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There are many fun activities you can plan for your high school to provide students with fun, exercise, and camaraderie. This is a page about high school activities ideas.


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October 13, 2014

I'm on Student Council this year (yay!), but I need ideas for raising money (fundraisers) and for awesome high school activities to get kids to participate (help?)

By KayLa from Lethbridge, AB


October 15, 20140 found this helpful

Hoagie Sale! You can make lots of money with hoagies - $5 each!

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October 15, 20140 found this helpful

Google the C.O.W. Project at Washington Township High School, Gloucester County NJ - very cool group! About empowering kids!

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May 11, 20161 found this helpful

"Rent A Senior" day. Underclass and teachers rent a senior for the day. Silly, fun, creative activities - have them wear a sign, sing a song, carry the student to class, pull the student to class in a wagon, wear prom dates dress, dress for a particular career, etc.


We had over 200 seniors willing to be rented (they sign up first). SO FUN! We charged $5.00 per rental and everyone had to sign a rental agreement.

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October 3, 20160 found this helpful

what you need todo is thinks of something that everybody or some people need in their community or at their school .one idea is some kids come to school just to eat...

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May 25, 20170 found this helpful

maybe put on dances?

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June 10, 20180 found this helpful

Do a fundraiser for cancer please it runs through my family it sucks but it will be cool?

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September 4, 20180 found this helpful

I am scared that that would resemble slavery to much. So I do not know if we could do it.

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November 12, 20180 found this helpful

What are hoagies?

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November 13, 20180 found this helpful

They are talking about cold cut sandwiches, you might call them subs where you are from.

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November 13, 20180 found this helpful

Some folks call them hero sandwiches! I just call them yummy!

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November 21, 2018

Can someone give me advice for a cool high school activity? Maybe something you did in your school and you thought was cool. Really anything you have in mind.


November 25, 20180 found this helpful

So are you asking for a day trip as a teacher or other school official for something to do with your students? Or are you asking as a student who wants to organize something with your friends? Big difference :)


If you are a teacher or school official, one of my favorite field trips was to a manufacturer who made bread...I am drawing a blank if it was the Town Talk plant or just a local bakery's bread baker...but it was awesome and we got a loaf of bread each at the end of the tour. It was part of a home ec class and it was very cool to see bread being made! I loved carbs even back then :) My second favorite tour was of our long gone now county jail. It was long before the show scared straight, but it did just that....scared the you know what out of me!!! It was fascinating...but terrifying. The smell in there was so horrible though, I remember throwing away the shirt I was wearing because I could not get that smell out of it.

When I was a teen, my favorite activities were movies and dances and going to the annual bonfire celebration...but that was a long time ago! Bonfires have since been banned in my town because of the pollution issues and I imagine most places have banned them because of the fire hazard. Movies and dancing are still around though!!

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November 25, 20180 found this helpful

I teach high school. Depending on what you teach, you might want to have a Shark Tank project.


Students need to convince their classmates to buy a product they invented. I also have guest speakers come in. I need more information about what you teach.

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July 30, 2015

I am currently in a leadership position in my school. The high school students have a gap between their lectures for a minimum of 45 minutes to an hour and half. I am in charge of gathering them into a special assembly room and finding something, like a daily activity to keep them busy, mixed with fun, and encourage them to join it rather than be wandering around in the school as they used to do before.

Does any one have ideas for activities that can be done daily to make our gathering full of educational fun or even just fun? Activities can be some for boys and some for girls as well as some others to be done by both of them.
I appreciate all your help and thanks.


August 3, 20150 found this helpful

Perhaps they could play board games: monopoly, scrabble, chess, etc. These take up lots of time and keep people thinking.


If you could leave the games set up so that everyone could return to an unfinished game the next day, so much the better.

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February 9, 20170 found this helpful

Offer various topics of discussion, debate, skits, roleplay, partner or small group activity on ideas such as: line dances, scavenger hunts, building social contracts about issues students face in the school, creating a fun day outside with activities such as sack race, 3 legged race, carriage race, wheel barrel race, etc.

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July 22, 2013

What sort of activities or things could I do to make my high school a fun school?



July 24, 20130 found this helpful

At the highschool where I substitute teach, there is a club that is devoted to sponsoring fun activities. They organize special spirit days where kids dress up -- eg. Wear green to support the pro football team; they have watermelon helmets to purchase (paid for ahead of time) and then the free watermelon to eat, and then some sort of football related activities in the gym at noon.


