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While we may enjoy watching visiting song birds in the garden, birds can also fit into the pest category. This page contains tips and advice for getting rid of birds that have crossed the line and perhaps moved into your attic.



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Looking out of a window at a pigeon on a balcony

Keeping Pigeons Off Your BalconyThis is a page about keeping pigeons off your balcony. Pigeons can be very messy visitors to your porch or balcony.


Chalked-browed mockingbird opening its mouth.

Getting Rid of MockingbirdsThis is a page about getting rid of mockingbirds.vWhile some people enjoy the varied song and antics of the mockingbird, others view them as too noisy and territorial. If you are part of the second camp then you may be looking for a way to encourage them to move on.


Pigeon nesting in a box.

Getting Rid of a Nesting Pigeon?Pigeons can sometimes choose a nesting spot that is inconvenient or worrisome for a home owner or apartment dweller. If she has already laid eggs you can read on to see some ideas on what to do about a nesting pigeon and discouraging future nests. This is a page about getting rid of a nesting pigeon.


Nesting Robin

Deterring Nesting BirdsWhen it is time to nest, birds try to choose the safest place. It can be somewhere you don't want them. This is a page about deterring nesting birds.


Robin with Worm

Getting Rid of Robins?If you have a lot of robins nesting in your yard or house, they may become a nuisance. This is a page about getting rid of robins.


Air Conditioner

Keeping Birds Away From Air ConditionersThis is a page about keeping birds away from air conditioners. Birds are known to use an air conditioning unit either as a roost or as a good place to build their nest.


Magpies on white background.

Getting Rid of MagpiesMagpies are deterred by certain smells and can be trapped and released somewhere else. They can bully other birds from your yard or bird feeder. This is a page about getting rid of magpies.


Chicken walking along side a flower bed

Keeping Chickens Out of Flower BedsThis is a page about keeping chickens out of flower beds. Despite the benefit of chickens eating garden pests, they can do some damage to your garden themselves.


CDs Hanging on Clothesline to Keep Birds Out of Garden

Using CDs to Keep Birds Out of Your GardenIf you don't want birds in your garden, especially if you have fruit trees, CDs can provide a bright flash that many birds avoid. Using CDs to keep birds out of your garden is a common and effective practice.



Pigeons eating bread on sidewalk.

Getting Rid of PigeonsThis is a page to getting rid of pigeons. Pigeons have been known be be called "flying rats." These birds can be pests if they have chosen to hang out near your home or office. Here you will find tips for humane ways to deter pigeons.


Bird on a branch with red cherries

Keeping Birds from Eating CherriesThis page is about keeping birds from eating cherries. A ripening cherry tree is very attractive to birds.


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Discouraging Barn Swallows from Nesting on the Porch?Can anyone help in the removal of barn swallow nests? For years now we have had nests built by barn swallows attached to our house on the front porch. Every year I remove them by scraping them off the brick and washing with bleach, but the very



Keeping Birds AwayThis is a page about keeping birds away. Finding the best way to deter birds from visiting and nesting at your home, patio or garden can be a challenge.


Black Charcoal Grill with lid closed on a white background

Keeping Birds from Nesting in a BBQThis page is about keeping birds from nesting in a BBQ. When its time to grill you don't want birds living in your barbecue.


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Getting Ducks To Go Away?I moved into a mobile home that had been vacant for a year, and the ducks in the neighborhood loved to stay under the carport undisturbed. They make a mess and then leave, and come back to do it all again after I have cleaned up. The paint on the cement is peeling from the waste they leave. How do I make them know they are not welcome?


black crow

Getting Rid of CrowsThis is a page about getting rid of crows. Crows are highly intelligent birds, but sometimes their raucous calls, or dominance of the bird feeder may be cause for wanting them to move on.


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Dealing With Annoying Birds?There is a little black bird that's been in my garden for about a month now, and he's driving me insane. I love all animals but this little guy is really testing me.


Blackbirds Nesting

Getting Rid of Blackbirds Nesting on a Roof?If you have black birds nesting on your roof, you may want to encourage them to nest elsewhere. This is a page about getting rid of blackbirds nesting on a roof.


Protecting Tomatoes

Protecting Tomatoes from BirdsThis is a page about protecting tomatoes from birds. Eventually most gardeners become tired of sharing their tomatoes with the local bird population.


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Scrub Jay Deterrents?Predator scrub jays make loud and harsh noises, enormous feces, and their love of bird meat is ruining the previously calm, safe, and enjoyable small backyard for both humans and all other birds. Does anyone have a good idea that could be installed and work 24/7?


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How Do I Keep Birds Off the Porch Railing?How do you keep birds off of your porch railing? They are making a complete mess of it. Please help.


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Keeping Blackbirds Off a Car?There are no trees outside my house, I have a parking bay. Everyday, blackbirds sit on my car and cover it in 'droppings'. Has anyone got any idea why? Or better still have any solution as to how I can stop them? Apart from setting up a scarecrow on the roof! Any ideas would be helpful, it's getting ridiculous and the paint is being destroyed. Many thanks.


Sparrows taking the seeds from a sunflower

Keep Birds Out of the GardenThis is a page about keep birds out of the garden. Some birds can cause major damage in your vegetable garden and need to be deterred.


A hanging planter with red flowers.

Discouraging Birds from Nesting in Hanging Planters?Birds can easily build a nest in hanging planters and may become a nuisance. This is a page about discouraging birds from nesting in hanging planters.



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Keeping Birds Off My Car?How do I discourage the birds from playing on the hood of our cars under the carport?


