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Photo of a large high school and its football field.

High School Activities IdeasThis is a page about high school activities ideas. There are many fun activities you can plan for your high school to provide students with fun, exercise, and camaraderie.


A teen female high school athlete wearing a letterman jacket.

High School Sports Banquet DecorationsWhen the season is done, it's nice to hold a banquet to celebrate the team and parents that helped along the way. Here are some ideas about high school sports banquet decorations.


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High School Class Reunion Game Ideas?This page contains high school class reunion game ideas. Playing games at a reunion with old classmates can break the ice and be lots of fun.


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What to Wear to a Dance if Your Date is Short?I am going to a dance with my best guy friend and it's a woman pays all. I want to look good, but the thing is that he is sort of short. I really just want to know what to wear. Thanks!


High School Reunion

Making Memory Books for a High School Reunion?This is a page about making memory books for a high school reunion. One of the activities often associated with planning a high school reunion is the making of memory books.


Tween girl dancing against a white background

Middle School Dance Theme IdeasThis page is about middle school dance theme ideas. When planning a school dance, you want to choice a theme that is fun, easy and inexpensive to decorate for.



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Activities for a 45th High School Reunion?What questions can we ask at a 45th high school reunion?


Athletic Banquet

Athletic Banquet Centerpiece IdeasThis is a page about athletic banquet centerpiece ideas. One of the considerations when planning an athletic banquet is the table centerpieces.


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Ideas for 60th High School Reunion?I am looking for fun ideas for a 60th high school class reunion. I need ideas for games, decorating, and etc. It will be held outdoors at a classmate's home. Please help!


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Activity Ideas for a 5th Grade Dance?I am coordinating a party for 350 5th graders. It is a dance and I am looking for some kind of activity where they participate and have fun with a possible gift give away. I hope this will help to get them involved in the "dance" called a 5th grade party.


Class Reunion Survival Bag Favor

How to Make a Class Reunion Survival BagClass reunions can be a challenge to get through for some people. Make your next reunion a little more enjoyable you and your friends, with this survival bag. This is a page about how to make a class reunion survival bag.


Class Reunion

Planning a High School ReunionThis is a page about planning a high school reunion. Planning a class reunion can be fun, but it is a lot of work too.


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Asking a Guy to a Valentine's Day Dance?How do I ask a guy I like to the Valentine's Day dance without making it super awkward or super cheezy? Maybe a cute Valentine's gift with a note inside, or over text?


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Name Ideas for a Jungle Themed Elementary School Dance?What is a good name/title for a jungle theme dance for an elementary school?


Portrait of a teenage couple embracing at a school dance.

"Spring Into Friendship" Dance ThemeThis is a page about a "Spring into Friendship" dance theme. Planning a school dance entails deciding on a theme and then creating decorations and even food to go with it. For a spring dance start by thinking about the bright colors of the season.


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Wearing Corsages and Boutonnieres?What side of the body (chest or arm) do you wear a corsage or boutonniere?


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Accepting an Invitation to Prom?I'm getting asked to prom tomorrow on Valentine's Day. It's suppose to be a surprise, but my mom told me because she wanted to see what my answer would be. I'm going to say yes; I just don't know how to react with surprise.


Girl with Boyfriend at School Dance

Creative Ways to Ask Boyfriend to a DanceThis page contains creative ways to ask a boyfriend to a dance. Finding a creative way to ask your boyfriend to a dance is sure to make the event more memorable. Here are so great ideas to consider.


Couple Leaving for Homecoming

Homecoming Date IdeasWhen you are getting ready to attend homecoming it's a great time to plan your date. Here are some great homecoming date ideas.


Confetti on Red Carpet

Red Carpet Dance ThemeDecorating and dressing up for a dance with the theme of an award's ceremony can make for a memorable occasion. This is a page about red carpet dance theme.


A boy and girl performing a magic show.

School Talent Show Act IdeasSchool talent shows can be fun and crazy events. Thinking of a good act can be difficult sometimes. This is a page about school talent show act ideas.



A football locker room with blue lockers.

