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This page contains tips and money saving advice for getting rid of rodents around your home.



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Preventing Rodents From Chewing on Your Car's...This is a page about preventing rodents from chewing on your car's fuel line. Mice and other rodents can be responsible for considerable damage to your car. They can get under the hood and gnaw on wiring and build nests.


Mobile Home

Protecting Mobile Home Underbelly from Rodents?Mobile homes, especially the underside, can easily become home to rodents like mice. This is a page about protecting mobile home underbelly from rodents.


A chipmunk resting on a wood planter.

Chipmunks Attacking My PlantsRodents, like chipmunk can often be pests to your garden flowers and plants. This is a page about chipmunks attacking my plants.


Gopher popping his head out of a hole in the ground.

How to Make Gopher-Proof Flower BedsA gopher can destroy a flowerbed in no time. Make your flower bed gopher proof to prevent them from wreaking havoc in your garden. This is a page about gopher-proof flower beds.


Groundhog in the grass.

Getting Rid of GroundhogsThis is a page about getting rid of groundhogs. Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, can be a real nuisance in your yard. That can destroy your garden and their holes can ruin your lawn.


An unwanted rodent in a trap.

Health Hazards of Rodent Urine?Rodents can invade your home coming in through very small openings. Once inside they urinate in many areas of your home. This urine can be the cause of diseases such as those in the hantavirus family. In order to avoid exposure to rodent urine, you will need to keep them out of your home and clean very well if they have been inside.


mouse in the kitchen

Getting Rid of MiceThis is a page about getting rid of mice. Mice can enter your home through incredibly small openings.


Rodent Control, Closeup of Wood Mouse

Rodent ControlThis is a page about rodent control. It's easy for rodents to sneak into your garage or storage shed, especially during the winter. Getting rid of them can be difficult so preventing them from getting comfy in the first place is the best policy.


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What Kind of Animal Could Have Gotten Into My Cellar?I went down my to cellar and found a grey prickly animal in a ball. I think he is dead. I don't know how he could have gotten in. The window has an old carpet with weights on it. I found the old carpet in shreds and concrete bits all over the floor. Has anyone come across this?



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Could I Have Rodents in My Mobile Home?Can rodents be be burrowing between my floor board and the carpeting of my mobile home? Something looks like its burrowing all through my mobile home and also like through the trim of my walls.



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Keeping Rodents Out of Your Yard?What can be used to get rid of rodents (mice, rats, coons, etc.) entering your yard?


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Protecting Mobile Home Underbelly from Rodents?What is the best under belly covering material for use in a mobile home application? I have rodents go under my home and tear the material covering underneath the flooring and getting up into cavity where wires and insulation, etc. are.


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Protecting Pole Beans from Rodents?After a few years of delicious crops, my purple pole beans were discovered by, I suspect, both squirrels and tree rats. Now a few years later, I want to try again in a shallow raised box with a 2x2 or bamboo pole structure and 1/4" fine black garden netting over this. I realize metal mesh, "hardware cloth" might be more rodent proof, but it is expensive. How successful is this plan likely to be?


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Rodent Chewing Car Gas Line?There is a rodent (not sure what mouse, rat, or squirrel), in my car. However, it wasn't under the hood, it was in the hose connected to the gas tank. I had the hose repaired and within a week it chewed it again. What should I do?


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Woodchucks Getting into Veggie Garden?I have a fenced-in garden, but still the woodchucks are finding their way into my garden by climbing over the fence. Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping these animals away from my vegetables? I would hate to give up gardening because of these critters.


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Getting Rid of Rats and Mice?How do you get rid of rats and mice inside and outside? I want to kill them without a trap.


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