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This page contains tips and advice for dealing with a wide variety of home and garden pests.

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A woman holding a blue fly swatter.

Tiny Flying Insects in Your House?There is nothing more frustrating than having tiny flying insects in your house. Identifying what type of insect they are will help you get rid of them. This page contains tips for getting rid of tiny flying bugs in your house.


Someone scratching their hand due to bug bites.

Identifying Small White Biting Bugs?If you are being bitten by small bugs, identifying them is the first step to getting rid of them. This page is full of tips for getting rid of tiny biting bugs.


A bag with diatomaceous earth spilling out.

Diatomaceous Earth to Get Rid of ParasitesFood Grade Diatomaceous earth will kill fleas, ticks, bed bugs and almost any other insect. If taken internally, it will also rid your dog of worms and parasites. It must be FOOD GRADE not the kind sold at pool supply companies.


Squirrel in Tree

Eco-Friendly Critter ControlOur gardens are attractive not only to us, but typically to a variety of wildlife as well. To encourage your guests to not make a smorgasbord of your flowers, shrubs, trees, and vegetables try some of the eco-friendly suggestions on this page. This is a page about eco-friendly critter control.


red mite

Problems With Little Red BugsKnowing what kind of pest you are dealing with can help you find the best way to get rid of them. This is a page about problems with little red bugs.


Bugs that have infested a flour jar.

Bugs Appearing in Airtight Flour Jars?When you see bugs in your jars of dry goods in the pantry, generally either the jar is not airtight, or the bugs hatched after your purchase. This is a page about bugs appearing in airtight flour jars.



Pill Bugs

Getting Rid of Pill BugsThis page is about getting rid of pill bugs. These arthropods are also called sow bugs, wood louses and roly polies, and live on the ground in moist places.


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Small White Worms in Recycle Bin?They started inside of the food recycle bin and are now all over our backyard pavement. How do I get rid of them? What are they?


A woman with an itchy spot on her arm.

What Are No See Ums?No-see-ums, midgies, sandflies are all names for a tiny biting bug that is found all around the world. Learn more about noseeums in this page.


A carpenter bee burrowing in wood.

Identifying a Flying Burrowing Insect?When identifying a flying burrowing insect, you may have a bee, hornet or a wasp. Some are very beneficial. There are some good sites online to find out what kind you have.


Identifying Bug Bites - largish dark pink bite mark above ankle

Identifying Bug Bites?Can anyone be of help and tell me what these bites could be? I keep getting bitten at night when I sleep it seems. They itch, swell. They seem like different bites, but I'm not sure. I've vacuumed my room multiple times and washed my bedding multiple times. I don't see any spiders or bugs around my mattress or anywhere. I wear sweats to sleep in and put spray on my leg, but it is still happening.


A fenced vegetable and flower garden.

Fencing Your Vegetable GardenThis is a page about fencing your vegetable garden. Keeping pests such as dogs and rabbits out of your garden can often be accomplished by putting up a fence.


A red mark on a face.

Bug Bite?I think I was bit by a bug in my sleep. Can anyone tell me if these are bug bites? They are sore to the touch.


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Biting Insects in Carpet?I have a 10 year old son with cerebral palsy who has his face to the floor while he plays cause he can't sit up on his own. He has got these bites on different parts of his body. It's too late in the season for fleas. So what could it be that is biting him? And how do I get rid of the problem in my carpet? THANKS!


Preventing Pests Around House
 Foundation - bark along the foundation

Preventing Pests Around House FoundationOn a recent visit from our pest company, they mentioned that we really need a plant free border around our house. Plants that touch the side of your house allow bugs to get past the pest spray. We removed almost all of our plants and cut away the grass, creating a 2ft wide border around the house.


Bugs in cashews on a white background.

Identifying Bugs in the KitchenYour kitchen can be quite attractive to a variety of household pests. Common ones include cockroaches, ants, weevils, and pantry pests (beetles). Once identified you can use the best practice to get rid of them.


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Remedy for Invisible Bugs Crawling on My Skin?I have a problem with invisible crawling bugs on my skin after a cockroach was crawling on me, what is the cause of invisible crawling bugs? How can I treat those invisible crawling bugs?


Pests Attacking Crepe Myrtle Trees?While you can use commercial pesticides to rid you tree of pests, there are also more environmental friendly methods you might want to try. This is a page about solutions for pests attacking crepe myrtle trees.


A spider beetle on the trunk of a tree.

Getting Rid of Spider Beetles (Ptinidae)?This is a page about getting rid of spider beetles. Here are some tips for safely getting rid of spider beetles in your home.


Larvae Identification - larvae

Larvae Identification?I keep finding what looks like small pieces of rug padding. A closer look shows that it is not foam, but a cluster of larvae looking things. My 7 year old son, 2 year old dog, and myself are all having health issues.



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Preventing Bug Bites with Brewer's Yeast?How many mgs of Brewer's yeast tablets can I safely take daily to help keep from getting bitten by fleas, mosquitos, and no see umms?


