Tiny Black Bugs Making Head Itch?

August 30, 2016

Tiny Black Bugs Making Head Itch8 weeks ago I my scalp started itching. When I combed my hair out over the bathroom basin these black things come out. I assumed they were lice, so over the following 2 weeks I spent a lot of money on different products. However I still had them. I went to a lice specialist who had one of those special head covers, but she couldn't find anything.


So I came home thinking OK, perhaps they've gone, but just 3 hours later the itching started again. I do have a dog, but she has had so many baths and treatments for fleas. I did take her to the vet to have her checked out. He confirmed she didn't have fleas.

Anyway the more research I did online the more I've become convinced they are no lice but fleas as I recognised all 4 images from the life cycle of fleas image I found online. I have tried cider vinegar, tea tree oils, medicated shampoos, salt you name it I've tried it. I shower twice a day washing my hair and putting lots of conditioner on to comb though my hair with a nit comb. Yet the little so and sos are still with me. For the 1st hour after my shower my head feels fine, then it starts to itch and I find little black dots all around my neck and chest area. So I go upstairs and wash them away with a flannel, whilst at the same time combing my hair over the wash basin where more come out, sometimes long straight things. Embarrassingly once when I was showering one came from my crotch area too.


When I go to bed I'm no longer putting a duvet or sheet over me so I can see what the back sheet looks like in the morning. It's usually got white specks all the sheet, which I'm presuming are eggs. Once in a while I'm woken by something biting my legs and when I look there is one of this white spots under my leg or foot.

This is us seriously wearing me down mentally and reduces me to tears on a regular basis. I don't know what else to do hence why I'm asking if amybody has a solution as I'm seriously thinking the only way to get rid of them is to cut all my hair off as I am desperate, but as a woman that would be drastic measures.

Tiny Black Bugs Making Head Itch
Tiny Black Bugs Making Head Itch
Tiny Black Bugs Making Head Itch
Tiny Black Bugs Making Head Itch


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Check with a doctor before taking this advice. I don't know your health status-meds.
I took 2 tbs of unprocessed Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. 1 tbs in am. &1 tbs before bed. Put it in juice to mask the taste. I use apple or grape juice. Rinse mouth out with milk so acidity doesn't ruin tooth enamel. I did this and starting seeing a huge difference after 3 days.


I vacuumed every day, and purchased a spray with an IGR, (This is an insect growth Regulator). IGRS stop the flea life cycle. IGRS are strong enough to kill all stages of life including larvae, pupae, egg, adult. I purchased Armor & Conquer. Just google it and purchase it online. I sprayed it on my couch, under my couch, under my cushions, basically on floors. Be careful not to get on humans or pets.
Vacuuming every day is key. I did downstairs 1 day, and upstairs the next.
* For dogs: Bathe in Blue Dawn Liquid Soap. Lather and rinse after 15 minutes. Keep pets head and mouth above water so they don't drowned(had to say it). Blue Dawn Soap removes the oil from fleas and suffocates them. Obviously keep out of pets eyes, and soap around the outside of ears 1st to avoid fleas from going in the ears.

Use warm water, not hot. Bathe every few days so not to dry out their skin.
* For humans: The ACV will up your blood PH, and lower any current infection that the fleas maybe drawn to.
* Bathe daily using Selsun Blue Anti~Dandruff Selenium Sulfide Shampoo.
Use a nit comb and comb through Pantene Conditioner removing eggs,fleas.
* You can also Blue Dawn& lather for 15 min.
Put Epson Salts in very warm Bath Water for humans. I use Doctor Teal's with Ginger and Clay. This removes toxins and the salt kills fleas.
* Wash bed sheets every day, wash and bag toys. Steam or wash window dressings.
* Spray 100% natural cedar oil in hair after shower-bath. 5 ml cedar oil, to 16oz water, and 8 drops lemon grass essential oil. Put solution in spray bottle for hair. Fleas hate this.

