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50th birthday party numbered candles on a cake

Unique 50th Birthday Party IdeasPlanning one of the milestone birthday parties doesn't have to be stressful. This is a page about unique 50th birthday party ideas.


A birthday cake with the number 11 on it.

11th Birthday Party Ideas for GirlsTween birthday parties can be difficult to plan, they are getting too old for children's parties and are still not ready to move up to teen party activities. This is a page about 11th birthday party ideas for girls.


A birthday cake with a 13 topper.

13th Birthday Party Ideas for GirlsPlanning a 13th birthday party can be difficult. Your child is not really a little kid anymore, but they also aren't a teen yet. This is a page about 13th birthday party ideas for girls.


Pink double layer birthday cake topped with at 12 candle.

12th Birthday Party Ideas for GirlsPlanning a successful birthday party for your young teen can be a challenge. This is a page about 12th birthday party ideas for girls.


Young girl surrounded by colorful balloons.

14th Birthday Party Ideas for GirlsA 14th celebration can be a challenge to plan for these energetic young teens. This page contains 14th birthday party ideas for girls.


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Ideas for Chicago Themed Birthday Party?I am planning a surprise 50th for my mom in April. She is a Chicago native, born and raised. All of her family and friends still live in Chicago. We are secretly bringing in all her siblings, goddaughter, and best friend.


A church decorated for a special event.

Decoration Ideas for a Church Anniversary?This is a page about decoration ideas for a church anniversary. Celebrating the anniversary of your church often involves decorations and activities.


Pastor Appreciation

Pastor Appreciation Ideas?This is a page about pastor appreciation ideas. Your pastor is important to your family and community. Show them how much you appreciate their dedicated service with a creative gift idea, an event, or both.


10th Birthday Cake.

10th Birthday Party IdeasReaching 10 years of age is a very special milestone. This page is about 10th birthday party ideas.


15th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

15th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys?This is a page about 15th birthday party ideas for boys. As your children become teens, birthday party planning enters a whole new realm.


Two tiered cake with wedding rings and a 50 on top.

50th Wedding Anniversary Party IdeasA 50th anniversary is a very special event, so you will want to plan a memorable party. This is a page about 50th wedding anniversary party ideas.


A girl at a harvest festival having her face painted.

Harvest Festival IdeasThis page has harvest festival ideas for you community or church. Harvest festivals are a great way to celebrate the fall season. You will find ideas and advice shared by everyday experts.



17 Year Old Birthday Party

17 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas?This is a page about 17 year old birthday party ideas. Deciding what to do for your birthday can be daunting. You want everyone to have a great time, but are coming up blank.


A company picnic with many people.

Giving Away Prizes at a Company Picnic?This is a page about giving away prizes at a company picnic. Creating activities where you give away prizes at a company picnic can be fun.


Receiving an Award

Speech Ideas for Receiving an Award?Writing an acceptance speech can be difficult to do, even prominent figures have their own speech writers. This is a page about speech ideas for receiving an award.


Big pot of soup

Feeding a Large Crowd CheaplyPlanning an inexpensive meal for a crowd can seem daunting, but it is doable. This is a page about feeding a large crowd cheaply.


Roses and a golden 80 to celebrate a milestone birthday.

Ideas for Mother's 80th BirthdayA member asks: I need some ideas for my mother's 80th birthday. This page has ideas for celebrating your Mother's 80th birthday.


Parade float on a street.

How to Make a Parade Float SkirtParades floats disguise the vehicle or platform underneath, often using a skirt at the edge. This is a page about how to make a parade float skirt.


Making Doo Doo Drop Diapers

Making Doo Doo Drop DiapersThis is a page about making doo doo drop diapers. These funky, chocolatey oatmeal treats are perfect for a baby shower when tucked into napkin diapers.


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Birthday Location Ideas for Teens and Adults?My birthday is in June and i want to have a big party, but my parents said that if I had a lot of people come they would have to get more adults to chaperone the party.


