Identifying Tiny Black Bugs in My Carpet

How can I identify these tiny bugs that are almost invisible, although they are black? We have almost white carpeting in most of the rooms and you have to look very closely to see them. When you are just ready to pick them up, they begin to move. I now use the method of getting them on paper and then placing them in an tight used medicine bottle. Some live for weeks some so tiny the look like this: ( . ) others looks like tiny beetles. You don't notice they have wings until they are turned upside down. I cannot see legs, nor antenna, just this ( . ).


They have been found mostly by our PC tower, others in the master bedroom. I am going zonkers trying to find out if I need an exterminator and are they dangerous to our health. Anyone, someone, please help or refer me to an authority on bugs. The exterminators will not come out unless you identify them, dud, I can't. Thank you and please help.


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Sounds like you have either a flea infestation (Note fleas are very small but do not fly they jump) or the start of a termite infestation. Best thing to do either way is bomb fog your whole house. Good luck.

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July 15, 20180 found this helpful

They are not fleas...Its heen quite cool then bam heat hot and these annoying black bugs with hard schells..and tiny little ones size of . they dont jump..came out of no where...i think they are some sort of beetle..I have hardwood floors..through out and l see them all over my house..they dont jump..or bite..of fly..just annoying.

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July 21, 20180 found this helpful

Their bed bugs. Ive had them. Almost look like a spider, except for only six legs not eight.

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I dealt with such an infestation no bug man could help after almost 2yrs i moved left everything never knowing and not caring my new house guess lil black bugs kindof swampy area so not surprised hate bugs yes these haven't got to bad they are on outside inside bathroom and kitchen i do find in other rooms so yes don't like but it is teatree oil and pinesol cleaner and water keeps them in control goodluck

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October 3, 20180 found this helpful

There biscuit beetles

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This is exactly what I need but nobody seems to be talking about these bugs. This is a huge problem for me. I need to know if they are dangerous or just annoying pests.

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I think your problem is even simpler than you think. First if you have an extension agent for your area he will usually come out or you can take him a sample of the bugs and if he doesn't know he will send them to the state university, free, and they will identify them.


But, I think you have a mold problem and these bugs only eat mold, hard to see but with a bright light you probably can see the tiny things on the wall and when the light gets near them they will move. I had to use bleach just a little in a spray bottle will do and they are gone, if you do have mold then you have moisture and that is your big problem. You will have booklice or mold bugs as long as moisture creates mold. I thought I was crazy when I found them on my brand new house with white walls, almost like black spots but they moved if you stared long enough. Smile, this did go away with a little staying with the spray. And a dehumidifier on the ac because our house was too airtight.

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It is a multi eating parasite if you watch the tiny black dots for a long time one of them moved I saw his two legs it looks like a dirt spot but it's not it's a mold eating parasite so now I have to call my home Owners insurance and an exterminator that is the answer I finally figured it out

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When we had fleas, I got our spray from a vet clinic, best $30 ever spent killed em right away. It was called "Knockout". I'm sure even 2 cans would be cheaper than an exterminator.

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July 9, 20132 found this helpful

they are springtail fleas and they bite!! they hide in window sills and crawl on beds even couches!

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Please I hope u can help me! They are EVERY WHERE!OH My car, clothes, bed, bathroom floor, kitchen floor, and the worst is my body and hair. Had these bugs about 6 months . I lost almost all my hair because of these bugs. My hair was almost to my utt and not right about my ears. Thes bugs had ruined my life and looks. Ive tried boming 6x,s , lice stuff 10x,s..and bed bud spay and raid. Well threw my research i think they are mites... Please call me 804_255-4824.. Tara.. Thank u

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July 5, 20171 found this helpful

OMG, you certainly know what your talking about. I have been fighting these for 4 years, and every time I would go to the emergency room because I couldn't take it any more, I was COMMITTED to the funny farm! Five times I was committed! Once I was disrobed, put on a sterile white gurney with nothing but a sterile white pillow and a white sheet. All my clothes and everything I had were removed from this room (I was nuts, remember?), and there wasn't a table, chair or anything. After about a half an hour, I called in two of the guys that watch us through the glass in our rooms, and two of the nurses, and I asked them what they thought these were and where they thought they came from? I moved the sheet off of me and there were about 50 of those little tiny black specks! THEY FREAKED OUT AND LEFT THE ROOM, PUT ON LONG COATS AND GLOVES AND MASKS AND RAN ME DOWN TO A BIG SHOWER STALL AND GAVE ME TWO LICE BATHS!


They didn't know what else to do! After being totally INSANE for so long because nobody would believe me and they were always on me, I was crying hysterically and saying, "finally, finally"! So they burned all the stuff in the room, re-sterilized it, gave me new sheets and a gurney, and finally in comes these two "doctors" who took me up to the PSYCH WARD AGAIN!@ They said that their "lab looked at those things and they "didn't have legs" so they "couldn't be bugs" and they were probably either pieces of black "lint" or pieces of "dirt", and again, I was committed. NOBODY WILL BELIEVE YOU! And the kicker? I am still fighting them. Be very, very, very careful who you talk to about this.

