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Rats are an unpleasant pest when they find their way into your home. This page contains tips and advice for getting rid of rats.



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Grey Rat outside.

Dealing With Rats Outside Your HouseThis is a page about dealing with rats outside your house. Rats are very much at home around people, even if we wish they would find a new home.


Getting Rid of Rats

Getting Rid of Rats Inside Your HouseThis is a page about getting rid of rats inside your house. Controlling a rat infestation of your home can be unpleasant.



Getting Rid of Rats Around Rabbits?Rats love to find families that have outside pets giving them a good source of easy to get food. Care must be taken to rid yourself of the rats without harming your rabbits, chickens, or other pets. This is a page about getting rid of rats around rabbits.


grey rat

Homemade Rat Bait IdeasThis is a page about homemade rat bait ideas. Getting rid of rats generally involves large traps or toxic poisons. It you are looking for another approach, there are many homemade options, many not involving toxic ingredients.


A trap for mice and rats.

Getting Rid of Mice and RatsEvery year around September, we have an issue with mice and rats. Behind us is a stable so as you know they breed rats and mice. We normally have just a few mice but this year, we had to battle rats. When you have too many rats they move on to munch whatever they can find to eat.


Rat in a garden bed.

Getting Rid of Rats In My Yard?Unfortunately rats are frequent backyard visitors. They are attracted to any area that provides a good food source, so be sure to clean up dog poop, fallen fruit, and scattered bird seed. If more extreme measures are needed check this page for suggestions. This is a page about getting rid of rats in my yard.


Photo of a rat in a garden.

Getting Rid of Rats in the Garden?Rats are a common pest seen in gardens. They enjoy your flowers and produce as much as you do. This is a page about getting rid of rats in the garden.


Family of Rats

Getting Rid of RatsThis page is about getting rid of rats. Whether in your garden or a building, these rodents can cause many problems.


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Rats Are Eating My Tomatoes?I am having problems with rats eating my tomatoes. Is there any thing that I could do to stop them? I am not the only one around here that is having this problem.



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Rat TrapThis simple but powerful trap is created with only three materials. The materials are:


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Is it a Rat or a Squirrel - What do I do?I work at least 70 hours a week and winter is here and something has decided that since I am never home it will move in and has taken over.



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Keeping Rats Out of a Yard With Outside Bunnies?I have three rabbits, which I let run around freely, but this has led the rats to come. Recently we called pest control and they left a lot of poison here and there. I am now forced to cage my rabbits up. What should I do if I would like to let my rabbits run freely, without attracting these rats?


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Getting Rid of a Rat Behind Washer?I am in dire need of advice. One mouse or perhaps little rat? is destroying my life. I have no way to fix it without extreme procedures such as lifting the washing machine. I found one stuck to duct tape. I discovered the hole it came from. I got the hole iron-wool-wired, now the "rat" is trapped in the bathroom.


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Rats in My Backyard?I started noticing rat feces on my pool deck and on my pool supply bin outside in my back yard. Then when I let my dogs outside one night, I seen a rat in the middle of my yard and it looked like it was eating a piece of my dogs feces.


Getting Rid of Rats in an Open Field Without Harming Rabbits - rabbits and mourning doves

Getting Rid of Rats in an Open Field Without Harming Rabbits?My husband has been feeding carrots to the wild bunnies for a few years. We have a big overgrown field where bulls and cows were and they kept the field kind of short. We now have field rats we want to get rid of without hurting our wild bunnies. What to do?


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Getting Rid of Rats Around Rabbits?I keep my rabbits inside my shed, to my horror I have seen either a rat or mouse. What's the best solution, as I don't want my rabbits to be affected by poisons?


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Getting Rid of Rats In My Yard?Where do I get and what rat poison is best to get rid of them? My animals stay inside.


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