I sprayed thud in my hair during day, and then put it in a bun.
* At night, or whenever you can attend candles: get a bowl of warm water, make suds w/ Blue Dawn, place floating tea lights or candle in center and light it. Fleas will be attracted to the light, jump in and drowned. I had a bowel in each rm.

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April 25, 2019

Does anyone have black specks in their hair?


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You could have lice or fleas. You need to use a lice treatment to get rid of it.


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April 28, 20190 found this helpful

Could also be dead lice

June 9, 20193 found this helpful

I have tried 4 bottles of different treatments but it doesnt work

July 3, 201926 found this helpful

Isnt there a way to upload a video. I have a video of exactly what they are! I have a dog and they seem to bother her more than me, but they do hurt when they bite and when theres so many on your body it feels like your body is so sore. My dog trembles they hurt her so bad. Ive had two bug guys come out, went to two doctors and three vets and everyone thought I was crazy but I finally have a clear video of what they are.


I kept seeing the pictures I have attached the last three weeks and I thought those are the bugs, but those are way bigger than what the bugs actually are

July 16, 201911 found this helpful

What are they? Did you get rid of them? Where did you get the video? Thanks!

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August 18, 20198 found this helpful

I have had the same problem and Ive been viewing these critters via 30x magnifying app on my phone for 10 months at first I just noticed them in the carpet then furniture than the past three months on me Ive trued everything to get rid of them. Ive also been researching on line. They are in my hair and my hair will move all by itself. I hold a light to it to try n see bugs but nothing although Ive noticed a lot of similarities in the thing Ive finally found today during yet more research. . They can be translucent they are usually microscopic but Ive noticed I can now see some of them wo magnifier. They tend to be pale peachy to green in color in the carpet and those Ive found in my dog. The ones I vigorously rub off of myself are small tan to blackish in color of different sizes. Today I located the straw mite and the oak leaf mite online this is the closest thing Ive found to my problem. Tho theres nothing official. If you can download supervision app its a magnifying app that gives a better view. You have to play with it and hold at different depths and angles to find out what gets the clearest and closest pic. Im so excited to at least not feel as if Im hallucinating as no one in my family gets it until today. I show them some bugs Ive been able to bag up along w some other bug like material...egg sacs, and the sticky glue like substance. These mites that I mentioned (straw and oak leaf) can tend to infest homes after a wet winter or spring; weve had both here in the Carolinas. Theres so much more I can share but Ill leave it at that. Thanks and good luck to everyone and my prayers to find a way to get rid of it!! Btw Ive used permethrin, peroxide alcohol you name it. Yesterday I thought my brain was on fire bc I mixed turpentine (the wrong kind) w conditioner and lathered my hair bc the itch is driving me nuts. Omg!!! DO NOT DO THIS unless you get the right kind. I called an ambulance I was so scared my scalp was burning like crazy and hypersensitive!! But it got rid of 80%of them. I still use permethrin lotion all over including hair daily. And my power bill will be sky high from hot water washing and drying everything reg plus an extra 20 minutes.
Happy itch free night to all
Cindy T. North Carolina

August 20, 201922 found this helpful

I have been having this infection for several years. And it has caused quite a bit of stress in my life. They are I believe some kind of parasite or bug that have been in my hair. I thought they would have been life, but they are not, as it seems like I have been treating them as if they were, but to no avail. I still have the infection in my hair. They are very annoying. They seem to live on hair follicles and more recently have found them to be burrowing into my scalp. I have found clusters on top my head, temple area, around the ear s. And they also seem to be layered throughout my scalp. Now I have tried almost anything and everything I can think of. And still have this infection. I feel them crawling through my hair and body. They are very itchy. I notice that when I'm treating them like washing them they fall off and I can feel a bite or a sting and they seem to burrow very fast into my skin. When washing hair, sometimes I feel them gather in a cluster and think oh good now I can get them. But they will gather and very hard to remove,vtheir is like a sticky goo or something like that and still can't get rid of them. Washing hair using all necessary products to help. And at times I get a very smelly aroma from that. So please, please if anyone can help cause this is causing a very traumatic stress to my everyday life. I feel like ok, they won me over and I can't do anything but accept it as is. Frightened and very scared.