Decorating a Football Locker?Football lockers are usually for storing football gear but sometimes it may be necessary to decorate them for some reason. This is a page about decorating a football locker.


Frugal Tips for Prom

Frugal Tips for PromProm can be lots of fun, even without breaking the bank. This is a page about prom-tastic fashion for less.


A boy at a formal dance.

Asking a Girl to a Formal DanceThis page is about asking a girl to a formal dance. There are all kinds of cute ways to ask your choice for a special date.


Girl in prom dress kissing boy in suit on the cheek

Asking a Guy to a Formal DanceThis is a page about asking a guy to a formal dance. You can get very creative when asking a boy to an important school dance.


Close up of couple holding hands. Boy is in suit, girl is in a red sparkly party dress

Asking a Guy to a Sweethearts DanceThis page is about asking a guy to a sweethearts dance. Finding an appropriate way to invite a boy to a dance can be a challenge.


Friendly teen couple pose casually for picture at a school dance

Asking a Guy Friend to a Dance?This is a page about asking a guy friend to a dance. Asking a close friend to a school dance is not an uncommon occurrence.


Red bowtie on a satin background

Asking Your Boyfriend to a DanceThis is a page about asking your boyfriend to a dance. Asking your boyfriend to a dance can be really fun if you come up with some creative invitation ideas.


Genie's lamp in a beautiful desert oasis

Decorating a Dance with an Arabian Nights Theme?This is a page about decorating a dance with an Arabian Nights theme. The Arabian Nights stories spark a romantic and adventurous vision, perfect for a dance theme.


Group of teen boys and girls dressed for prom

Candyland Prom IdeasThis is a page about Candyland prom ideas. Planning a prom involves choosing a theme which helps define colors, decorations, etc.


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Asking a Girl to a Dance?I know this girl who is in speech and debate and she is a year older than me. I don't know her that well. We don't really talk, but we say hi to each other, etc.


ice blue ornament and snowflake decorations

Decorating Ideas for a Winter DanceThis is a page about decorating ideas for a winter dance. With fake snow, snowflakes, ice cycles and cool colors you can create a winter theme for a dance.


Homecoming Couple

Asking a Girl to HomecomingThis is a page about asking a girl to homecoming. Getting up the courage to ask someone to an important school dance can be challenging. You can make the request clever and fun.


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Activities for a 58th Class Reunion?I live out of town from the school I graduated from. At the last reunion, I attended years ago, everyone was already seated at a table when we arrived. Many still live in the same town and see each other often. What activity can we do to stimulate some interaction among everyone.


Couple Going to Homecoming

Asking a Boy to Homecoming?This is a page about asking a boy to homecoming. You may want to figure a clever way to invite a favorite person to an important formal school dance.


A girl with her prom date.

Asking a Guy to PromThis page is about asking a guy to a prom. When asking someone to go on a special date, you need to feel confident and ready for any answer.



gymnasium doors

Homecoming Door Decoration Ideas?This page is about homecoming door decoration ideas. There are all kinds of ways to decorate your school for this fall celebration.


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Planning a School Concert?I was wondering, what are some ideas for themes and dancers for a school concert?


A group of teens at a homecoming dance.

Homecoming Dance Decoration Ideas?This page contains Homecoming dance decoration ideas. Homecoming is a traditional high school dance that is celebrated in the fall.


A disco ball for a disco themed homecoming dance.

Homecoming Theme Ideas?This page is about homecoming theme ideas. Choosing an appropriate theme for your school's celebration can be fun.


3 girls at a homecoming dance.

Homecoming Dance IdeasThis is a page about homecoming dance ideas. The homecoming dance is a traditional right of passage for many teens. Make this years dance memorable with a special theme.


Two high school students performing a skit.

Homecoming Skit Ideas?This page is about homecoming skit ideas. With a good theme, creating a short comedy skit for your classmates can be fun.


A girl wearing a homecoming dress.

Saying Yes to a Homecoming Dance...Homecoming is a memorable event. This page includes ways to respond to creative homecoming invitations.


A girl in a southern prom dress.

Gone with the Wind Prom Theme Ideas?Plan your formal dance around this popular 19th century novel and movie about the southern US. This page contains Gone with the Wind prom theme ideas.


