Identifying Small Black Bugs

May 11, 2015

I spent some considerable amount of money until I realized that I had to identify the bugs myself. I have not found an exterminator with identification capability. Why should they, because they came keep coming back and back and charge and charge.


Buy a USB digital microscope. The better ones are $100, the others are anywhere from $30 to $60.00 Once you can get an image, send it to your local university, who will identify the picture you send them. Then you have to research how to kill them.

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June 14, 2011

How can I identify these tiny bugs that are almost invisible, although they are black? We have almost white carpeting in most of the rooms and you have to look very closely to see them. When you are just ready to pick them up, they begin to move. I now use the method of getting them on paper and then placing them in an tight used medicine bottle. Some live for weeks some so tiny the look like this: ( . ) others looks like tiny beetles. You don't notice they have wings until they are turned upside down. I cannot see legs, nor antenna, just this ( . ).

They have been found mostly by our PC tower, others in the master bedroom. I am going zonkers trying to find out if I need an exterminator and are they dangerous to our health. Anyone, someone, please help or refer me to an authority on bugs. The exterminators will not come out unless you identify them, dud, I can't. Thank you and please help.



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Sounds like you have either a flea infestation (Note fleas are very small but do not fly they jump) or the start of a termite infestation. Best thing to do either way is bomb fog your whole house. Good luck.

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I think your problem is even simpler than you think. First if you have an extension agent for your area he will usually come out or you can take him a sample of the bugs and if he doesn't know he will send them to the state university, free, and they will identify them.

But, I think you have a mold problem and these bugs only eat mold, hard to see but with a bright light you probably can see the tiny things on the wall and when the light gets near them they will move. I had to use bleach just a little in a spray bottle will do and they are gone, if you do have mold then you have moisture and that is your big problem. You will have booklice or mold bugs as long as moisture creates mold. I thought I was crazy when I found them on my brand new house with white walls, almost like black spots but they moved if you stared long enough. Smile, this did go away with a little staying with the spray. And a dehumidifier on the ac because our house was too airtight.

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April 21, 2013

Since last fall, when I purchased a new bed spread, I have been plagued by tiny (head of a pin) black bugs. They live in my bed, which I have sprayed so much I have sinus problems. There is the tiny black stage. There is the cloth and larvae stage, the feeding on the sheets stage, and the depositing stage (they have a drain field of "or and" spots 6 to 12 inches X 4 inches. The University of Minnesota saw no insects, the building management said it was in my mind; the pest control, well, I can't say here. I have pictures.

By Bob R from Plymouth, MN


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The next time you see these black bugs, try using some Scotch tape to grab a few (try not to crush them). Stick your sample to an index card. Show this to an entomologist or professional pest control person.

For eradication (once you identify them), I suggest contacting a professional pest control company.

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May 30, 2020

I keep finding this bug all over a house we are renting. It's really small as you can see in the first picture. It would fit on my thumbnail. In the up-close photo you can see it has whitish spots and one wide whitish stripe.

They are really a nuisance and we've sprayed a ton, but they're still here.


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This is actually a really good photo; unfortunately, it is hard to tell whether it has wings or a hard shell. Does it fly? Does it congregate mostly in dark areas, wet areas, or is it an equal opportunity nuisance?

It is possible that this is an old house borer. It feeds on wood, and bears its name because traditionally it infests older homes. However, any wood on any home 10 years old or so could be infested.

This would explain why spraying doesn't seem to work; if it is the borer, it's a structural thing.


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June 18, 2012

I walked into my bathroom (small bathroom with no window that's able to open) to notice a black spot on the wall about a inch and a half wide. I got closer to realize it was a cluster of little black bugs! They move like worms. Does anyone have any idea what these are?

By KaleyM from US.


July 8, 20120 found this helpful
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I just saw this tonight. If they're wormlike, they might be maggots, which turn into flies. There might be a water problem in that spot, and flies lay eggs in water. The eggs hatch into maggots. Kill the maggots and try to fix the wetness, if any. I've seen them on the bathroom sink counter, if water splashes behind the faucet and puddles there, for instance, in hot muggy weather. It only takes a day or so for them to appear. I wash them down the drain with hot, hot water. I have to remember to dry up stray splashes on muggy days.