August 22, 201918 found this helpful

help - exactly my problem - photos are identical - what can we do? any advice welcome. no one else seems to know what I am talking about

August 22, 201913 found this helpful

oh goodness I feel just like you. I am at the end of my tether and cant get rid of them.

August 23, 201912 found this helpful

So what is it ? I have same .

August 25, 201910 found this helpful

I am in the same boat. any advice?

August 29, 20190 found this helpful

I just started to find the same on my bed and clothes. Every speck i pick up and zoom in with phone camera and its exactly what you posted. Its in my sons hair probably mine too. But burns my skin at night by my ankles. I went to er for scabies and got permethrin cream for entire family. They say everyone that is in close contact with you must treat at the same time or it will keep coming back. Scabies burros and lays eggs in skin and will live on household items furniture towels sheets for 48 hrs or something like that. If you think it can be scabies google the treatment. Hope this helps. I prey we all get rid of this nasty mite problem.

August 30, 201916 found this helpful

Please can you share the link to this video as I have had the same problem and told I am delusional, I bombed my house and vacuumed regularly also deflead and dewormed myself and my cat, I also saw a tiny red spider type mite which I am assuming came from the small yellow casings but still no definite identification of anything specific so please can you tell us what were dealing with???

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I have pics just like micro white specs in a microscope..anyway....Noxima skin scream and epsome salt body wash...This makes sleeping soooo much better...and you feel bug free during the day..i scrub from top to bottom with Noxima....every inch of skin covered standing in bathtub.I stau covered for several minutes.then rinse...also aloa vera will make them leave your can rub them off by the hundreds. But will return...noxima and epsome salt work best.but uf I skip a back where i now ..i only use naxima to wash with ever from now on.

September 1, 20193 found this helpful

Definitely not that

September 1, 20194 found this helpful

I have had same thing for almost 5 yrs. I have just recently been looking into types if mites and the Cheyletiella mite might be a culprit. There is a ointment called Wilkinson's ointment that is not sold in the United States over the counter that seems to help ppl with such mites. It is made out of tar and sulfur as the 2 main ingredients plus other beneficial ingredients. I am too trying to figure this all out. Hope this helps someone and if so please let me know where you were able to get ointment and any alternatives you may find. Thanks

September 6, 20199 found this helpful

Ericaenters6 omg ..... The 2 nd picture u have I have slides I also have been trying to figure out what this is u have any updates?

September 6, 20191 found this helpful

I also am dealing with this an been trying things doctor says not live. And everyone thinks I'm crazy wtf ever it is so stressful people have no idea living with something like this... But I have tryed this tea tree oil and ponds cream it's a temporary relief but helps. Excpecially on the scalp face and body during the day. Ok so ready for this if you want a good night sleep it's a kind of scary at first to see actual results so I buy this at Woodman's grocery store it's called charcoal infused liquid face mask Omega 3,6,9 and the alge one works great to so you want to lay plastic down or do it in the shower or u will have a big mess cause they leave the body when it's dried out on ur body I put it in my hair an scalp to so this clay like mixture you put it all over ur body face hair and scrub it in it will dry quickly so go over it again let it dry u will feel it working... Than start rubbing it off quickly they drop like flys they will look like tiny blue things all over if you don't believe take a slide for ur microscope if u have one an when ur done showering it all off look at it under the microscope it's crazy... Oh and shampoo and conditioner try tea tree it relieves to let me know how it worked for you :)