Party Food

Figuring How Much Food to Buy for PartiesThis is a page about figuring how much food to buy for parties. When planning a party, one of the trickiest parts is determining how much food you need. You don't want to run out of anything, but you also don't want to be stuck with endless leftovers. Here are some helpful tips to make it easier.


Two old friends at a party, each holding a glass of wine.

40th High School Reunion Ideas?Planning a reunion can be a lot of work but fun and exciting too. Do your research and perhaps seek donations for prizes from businesses in your community. This is a page about 40th high school reunion ideas.


15th Birthday Party

10th Birthday Party Ideas for GirlsThis is a page about 10th birthday party ideas for girls. 10 year old girls enjoy a variety of birthday party themes and activities depending on their personality and interests.


Teen girls throwing bright confetti outside

Birthday Party Ideas for TeensPlanning ahead can make for a fun birthday celebration. This page contains birthday party ideas for teens.


Blue Party Punch - ingredients

Blue Ocean Water Party Punch RecipeBlue punch may be just what you want to finish out your party theme. It is easy to make starting with blue Hawaiian Punch. Here is a recipe for making blue ocean water party punch.


Lighting candles on a 16th birthday cake.

16th Birthday Party Ideas for BoysThis page is about16th birthday party ideas for boys. Planning a birthday party for teenagers can be challenging.


Teenagers at a 14th birthday party.

Inexpensive 14th Birthday Ideas?You don't need to spend a lot of money to have a fun party for your child's 14th birthday. This is a page about inexpensive 14th birthday ideas.



daughter giving mother a gift

Thank You Speech for Mother's 80 Birthday?This is a page about thank you speech for mother's 80th birthday. An 80th birthday is a special occasion and one on which you may wish to make a special thank you speech to honor your mom.


Sleepover Party Ideas for Boys

Sleepover Party Ideas for BoysThis page contains sleepover party ideas for boys. Plans for a boy's slumber party should contain lots of activities.


Cake with a 13 candles on it.

13th Birthday Party Ideas for BoysA fun party can be planned for these energetic boys. This page contains 13th birthday party ideas for boys.


A woman celebrating her 95th birthday.

95th Birthday Party Ideas?This is a page about ideas for 95th birthday party. A 95th birthday is certainly a milestone to be celebrated.


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High School Class Reunion Game Ideas?This page contains high school class reunion game ideas. Playing games at a reunion with old classmates can break the ice and be lots of fun.


Anniversary Party

25th Anniversary Party IdeasThis page contains 25th anniversary party ideas. When planning a celebration for a couple's 25th year of marriage, you want to create a meaningful occasion.


12th Birthday Party

12th Birthday Party Ideas for BoysThis is a page about 12th birthday party ideas for boys. Planning a 12th birthday party for a boy, is an important job. You need to design a party that is fun for all and OK with the parents.


Party Favor Ideas

High School Reunion Party Favor IdeasWhen planning a class reunion one of the decisions is making or choosing just the right favors. This is a page about high school reunion party favor ideas.


A grandfather blowing out candles at this birthday party.

Walk Down Memory Lane Party Ideas?Make the next birthday party you throw more personal by making it about the memories you have shared with your special someone. Here are some walk down memory lane party ideas.


Photo of a large high school and its football field.

High School Activities IdeasThis is a page about high school activities ideas. There are many fun activities you can plan for your high school to provide students with fun, exercise, and camaraderie.


8th Birthday Party

8th Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about 8th birthday party ideas. There are many fun ways to celebrate this birthday, as most children at this age are very busy.


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Locations For A Sleepover Birthday Party?Where should I have a sleepover birthday party?


Jars used as flower vases for a church banquet.

Table Decorations for Church BanquetsThis is a page about table decorations for church banquets. Deciding on the best decorations for your banquet is an important step in planning.


A boy celebrating his 6th birthday.

6th Birthday Party Ideas for BoysIt can be a challenge to plan and execute a successful birthday celebration for your child. This page contains 6th birthday party ideas for boys.


Party Balloons

Surprise 50th Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about surprise 50th birthday party ideas. A surprise birthday party is not just for younger folks. Make someone's 50th memorable.