A couple dancing at a fundraiser.

Planning a Fundraiser Dance?This is a page about planning a fundraiser dance. Planning a dance to raise funds for your organization or group is a great idea. There are some ideas to keep in mind so that the event actually yields a profit.


A girl holding up a car wash sign at a school fundraiser.

School Fundraiser IdeasThis page contains school fundraiser ideas. There are many fun, inexpensive ways to raise money for school activities and projects.


Couple Going to Prom

Saying Yes to a Prom InvitationThis is a page about saying yes to a prom invitation. It has become the norm to use creative ways to invite someone to school dances, including prom. A cute or unique invitation warrants a creative response.


High School Dance

Dance Theme IdeasThis is a page about dance theme ideas. Planning a dance is easier once you have decided on a theme.


a girl in a formal dress

Asking Someone to Sadie HawkinsThis is a page about asking someone to Sadie Hawkins. Planning how to ask a boy to a Sadie Hawkins dance can be a lot of fun.


Girl waiting for her date to a dance.

Asking a Guy to Winter FormalThis is a page about asking a guy to Winter Formal. Winter Formal is coming up and you are struggling to come up with a clever way to ask a guy to go.


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Sadies Dance Invitation Ideas?I want to ask the guy I like to Sadies, but I want to make a cute poster because in each of his classes I'm gonna leave baseballs that spell out Sadies. After school I want to have a cute poster that says something, any ideas?


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Planning a Year 6 Formal?I was just wondering if you had any ideas on what to make a year 6 formal look like. My daughter's school is having a year 6 formal at the end of the year. Because I am the head of the parents' group at her school I am in charge of everything from the dances, including the dress code.


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Backdrop for Pictures at School Dance?I'm looking for ideas for a backdrop. The dance theme is neon and bright lites. I am trying to incorporate that into an idea for a backdrop for group pictures


Theme for Family Dance Kindergarten-5th Grade?I am co chairing a family dance with K-5th grades and would like to know what a good theme would be. It is in April.


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Asking Boyfriend to Sadie Hawkins?I want to ask my boyfriend to sadies in a cute way, it's already a for sure yes, but I still want him to feel special. He is also a baseball player. Any ideas?


Boy and shy girl standing by lockers.

Asking a Guy to a DanceThis is a page containing ideas for asking a guy to a dance. Tolo and Sadie's school dances are an established opportunity for girls to invite a guy to go to the dance with them.


daddy daughter dance ideas

Planning a Daddy Daughter Dance?This is a page about planning a daddy daughter dance. Memories of a daddy daughter dance can last a lifetime.


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Asking a Boy to Promenade?I want to ask this boy who I have known for years to promenade, but I don't talk to him much since I quit the bowling team (which we were both on). How do I ask him?


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Sites for School Alumni Reception in NYC?I am the Alumni Director of a private N - 12 school in Wilmington, Delaware. We annually host a reception in NYC for our alums who work or live in Manhattan. It is generally a cocktail reception with heavy appetizers.


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Junior Leavers School Party?I am looking for ideas on organising a junior end of year school leavers party. Any suggestions?


Parisian Prom Ideas?We are trying to design our junior prom. We chose Parisian as our theme but are not sure about which era would be best. Can any one suggest an era that is romantic but not too feminine?


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Asking My Boyfriend to Sadies?I really want to find a really cute way to ask my boyfriend to Sadies. But I don't want anything too common, I need something unique. We've been going out for 11 months and I really want this to be super special! Please help.


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Homecoming Phrase Ideas for a Sign?What is a catchy phrase that I can use for a homecoming sign design? My team's name is the Tigers and we're playing the Indians.


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Masquerade Decoration Ideas?At school we have a sophomore banquet (prom for sophomores pretty much) and I am head of decorations. I just need some ideas that aren't related to Mardi Gras. Our colors will probably be red, silver, black, and white.


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Saying Yes to a Dance Invite?My boyfriend asked me to homecoming by spelling out "Will you let me take your buns to homecoming?" I don't know how to reply. Any ideas?


