Getting Rid of Pigeons

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Pigeons have been known be be called "flying rats." These birds can be pests if they have chosen to hang out near your home or office. Here you will find tips for humane ways to deter pigeons. This is a page about getting rid of pigeons.


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Is there a predator of pigeons that won't scare away the little birds?


March 19, 20180 found this helpful
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A Wind-chime can be hung and scare pidgeons away. Or even an aluminum foil plate if you do not want to buy a wind-chime . Other suggestions, hang several balloons, put out a decoy, owl or hawk. A possibly scatter rubber snakes.

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March 19, 20180 found this helpful
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I always just hang up a lot of old CD's around the yard. When they turn and the sun catches them, birds don't like this and stay away. They don't like any reflective surface at all.

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February 19, 2015

Please help me get rid of them. I hose them on a daily basis, but they still return.

By WJR from Essendon, Melbourne, Vic.


February 19, 20151 found this helpful

Pigeons are a fact of life in most most cities and towns, except perhaps near the Arctic Circle. My spouse, a naturalist, jokes that Pigeons (or flying piggies-as he calls them) are like rats and mice-a species that has adapted most successfully to our modern day world.


One can not "get rid of pigeons" because they are sucessful adapters, they fly, they return to good food areas, and they will eat most anything. You can, however, reduce the attractive food possibilities in your area-remove all seed, berry, flower, fruit bearing bushes and trees and other pigeon food such as food garbage, pet food, etc., from your home and lot. They will look for food elsewhere but will check back on your area for new food possibilities in the future.

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February 22, 20150 found this helpful

Buy one, or more, of those fake plastic life sized owls from your local gardening store and hang them up around the area you are trying to keep clear of pigeons. The owls will scare them away.

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May 11, 20161 found this helpful

Just found another trick to keep the pigeons away and off my window sills. I cut pieces of plastic carpet runner and glue down with the spike side up so they wont land on it because it hurts their feet.


Its working great.

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July 18, 20160 found this helpful

No it doesn't. I remember once seeing a pigeon sitting on top of the head of a fake owl. They don't look like owls to pigeons and they don't move. If you get a lot of breezes on your balcony, get a couple of pinwheels and put them up.

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July 18, 20161 found this helpful

Another way to stop them from landing on your balcony railing is to string fishing line from one of the balcony to the other about an inch above the railing. They start to land, don't like the way the fishing line feels and fly away. I actually watched this happen after I put the fishing line up. The pigeon started to land, felt the fishing line and flew away as fast as possible. It was very amusing to watch and it confirmed that the fishing line worked.

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September 23, 20160 found this helpful

The owl idea does not work the pidgeons keep coming back also I don't feed them or have food on my balcony

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June 18, 20170 found this helpful

This only works temporarily, they will learn over time that the owl is fake. Even if you move it frequently, they figure it out over time.

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October 26, 20171 found this helpful

I had pigeons roosting in a linden tree. After sunset when they were all settled in, I went a out with my headlamp and proceeded to spray them with the water hose, mind you I did not enjoy doing this but they make a terrible mess. I kept checking every hour and they did return but less and less each time, I finally gave up after midnight.


The next night I repeated this and after one spraying only one returned and that one refused to vacate the tree, it flew out of the reach of the hose, smart bird.

Tonight I claim victory I have been out several times and it is past midnight and not one single pigeon. I am going to be vigilant and check each night for a week or so just in case they decide to make their way back. BTW I tried the wind chimes and mylar and that had zero effect. Good Luck!

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March 21, 20180 found this helpful

If plastic owls scare away pigeons, wont the also scare away the little birds that I love and feed?

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I have a small commercial office building in northern California. The tenants complain of pigeons on the roof, foul droppings, and noise. I want to rid the place of the "flying rats" in the most humane way possible. This is a health hazard, but I have not found a good solution to the problem. In addition, I am on the east coast and rely on the building management who have been no help, as of yet.


By TheOldLadyoftheVillage from outside Philadelphia


June 6, 20050 found this helpful

I have pigeons on my roof and you can just imagine the MESS I have on the sidewalk. There is NOT a nest. Any suggestions to get them to move without hiring a professional service?

- Jo

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August 19, 20100 found this helpful

Before you use the ideas posted here I think you personally should call the city and/or county of that area and find out what you are and are not allowed to do for pigeon control because in many, many areas around the country (and Northern Cali is notorious for animal protection) it can be a civil or criminal offense to obstruct or poison/kill many species of animals including pigeons. The city might even give you suggestions/options of what to do and/or refer you to a trusted professional animal control company.


Please share with us what you find out and what you choose to do to solve your pigeon problem. The information could help others with the same problem in the future. Oh, and you really might want to consider firing and then rehiring a new management company. ;-)

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November 22, 20100 found this helpful

Spray were the roost with WD-40. They will not return. They were trying to build a nest in my friends rain gutters. She sprayed it with WD-40 and they didn't return.

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May 8, 2016

I live in a flat above some shops and they're everywhere. The problem is if we open our windows they sit on them and poop inside and out. They even came into my daughter's room. What can I do? Please help.


