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3D Paper Snowflakes
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Old Church Songbook Christmas Angel
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Candy Cane Planter
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Easy Felt Stocking Filler Bag
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14th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls
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Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas
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Christmas Parade Float Ideas
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15th Birthday Ideas
Read 98 Questions
17th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls
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13th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls
Read 4 Solutions
12th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls
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16th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls
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Homecoming Float Ideas

This guide is about homecoming float ideas. There are many float design themes for this fall school occasion.

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Homemade Christmas Ornaments
Read 63 Solutions
Pre-lit Christmas Tree Lights Not Working
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11th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls
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Birthday Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend
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Halloween Costume: Chicken
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15th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls
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Thank You Notes for Mom
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Christmas Charities for Children
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No Toys As Gifts For The Holidays

Despite the fact that one of her sons thinks she is the meanest mom in the world, a good friend has informed the grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. that if they want to buy her children gifts they must be books, clothing, gift cards, etc.

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Christmas: Fallen Ladder Joke Decoration

This was my Christmas decoration this year. Well, there is good news and bad news about my Christmas decorations this year.

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Christmas Card Photo Ideas I

Christmas Card Photo Ideas submitted by our readers. Post your own Christmas or Holiday photo here.

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Ideas for Asking a Guy to a Dance
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Halloween Costume: Robot
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Homemade Valentine's Day Cards
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Frugal Gift Wrapping Ideas
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Valentine's Day Eggs
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Homemade Christmas Cards
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Decorated Cookie Christmas Tree
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Holiday: Larger Than Life Christmas Tree

Due to the economy, we decided to get a tiny Christmas tree this year. Even though it's still adorable and just as loved as a huge tree would be, I giggle at how small it is.

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Farmer Halloween Costume (Wheelchair)
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Homemade Easter Decorations
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Gift Idea: Memory Jar
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Banquet Table Decoration Ideas
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Homemade Christmas Decorations
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Beaded Lid Upcycled Gift Jars
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Cook Meals For A New Mom

The best thing anyone did for me when I gave birth to my three boys via c- section, was to cook a meal for me. Because of my busy schedule with the boys, I discovered that I could double or triple our family favorite and freeze it.

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Sparkleball Decoration
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Keep Your Turkey Moist

Does anyone have a good recipe for turkey that will be moist when cooked?

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10th Birthday Ideas
Read 31 Questions
Gifts for Coworkers

I need help with an inexpensive gift for the holidays for my staff at work. I am a manager at a healthcare facility and I have alot of staff both men and women.

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Parade Float Ideas
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Christmas Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend
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Baby Punch Bowl
Make This Recipe
Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas
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Christmas Gifts For Seniors

We all have someone on our gift list who is hard to shop for because they already have it all, or have limited space, such as someone in a nursing home or assisted living home.

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Advice About Boy Girl Sleepover

Would you let your 10 year old daughter have a boy/girl sleepover?

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Planning a dance for my daughter's 13th birthday

My daughter will turn 13 in July and I am wanting to have her a dance for her birthday. I am looking for any ideas on how to decorate the hall. I am also looking for games they can play during the day so any ideas would be helpful. Michelle from Texas

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Gross, Yucky, Creepy Halloween Recipes

My kids are having a Halloween party this year. I was hoping that someone might have some gruesome, gory, or creepy food recipes. I have looked at several sites but it seems that most have the same ones over and over again... Delaine in GA

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Newspaper Comics for Giftwrap
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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

My 54 year old bf doesn't have any interest in sports and doesn't like to wear cologne, so it is so hard to buy him anything. Does anyone have an idea what I could buy this man?

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Making Fruity Pebbles Easter Eggs
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Inexpensive Birthday Gift Ideas For Children

I am looking for suggestions for inexpensive gifts for school age children. My daughter is 4, and in preschool. We're starting to receive lots of invites to Birthday parties, which I love. I want her to make lots of friends.

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Birthday Location Ideas for Teens and Adults

My birthday is in June and i want to have a big party, but my parents said that if I had a lot of people come they would have to get more adults to chaperone the party.

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Inexpensive Centerpieces

I have just been called upon to make centerpieces for a up and coming church banquet. I need to make fifteen centerpieces and they have to all be under five dollars each! We are going with a fall motif.

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Making a Candy Cane Tree
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Making a Candy Cane Tree
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Making a Valentine S'mores Bouquet
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Upside Down Christmas Tree
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Organizing Wrapping Paper
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Christmas Card: The Strom's of Norway

Since I am an art director and graphic designer, I thought it was about time to do something for my family instead of everyone else! I used a photo of an evergreen tree branch, Norway flag, Norway shield, Christmas ornament top, and of course two different pictures of my kids, Dawson and Chloe.

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Ideas For A 40th High School Reunion

I am on the planning committee of our 40th high school reunion. We have got the basics done but we want to do some great unique things done by ideas from other reunions that went over well. We need prizes, decorations, name tags, music, photos, unique things done that was a big hit at your reunion.