Or say, for Valentines, dress in red and white, buy a "crush" (the orange pop) for your secret crush, and it get's delivered to them, sale of giant heart shaped cookies, and a dance in the gym at noon hour; dress up for Hallowe'en, and a talent program in the gym for the afternoon. There are all kinds of things to do. It just takes someone to spearhead the organizing. Talk to one or two of your teachers who would be interested in helping you organize such a "leadership" or "spirit" club, get some like minded people to help you out, and go for it. Likely setting a goal of one activity day a month would be good. You might also work in fundraising for worthy causes - having a walk-a-thon for Heart & Stroke, selling "helping hands" for a charity, having a hot dog sale for playground equipment for the elementary school nearby, or whatever. Special food sales, dress-up days, fun contests, all make school interesting and fun to attend.

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September 12, 2010

I have a a problem. I'm in charge of high school lunchtime activities. I have no clue! Please help.

By lexy from Perrydale, OR


October 1, 20100 found this helpful

At my school we had an Oreo licking contest and another day we had a speed dating game where you could meet new people.

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April 21, 2010

Our high school is planning on having Olympic games, which will be a grade level competition. It will be an indoor/outdoor event. However, we need game ideas? Things that can be fun, safe, and competitive, maybe even give the audience a laugh. Please help me by suggesting some ideas. Thank you. Your suggestions are truly appreciated.

By Mandy


April 30, 20170 found this helpful

A really diff game I had never tried that sounds good for this is JARTS:

Lawndartsthrow by /dave/null
Jarts: . Players take turns throwing Jarts, which resemble over-sized darts, at a large circle laid or drawn on the ground. Points are earned when Jarts land in or closest to the circle. In the original version, the Jarts had a pointed end and actually stuck into the ground. The newer version no longer has the pointed end, instead a weight or any range of diff objects. Kinda like horse shoes another classic. Flag football is another good one or RED ROVER.

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June 19, 2013

I'm in charge in my school. I want do to a camp, but don't how to do the most intelligent activities.

By Denesh

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February 14, 2018

Celebrating the final year of your high school career can be done in a variety of ways. Try a scavenger hunt for senior class items and mementoes. This is a page about ideas for senior class activities.

Group of teenagers holding books, outside.

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September 12, 2010

I am having trouble figuring out what to do for a fun high school events as class president (can't be corny or boring). Our date is February 2 and we live in Boston so we can't do anything outdoors. The class advisers are not letting us get buses and go somewhere so we are limited to our school. We've done dances in the past, they go average. And we have done a hypnotist night which went very well, but we've done it already. Any other ideas? We've thought up of a movie night, a talent show, anything that you can think of would help.

Nit from Newton


Fun High School Activities Ideas

How about getting a stand up comedian? If you get one that does not do dirty jokes your school administration will probably agree. Check your alumni list you might already have someone who graduated who would be willing to donate a show and maybe even bring some friends along. Hope this helps. (09/30/2004)

By Debra in CO

Fun High School Activities Ideas

Two fun things that have been done in my area are, a talent show for the guys, everyone pays to get in the show, each young man in the show has a bag or box w/his photo on it. The young ladies then buy tickets and put them in the box/bag of the young man they are interested in. At the end of the night the young men each choose a ticket from their box/bag and that is their date for a pre-arranged afternoon or evening of fun, like bowling and pizza. And all the men and their dates go to this pre-arranged party (paid for by the group sponsoring the show). In the two years we have been doing this, it has become a big hit! And good money maker. And the talent show has such a wide variety of acts, from hilarious to very, very talented. It was a big hit.

The other thing is a party or dance, with location unkown. People buy tickets to this dance/party, and have to drive or walk to different locations, like stores or offices that would be open, to get clues to take them to the next location, to get another clue. They end up, finally, getting a clue that tells them where the event is going to be. So it's like a scavenger hunt, and you can have prizes for the first people to arrive at the party, and the best dressed or what ever. Very fun! (09/30/2004)


Fun High School Activities Ideas

Sure seems long ago. One fun raiser my school held was a movie marathon. It ran for 18 hours. You buy one ticket, and could come and go as you please. Disney did not allow their movies to be shown on Saturday, but Sunday was okay though. A schedule was posted with approximate times. It was great. A couple of old black and whites, Hitchcock, Godzilla movies, Disney and (I'm dating myself here) also rock movies, like Tommy and Pink Floyd's the Wall.

Now, a few movie theater chains will rent out a theater to a class and they sell the tickets. If you can do some fund raisers away from school.

Another idea. During Homecoming (or Rival week) we sold spirit chains. $.05 a link. Each class had their own chain hanging from the ceiling (high ceilings). (The rivalry was if someone donated a penny, it removed a link, wasn't always used.) Use your school colors. Each class gets a color, seniors can use all of the colors. Your expenses will be small. Construction paper, tape or staples, string (for hanging from the ceiling and jars to collect the money.) And someone to stand on a ladder.

