Getting Rid of Bugs in the Kitchen

July 17, 2017

Identifying and Getting Rid of Bugs on Kitchen CountertopsI have tiny bugs on my kitchen countertop and the more I spray them the next day their back again it looks like their coming from behind the cabinet next to the stove. Does anyone know what they are and how to get rid of them?



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July 17, 20171 found this helpful

It looks like some kind of ant. Your first step is to clean out that cabinet and wash down all the shelves. Then put food in containers.


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It seems they are just crawling bugs and do not fly? Bugs change their "looks" after they have been killed so it is difficult to tell very much from the photo.
I agree that a good cleaning is a good start. Does this cabinet contain food items or other kitchen type items? I would suggest removing everything from the cabinet and try to place items in an isolated place (maybe a dry kitchen sink or a box or similar item) so you can determine if the bugs are actually in the food or whatever. Clean the cabinet good with a little bleach water or similar cleaner, rinse and let dry thoroughly.


I would then suggest you put some 20 Mule Team Borax in the bottom of the cabinet and even scatter it around on the floor near the stove and sink. This will kill almost any kind of bug so just leave it for a day or so before removing it or even leave it in place. This is not harmful to animals but I would not want a small child crawling around in it.
If this does not remove the bugs then you should try to put one of the bugs in a zip lock bag and take it someone working in pest control.

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Can you let me know what works.i have the same little bug around sink, on countertop & now in my cabinets by the food.they are annoying.

June 6, 20180 found this helpful

This could be the bug, but it looks to me like its coming through the screen.I have sprayed roach and ant spray on the sill

June 21, 20190 found this helpful

I have the same little bugs, however, they seem to be coming out from under my dishwasher. They lay on their back as you mentioned.

They are not in my cabinets or around food, simply on floor around the bottom of dishwasher. At times, there are wood shavings near, so I'm assuming their trying to eat the wood?


Is there a spray that you find useful?



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June 21, 20190 found this helpful

I see this post is from awhile ago, but your first picture, that looks similar to an ant and EATS wood, might be termites.

October 11, 20190 found this helpful

What did you use to kill them

March 25, 20210 found this helpful

There's stuff I get from the tractor supply store. It's called High Yield . It has a doggy on the front of a yellow comes in powder for or liquid.


I got it for a friend of mine who had bedbugs and it killed them by next day. It's like $ 4.95 a bag.

August 2, 20220 found this helpful

What is that bug?

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May 30, 2014

I have black bugs on the cabinets, occasionally on the counter or around my sink. How can they be killed? I how can I stop them from returning? closeup of a bug on white background

bug on white and pink background

By Char


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June 8, 20143 found this helpful

Try using diatomaceous earth. It is available from Home Depot or Lowes. Ask for the "food grade" type - which is non toxic and will not harm children or animals. Sprinkle it along the back of your counters and around the baseboards or anywhere you see the bugs coming from.


It is very good for deterring all kinds of crawling bugs and you don't have to worry about poisonous fumes, etc. which you get from most insect sprays. Good luck.

May 26, 20160 found this helpful

what kind of bug is this? I found one today in my kitchen

March 27, 20180 found this helpful

you can just see this tiny bug it moves fast that is the only way you can see it looks grey withlegs tiny spider I have some on scotch that is the only way I could catch move fast

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May 13, 2016

I found these tiny bugs in my kitchen drawers. Anyone know what they are and how to get rid of them? I have washed the drawers and everything in it, then sprayed with Raid.

Two days later, I found another one in the drawer.

Little Bugs in Kitchen Drawers


May 15, 20161 found this helpful

You have pantry beetle larvae.

May 16, 20160 found this helpful

Any specific suggestions? I have dumped everything in my pantry, literally. Vacuumed it out and washed every shelf down. Then did the same in the two banks of drawers.


What remains in my pantry are canned goods and coffee. The bugs were in adjacent drawers, never saw anything in what I threw out.

May 17, 20162 found this helpful

You are doing the right thing. Dump everything and clean well. Spray Raid and wait a couple of days.

When you open food: Put boxed food, like bisquick or cereal into a gallon size zipper bag and close tightly. Throw away or recycle the original liner. These bags can be re-used.

Replace all flour, sugar and cornmeal bags with plastic containers with screw-on lids. I found these at Dollar Tree.
For smaller amounts, use tupperware that closes tightly.

Put all molasses, honey, syrup, etc. together on a washable tray. Wash occasionally to remove sticky drip buildup.

May 17, 20161 found this helpful

Thank you!

April 30, 20180 found this helpful

Thank you!!

April 30, 20180 found this helpful

Thank you!!

April 30, 20180 found this helpful

Thank you!!