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Adjusting Pneumatic Cabinet Doors?My pneumatic cabinet doors don't open up far enough. Is there any way to adjust them?


Cleaning the inside of a freezer.

Getting Rid of Maggots in a Freezer?There is nothing yuckier than finding maggots in your freezer after a power failure. You can use boiling water and bleach to kill and clean your freezer. Get more tips on how to get rid of maggots in a freezer on this page.


Yard sign of a dog pooping with "No!" painted on it.

My Neighbors Are Placing Dog Poop in My Yard?If you are faced with this difficult situation, here is some advice. This is a page about my neighbors are placing dog poop in my yard.


Some insects in the corner of a bathroom ceiling.

Getting Rid of Crawling Insects in the Bathroom?This is a page about getting rid of insects in the bathroom. Sometimes bugs can be an indicator of other issues, such as a water leak. Here is some advice if you have a bug infestation in the bathroom that you can't resolve.


Found Lint Bugs On My Clean Towels - lint

Found Lint Bugs On My Clean Towels?I have been fighting carpet beetles daily vacuuming and spraying with vinegar and using boric powder. But today I found this all over my clean towels! I think they are lint bugs! They actually caused a splinter like cut on my skin when I was removing them.


Insects are attached to this plant and need to be controlled.

Natural Pest ControlThis is a page about natural pest control. Making or buying natural pest control products can help reduce that amount to pesticides in our environment.


Body Scent or Cologne for Flying Bug Relief

Body Scent or Cologne for Flying Bug ReliefI live in the country. Summertime brings lots of flying critters, especially tiny gnats and no-seeums to windowsills even though there are screens installed. It struck me that I have acquired many bottles of body sprays and colognes over the years from gift baskets, etc.


Insect on Inside Wall

Keeping Insects From Coming Inside?This is a page about keeping insects from coming inside. Keeping pesky insects out of your home can be a frustrating process.


Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Uses for Food Grade Diatomaceous EarthThis is a page about uses for food grade diatomaceous earth. Fleas, other insects, and parasites can be controlled with this natural substance.


An Exterminator Working in a Basement

Hiring an Exterminator?This page is about hiring an exterminator. A pest control professional may be necessary to destroy completely destructive insects or rodents that may be present in your home.


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Getting Rid of Insects That Bite While Sleeping?My elderly mother lives with me and has recently been getting insect bites at night. The bites are about a half inch in diameter and one got infected and she had to take an antibiotic. My bedroom is next door and I am not getting bitten. We have two cats, both of them on flea control.



Keeping Bugs from Coming in The HouseThis is a page about keeping bugs from coming in the house. Keeping bugs from getting into your house can be a challenge.


A woman putting a class up to a wall to listen.

Scratching Noises in Walls?This is a page about scratching noises in walls. Scratching noises in the walls may be the sign of critters that you will want to eliminate.


cat in a flower pot

Keeping Animals Out of FlowerpotsThis is a page about keeping animals out of flowerpots. Do the local domestic and wildlife population members like to relieve themselves in your flowerpots? Or maybe bury peanuts and seeds?



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Something Eating My Pecans?What type of animal will eat pecans and get inside a house? I also need to know how you get rid of this animal? I have already put the pecans in my freezer.


Bed bug next to grains of rice.

Preventing Bed Bugs From Moving With YouThis is a page about preventing bed bugs from moving with you. Bed bugs are notorious for hitching a ride in clothing, furniture, and other items when you move.


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Biting Indoor Bugs?We have had an problem with bedbugs in the recent past, but we finally got them under control in 2 of the properties and all was cleared. Now we have complaints from tenants about bites.


ants in house

Pest Control Tips for Around the HouseThis page is about pest control tips around the house. Being free of insects and rodents in the home is the goal.



Health Risks from Using MothballsThis page is about health risks from using mothballs. These pest deterrents are highly toxic when ingested, and there are other environmental concerns as well.


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Animal Digging in Patio Gravel?Every morning there is a pile of pea gravel dug up from my patio. Who is doing this?


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Dead Pinhead Crickets in the House?A big amount of pinhead crickets blew in on my desk (I assume from the window) and are now dead. I have no idea where they came from or how they got there. From time to time we get crickets in the house, but this is a pile of 100 give or take some. Where did they come from?


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Little White Jumping Insects?My dog brought in fleas and now there are these little white things jumping on everything. What are they?


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Something is Leaving a Trail of Dog Food Through the House?I have been finding a trail of dried corn (kept outside airtight), dog food (inside airtight), so I know it is coming from dog's bowl, and dead bugs (June) (kept outside jk). It starts under my dryer, then on to the washer, refrigerator, dishwasher....


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What is the Source of Fruit Flies?Where do fruit flies come from? Are they in the fruit or your home?


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Bugs Eating the Wood Under the Counter?I have bugs that are eating the wood under the kitchen counter. What do I do?


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Using Bug Spray Around Cats?My parents bought me Spectracide BugStop (indoor/outdoor formula) for when I first moved in since my condo is older. I'm having issues with spiders, gnats, cockroaches, etc.