80th Birthday

80th Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about 80th birthday party ideas. There are many ways you can help make a friend or parent's 80th birthday fun and memorable.


gymnasium doors

Homecoming Door Decoration Ideas?This page is about homecoming door decoration ideas. There are all kinds of ways to decorate your school for this fall celebration.


Blue Parade Float Skirt

Parade Float IdeasThis is a page about parade float ideas. Schools, organizations, and businesses often participate in parades for homecoming and holidays. Part of the fun and sometimes the stress is coming up with an idea for your float.


Office Party

Office Party Prize Ideas?This is a page about office party prize ideas. Office parties often include games along with the food and other festivities.


Group of teenagers laying in a circle laughing.

15th Birthday Party Ideas for GirlsPlanning a birthday party is fun and the older your daughter gets, it seems, the more creativity we need to employ. This page contains 15th birthday party ideas for girls.


Men's Ties

Making a Centerpiece Using Men's Ties?This page is about making a centerpiece using men's ties. A custom decoration can be created with neckties.


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Dressing for a Retirement Banquet?My school system is having a retirement banquet for all employees that retired in 2009. What shall I wear? I am a female. Thanks



How to Make "Sweet Sixteen" CorsagesOne popular corsage for celebrating a Sweet Sixteen birthday is made using sugar cubes attached to hanging ribbons. This is a page about how to make "sweet sixteen" corsages.


Teenage girls having fun by a swimming pool

17th Birthday Party Ideas for GirlsPlanning a birthday party is fun and often challenging. The older the child gets, it seems, the more creativity we need to employ. A 17th birthday is significant as the last one before reaching the milestone 18th birthday. This is a page about 17th birthday party ideas for girls.


Masquerade masks at   a masquerade ball.

Masquerade Ball Decoration IdeasThis page contains masquerade ball decoration ideas. Create a fun, party atmosphere full of intrigue, mystery, and disguise.


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Fruit of the Spirit Centerpieces?I need some ideas for centerpieces for our MOPS group . Our theme is fruit of the spirit. I need something inexpensive, and creative. We sell the centerpieces at the end of the year at our silent auction. Please help!


Tween girl dancing against a white background

Middle School Dance Theme IdeasThis page is about middle school dance theme ideas. When planning a school dance, you want to choice a theme that is fun, easy and inexpensive to decorate for.


Rainbow cupcakes at a rainbow tea party.

Rainbow Tea Party IdeasThis page contains rainbow tea party ideas. The theme of this kind of party is color and often table decorations and foods are based on one color.


Church Luncheon Ideas

Church Luncheon Ideas?Church luncheon committee members are always looking for new ideas. This is a page about church luncheon ideas.


2 Year Old Birthday Party

2 Year Old Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about 2 year old birthday party ideas. Planning birthday parties for young toddlers can be confusing.


A boy on his 10th birthday.

10th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys?This is a page about 10th birthday party ideas for boys. A birthday for energetic young people needs to include fun, active games to keep them entertained.


15th Birthday Ideas

15th Birthday IdeasIt can be frustrating trying to decide what to plan for your 15th birthday. This is a page about 15th birthday ideas.


Birthday Prize Ideas for Adults

Birthday Party Prize Ideas for Adults?This page is about birthday party prize ideas for adults. Choosing fun, adult prizes for birthday party games can be baffling.


A 16 year old girl holding a cake at her birthday with friends.

16th Birthday Party Ideas for GirlsPlanning a birthday party, especially a girl's sweet 16th, is a fun, exciting activity, that is sometimes also daunting. This is a page about 16th birthday party ideas for girls.


Food and Drink ready for a Party

Menu Ideas for a Masquerade PartyIf you are planning for a masquerade party, make sure your food matches the theme. This is a page about menu ideas for a masquerade party.


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Planning a Ladies Tea at ChurchThis is a page about planning a ladies' tea at church. Your church is a nice location to host a ladies' tea party.


17th Birthday Party

17th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys?This page is about 17th birthday party ideas for boys. Young men of this age may enjoy the company of young women at their celebration.


Women wearing fancy red hats.