September 10, 201922 found this helpful

your not the on same thing here. i have finally received reports back as to what is taking place. scary i have two blood infections in my blood stream, yeast infection in my bloodstream and three parasites. on top of this i have raised levels of ecoli and because of the infections it is causing mutation of the micro organisms in my body that are normally there and we live with. one is a rarity to see in humans. i have been fighting this for over two years.
( i had to send samples into a lab in the United States to do a study). one how do i get rid of this and two how do i find out the source to prevent this.

fingers crossed that with a combination of holistic supplements and finally some western medication I can fight this. loosing 14.5 kilos in 9 days is not fun. have these things extract from all aspect. of your body is painful. needle pricks for the small white shards i call them and then the hair like structure and orange ones with little black hair type things burning through the skin and this shit pops out. if i can get the treatment which is a combo of three medications and it works ill be back to post more details.

im sick of doctors loooking at men liked i am an idiot. when i have over 10000 pictures and video of this happening to my body.

September 19, 201914 found this helpful

I had been dealing with these things for a couple of years, they are not fleas, I'm not sure what they are but they are alive. I found that using Maui shampoo with coconut oil and Shea butter really irritates them.. they hate coconut oil and sea salt. Salt salt salt put it in your body soap and shampoo. Leave on you for about 10 mins then rinse with the hottest water you can without burning your skin and scalp. Then gradually lower faucet temp to almost all cold. The hot water opens your pores and rinses the bugs out then the cold water closes your pore... This helps to keep as many as you can off you. I feel your paint I'm going through it. I thought I was crazy now I know this is not a subject that many talk about but many suffer in silence. Look up margellons disease, this is party to it. Good luck! It takes dilagence and persistence.. don't give up!

September 21, 201911 found this helpful

I am researching these parasites. Does anybody hear smoke cigarettes, have animals, and do you have spotted lantern butterflies in your area. I am trying to figure out where these things are coming from and Im starting to narrow it down. Community such as this one will help me gain information for my further research. Thank you

September 23, 20196 found this helpful

I could almost break into tears finding this web site...I'm sooo sorry, so many others are dealing with this, i completely feel your pain, but the assurance that i am not alone has been God sent. I have been going out of my mind & basically keeping it all inside. I do not want anyone thinking I'm crazy For the mere fact i have been dealing with a multitude of parasites since March, now being September. I have to live in a motel 6 with my cats until my apartment was ready. The place was filthy. I did as much as i could not to touch anything while i was there, using my own blankets, towels, shower shoes...etc. but my cats were everywhere, especially under the bed, then in bed with me. I then moved into an apartment rushed & it was not cleaned properly, nor do ui think that would've even helped. So I'm not sure where I've picked everything up. I treated my cats before we went, hoping this would protect them, but they have gotten mites & after reading, if your animal has mites, you're sure to get human form.. aka scabies. So it began with a nasty outbreak of demodex mites on my eyelashes & in my hair. I noticed lil white things falling out of hair onto face & my eyelashes are blonde but turned white. The demodex then took over my whole face. It was HORRIBLE!!! i began to wonder if they moved into my body as i started to feel moving everywhere. I also had movement under muy skin, that was extremely painful, i began to believe i had worms. I do. They moved into my wrists creating painful lumps, i could see them moving on my face, all under the skin. The demodex finally went away to leave me with scabies. I mean it's completely insane!!! I am such a germ phobe, i can not understand how, what or where??? I want to mention that i have RA, so my immune system is compromised. During the scabies infection, i went to the hospital & they literally treated me like a meth addict or something. I guess with sores all over & complaining of a worms under my skin, i may have fit the bill perfect. They asked if i had mental issues, if i was being abused at home....they gave me scabie medicine& sent me on my way. The worm infection is getting worse. I went back to ER with proof in hand & my stool sample, loaded with the nasty lil things. They again treated me like i was a nut job, said oh hunny you seem so anxious, there are not worms under your skin, you are fine, let me get you something to calm your nerves. She was gone forever, i truly feared they were getting me a room in the psych ward. I left with my stool sample, she never even looked at. So the scabies are gone, but I'm now dealing with these worms & other lil black specs falling out of hair, and going to every place my skin is compromised from the remaining scabies sores. Can i actually be dealing with yet another friggin parasite? This is completely INSANE, but i believe I'm suffering from the same thing everyone here is dealing with. I'm going out of my mind! I stumbled across SPRINGTAIL MITES & i believe that's what we are all suffering from. There are many different variations, but i think it's what we're all dealing with. I hope this helps all of you...& God bless, wishing & praying for us all to get our body & mind back GOD SPEED

September 24, 20193 found this helpful

What are they? I have identical have the same thing.

