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This page contains tips and advice for getting rid of flies, including fruit, fungus, and house flies.

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House fly on a white surface.

Getting Rid of Flies at a Restaurant?This is a page about getting rid of flies at a restaurant. The food waste and garbage thrown out at restaurants can attract a lot of flies. Flies buzzing around your customers is certainly not good for business.


Cat eating from a bowl outside

Keeping Flies Out of Your Cat's Food?This is a page about keeping flies out of your cat's food. Pet owners who feed their cats outside generally have trouble, in the warmer months, with flies getting into they cat's food.


Fruit fly trap

Getting Rid of Fruit FliesYou just bought some bananas or other fresh fruit at the market recently. Now you are seeing tiny spots before your eyes. Your kitchen is enveloped in a haze of tiny flying bugs. You probably have fruit flies. This is a page about getting rid of fruit flies.


House Fly

Getting Rid of House FliesThis is a page about getting rid of house flies. House flies are a nuisance and unsanitary. Getting rid of house flies is easy if you use the proper methods.


trap next to bananas

Vinegar and Dish Soap Fruit Fly TrapThis is a page about vinegar and dish soap fruit fly trap. A simple effective fruit fly trap can be made with apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap.


Puppy scratching.

Keeping Flies Off Your DogThis is a page about keeping flies off your dog. Dogs that spend time outside are often bothered by biting flies. Are you looking for ways to protect your pet from these annoying insects?


Horses with fly nets to keep the horse flies off their heads.

Getting Rid of Horse FliesHorse flies can be a menace to have around. This is a page about getting rid of horse flies.


Upclose photo of a fruit fly.

Preventing Fruit FliesThis is a page about preventing fruit flies. Fruit flies can be a real nuisance in the house and can make it difficult to keep fruit out on the counter. Preventing them from multiplying in your house will ensure that they don't take over your home.


An open porch on the outside of a house.

Fly Repellants for a Porch Area?Pesky flies in your porch area can keep you from enjoying the shade offered on a sunny day. This is a page about fly repellants for a porch area.


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Keeping Flies Away?What can you do about flies, and yes the dog poop is picked.


fruit flies in trap

Making a Fruit Fly TrapThis is a page about making a fruit fly trap. Fruit flies can be really annoying. Making a homemade trap can help you get rid of these pests.


A fruit fly trap with apple cider vinegar

Vinegar Fruit Fly TrapTo catch fruit flies in the house, I keep apple cider vinegar in a couple of 6 ounce jelly jars placed around the house and accessible all the time. I like the jar idea because the plastic is held in place with a jar band. The container is small and can easily be placed in any area of the house.



Sand Flies

Natural Repellent for Sand Flies?This is a page about natural repellent for sand flies. Sand flies are blood sucking flies typically found in sandy areas, hence their name.


Close up of housefly on white background

Homemade Fly TrapsThis is a page about homemade fly traps. Houseflies can be extremely annoying and hard to get rid of. They can also carry many diseases. Once they get in your house they're nearly impossible to get rid of. Stop these pets and save money by making your own fly traps.


Fruit Fly

Fruit Fly ControlFruit flies can reproduce very quickly and if you don' stop them early you can end with many in your home in a short time. This is a page about fruit fly control.


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Dealing With Flies at an Outdoor Party?I am interested in knowing how to keep flies away from an outdoor event.


A flashlight being shone on the underside of a plastic drain pipe.

Shine Flashlight on Pipe to Check for Drain FliesDo you have a problem with gnats in the house? They could be breeding in your drains. If you have plastic pipes, you can check your drains by shining a flashlight behind the pipe. It lights up the drain.


A dead insect in a glass dish.

What Type Of Fly Is This?Hi all, I get around 2-3 of these flies every night in the house. I only see them in the evenings and they disappear in the day. I'm trying to establish what type of fly this is so that I can find a way to get rid of them. I've tried a UV light fly trap but the buggers haven't gone near them. Can anybody help please? They are driving me nuts! Many thanks in advance.