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Planning a 20th Nursing Reunion?I need ideas and favors for a 20th nursing reunion. Any suggestions?


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Asking a Guy to Sadie Hawkins in a Cute Way?I really want to ask this guy to a dance kind of like a Sadies, and he is a soccer player and a swimmer. Any cute ideas how I can work his sport (s) into how I ask him?


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Decoration Ideas for School Reunion?I am in charge of decorations for my school reunion. The colors are orange and black tigers. I want to do something with candles. I want to make make tiger outlines and have candles show thru. Any ideas?


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Centerpieces for a Post-Prom Party?I'm making centerpieces for my son's post prom party. I want to use the theme "it's not the destination, it's the journey" and use maps. I can't figure out how to incorporate the map. Thank you.


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Asking a Boy to a Valentine's Dance?Please help. There is this guy I like a lot and I want to ask him to the Valentine's dance, but I don't know how. Does anyone have any cute ideas?


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Asking My Best Friend to a Sadies?I want to ask my good guy friend to WPA (woman pay all, aka Sadies) and I don't know really what to do. I want it to be clever, but not too much because he's my best friend not my boyfriend. Please help. Thanks.


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Decoration Ideas for a High School Dance?I need some ideas for table decorations, the theme is Midnight in the Garden. They are for a high school formal and no candles can be used.


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Ideas for Indoor Winter Wonderland Elementary School Party?I am hosting a winter wonderland party for my elementary school and I need ideas. I am looking for inside activities that cost little or no money and can be done with large groups. Thanks.


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Second Year Elementary School Reunion Party Ideas?I'm having a reunion with a bunch of girls and boys who I went to


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Asking My Best Friend to Morp?I really need a good idea to ask my best friend to morp! I want to go with him as best friends, not as like a date. Please any ideas?


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Homecoming T-shirt Ideas?Our school is having homecoming in two weeks. My friends and I always make our own shirts. We have no theme. We so far want to do black and gold/yellow (our school colors) tie die, with sophomores written down the sides like Hollister, and Vince Lombardi quotes on the sleeves.


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Answering a Guy's Invitation to a Dance?I have been asked to a dance with a basket of eggs that said, "Will you go to homecoming with me?", name here. The basket was filled with chocolate candies.


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Ideas for Food Donations for Teacher Luncheon?I am responsible for a teacher luncheon that will be serving 250. We ask for donations from the school's community. I use a sign up website to post the donations and to keep from getting too much of one thing. In the past I have found that people are too busy to cook...


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Asking a Guy to a Tolo Dance?I need help asking my boyfriend to tolo.


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High School Wrestling Banquet Decorations?Does anyone have any ideas on how to decorate for a high school wrestling banquet? The BBQ will be catered.


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Responding to a Sadie Hawkins Invitation?We need a cute idea for responding to an invitation to Sadies. The answer is yes, and the question was "Would you put the peddle to the medal?"


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Ideas for Sadie Hawkins Dance?What are some unique, fun ideas for a Sadies?


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College Reunion Ideas?Does anyone have some suggestions for a good and attractive name for a college reunion?


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Asking an Out-of-Town Friend to a Dance?My guy friend lives 20 minutes away. He went to my school last year but not this year. I want to ask him to Sadies but I won't be able to drive to his house. How should I ask him?


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Homecoming Attire Advice?Our theme for homecoming this year is Renaissance Day. I have no idea what to wear that won't be super spendy, any ideas?


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Elementary School's 60th Anniversary Ideas?Any ideas how an elementary school can celebrate it's 60th anniversary for under $1500?


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Alumni Tent at Grade School Festival?My grade school is having a very big festival and I will be helping out with the alumni tent. I was needing some suggestions on things to have in the tent. I am completely clueless. Any suggestions?


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Riddle: What opens locks and is always found near water?Riddle: What opens locks and is always found near water?


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Craft Ideas for School Sock Hop?I am running a Sock hop for my DD's school. It is a K-3rd school. I am all set but I need a craft for the sock hop theme and I am drawing a blank. It needs to be easy and cheap. I would appreciate any ideas! Thanks in advance!