Good luck. (09/30/2004)

By Rose

Fun High School Activities Ideas

I know you might think that this wouldn't work for the guys, but I think you would be surprised..
What about a spa party. And what I mean by that is getting some Arbonne products and have different stations, like a foot scrub and soak (which they do themselves) and then a facial station, then a hand station. Or you could make it fun and have the guys put makeup on the girls just to see how good they do.

By Hope Romine

Fun High School Activities Ideas

I don't know if you will find this corny, but why not have a money raising event such as a rummage sale or something. Maybe you could donate the money or keep it for the school. Have kids bring in clothes that they don't wear anymore and sell them.

Or maybe have a chili sale. If it is cool in Boston, the chili will sell. Just ideas.

Hopefully you don't find them lame??

Laura (10/01/2004)

By ThriftyFun

Fun High School Activities Ideas

We did a fundraiser/activity where each person who volunteered made an anonymous picnic basket filled with their favorite things for two. No one knew who made them. Then each basket was bid upon and the winner got a date with the maker and the profits went to the class. (10/01/2004)

By Suzanne Spencer

Fun High School Activities Ideas

What about a charity carnival? We used to do this in the gym. Different groups or teams can come up with game booths and prizes, and keep the price low, usually 25 cents or so to play the game. There can be competitions for best themed booth, best game, most money raised, etc. and the proceeds can go to charity. There should be tons of great game booth ideas online. (10/09/2004)

By Regina Arlauckas

Fun High School Activities Ideas

I'm also running for student body president, and these ideas are awesome! One of my ideas is to have an "Amazing Race" basically, we would films the teams and give them activities to do and they next day we show the footage in the cafeteria. Just like a real show! Also, I don't know if you guys have heard of Dance Dance Revolution, but it's "huge" at our school, so we have DDR tournaments! All you need is a Playstation 2 and some people who have the game. You charge like 50 cents a game, and we make a lot of money. (04/27/2005)

By Patty

some fun thing

One fun thing they did at my school is that they had a lunch time activity called "Cheeseball Splat". It was cool. What you need is 2 pair of goggles, whipped cream or shaving cream, and cheeseballs.

The concept:

What you do is that you get 4 people out of the school and have 2 kids on each team. Then you have one of them be the person that puts on the goggles and fill their face up with whipped cream or shaving cream. Then their other team member gets like 30 cheeseballs each and tries to make them stick on the other person's face. Whoever has the most on their face wins and you go till the first person runs out. Also set up your music stereo it keeps them motivated! (06/14/2005)

By kt

Fun High School Activities Ideas

You could do a multiplayer video game party like HALO2. (09/11/2006)

By Zrop

Fun High School Activities Ideas

How about having singing karaoke using the music from the year you graduated. See how many classmates are really talented! Just an idea. (12/04/2006)

By Barb

Fun High School Activities Ideas

A person said DDR towards the top, we do that our school too. Everyone loves it. We do it in our school commons, use a projector and a 15 by 15 screen. It is so much fun!

  • cake walk: people love dessert
  • water dunk booth: teachers get dunked
  • inflatable moon walks and obstacle courses: always fun
  • Teacher Appreciation Day (if running is a good idea to propose)
  • Beautification Day: have students volunteer three hours on a Saturday and Sunday and plant flowers around the school (with school's permission and guidance)
Hope I've helped!

By Aly from STL

Fun High School Activities Ideas

Another idea is a school wide Fear Factor challenge for those who do want to participate. Have everyone stand in a row and place each item in front of them to eat and whoever doesn't complete the task is eliminated. You may also do the same for the other activities in Fear Factor, like obstacle relay and the bottom two are eliminated, eventually leading to the winner. Food items may include mustard, ketsup, and relish in one; sardines; etc. (02/26/2008)

By Alycia

Fun High School Activities Ideas

I think that you should try and host a school wide Mission Impossible game on a Thursday night. Have all of the students show up when it gets dark. Have boundaries at the school, or host it in a public facility in which they are allowed to go, etc. Make sure that the person that is stranded or kidnapped supposedly is far enough away from the starting point to make it more of a challenge. There could be a search light that you can have or even just a light bulb beside a building that shows where the kids have to point to. I hope that this works out for you if you decide to give it a try. (08/15/2008)

By Lauren

Fun High School Activities Ideas

K1 Speed is a great place for any high school event. I have seen high school dances to graduation parties. Definitely check it out. (11/05/2008)

By Angie

Fun High School Activities Ideas

We are thinking about having a penny war:
This is where each class (freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior) has a bin. Pennies are plus points while everything else is, deducts points.
An example would be if I put in a quarter in the freshmen bin then the freshmen will have .25 of a point deducted from their points. The winner can be announced at a pep rally and win a prize of free tickets to a football game at the school or basketball, etc.

Its a great way to raise funds for either your student government or an organization such as breast cancer, homelessness, etc. (11/07/2008)

By John

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