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July 26, 20171 found this helpful

I have the very same bugs except now I have to call them SPOTS because no one believes what I know, they are bugs, they move somehow just cant prove it cant someone figure out how to get rid of them

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December 19, 20170 found this helpful

I can truthfully say I know what your going through. I moved into an apartment 3 yrs ago and have been fighting this ever since. I have read so many articles and looked at so many pictures that the only thing Ive seemed to accomplish is more confusing and totally become overwhelmed. So if you dont mind I thought I would ask a couple of questions to see if I have the same thing. First of all,


1. Do you also notice wormy larvae white or yellow in color?
2. Do they seem to be black or brown, different shapes and sizes and some very hard?
3. They get in my clothes and are tiny dots and weave into the fabric? They stick into me and drive me crazy.
4. I dont see legs and have yet to see them move. On ocassion I do see a very tiny fly like bug flying around
5. Do you find them hard to vacuum out of your carpet?
6. Ive have some places where they seem to be coming thru the plaster on my walls and outside balcony ceiling.
7. Ive noticed before they hatch Ive notice some are enclosed in a white cotton cocoon appearing in worm shape.

I could go on and on but the above is the main descriptions. These things are every where and on everything. Ive had exterminators here, the manager of my apt complex etc and all I get is I dont see anything all the way thru thats dirt includingif it dont have legs and you dont see it move, its not a bug


Am I going insane? YES!

Anyway any information will be highly appreciated.

Thank u

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May 22, 20180 found this helpful

Did you get a solution to this? I have the IDENTICAL problem!

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May 22, 20180 found this helpful

Did you get any answers about this problem?

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June 10, 20180 found this helpful

Meeeeee toooooooo!!! I'm sitting in my car right now in tears because everyone thinks I'm nuts but I know what I see and they are torturing my little dog and my life

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July 30, 20180 found this helpful

I have the exact problem almost every one of the descriptions match! I have had them for about a month about I have nearly 100 horrible red bites all over my arms, legs and abdomen. I think they were tiny specks ingrained & eating my carpet. Also in the carpet were white , orange and occasionally brown & yellow eggs. The specs are sometimes on my walls, difficult to scrape off. sometimes there are tiny worm like brown, larvae specks on the wall as well.

The 3 dermatologists told me that I was crazy and to stop picking my skin . My labs came back saying that my body is full of infection! I have been getting very sick, (flu symptoms) and its terrifying! It has taken over my life & I don't know what to do!

I have pulled out the tiny flys, eggs and larvae from my skin. I think they are a bug called " no see ums" mostly in Florida, and the southern states, but have spread to most of the US.
...I live in Utah

Please Help!!!

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January 3, 20190 found this helpful

Omg! Thank you for comment! I have been losing it because no one has been able to identify bugs on my carpet they are black, look like coffee grains, they bite and stick to carpet so tight that i cannot remove even with tweezer. They are also tiny shiny eggs. Can someone please help. They also are in cloth and easily go thru the fabric

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January 3, 20190 found this helpful

My hair is ruined as well. I feel you but dont know what to do!

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January 11, 20190 found this helpful

Your not crazy, I have them all over my apartment. They started in the rugs and no-one can tell what they are. They say there not bugs so they won't help me. I'm not that young and I feel like I am going crazy and I also suffer from chest pains and papalations. They have gone in my linen closet on my clothes and sometimes in my bed. They leave gray lines on my clothes and body but thet say there not bugs. Do we live in a stupid world that on one can find out what these are. I feel for you. I feel I am going to have a heart attack. Good Luck

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June 7, 20171 found this helpful

Our house is full of them. The larger ones have a hard shell. The exterminator came and said they are mites and said they came into our house in our groceries. I then remembered returning a bag of rice with those black bugs in them. He said he couldn't help us, he was very sorry. Now what? I'm having nightmares, they are mostly in my pantry, but also in every room.He told me to throw out almost all my food. Even if the box is sealed they can get in.really do I need to sell my house. He had us put all infected food into a garbage bag and get it out of our house. I want something that will eliminate them. Am I going to bring more home next time I go shopping? How many have I eaten?

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July 16, 20170 found this helpful

Sounds like thrips, although they usually are only on plants or in green houses, they can get into the home. If this is what it is, have outside sprayed for thrips and you will have to just clean clean the inside.

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April 3, 20180 found this helpful

I have the same problem and yes very small professional people have come in made jokes think im crazy 6 months no help ive sprayed with 90 percent alchol also not together but vinegar slows them doesnt kill no bites i have no clue

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May 20, 20180 found this helpful

I was doing my homework on my carpeted floor, and then a tiny black bug crawled onto my book, so I flicked it off. Then about a minute later it came back on so I flicked it back off my book and this happened about four times, so I moved to a new spot in my room, and then they kept on coming on my paper. I don't want to leave my room now because I don't want to spread it! What should I do?

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June 12, 20180 found this helpful

I had the same problem! I found the culprit. In my cabinet, I had a lavender pillow (which could be cooled or heated for massages) and thats where I traced it to.

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November 1, 20180 found this helpful

They are cigarette beetles. they are small dots when sleeping. when they are awake you can better see the whole body. they do fly and don't come from cigarettes. Get rid of your boxes right away when ordering online. they can come in from anything boxes, bags, from outside. Catch a live one just use a piece of paper to get it onto the paper and put in a jar. Wait and when it's awake or flies inside the jar take a picture or video then you will the whole body the look up online "cigarette beetles" that's them.

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May 5, 20190 found this helpful

I have had this experience; and although I cannot tell you what they are, washing clothes in borax and table salt helps and bathing in tea tree oil. Also, keep washing and combing your hair and apply Diatomaceous Earth to the carpets and vacuum once a week. This made a marked improvement in our situation. Also pray and ask God to guide you.

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