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Game Ideas for Elementary School Dance?I need a game to play at an elementary school dance. We've tried limbo and hula hooping but we're looking for something else for a large group of kids. Any ideas?


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Las Vegas Themed Winter Formal?The theme of my 9th grade formal is Las Vegas. Does anyone have any inexpensive ideas for ways to decorate for it?


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Money for a Class Reunion?Does anyone know if your high school graduating class should have money for reunions setting somewhere within the school budget? My high school did fundraising for things like prom, and I am not sure if the left over $$ goes to the school, or if I can start a class reunion get together without tapping into my own pocket.


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Hollywood Themed College Ball?My college is throwing a Hollywood themed ball. Does anyone have any good ideas we could use? We have a month and a $250 budget so the cheaper the better but I'm open for anything! We need ideas for centerpieces, general decorations (things to be hung up and things for the walls), decorations for the dance floor, balloons, etc. There will be about 300 people in attendance and an open bar! I really appreciate this and so will everyone at my school!


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Themes For Formal STUCO Dance?I'm the STUCO president and we have a dance Nov. 7, 2008 and its a formal one. I need themes. Any ideas?


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Cheap, Easy Lighting for a School Dance?We are looking for CHEAP ways to do the lighting for a middle school sock hop. The dance will take place in the Commons area where the students eat lunch. We would like to "transform" it quickly and easily. Any suggestions?


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Science Lab Themed School Event?We are doing a Science Lab theme this year for VBS. I always do the food, the food plans are already laid out every year (thank goodness!). But I need decorating help! I usually make an apron every year that goes along with the theme. This year I'm going to buy a lab coat (for when I chat with the kids that are helping make the snack and then to the 150+ kids about the theme for the day etc.). Ok, it's not really a party, but it's close!


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Link: Prom Wear And Other Crafts from Duck TapeIt's prom time and did you know that the people who make Duck Tape have a contest for prom wear made out of Duck Tape? All sorts of cool pix and DIY plans for other projects at:


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'Garden Party' Themed Teacher Appreciation Supper?I am having a Garden Party themed teacher appreciation supper in May. Need ideas for table favors.


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Float Ideas: School Spirit?We need ideas for a float. We are the Panthers and the topic is school spirit. Please help!


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Choosing a Prom Theme?Prom theme ideas that would go along with a picture background including a fire place.


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Decorations for Paris Themed Dance?What decorations could I use for a 'Night in Paris' themed dance?


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Asking a Boyfriend to a Dance in Front of Friends?I want a cute way to ask my boyfriend to the backwards dance (girls ask guys). He loves baseball and we are going to the beach this weekend with a bunch of friends. I want a cute way to ask him in front of everyone


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A black bow tie

Prom-tastic Fashion for LessPaying for clothing, sports, field trips, and every other high school activity is taxing on the bank book as is. Then, Junior and Senior Proms loom, costing more every year. Isn't there a better way to have fun without hurting the wallet?


Three girls dressed up for Homecoming

All Dressed Up for HomecomingThis picture is of my and my best friends before Homecoming! YAYA So much fun!


A red spaghetti strap prom dress

Saving Money On Prom DressesTips for finding inexpensive prom dresses. Prom can cost a fortune but it doesn't have to.



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Name Ideas for a Homecoming Dance with Neon Theme?I am helping with a homecoming dance that has a neon theme. We need name ideas.


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High School Activity Ideas?Can someone give me advice for a cool high school activity? Maybe something you did in your school and you thought was cool. Really anything you have in mind.


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Asking a Boy to a Middle School Formal?I wanna ask out a dude that I know okayish, but I wanna do it in a kinda not cheesy way since he's not the kind to like that stuff.


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Homecoming Week Theme?We are playing the Falcons for homecoming and we are the Tigers. I need a theme for homecoming week.


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Ideas for a Middle School Fundraiser?I am looking for ideas for a middle school fundraiser.


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Middle School Halloween Dance Ideas?I am in charge of my middle school (6-8 grade) dance and I have a lack of ideas for the decorations, games, and what should be played. Keep in mind this is a Halloween dance.


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