problem in my room have caught over 30 in the last month and they just keep coming we are using the big cheese humane live release traps which work as long as the bait you put in is flat to the plate otherwise they just grab it and back out again. We have no idea were there getting in. We cant find any holes anywhere. I would use one of those sonic repellers but i have a pet chinchilla in my room. Does anyone have any ideas on humane repellents that will be safe around him ( I will try the peppermint and cloves). Any tips on finding there holes? Thanks (02/05/2009)

By 27orangeunicorns

Mice Repellent Recipes

Peppermint oil works! My wife did it last night after we found out we had mice in the wall. The traps that we put down had no affect after a few days, so we dropped a bunch of peppermint oil soaked cotton balls in the wall and closed off the holes with a garbage bag. I just wanted to see if they would come back in. And this morning no holes in the bag. However the dogs wanted to go out at about 4 in the morning and in about 5 minutes they had mickey and his friends cornered. Too bad they couldn't finish the job. Their snouts are too big to get under the smoker. So, either get peppermint oil or get a rat terrier. (06/11/2009)

By brandonze

The mice came marching in last night!

Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here. Found you while searching for rodent repellent recipes.
My 12 year old cat who used to be an excellent mouser has decided to retire. Sits on top of the fridge, doesn't do her job, just eats.

I could hear them in the space under the bathtub. Desperation time! They also carry fleas &amp; I have 5 dogs. Out of peppermint. Couldn't find anything. So I picked up a bottle of the bathroom cleaning foam I get at the 99cent store &amp; sprayed it into a hole under the bathtub. I think it got rid of them bcs they were quiet but I could smell the foam through my side of the wall all night. I searched the internet &amp; have a whole bunch of natural &amp; expensive sounding repellents. Will post them tomorrow. Puppy love from Joy &amp; furry folk (07/06/2009)

By Tipppytoes

The mice came marchiing in last night!

Mice Repellent Recipes

I have read many of the questions and tips concerning mice problems and was rather surprised at the various tips, etc. We purchased several used mobile homes a few years back for rental purposes, live on a farm, and have several shop buildings, etc. I have found that the following has always worked for me and that I live mouse free.

I do not kill chicken snakes and black snakes which live quite comfortably around my out buildings. Do not worry, you will not be overrun by snakes. They keep the mouse population to a minimum and only stay as long as there is a food source, i.e. mice. I also put moth balls in the cabinets inside the buildings twice a year and have not had any problems with mice.

In the homes, I located all holes, crevices and other places where mice can enter and sealed them using steel wool and spray foam insulation. I only use the metal lined duct work for the dryer vents and install a outside screen on the vent. I then scattered moth balls under the mobile homes through the access panels of the underpinning. I also scatter the mothballs twice a year in this location. The fumes repel the mice, are located in an area which is protected from the weather, and is sealed off from the inside of the homes. (07/19/2009)

By dsummer

Mice Repellent Recipes

I hate killing anything furry, and that also goes for mice, but, after the little buggers did $450.00 worth of damage to my lawn tractor that I park in my barn, I decided I had to abandon the "Miss Nice Guy" approach and just started putting out the poison. Well, of course, the poison works (but use the pellets, not the blocks. For some strange reason, they don't touch the blocks, but the pellets they LOVE), but the cost of continually buying poison does add up; that's why I'm looking for some homemade solution. At Agway, where I get my poison, I've seen mouse/rat repellent containing peppermint oil and some other fragrant oil, I can't remember what it is, but I'm hesitant to try it because it smells so nice I think it can't possibly be effective, and it's not cheap. I also have moth balls scattered in and around my tractor, and I've used the dryer sheets, too, but I don't think either one does much, if any, good. The moth balls smell nice, though.

Oh, well, I'll consider trying the peppermint oil route, but in the meantime, I'll just keep on putting out those trusty poison pellets. At least I know they're a sure thing. (07/23/2009)

By Linda A.

Mice Repellent Recipes

Last night I spent a long time reading all these posts and trying to figure out an effective way to repel mice away from my counters. I use Tomcat traps on the floor and under the sink because they -usually- work well, but after a few kills the spring must have weakened and the traps have been cleaned out every night without snapping. Last night I was excited about the idea of using peppermint spray, cloves and even the tip to put peanut butter under the pad of the trap to make it harder to clean.

Finally I loaded my 2 traps with PB on the top, bottom and way into the back of the pad, I set one under the sink and the other one on the floor at the opposite corner of the room where I have found daily droppings; I also decided to mix Peppermint Essential Oil with lots of cloves and a bit of mouthwash and sprayed it all over the clean counter, I wanted to test if the spray worked so I put a couple of peanuts on the bare counter on opposite ends and even sprayed the peanut shells with my mix.

I was very disappointed this morning to find out that not only my spray repellent didn't work, but this clever mouse ate all the PB from both traps, rolled the peanuts to one end of the counter and proceeded to eat one peanut off every shell... (as disgusting as it is to think he was there, I'm still glad that I found no droppings at all on the counter) I really wanted for the peppermint/clove mix to work, my mix was so strong that my eyes watered when I sprayed the counters and I don't want to use ammonia, moth balls or any other chemicals on the counters. I think this guy must be getting fat by cleaning the traps every night so today I'll go buy NEW tomcat traps and hope to catch me one or two mice.

After I'm done with this one fat mouse I'll still try to concoct a peppermint mix strong enough to actually repel mice off the counters. Peppermint gum sticks have worked well on my pantry and I've never ever had a mouse in there, I throw sticks of gum in there and don't even have to change them more than twice a year, but I don't think the sticks of gum in the open counter would be as effective and I can't just leave them sitting there forever. On the positive side, my mix worked to kill a few baby mosquitoes and tiny flying bugs that landed on the counters over night! But the the battle against the fat mouse continues tonight. (07/24/2009)

By Neely

Mice Repellent Recipes

Harbor Freight has these metal boxes that you wind up. The mouse goes in, trips something on the floor and is booted into a compartment. You can catch multiple mice this way. No need to bait it either; they are naturally curious and enter the holes on either side. I put sunflower seeds in my trap so that if they're caught at night, they don't have to go hungry till morning. I check the traps twice a day, drive the mice to a wooded area and release them. We've caught 198 mice in 8 months. Totally humane and effective and inexpensive. We have 3 traps and move them from the garage to under the eaves from time to time. (09/02/2009)

By Dorion

Mice Repellent Recipes

Do not use mothballs. There is a reason the smell repels. My heating system only made the vapor worse. I only used 6 -8 mothballs in a wrapped sachet in the corner of my room. I woke up sick and the entire 1 bedroom apt smells and I have wretched headaches. Unable to fully ventilate. Just set more traps, and call an exterminator. It is safer in the long run. (10/14/2009)

By amb344

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