May 9, 20161 found this helpful

Many humane options are available, Lisa. Your city hall may have some advice on the matter.

You can of course contact an extermintor. You can purchase cages to trap them then transport them elsewhere before releasing and hope they don't come back. My personal favourite? Buy water guns. You know the kind kids use in swimming pools? The ones that hold a lot of water? Smack 'em a few times with a strong stream of water and they'll start avoiding your place. Works great for magpies, too!

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July 1, 20171 found this helpful

There is a "cat scat mat" made out of plastic little spikes set on rows; I bought it from a gardening supply online store. I cut it in strips 3 spikes wide and attached to my courtyard overhead patio string lights using zip ties. Works like a charm. Cut it to size and mount where ever you don't want pigeons to land. Search "cat scat mat" - originally made to keep critters out of flower beds & gardens.

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March 31, 2015

I've been on holiday for two weeks and now have pigeons on my veranda every morning. How can I get rid of them?

By Elinor m from Glasgow


April 1, 20150 found this helpful

Get several foil pie plates, the really shiny ones, punch a hole in each one, near the edge. Tie various lengths of string to them and hang them up where the pigeons are. The wind blowing them around scares the pigeons away.

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December 29, 2012

Pigeons on my house roof outside, have laid eggs and that insect which is tinier than an ant is disturbing a lot. It flies on our whole body and some bite. I don't know what to do. I need help and tips to remove the pigeon and the insects as soon as possible.

By Shruthi

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September 21, 2016

This is a page about keeping pigeons off your balcony. Pigeons can be very messy visitors to your porch or balcony.

Looking out of a window at a pigeon on a balcony

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March 14, 2019

Pigeons can sometimes choose a nesting spot that is inconvenient or worrisome for a home owner or apartment dweller. If she has already laid eggs you can read on to see some ideas on what to do about a nesting pigeon and discouraging future nests. This is a page about getting rid of a nesting pigeon.

Pigeon nesting in a box.

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July 22, 2016

This page is about dealing with pigeons and their droppings. These birds spending time in your outdoor living area can leave a mess.

Pigeon on a white background

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August 15, 2010

I have a problem with pigeons in my garden. Can some one give me some advice on how to get rid of them?

Many thanks.


Getting Rid of Pigeons

I just read a forum on this subject at One person recommends a fake owl statue on the roof. Another recommends squirting them with the garden hose just as they are falling asleep in the evening. After a couple of days of this, they will leave. (10/08/2003)

By ThriftyFun

Getting Rid of Pigeons

I hang old empty pie pans in my garden to keep the birds out. They don't like the shiny metal I guess. I don't know, but it works. I've also read that you can hang old cds (scratched or the ones you get in the mail) and the birds will stay out.

This Christmas my husband bought me a silver bird feeder and the birds acted like they were scared of it. They wouldn't eat out of it until I painted it. Now they love it so I think it has something to do with the silver or they see their reflection in it and think its another bird.

You could give the pie pans or the cds a try and see if it works for you. (06/06/2005)

By Dana Sipe

Getting Rid of Pigeons

If you can get to the spot the pigeons are roosting, spray it with WD-40. Pigeons invaded the back door over-hang at my house and I tried this tip. They landed up on it once or twice and promptly flew away. I think it's the odor they dislike. You may have to repeat the application, but pigeons are re-trained easily and soon they will move on to another more appropriate area. (06/17/2005)

By Barbara L. Moore

Getting Rid of Pigeons

Cut long strings of light weight ribbon. Then, thumb tack or staple to the wall, roof, edging where ever. The ribbon "floats" in the air and distracts the bird's depth perception. They won't land because they can't "judge" the spacial area. By the way, you can pick up a baby bird and place it back into it's nest. Your human smells will not cause the mama bird to fly off. It's an old myth and a bad on at at. (04/20/2007)

By et

Getting Rid of Pigeons

I have a mom and dad pigeon in my car port and now I have a baby. I tried a fake owl right in the middle of the eves of my car port and they have not shown any signs of being afraid of it. In fact they now tend to sit in the middle, right next to the plastic owl.

Thanks for all the other ideas, but I would not recommend spending the money on a fake owl, I have not found any truth in this method. (09/03/2007)

By Whitney

Getting Rid of Pigeons

I hired a falconer for 60 dollars (in Denver). Not only did I not have a pigeon problem, but it was amazing to watch. (09/15/2007)

By Interesting

Getting Rid of Pigeons

No need to check local laws, I just read in another article, and verified at that pigeons (this is surprising) are protected under federal law. It's illegal to harm or kill them (all non-game birds actually). I guess a falconer can do it, since it's another bird doing the work.
I've heard that hanging fake eyes under eaves sometimes works. Slightly cheaper than the full owl, and a good way to creep out a neighbor who likes to peek over fences. (04/27/2008)


Getting Rid of Pigeons

This article talks about a lot of different ways to solve this problem around your house. I think no matter which method you try, you have to keep at it. There's no one-time, easy answer that instantly fixes the problem here. In other words, be persistent and you will prevail! (02/09/2009)

By Eric

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