November 1, 20180 found this helpful

I did your basic clean out the drawers, wash everything. Cleaned the drawers, then bleached them over and over. Kept killing them one by one. I then put pure lavender oil inside and outside my drawers. I've only seen 2 since then

November 15, 20180 found this helpful

They are in your pasta.. They are festering inside your pasta boxes. Elbow Mac, noodles, rigatoni pasta. Hard uncooked pasta is where they are hiding.

March 28, 20190 found this helpful

Ive read beetles hate vinegar said to spray White vinegar in all areas where beetles are found.

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July 10, 2015

I also have these tiny coffee like bugs on my kitchen counter. Last year I bought dog bones from a bulk bin at a pet store. I took everything off my counter and washed with bleach and put out a small bowl with dish soap. I did not see any for maybe a month. Now they are back. Help.


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July 12, 20150 found this helpful

The bugs may be coming into your house via your groceries-the most common reason. Unfortunately, you need to provide the bug's name or a better description for someone to help you remove the bugs.


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July 13, 20150 found this helpful

These could be foundation ants and they come in thru the heat ducts in your home. Go to a hardware store & buy boric acid powder put some at the entire bottom of the sink cabinet and some on the counter top but be careful not to injest it or have it near a family pet. Leave it down for 3 months then sweep up and apply new powder. Good luck.

August 14, 20150 found this helpful

If these bugs are indeed "weevils" , I got a tip from a friend years ago that has worked for me. Add a few bay leaves to your container of flour. Just as an added precaution, i place a few bay leaves in my cupboards. Really works!!!! Good luck. I also scrub out my cupboards
a few times a year,and throw out expired items.

June 19, 20160 found this helpful

I have these tiny bugs allso that are hard to see washed with bleach sprayed raid and they die and when look again they coming back , looks like they are seeping up through the counter top, what can i do

October 27, 20160 found this helpful

I'm currently having the same problem I wish I had an answer. Once I ripped up the wet pressboard from under the sink that's when it started for the last week I've had thousands of tiny bugs I need 2 pairs of reading glasses just to see them. I don't know what to do. Some suggest they are wood mites some clover mites I'm leaning wood mites. My guess is they're searching for water I had thousands on the fridge and thousands in the fridge as soon as they get into the cold it looks like they perish. I spray bleach in bug killer and I'm not sure if it kills them or they drown I can't really tell they're so small. I've bombed them and it does no good. I walk around with a lint roller and that works good but it's like to get the whole area there's so many of them it's like painting your whole wall 6 times a day. I'm one step away from ripping a kitchen out

January 20, 20180 found this helpful

After reading this for information I checked my cupboard, and there they were in a container that I keep my spices. The container was straight out the door into the cold then boiling hot water poured on everything in the container. Thank you for your help

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October 12, 2019

I have these tiny little black bugs hanging around in my sink. They are oval shaped and move fast. I use Clorox spray to wash out my sink and dry with paper towels.

I am just wondering what I can do to get rid of them. It has to animal friendly I do have a cat.


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October 12, 20190 found this helpful

You can pour bleach down the drain. Your cat cannot get down the drain.


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October 13, 20190 found this helpful

Vinegar is great for killing a lot of different types of bugs and even can help with mold in a kids swimming pool. You can try using straight vinegar in a spray bottle to spray on them. Vinegar is very pet friendly and can not harm them at all.


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October 13, 20190 found this helpful

Since you have pets, I'd go with the vinegar solution above. It will work, you just have to be diligent and also use it when you do not see them.

September 22, 20230 found this helpful

For drain bugs I get a sticky pad for mice and cut pieces that fit the kitchen, bath and shower drains and cover the drains with the pieces. Just leave them in place for a day of so and check to see if you caught any.

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September 20, 2018

What can I do with tiny black bugs on the counter top?


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September 20, 20180 found this helpful

Get rid of any food on counters. Store in the refrigerator. Store pantry foods in airtight containers. Check for leaks. Spray with insecticide.


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September 20, 20180 found this helpful

Finding out what they are is helpful. Do they fly? Crawl? A good cleaning is helpful, but knowing what they are, I can offer better solutions. Can you post a photo of them?

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January 23, 2017

The key to getting rid of tiny black bugs on kitchen floor is first identifying what they are. Check out what has worked for others in this page.

Tiny black bugs next to a penny for scale.

March 27, 2017

Do you have problems with tiny hard shelled bugs on your kitchen countertops (drug store beetles)? Look for answers to getting rid of these pests in this page.

Drug Store Beetles

November 18, 2016

This is a page about tiny black bugs in the cupboard. Determining what kind of bugs you have can help you find the best way to get rid of them.

Someone opening the door on their cupboard.

Home and Garden Pest Control BugsAugust 2, 2015
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