Red Hat Society Club IdeasThis is a page about Red Hat Society club ideas. Having fun on a regular basis promotes a happy life. This group for women over and now under fifty, support and encourage women to get the most out of life.


75th Birthday Party

75th Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about 75th birthday party ideas. Someone's 75th birthday is an important occasion in and of itself, but you can make it even more fun and memorable.


small white church

Church Banquet Decoration IdeasThis is a page about church banquet decoration ideas. Planning the decorations for a special occasion luncheon at your church can be a lot of fun despite the work involved.


Satin Bow for a Prom Dress?We are trying to find a way to keep the satin bow on my daughter's prom dress tied! We have to pull it really tight first, she holds it while I make the bow. But because the fabric is so slippery, it loosens quickly. It's a major support of the dress so it can't be loose.


Buffet at a church Christmas party.

Church Christmas Party Ideas?This is a page about church Christmas party ideas. Sometimes planning a Christmas party can be more challenging than it seemed when you volunteered.


4 teens at a co-ed pool party.

Co-ed 14th Birthday Party IdeasInviting boys and girls to your 14th birthday party is a great way to make sure it's fun and includes all your friends. This is a page about co-ed 14th birthday party ideas.


50th Birthday Candles

50th Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about 50th birthday party ideas. Reaching a half century birthday is a fun time for a special birthday celebration.


Kids gathered around cake at birthday.

14th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys?14 year old boys vary a lot in what they and their friends like to do. Planning a birthday party for this age group can be overwhelming for the parents and the teen. This is a page about 14th birthday party ideas for boys.


Child Leaving for Military

Farewell Party for Child Leaving for Military?This page is about farewell party for child leaving for military. When your young person is heading off for military service, you want to show your appreciation with friends and family.


10th Birthday Candle

Inexpensive 10th Birthday Party Ideas?This is a page about inexpensive 10th birthday party ideas. Throwing a birthday party that is both entertaining and inexpensive can be difficult. Here are some ideas to consider.


Women hugging outdoors

20th High School Reunion IdeasThis page is about 20th high school reunion ideas. Planning a way celebrate this anniversary after so many years, and to easily recognize your classmates can be fun.


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45th Birthday Ideas?It is my dad's birthday. I want to know what I can do to make him happy. He is turning 45.


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"Candyland" Float Ideas for Parade of Lights?I have an art club that is participating in our local "Parade of Lights". Our group picked the theme "Candyland" ...


Senior Citizens playing cards

Game Ideas for a Church Senior Group?This is a page about game ideas for a church senior group. Choosing games for your senior church group that are fun and appropriate for all members can be a challenge.


Trivia card deck in a box.

Prize Ideas for a Trivia PartyThis is a page about prize ideas for a trivia party. There are lots of fun options for trivia party prizes suggested in this page. Check them out and you may be inspired or find just what you want right here.


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Ideas for a "Black Out" High School Dance?I am a senior in high school and I am on student council. I am in charge of planing our 1st school dance and I want to make it really fun because we don't have a good history of attendance. The theme is "Black Out" and everything is going to be black and dark. Any ideas on anything to add or sell?


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Decorating a Birthday Chair?Has anyone ever decorated a chair for the birthday person? If so what materials did you use? How did you decorate it?


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Planning a dance for my daughter's 13th birthday?My daughter will turn 13 in July and I am wanting to have her a dance for her birthday. I am looking for any ideas on how to decorate the hall. I am also looking for games they can play during the day so any ideas would be helpful. Michelle from Texas


Planning a Church Calendar Tea

Planning a Church Calendar Tea?How much did you sell each sampling for? What organizational pitfalls occurred that you wish you would have done differently?


Group of kids with party hats sitting at a table.

12th Birthday Party Game Ideas?This page contains 12th birthday party game ideas. One way to keep the cost of a birthday party down, is to have it at home. Games are a great way to keep the kids occupied and having fun. Here are some game ideas that would be fun to play at a 12th birthday party.


6 year old girl surrounded by friends with streamers, party blowers, and party hats

6th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls?This page contains 6th birthday party ideas for girls. It can be a challenge to plan and execute a successful birthday celebration for your child.