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Valentine's Day Ideas for Long Distance Relationship

I'm having difficulty coming up with something meaningful for Valentines Day for a very special girl. We are college age, and in a long distance relationship.

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Gifts for Elderly Friends

It is not easy to find a gift for elderly friends and relatives. I give them stationary, a ball point pen and stamps. By Jean Sterling

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Thrifty Halloween Ideas

What are you ideas for thrifty Halloween costumes, treats, parties and decorations?

Valentine S'mores Bouquet
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Ideas for Trivia Game Night Prizes

We're hosting a trivia game night. I expect 3 teams of 6-7 people each. I'm looking for inexpensive, but fun ideas for prizes for each member of the winning team, 2nd place and 3rd place!

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14th Birthday Spa Party Ideas

I'm turning 14 soon and I want to have a spa party and do facials, nails, etc., but I want to make it unique. Does anyone have any ideas for how to make my party unique, but still do facials and stuff?

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Planning a Pop Star Birthday Party

I am having my birthday in March and I want a pop star birthday, meaning a limo and recording CDs and making demos. If anyone knows where I can do this please tell me. I am a teenager so.

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13th Birthday Ideas

I need to impress my new highschool friends at my birthday party. I am turning 13. I need a cheap, but cool, ideas. Can you please help me?

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16th Birthday Party Ideas

I need help coming up with a birthday party theme for my 16th birthday. It's going to be a boy-girl party and I don't really know how to make it enjoyable for the guys. I've thought about doing an Alice in Wonderland theme or Clue theme, but I don't think they fit my personality.

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Keeping Your Christmas Tree Fresh Longer

Most people cut a bit off the bottom when they 1st get the tree, but if your tree dries out the closer it gets to Christmas this is easy to do while the tree is in the stand still.

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Left-Right Christmas Gift Exchange

The soon-to-be here Christmas holiday often has people wondering how to do a gift exchange. Here's a fun way that's good for parties, group gatherings, teens and adults: Have everyone bring a gift ($10 or less) and sit in a big circle holding their gift.

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How to Fill a Holiday Stocking for Free
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Crying Children Christmas Card
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Spider-Man Party Ideas

My son is turning 3 and wants a spiderman theme for his party. I need some ideas that don't cost a lot. I have printed some coloring sheets but what esle could they do? Is there anywhere I can go to get free printable spiderman birthday invitations and other items? I have a spiderman outfit for him. If you have any suggestions I would like to hear them.

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14th Birthday Ideas

What is a good place for a birthday party for 14 year olds?

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14th Birthday Party Ideas

I am turning 14 in a few months (19-June-2016) and I need to have a killer party! My theme is Horror Movie. The thing I need help with is the menu, time, venue, etc.! I live in Bundaberg, Australia.

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Garage Dance Party

Turn your garage into a dance club. Have some one DJ and let kids dance and have fun. Then turn the kitchen into a bar, remember no achoholic beverages

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Buy Solid Color Gift Wrap and Bags After Christmas

After Christmas, I buy all the red, green, gold and silver paper and bags I can find at a very cheap price, sometimes at 75 to 90% off. They can be used for occasions all throughout the year.

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Remember To RSVP To Invitations

This isn't a tip but a reminder. When you receive an invitation to a function, and it reads to RSVP or any other type of a request to respond, please reply accordingly.

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Hannah Montana Themed Party

Does anybody have ideas for a Hannah Montana themed party? The party is Dec. 1st!

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17th Birthday Ideas

So my sister and I were born in the same month and on the same day, but different year. Our birthday is on March 19. We decided to have our friends over and have a party, but I don't want it to seem like it's just my sister's birthday. What can I do so that you can tell it's my birthday too?

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Halloween Costume: Measuring Tape

Here is a photo of my son-in-law's Halloween costume. All hand made with cardboard, metal, plastics, etc. He always wins with his unique costumes.

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Starbucks Coffee Costume
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Recycled Halloween Windsock
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Use Wading Pools to Keep Food Cold
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Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas

I am already thinking about Christmas. I know it's early, but with my budget I need to plan ahead! My whole family buys for each other, even though I have suggested many times to maybe draw names, but this never seems to go over well.

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Gifts for My 80 Year Old Mom

I need help with a birthday gift for my 80 year old mom. She's out of state so the item would have to be shipped. She has everything and not much room.

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Decorating Ideas for a Winter Wonderland Dance

Does anyone have any inexpensive ideas for decorating a school winter wonderland dance?

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Alternative to New Year's Resolutions
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Coffeemate Container Penguin
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Family Christmas Traditions
Read 24 Solutions
"Twas the Day After Christmas"
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Planning a Thanksgiving Without Family

My boyfriend of 8 years and I just want to stay home this Thanksgiving, keeping it nice and simple and just watch football. His mother is 93 and we have always fixed the dinner at her place.

