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The dry goods in your pantry are at risk from a number of pantry pests. This page contains tips and advice for getting rid of pantry pests.



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Drug Store Beetles

Tiny Hard Shelled Bugs on Kitchen Countertops (Drug Store Beetles)?Do you have problems with tiny hard shelled bugs on your kitchen countertops (drug store beetles)? Look for answers to getting rid of these pests in this page.


A hand holding a cockroach.

Identifying and Eliminating Pantry PestsPantry pests can be a disgusting problem in your home. This article looks at some of the most common pantry pests and how to eliminate them.


Preventing Pantry Pests

Preventing Pantry PestsThis is a page about preventing pantry pests. Opening your pantry to find bugs is frustrating.


A spoonful of pancake mix.

Bugs in the Pancake Mix?The last thing you want to discover when you go to make breakfast is bugs in your pancake mix. This page offers advice about how to avoid bugs in your pancake mix.


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Identifying Little Black Bugs?I bought instant potato flakes but did not open the box immediately. When I got around to using it I opened the box and the bag of potato flakes was severely infested with little black bugs. The bag had never been opened. What are they?


Meal worms

Keeping Worms out of Flour and OatmealThis is a page about keeping worms out of flour and oatmeal. Briefly storing flour and oatmeal in the freezer can help kill any bugs or larvae that might be present. Then storing everything in well sealed containers is the best way to keep any new bugs out.


Clear glass jars inside of a pantry.

Keep Pests Out of Your PantryPantry pests can ruin your food stores very quickly. Keeping your pantry space and storage containers clean and dry is the best way to prevent pests from infesting. This is a page about keeping pests out of the pantry.


Stored food in a jars in a pantry.

Keeping Weevils Out of Stored FoodThis is a page about keeping weevils out of stored food. Weevils can hitchhike into your pantry in boxed dry goods.


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Getting Rid of Weevils?What do flour worms look like and how to keep them out of the flour?



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Getting Rid of Meal Bugs in Flour?How do I get rid of meal bugs/worms? I found them in the flour canister? I always keep it sealed. I can't understand where they came from.


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Getting Rid of Pantry Beetles?How do I get rid of pantry pests?


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Check for Weevils in Stored FoodI had simmered down and deboned the carcass of a lovely broasted chicken for soup. The broth was perfect, as was the fresh veggies and spices that I added. Into my pristine soup, I proceeded to pour a box of rice and it was full of weevils.


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What do flour worms look like?What do flour worms look like?


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Tiny Red Bugs in Cupboards?I have seen these tiny red bugs in boxes of pasta, counter tops, cooking pots and pans, and even on top of the refrigerator. Where do they come from? How can I control them? My wife can't eat or sleep. (Arachnaphobia) What shall I do? - Patrick



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Getting Rid of Meal Moths?I am having a problem getting rid of meal moths. I have emptied the cabinets and washed them. I have opened packages of products to check for them and thrown away things that they were in and put the remaining items in the freezer but I am still seeing them.


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Bugs in Air Tight Flour Jars?I have what I thought was an air tight LaParfiet jar for my brown bread flour, but sure enough I went to use it the other day and found little black bugs. How did they get in if the jar is airtight?


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Preventing Mealy Bugs?Tips for preventing mealy bugs. Post your ideas.


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Preventing Pantry Pests?I have a professional company do my lawn, inside the house, and termite control. I have so many pests and they are treating my home for these. Recently I found a very small brown oval bug. The technician said it is a pantry pest. You can almost "see" them.


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Getting Rid of Bugs in Dog Biscuits?I had brown hard bugs for several months now. They are in the den where my dog's Milk Bones are. They have eaten holes all through the bones and are all over our ceiling, floor, and tables. They don't live long and I vacuum them up. I've seen them fly a little ways.


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Ants In Stored Cereal?I have a pantry and I went to get some fruit loops out that was in a zipper bag and it had a lot of small ants in the bag. They appeared to be ants as they were rather small. Where did they come from and how do I get rid of them?


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