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What Should I Discard to Be Rid of Bedbugs When Moving?I got bedbugs from my previous apartment, it got treated by Terminex. We moved right after to another apartment thinking they are gone as we were not getting bitten. Now 10 months later, I got bitten maybe a few times, not as bad as before though.


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Something is Biting Me in My Apartment?I don't know what it is. We moved into another apartment and my daughter and I are infested with bites. One person is telling me it's fleas, someone else is telling me its bed bugs. So I really don't know what they are.


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Small Green Flying Bugs in Kitchen?There are small flies invading my mom's kitchen. They are a green/greyish color and they are not fruit flies. We kill them, then clean and disinfected the entire kitchen, but they still come back. We don't know where there coming from. Please help!


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Identifying a Very Small Silverfish Like Bug?I found tiny worm like microscopic silverfish on my sheets today. They are about the size of the hyphen on the keyboard, some are clear and gray and some are reddish brown. They looked like dust until you shine a light on them and look closer to see them wiggle and squirm.


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Metal Trash Can for PerishablesInvest in a metal trash can to store your perishables in. A 30 gallon size is right for my back porch. Hopefully it will slow down the eating habits of the uninvited creatures!


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Getting Rid of Land Crabs?I have land crabs in my front lawn. How do I get rid of them?


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Getting Rid of Waterbugs?How can I get rid of waterbugs?


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Getting Rid of Thousand Leggers?How do I get rid of thousand leggers in my country home? We bought a new, very nice double wide to put on our farm. It is partially in a wooded area, but not completely. We are only there about 2 weeks a month.


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Using Herbs to Repel Bugs?My neighbor mentioned hearing that placing potted basil beside doorways, on the patio or near the grill will repels flies and other flying pests. I have not heard of this. In looking online I see that mint will do the same thing. What type of basil and mint?


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Hard, Black Worms In Basement?How can I remove little black hard worms, approximately 1 inch long that come into my basement during the fall? The Exterminator says they come up through the foundation in older homes? Thanks.



Cleaning Regime For Pest ControlControlling pests in the home can be easy. It should also be done in the most natural way possible and this means going back to good old fashioned housekeeping. Never wait until pests are such a problem you need to spray chemicals or call a professional.


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Multi-colored Bug?A few years ago, I lived in central California. Remember the old "Cootie" game where the legs were one color, the head another and so on? I actually saw a bug just like that. Creeped me out! Anyone happen to know the name of this bug?


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Tiny "Slug Like" Things In My Tub?What black slimy slug like thing (very tiny) would inhabit wet face rags in my tub?


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Control Pests, Don't Eradicate ThemAs a reservation raised Native American, I am sometimes surprised at the extremes other country living folk go to, to rid themselves of what they consider outdoor pests.


squeeze bottle of DE

Squeeze Bottle for D.E. ApplicationI found a cheap and easy way for spreading food grade diatomaceous earth. A squeeze bottle makes it easy to dust under leaves and hard to reach places to kill bugs.


diatomacious earth in a bag

Uses for Food Grade Diatomacious EarthDiatomacious Earth (D.E.) is fossilized hard shelled algae. It has many uses, it is non toxic, and amazing! It's used in many things and may already be in your home in your toothpaste as a mild abrasive agent.


DIY Foil Garden Pest Deterrents - deterrents in a fruit tree

DIY Foil Garden Pest DeterrentsFor several years, most of our big fruit trees were being attacked by squirrels, birds, rodents, raccoons, and insects. Deterrent sprays did not work. Hanging shiny CDs barely helped at all. Finally, we tried this foil method and we have all of our fruit intact and growing at extremely rapid rates. Anyone need nectarines? We can't keep up! :)



What kind of bug is this?

What Kind of Bug is This?My girlfriend lives on a college campus and she has just started having a problem with this and she doesn't know where these bugs are coming from. Any help is useful.


Identifying Insect Eggs - elongated white eggs

Identifying Insect Eggs?These eggs were found on the pantry wall in my camper. Anybody know what they are and if I should be worried?


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Bites from Unseen Insects?For over 10 days now, I've been waking up with either small 3 dots lined beside each other and they look like pimples. For the past 4 days, each day it's only 1 small pimple-like bite (?), and not necessarily while I'm sleeping, but rather just when I'm lying in bed.


Identifying Insect Eggs on Bottlebrush Tree Leaves - leaf with eggs on a Ziploc bag

Identifying Insect Eggs on Bottlebrush Tree Leaves?I found these eggs on my bottlebrush tree leaves. There are more and more leaves affected. Any ideas what it is?


Identifying Insect Eggs - dark spot with possible eggs hanging down

Identifying Insect Eggs?I have cleaned these multiple times, but they still come back. What are these and how can I get rid of them? They are usually found outside the house.


Are These Insect Eggs? - small black balls

Are These Insect Eggs?These little black balls look like some type of insect egg and have shown up in my dryer and some oven mitts I recently dried. Any ideas?


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