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This page contains tips and advice for ridding your home of unwanted beetles.



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Getting Rid of Beetles in Your House?This page is about getting rid of beetles in your house. Finding the safest method to keep insects out of your home is best for pets and children.


Asian Beetles

Getting Rid of Asian BeetlesThis is a page about getting rid of Asian beetles. Often confused with Ladybugs, Asian beetles can invade your home in vast numbers.


Cucumber Beetle on a leaf

Getting Rid of Cucumber BeetlesYou can use a commercial powder product Sevin or you can use an homemade less toxic spray concoction to help control this beetle. This is a page about getting rid of cucumber beetles.


Many Flea Beetles on a branch

Getting Rid of Flea Beetles?If you have a vegetable garden, you will want to discourage this jumping pest from eating your crops. This is a page about getting rid of flea beetles.


Asian Ladybug

Making an Asian Ladybug Trap?This is a page about making an Asian ladybug trap. While Asian lady beetles can be quite beneficial for pest control, many people find them to be a nuisance. They are known to bite, making them an undesirable garden visitor.


Bugs in flour

Getting Rid of Flour BeetlesInsects can infest your cupboards if you leave food stored in boxes for too long. This is a page about getting rid of flour beetles.


Beetle on Keyboard

Getting Rid of Beetles in My HouseThere are many different types of insects that may invade your home, some destructive others more benign. Either way getting them out of your home is desirable. This is a page about getting rid of beetles in my house.


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Trapping Ladybugs?I am doing a lady trap and I want to know what scent do ladybugs like?


Mounted insects including beetles, moths, and cocoons against a white background

What Are These Beetles?This is a page about "What are these beetles?". Identifying garden bugs will help you define friend or foe.



Getting Rid of Carpet BeetlesThis is a page about getting rid of carpet beetles. Carpet beetles can damage your carpet by eating the fibers. They can also spread into furniture and other areas.


Japanese beetle eating a leaf.

Getting Rid of Japanese BeetlesThis is a page about getting rid of Japanese beetles. Japanese beetles can wreak havoc in your yard by devouring flowers and stripping the leaves off of plants. The grubs will also destroy grass by eating the roots.


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Keeping Wood Borers Out of Furniture?How do I keep wood borers away from a wardrobe?


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Keeping Larder Beetles Out of the House?I just had a pest control specialist come in. I moved into my new home about 3 weeks ago and since that time I have found at least 100 larder beetles. They were mostly in with my towels and dishcloths.


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Using Garlic To Keep Beetles Away?Can you please tell me how or if I can use regular garlic from the super market to keep beetles off of my roses?



Identifying a Bug Found in Bathroom - multi-colored brown beetle looking insect

Identifying a Bug Found in Bathroom?Can anyone identify this insect? It was in my bathroom.


Identifying Bugs in the Bedroom - dark oval bug

Identifying Bugs in the Bedroom?I have found one of these bugs crawling on me when in bed the last 2 days. The area is clean, the sheets and bed are clean, but we have been leaving our window open due to the nicer weather. Anyone know what this bug is and how to get rid of them or what causes them?


Identifying Beetles? - longish brown beetle

Identifying Beetles?Can anyone identify these please?


What Is this Bug? - black beetle looking bug

What Is this Bug?I found this bug in a house that was unoccupied for over a month. They crawl and fly and are seen mostly during the night. They are mostly found in the kitchen, but a few have been spotted in other areas of the house including the bedroom and bathroom.


Identifying Household Bugs

Identifying Household Bugs?Sorry about the bad pictures, but this is the closest I'd like to get to these bugs to get a picture.They've been appearing in my room for a few days now, on the windowsill, on my bed, and crawling up my leg from the carpet.


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Getting Rid of Hard Shelled Brown Beetles?I am finding hard shelled brown beetles (drugstore beetles). They are in our bedroom and only there, but yet there's no food in there. How would they have come in and how do I get rid of them?


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