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Keeping Orioles Away from Hummingbird Feeder?I have both hummingbirds (around 3) and Orioles hanging around my house this year. Yipee! I only had one hummer all last year. Unfortunately the Orioles are feeding out of the hummingbird feeders even though I have put out a big Oriole feeder for them.


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Birds Nesting in Fireplace Vent?Birds are picking away at a outside metal cage for an inside gas fireplace. Last year a fire started when we started to use the fireplace and now they are picking away the cage my husband put there. What to do?


Pigeon on a white background

Dealing With Pigeons and Their Droppings?This page is about dealing with pigeons and their droppings. These birds spending time in your outdoor living area can leave a mess.


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How Do I Keep Jays From Raiding Sparrow Nests?How do you get rid of blue jays that are eating all of the chicks in my birdhouses? I enjoy watching the baby sparrows grow in the birdhouses. Today blue jays arrived and ate all of the chicks.


A rubber snake to scare off birds.

How to Deter Birds From Pooping On Your CarWe love the Eastern bluebird and have several houses for them. Bluebirds are beneficial as they not only are pretty and pleasant to hear, they also eat bugs. We have them around all year long.


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How Do I Get Rid of Blue Jays?I have this blue jay that sits by a window of my house and pecks at it. Sometimes it starts pecking around five in the morning. It's always waking me up and it continues to peck throughout the day. I use to have mourning doves that had nests by my front door that have been scared off along with sparrows and other birds because of the Blue Jay.


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Keeping Magpies Out of the Yard?How do I stop magpies and their babies from coming into the backyard making that deafening noise and wanting food?


Wood Pergola

Keeping Birds Off Pergola?This is a page about keeping birds off pergola. Different kinds of birds can become pests on a patio arbor.


Berries Behind Bird Netting

Protecting Your Berries from BirdsThis is a page about protecting your berries from birds. Fruits can be a favorite food for our feathered friends. You may need to add some deterrents, so that the fruit is saved for you.


Protecting Fruit Trees From Birds

Protecting Fruit Trees From BirdsThis is a page about protecting fruit trees from birds. While you may enjoy having birds visit your garden, perhaps you draw the line when they feast on your fruit trees.


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Recycled Disco Bulb Bird DeterrentI am in the P.N.W. where we are blessed with a ton of different types of birds. The downfall to that is they love attacking new plantings and my fruits. What I've been using are recycled disco bulbs I picked up at the local Goodwill for $1.99 and $1.50 each.


Getting Rid of Black Birds in Yard?They come around the bird bath in our yard and are chasing away the other birds. They also chase squirrels and are driving us crazy. What can be done?


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Keeping Birds from Eating Berries?How do you keep birds from eating your entire grape, blueberry, and blackberry crops. I didn't even get one!


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Problem with a Robin Pecking at Window?Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do with a problem robin? From morning until late afternoon, this robin will try to fly into one of several windows. He flaps his wings, pecking on the window and sometimes actually slams into the window.



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Getting Rid of Birds Nesting on House?How do you get rid of birds that are nesting on your house? We can't use noise because it right outside our window.


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Dealing With Aggressive Birds?How do you protect yourself from being attacked by robins?


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Keeping Birds Out of Wood Chips?How do I stop birds from getting in the wood chips and flicking them all over the driveway? The wood chips are on the garden.


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Brush Turkey Trying to Build a Nest in My Yard?How does a person stop a brush turkey from building a nest in one's yard?


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Will Animal Off Solar Animal Repeller Repel Birds?Does Animal Off solar repellent, repel birds?


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Protecting Raspberries from Birds?I planted my first raspberry bush and would like something inexpensive to prevent birds, etc. from eating the berries. I bought some netting at a nursery, but it is expensive.


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Keeping Turkeys Off Your Vehicle?How do you keep turkeys off of your vehicle?


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Protecting Martin Babies From Black Birds?Our Purple Martins are being attacked by huge black birds. Is there a way to keep them from stealing the martin babies.


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Keeping Birds From Putting Food Into Bird Bath?We have a birdbath in our backyard. We have big black birds that come to the bath to soak all of their "meals" in it. Is there a way I can keep the black birds from putting all the gross body parts into the bird bath?


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Magpies Eating Free Range Chicken Eggs?How can I stop the magpies eating my free range chickens eggs?


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Blackbirds Dropping Poop and Worms on Our Pool?We have these nasty blackbirds constantly bringing poop and worms and droping them on the top of or in our pool, I tried the CD thing and also bought an owl thats head moves around. Nothing helps, they do this all day long.


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Territorial Scrub Jay?Here in California we have Scrub Jays (not called Blue Jays since I was told those are on the eastern coast of USA). My very own Scrub Jays has torn apart our window screens (to make a nest?).



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Getting Rid of Pigeons on a Terrace?How can I get rid of pigeons? I am trying everything. I put up many CDs, fake owls, and mouse traps. Nothing works.


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Scaring a Mockingbird?We are staying at this RV park right now and we have this annoying mockingbird that will attack everybody's windows. I'm pretty sure it sees its reflection. Every single day it will go to our window and slam into it and peck it, including our new truck when it's here.


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Getting Rid of Black Crows?How can I get rid of black crows? One flew off today with a newly hatched baby duck.


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Repairing Pigeon Netting?I have pigeon netting around my balcony, but due to recent high winds, the netting has come away from the balcony base and needs to be repaired. Can you help?


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Getting Rid of Pidgeons?Is there a predator of pigeons that won't scare away the little birds?


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Moving a Pigeon Nesting on My Balcony?A pigeon is nesting on my apartment balcony with two eggs. I am leaving to live in another apartment in ten days and have to clean everything. What do I do?


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