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Flies in the Garage?Is there any way to get rid of flies in a garage? There is nothing there to attract them. They just seem to fly in. I have tried fly paper and spray. This has just started.


Getting Rid of Annoying Flies/Bugs - tiny flying insect

Getting Rid of Annoying Flies/Bugs?I just moved into an apartment and can't seem to get comfortable because of these annoying flies. Can anyone identify what type of insect this is so I can research where they may come from and how to get rid of them. They show up out of nowhere. I've killed about 10 in less than 24 hours. They are driving me crazy.


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Getting Rid of Flies In Bathroom and Kitchen?Recently I got a cat and when it comes to cleaning I'm very OCD. I constantly clean everything in my home, but recently these flies have been in my bathroom, litter box, and kitchen. It feels as if they are taking over my home.


A fruit fly close up.

Ridding Your Kitchen of Fruit FliesSwarms of fruit flies plaguing you in your kitchen are extremely annoying. There are ways to get rid of these tiny pests. This is a page about ridding your kitchen of fruit flies.


Fruit Fly

Small Flies Are Driving Us CrazyThis is a page about small flies are driving us crazy. Traps can be made to capture small flies, but determining where they are reproducing will also help decrease their numbers.


Fruit Fly

Do Fruit Flies Bite?This is a page about do fruit flies bite? These little flies love whatever sweet, ripe fruit around your kitchen or garden.


Chickens Near Chicken Coop

Keeping Flies Away from Chicken Coop?This page is about keeping flies away from chicken coop. Flies can be attracted to a chicken house because of the food refuse and poop.


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Getting Rid of Fruit Flies?What kind of home remedies are there for fruit flies? Please anyone out there.


yellow fly or deer fly

Getting Rid of Deer Flies (Yellow Flies)?This is a page about getting rid of deer flies (yellow flies). If you have ever been bitten by a deer fly, it is an experience you don't want to have again.



Two dead flies.

Fly Identification?I live in Florida, and of course it's very warm and humid right now. Just today I noticed a lot of flies in my house. I've seen them in the kitchen, in my bedroom, and in my bathroom. They are pretty small, brown, and don't bite, but are just an annoyance when they keep flying around.


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Vinegar For Fruit Fly Pest ControlTo get rid of fruit flies, put out a saucer of vinegar and see bodies pile up.


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Vinegar Fruit Fly Trap?Does putting a cup of vinegar on the counter catch and kill fruit flies?


Fly paper strips hanging by clothes pins.

Making Fly PaperThis is a page about making fly paper. If you are being pestered by flies, make your own flypaper. This pest control solution is an effective way to get rid of flies. Making it yourself allows you to solve the problem without chemicals, using ingredients from your kitchen.


Metal sink drain.

Getting Rid of Drain FliesThis is a page about getting rid of drain flies. Drain flies can reside both indoors and outdoors. They like moist places where they can feed on organic matter. Drains clogged with hair, food or other organic materials provide a good place for them to breed.


A close up of a black house fly.

Fly Repellent RecipesThis page contains fly repellent recipes. With summer comes open doors and windows and more flies. Find recipes and techniques to safely shoo those flies away.


Closeup of green bodied house fly.

Getting Rid of FliesThis is a page about getting rid of flies. Flies are not only annoying, but they can also be unsanitary. Getting rid of them is often a difficult undertaking.


Fungus Fly on Grass

Getting Rid of Fungus Flies in Your HouseplantsThis is a page to getting rid of fungus flies in your houseplants. Flies in your house plants can be a real annoyance and once they are established they can be difficult to eradicate.


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Home Remedy for Flies?I live next to a ranch. During the summer the flies are out in insane amounts. I was wondering if there is a home remedy or natural way to get rid of them? I don't want to use chemicals and fly tape only gets rid of a few.