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August 29, 2020

They have been hopping on me all day today! I have some bites on my legs as well, I noticed.

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February 15, 2018

Can anyone help me identify this little bug? I first saw them on the pantry floor and now I find them all over my first floor. The house is only 4 months old. They don't fly, just crawl.


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It looks like some kind of beetle. Make sure all food is wrapped up, and check for any moisture or leaks.

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February 16, 20180 found this helpful
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Looks to me like a granary weevil. Dispose of old, out dated flour, rice, cereals, dry beans, etc. Thoroughly vacuum the carpet and mop the flooring. Wipe down the shelves in the pantry.

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November 1, 2019

I've noticed these tiny black bugs in our bathrooms and a few in the kitchen over the past few weeks. They were even in folded towels in the linen cupboard.

We've lived in our house almost 20 years and have never seen them before. What are they? How can we get rid of them?


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There are much safer ways to get rid of gnats than spraying them with a bug spray. I would rather go the homemade way than buy the sprays and get sick.

In a jar mix some apple cider vinegar with a few drops of liquid dish soap. Put the jar in the areas that you are seeing the gnats and fruit flies in your home. Once they go in the jar and they will because the smell attracts them they can't get out again because the dish soap holds them in the liquid and they drown.

These are cheap and easy to make and you should make several of them for your home.

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November 2, 20190 found this helpful
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I believe this is a rice weevil. They are harmless to humans (other than eating the grains in your pantry!) Check your flour, rice, cornbread, etc. containers. Another thought: do you have one of those rice-filled shoulder/neck heating packs stored in your bath or bedroom? Good luck!

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February 25, 2018

One day all of sudden I found 4 to 5 small black insects in my room. The same day I cleaned each and every corner of my room, every piece of furniture.

But the next day I again found 4 of these insects in my room. They are slow and climb the walls.


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They look like a small house beetle that come inside for the winter to get out of the cold. If they still sell house bombs, I'd set off a few of them in your home and leave for a few hours. That should do the trick.

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March 1, 20180 found this helpful
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Killing a few will help, but you need to find where they are coming in. If you have access to the basement, it might be time to seal the floor edges where they meet the wall.

And check the windows, as well. If you put some double back tape on the window sills and the corners of the room, it might capture them and you can see where they are coming in.

Also check the vents. If you think they are coming in through there, stretch some old panty hose over the grate and that will keep them out, too.

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April 13, 2021

Does anyone know what type of bug this is. I'm finding them everywhere in my home. They don't fly, they crawl. I'm in Washington state

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June 14, 2020

I discovered these today inside my home. This is the first time I've seen them and there are around half a dozen that I've spotted. I originally saw them on the floor near a window and within about a half an hour they crawled/hopped (I've seen a couple try to jump like a flea, but only about 3-5cm max) up onto the windowsill. They tend to stay near sunlight from what I've noticed. Two look to have drowned in moisture on the sill from condensation after cooking last night. Some have wings, not all.
I recently purchased an indoor monstera plant, but no bugs are nearby. My location is south NSW Australia.


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In the last week I have been finding these little black flies either in my window sills or in sticky traps near windows/skirting boards. I live in a first floor flat and have no indoor plants. I'm finding about 10 a day. Any idea what they are please?


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These look like the Ensign wasp that comes in from outside. They are harmless and do not sting. They are just a pain when they come in from outside. The basic way to get rid of them is like you are already doing with sticky flypaper.

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so if they're flies they're probably just garden variety fruit flies. Contrary to popular belief they don't just breed because of rotting fruit, but any moisture, such as in non-cleaned drains, will also cause the problem. Or if there's a fruit tree outside with rotting fruit, and that's bringing them in.

Cleaning everything thoroughly with bleach, especially in drains and other prone areas, and of course eliminating any vegetable matter (bananas) will solve the problem.

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March 9, 2021

What bug is this?

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