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This page contains tips and suggestions for getting rid of gnats, including fungus gnats in your houseplants.



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Getting Rid of Gnats in a Litter Box

Getting Rid of Gnats in a Litter BoxThis is a page about getting rid of gnats in a litter box. Gnats seem to thrive in our homes in a wide variety of situations.


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Getting Rid of Gnats in a Diaper Pail?This is a page about getting rid of gnats in a diaper pail. Diaper pails can be a bug attractor. Gnats that get into your diaper pail need to be dealt with right away.


A woman scratching at bug bites.

Keeping No-See-Ums from BitingThis is a page about keeping no see ums from biting. No see ums are very small gnats that travel in swarms and deliver an irritating bite. They are also known as midges or sandflies.


Vinegar Soap Mixture For Gnats

Vinegar Soap Mixture For GnatsThis tip came from desperation. We had an infestation of gnats while we were off for the weekend. The house was thick with them. After the chemical sprays that didn't work forced us out of the house, I turned to Google.


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Getting Rid of No See UmsThese tiny biting gnats are difficult to see even in the swarms in which they usually travel. There are products and techniques used to get rid of them discussed on this page. This is a page about getting rid of no see ums.


A dog sitting in the grass.

Keeping Gnats Away From Your DogThis page is about keeping gnats away from your dog. Trapping gnats in sweetened water seems to be the safest, effective way to reduce their numbers around the house.


Furious girl with a fly swatter.

Getting Rid of GnatsThis is a page about getting rid of gnats. Seeing spots zipping past your eyes? It could be the dreaded gnat. These tiny insects multiply rapidly and can become very annoying.


Swarm of little flying bugs outdoors.

Solutions for Flying GnatsFinding the source of the gnats, be they fungus gnats or fruit flies. is the first step to eliminating them in your home or apartment. This is a page about solutions for flying gnats.


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Getting Rid of Gnats in Your HouseThis page is about getting rid of gnats in your house. Making an apple cider vinegar and dish soap trap is a very common solution to a gnat infestation. Here are some other solutions to try too.



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Gnat Problem in Convenience Store?I work at a convenience store where we have a bakery case. We have fresh donuts brought in every day, and every day they end up in the garbage because of gnats. We clean the case every day. Please HELP! What can we do to eliminate those pesky gnats? Thank you. Pam


woman caring for a peace plant

Getting Rid of Fungus GnatsThis is a page about getting rid of fungus gnats.Getting rid of fungus gnats in your potted plants can be a frustrating chore.


A bottle and container of olive oil.

Olive Oil to Keep Gnats Out Of Your FaceIn the late afternoon, when I mow grass or work outside, gnats love to get in my face. I can't stand it. I read that you can put olive oil on your face and it will keep gnats off your face.


A guinea pig in a cage.

Gnats In Room With Guinea Pigs?I have guinea pigs and I gave them some pineapple about 2 wks. ago. I started getting gnats and was using a flying pest spray on them. I would spray the entire room after removing my piggies and let it sit closed for an hour or so. Well, no more pineapple since my piggies don't eat it but my gnat problem has increased about 10 times more than before. How do I get rid of these annoying things w/out harming my piggies and how can I prevent it.


The completed gnat trap.

DIY Gnat TrapsI have had a problem with gnats in the house and have used vinegar to trap them. Yesterday, I decided to put a bowl of vinegar outside to see how many I could catch. In just a few minutes, they were gathering on the edge of the bowl and drowning in the vinegar. I caught some house flies and yellow jackets as well.


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Vinegar and Dish Soap Not Working for Gnats?I have gnats or fruit flies. I got rid of most of them, but the apple cider vinegar and dish soap is not working any more. Now they are mostly staying on the ceiling in the kitchen . I keep putting down fly paper, then I slide a broom near them and they fly into the paper. What are your tips?


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Ultimate Trapping Method for GnatsMy plan was to add information to my existing post on trapping gnats. I decided the information was good enough to warrant a post of its own.



Getting Rid of Gnats in a Terrarium?This is a page about gnats in a terrarium. It is truly frustrating to have planted a beautiful terrarium only to begin seeing gnats flying around inside.


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Repelling Gnats OutsideThis is a page about repelling gnats outside. Flying gnats outdoors are annoying and can spoil your relaxation in the yard or garden.


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Lifespan of a Gnat?What is the lifespan of a gnat?


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Getting Rid of Drain Gnats?I've read on this site, but can't find where, people put some kind of household and/or natural products down the house drains to stop those little flying insects from coming into the house.


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Use Plastic Jack-'o-Lantern to Distract BugsI had let the dogs have one of those round jack-'o-lantern buckets the kids use for trick or treating. The color of it was orange and there were all these gnats or small flying bugs on it as if it were glowing. It wasn't glowing, it was just the color.


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Does CO2 Attract Gnats?Are gnats attracted to CO2 (carbon dioxide)?


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Getting Rid Of Gnats Outside?When I am outside, gnats are everywhere. They fly all around me while I'm working in the yard, watering plants, etc. How do I control or get rid of them?


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Hairspray For Pest ControlIf you have gnats in your home, you can use holding hair spray to get them out your way. Just spray in the air when you see them and they will drop.



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Gnats in a Donut Case?I am trying to get rid of gnats in donut case.


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Preventing Gnats In The Kitchen!I was at the grocery store a few days ago and noticed gnats buzzing around the onion bin. I've seen them near bananas, but this sighting was a first. Is this a no win situation? What do you do to keep the gnat population down?



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Do Fruit Flies Bite?Do fruit flies bite people and pets?


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Getting Rid of Gnats in Laundry?I can't rid of gnats in our clothing. I have tried everything I know of. Any tips are appreciated.


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Killing Gnats with Bleach?Someone told me to pour bleach where gnats are at the most and they will go to the glass and die. I was just wanting to know if it would work or not?


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Getting Rid of Tiny Flying Insects?I have a couple of tiny bugs in my room that fly. I think maybe they are small gnats, but I barely can see them. They constantly buzz around my ear and make it super uncomfortable to sleep.


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Getting Rid of Gnats?We are overrun by gnats every day.


Getting Rid of Gnats in Kitchen and Bath

Getting Rid of Gnats in Kitchen and Bath?I have gnats in my bathrooms and kitchen. I have tried to vinegar and dish soap in a glass. I have been doing this for almost 2 weeks. The solution works, but the gnats are getting worse. The gnats are brown. Are they sewer gnats? What do I need to do to get rid of them?


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