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Getting Rid of Vinegar Flies in a Composting Toilet?I have a composting toilet and have vinegar flies I can't get rid of. Please does anyone have any suggestions? I'm going crazy.


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Getting Rid of Blow Flies?I have a bit of a problem with blowflies. I have three indoor cats. The trouble is disposal of the waste. It is heating up around here and we seem to have an abundance of blowflies.


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Use Vinegar For Fruit FliesI have a great way to get rid of flies, Apple cider vinegar. Put about a cup in a glass jar, set it in the corner of the area where you have flies, and right before your very eyes the flies will be gone with the wind.


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Getting Rid of a Swarm of Flies?How can I kill a swarm of flies?


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Repel Houseflies With Bags Of Water Bags of water DO repel common houseflies! This is resurrecting a topic that's been posted here by others, but I've tried this hint and I'm really impressed.


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Peppermint to Deter FliesBe fly free at your next BBQ! All you need is some mint. If you have mint growing in your yard you can sprinkle some on the tables where people will be eating.



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Shoo Fly Jars in Every RoomTime to get those large glass jars out and fill them with crinkled up (very important) aluminum foil and water and then set them around to repel flies. It takes up to a day for them to notice they are there.


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Flies Around a Pool?We went to an outdoor poolside BBQ. Outside at 5 PM, flies (not normally present) were attracted to the BBQ and all over the table. Any suggestions? This went on from dusk to early evening.


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Keeping Fruit Flies Away From Fruit?I have read that many fruits and vegetables do not need to be refrigerated and have better taste if they are not. When I leave fruits and veggies out, I notice a few (1-3, I think) small flies/gnats, especially around aromatic fruits.


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Flies In The Kitchen?How do you get rid of flies in the kitchen without using harmful substances?


fruit flies in trap

Fruit Fly TrapI absolutely hate fruit flies! This trap is very easy to make and works really well. I always have this trap set up on the counter, so an infestation never has a chance to take hold. :)


Plastic Bottle Fruit Fly Trap - finished trap with a floating fly

Plastic Bottle Fruit Fly TrapWe have tried many things to get rid of fruit flies in our home, and this is hands down the easiest, cheapest, and most effective way. One of the most important things in order to catch them is the bait you put out. Fruit flies can be more attracted to some things more than others.


Photo of a fruit fly.

Ridding Your Kitchen of Fruit FliesFew things are more irritating than swarms of fruit flies hovering over the produce in your kitchen or pantry. Here are some quick, easy, and environmentally friendly tips for ridding your pantry and your produce of these unwelcome little pests.



Photo of the supplies needed to make a fruit fly trap.

How to Make a Fruit Fly Trap VideoThis homemade video shows you how to make a simple but effective fruit fly trap.


fruit fly trap

Fruit Fly TrapI absolutely hate fruit flies! This trap is very easy to make and works really well.



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Home Remedies for House Flies?I am looking for home remedies for house flies.


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Keeping Flies from Laying Eggs on Silk Flowers?I need a spray to prevent flies laying eggs on my silk flowers.


A fly on a white surface.

Identifying Black Jumping Flies?Over the last week, I have noticed these small black flies inside our house, mostly on the windows. I have tried just spraying them but they come back within a day. They tend to crawl or jump but can fly. Does anyone know what they are? I'm in the UK. Thank you!


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Using Skin So Soft to Repel Flies Outside?Which Skin So Soft do I use to repel flies outside, around the doors of my home? How is it mixed and applied?


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Keeping Flies Out of Cat Food Outside?I have over ten cats plus kittens we feed out side, but the flies are so bad they won't eat and are losing weight. I have put fly strips, sprayed apple cider, everything, and gets worse!


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Getting Rid of No-see-ums?I live in Philadelphia and these little monsters (midges or no-see-ums) are driving me crazy. I went to the psych ward for 10 days. I know the property management sent in an exterminator. So everything was good when I came back home. Now they seem to be starting to come back again. Please tell me what to do to kill them once and for all. I'm desperate!


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