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Halloween Costume: Bun in the Oven
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Unique Group Halloween Costume Ideas For Work

I work for a credit union and we need help thinking of a unique Halloween costumes for a group contest.

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Christmas Gag Gift Ideas

I need some clean Christmas "gag" gift ideas.

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Throwing a "Messy Party"

We're having an outdoor "messy" party for our young friends ages 2-8. I have painting, making slime, water balloon tosses and making ice cream sundaes for activities planned. The problem is that EVERYONE RSVP'd that they are coming (when does that ever happen?) so now we're expecting around 35 kids and 12 adults.

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Sympathy Gift Ideas

A close friend (she's 40) just lost her father to cancer. She is receiving condolences of plants, flowers and food. I want to do something for her or give her something unique. Does anyone have any ideas as to what to do for her, or what to give her?

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14th Birthday Party Ideas

My 14th birthday is in about 3 weeks and I don't know what I should do. The past 3 birthdays I've been skating and to the movies. I like skating and movies, but I want to do something different since I'm a new student and have a lot of new friends. I'm having around 30 friends by the way.

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Ideas for Sweet 16

Well my birthday is coming up in February 2016, but I don't know what to do.

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Planning a 60th Birthday Party

I will be 60 in April. I plan to have an adult all women tea party first. I want to have something really unusual for this and my party party. We are going to have the hats, gloves, and dresses, along with tablecloths and napkins. My tea cups are all different, nothing is the same, so I know it is shabby chic.

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15th Birthday Ideas

My birthday is on February 5th, in 12 days, and I really don't know what to do! Can anyone help me? I'm a tomboy, my fav color is blue, and I like sports.

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Making a Penguin Cutlery Holder
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Making a Super Mario Brothers Costume
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2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas
Read 24 Questions
Homemade Easter Baskets
Read 17 Solutions
Home Spa Birthday Party

I am turning 12 on Aug. 27, but my party is on the 23rd. I need some games to play. I am having a spa party and it is gonna be super fun, but I want some games to play that go along with my theme. Also, we have a hot tub so if you have any just plain hot tub games, no theme that would be awesome! Thanks!

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Asking Family To Not Exchange Gifts

Asking Family To Not Exchange Gifts. We have a very big family. Gift giving gets very expensive with Christmas and all the birthdays, etc. We are trying to buy a house and our income in a lot less then others in the family. Is there a polite way to bring up the "lets not exchange gifts" conversation? I'm a little embarrassed by this, but we really can't afford to buy gifts for aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.

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11th Birthday Party Ideas

My daughter's 11th birthday is on the 31st of January. She is a tomboy and does not like girly stuff. She wants old and new friends to come. What should I do?

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Girl's 14th Birthday Party Ideas

I am turning 14 in one month and I don't know what to do for my party. I am inviting boys and girls and I want to do a disco party, but I don't know if I should do a theme or not? It is going to be at my house so I don't want to overdo it?

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Open Difficult Packaging Before Wrapping

While wrapping a gift that was difficult to open, I had an idea. This particular gift was encased with that familiar hard plastic. This was a present for my young grandson. I knew he would be very excited when he saw the contents.

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Halloween Costume: A Bunch Of Grapes
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Wrapping Gifts in Holiday Tablecloths

At dollar stores or shopping after the holiday clearance sales, I try to get a couple of the decorated lightweight disposable tablecloths and store them in my box of gift-wrapping supplies.

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Thrifty Christmas Gifts For Large Family

I am currently a college student, living on my own, and definitely on a budget for Christmas. I have 3 brothers, all married, and 4 nieces and 1 nephew, plus my parents to buy for. My boyfriend's family I am also very close with, and everyone in the family always buys me something. There are 9 people on that side to buy for, as well.

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Decorating a Rainbow Tea Table

My church has choose me to be a leader for a rainbow tea party. I have never been to a rainbow tea party. My color is gold and I need all the help I can get. This party is in a couple weeks so please respond soon.

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Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Finding couples Halloween Costumes has always been a challenge! Over the last few years I have seen many different ones at Halloween parties. To give you a few ideas I have about 80 here.

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Bug Party Suggestions

My son wants a bug themed birthday party, what suggestions might anyone have for party favors/take home items for the children? Also any games or activities would be great. We have a huge backyard and most guests will be boys with lots of energy.

Read 17 Answers
Thrifty Christmas Ornaments?

I want to make some Christmas ornaments. Does anyone have any good, thrifty ideas?

Read 24 Answers
11th Birthday Ideas

My 10 year old is having her 11th birthday party. She is very difficult, as she never tells me what she wants to do for her birthday. I want to know what you guys think we should do for a party because her birthday is in a week.

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Making Christmas Tree Trunk Ornaments
Read 1 Solution
Making Paper Snowflakes
Read 4 Solutions
Book Pages Christmas Wreath
Check Out This Craft
Dance Theme Ideas
Read 1 Solution
Silver Starburst Ornaments
Check Out This Craft
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