October 6, 20199 found this helpful

Oh may i thank you
I bow can show my family they are ready to commit me to the nut house.
Itq only bzen about 3 weeks now for us me and my dog are the only one that get bit and whem i sgow pzople they think i am nuts and i have hundreds them. In my walls make little hole to hide or something tgey shoot out at me when i start to spray with rad in my bed the one dog gets bit and she shakes as welm only me and her get bit the 4 other in the house are now ready to comimit me as they dont believe me and think i am crazy
I was thinking bed bug at firqt i have called this bug like 4 things now bed bug bat bug horse worm and now hair bug.
Would a university not take them to find out what they are

October 6, 20194 found this helpful

Oh may i thank you
I now have proof to show my family, they are ready to commit me to the nut house.
Its only been about 3 weeks with this problem the dog and i are the only one that get bit .when i show people, they think i am nuts. i have hundreds them. In my walls make little hole to hide or something they shoot out at me when i start to spray with rad in my bed the one dog gets bit and she shakes as well. only me and her get bit the 4 other in the houise dont believe me and think i am crazy
I was thinking bed bug at first i have called this bug like 4 things now bed bug bat bug horse worm and now hair bug.
Would a university not take them to find out what they are
I live in alberta and my son has them at his house as well he had the dog for a few months as it was his dog but do to being 20 he was not able to have time to spend with her and when he returned her a few days in she started to et bad ear problem then the things started to show up i have white thing that i beleave are the eggs they look like that but haed white and flat

October 10, 20198 found this helpful

Please email me on what this is!! I am desperate!!

October 12, 20190 found this helpful

I have the same. Saw tiny specs. Took a fine tooth comb and wiped the sink with a tissue. Photoed with smartcamera and maximized - horror- they are tiny worms and animals. Nothing can be resistant to them. I tired over the counter lice shampoos, vermox anything- help!!

October 14, 20196 found this helpful

Hi- have you received diagnostics from the lab yet? I have the orange and black specs also- thanks

October 21, 20191 found this helpful

If they are burrowing into you scalp, they are most likely scabies.

October 21, 20194 found this helpful

Have your house inspected for mold!

October 22, 201914 found this helpful

This is exactly what I have and have had for over 6 years now no doctor can identify it and it is NOT DELUSIONAL

October 22, 20195 found this helpful

Please let us know the name of lab in USA

October 26, 20196 found this helpful

What ever it is .it's living orgsnism because the samples I put in tiny plastic sealed container..when I open the container it smalls of death! .rotting decay if life stench.dead body.

October 29, 20193 found this helpful

Looks like Morgellons debris. Look it up.

November 3, 20190 found this helpful

Try SSKI you can buy on Amazon

November 4, 20193 found this helpful

Please send me details of where you sent sample. So I can start my process of ilimination too. Thank you in advance

November 4, 20197 found this helpful

Omg I know EXACTLY what your going through!!!! And yes that 1st pic I see ALOT in my bath water when its intense. Theres days that arent so bad but other days its sooo intense. I used to go into the bathroom or a closet and cry from it cuz people would tell me I'm on meth or something like that smh. Now I try so hard to pretend I dont feel them but I do. I thought I had bird mites but thats not what I see. I take ALOT of baths in Epson salt detoxification to where my daughter said my skin is sooo soft. I went and got tested for various things but nothing has came back odd but i feel these thing almost as if they're in me now.

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