A nicely decorated banquet table with a white tablecloth.

Senior Citizen Banquet IdeasThis is a page about senior citizen banquet ideas. Find a meaningful theme, food and inexpensive decorations for a senior banquet.


Chicken Nuggets and Fruit at Birthday Party

Food Ideas for a 16th Birthday Party?Planning the food for a birthday party is dependent of several factors, such as the age of the guests, number of guests, location of the party, and of course budget. This is a page about food ideas for a 16th birthday party.


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Baby Shower Ideas for a Daughter In-Law?Does anyone have any great ideas about a baby shower? Games, food, decorations - all will be welcome! My daughter in law is having her first baby in May 2008 - I don't have any children myself and this is my step son's wife.


A football on grass.

High School Football Banquet Centerpieces?There are numerous ideas you can begin with when deciding on the best centerpieces for your athletic banquet tables. This is a page about high school football banquet centerpieces.


75th Birthday

75th Birthday Party Centerpiece Ideas?This is a page about 75th birthday party centerpiece ideas. Make someone's 75th birthday even more memorable with a one of a kind centerpiece.


Cheerful bouquet on white table cloth next to place settings.

Grandparents' Day Table Decorations?This special day to honor grandparents is celebrated on the Sunday after Labor Day in the U.S. This page contains ideas for Grandparents' Day table decorations.


60th Anniversary Party Ideas

60th Anniversary Party IdeasA couples' 60th anniversary is a memorable occasion to celebrate with a party including friends and family. This is a page about 60th anniversary party ideas.


Photo of a family reunion.

Family Reunion Prize IdeasThis is a page about family reunion prize ideas. Family reunions often include games and door prizes.


A pastor holding a bible.

Party Ideas for a Pastor's Anniversary?This page contains party ideas for a pastor's anniversary. Appreciating your minister's commitment to your community can be meaningful and fun.


Homecoming Float Ideas

Homecoming Float IdeasThis page is about homecoming float ideas. There are many float design themes for this fall school occasion.


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Homemade Over-the-Hill "Survival Kit"?I am looking for ideas on what to put in a fun homemade, adult male over-the-hill "survival kit".


Halloween Party Games

Halloween Party GamesThis is a page about Halloween party games. Games can be an important part of a successful Halloween party.


Chalkboard with "Hello My Name Is _____" written on it.

High School Reunion Name Tag Ideas?This is a page about high school reunion name tag ideas. Choosing unique and fun name tags for your high school reunion is part of the planning process.


Purple Rainbow Tea

Purple Rainbow Tea IdeasThis is a page about purple rainbow tea ideas. Church sponsored rainbow tea parties feature food and decorations in the colors of the rainbow.


35th Birthday Party

35th Birthday Party Ideas?This is a page about 35th birthday party ideas. Your 35th birthday is coming up, you are maturing, but not over the hill yet.


Birthday cupcakes that have letters that spell out twenty.

20th Birthday Party IdeasA twentieth birthday is a great one to celebrate with family and friends. Use these 20th birthday party ideas to help make your celebration fantastic.


Blue cake with blue and pink snowflakes.

Winter Birthday Ideas?This page contains winter birthday ideas. Whether you want to have a party or just casually celebrate your birthday, winter can be a hard time to do that. Here are some ideas if you want to avoid the cold weather and still have fun.


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Ferrero Rocher Golden Snitch (Harry Potter)

Ferrero Rocher Golden Snitch (Harry Potter)My son had a Harry Potter themed birthday party. One of the treats I made were these Ferrero Rocher Golden Snitches. They were the perfect pairing to go with the red and gold Gryffindor cupcakes that we had.


Halloween Spider Donuts - two donut spiders

Halloween Spider DonutsThese creepy spider donuts are simple to make and are really cute.


Gender Reveal Surprise in a Box - outside of the box tied shut with cord

Gender Reveal Surprise in a BoxI had the honor of finding out the gender of my friend's baby before she and her husband.


Nappy Baby Shower Invitations

Nappy Baby Shower InvitationsI am planning my daughter's baby shower - twins no less!! I wanted to make a special handmade invitation and saw this adorable design. It's a nappy - a modern day version of a diaper! There are many ways to personalize it and I'll show you a few as we go together, step by step!


Christening Candles with Drip Catcher - array of candles

Christening Candles with Drip CatcherI'm serving another special occasion. Part of the ceremony is the lighting of candles. It has already become a practice in the modern generation to beautify these candles to serve as souvenirs after use.


DIY 4 Tier Cupcake Stand - blue frosted cupcakes with floral paper wrappings on the stand for the party

DIY 4 Tier Cupcake StandWhen the price is too much for a one day celebration you need not buy expensive tools for it. I'm making a Boss Baby inspired 4 tier cup cake stand coz it's the easiest concept I know and the materials are very easy to find, too.


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Baby Faces Birthday Banner

Baby Faces Birthday BannerThis cute banner is perfect for celebrating a first birthday or other milestone. Learn how to make in with this short video.


Cheese Plate Labels

Making Cheese Plate LabelsThis video show you an easy and decorative way to label your cheese for you next party.


Doo Doo Drop Diapers

Doo Doo Drop DiapersThis video shows you how to make Doo Doo Drop Diapers, a great treat for a baby shower.


Summer Shark Fruit Bowl

Summer Shark Fruit BowlThis shark watermelon is a cute way to serve fruit at your next party. Check out this video and learn how to make one.


How to Make Green Beer

How to Make Green BeerThis video shows you two quick and easy ways to make green beer for your St. Patrick's day party guests.



A store bought party hat with a number two added to it.

Personalized Store Bought Party HatA store bought party hat with a number two added to it.It is hard to come by party hats with the age on it. Most of them are sold online and they can get expensive. This is a quick alternative.


A graduation ceremony.

Saving Money on GraduationHigh school and college graduations are milestones in a person's life. However, the costs can add up with the graduation expenses and the expected party. This page has advice for saving money on graduation.


A selection of translucent curtains.

Using Curtains as TableclothsCurtains can be a great inexpensive substitute for more expensive tablecloths. They can frequently be found on sale and may not require a lot of altering for a one time use.


Construction Themed Birthday Cake

Construction Themed Birthday CakeEven if you local bakery does not typically decorate a cake to match up with your child's chosen birthday theme you might be able to special order what you want; it doesn't have to be too intricate. The construction themed cake spotlighted on this page was decorated at a local supermarket bakery based on very detailed instructions for the look desired. You can then add additional embellishments to complete the concept.


Butterfly Graduation Gum Wrapped Lei - finished lei

Making a Butterfly Graduation Gum Wrapped LeiGraduation leis are very popular for celebrating a new graduate. This homemade one is made from packs of gum with decorative butterflies.


Raven Masquerade Costume - raven woman

Making a Raven Masquerade CostumeThis beautiful and exotic raven costume is perfect for a masquerade, costume party or Halloween. The feathered wings are attached to long gloves for ease of motion.


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?l am turning 13 years. I want something nice like a braai (South African style BBQ) and swimming. The problem is l don't know if l should invite boys plus it's on a budget and it's lockdown.


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Theme for Joint Father and Son Birthday?It's my son's bday on 4 September and on the same date my husband is turning 31. So please suggest some theme to celebrate a joint duet bday party for both of them.


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50th Birthday Ideas?My siginificant other turns 50 in Jan. He lives in a small town away from most friends and family and it is cold out! Any ideas on what I can do?


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14th Birthday Ideas?My 14th birthday is on August 9th, and I'm having maybe 6-9 girls. I don't really want to do anything babyish or with my parents - nothing too simple either. I have a few idea like ice-skating and movies, but it's something they've all done before and maybe wanted to try something a little different.


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14th Co-ed Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 14 on October 4th and want to invite boys and girls, but don't know what to do. Any ideas?


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Planning a 14th BirthdayI'm turning 14 on November 9th and I don't know what to do for me and my best friend's birthday. We need help with ideas. There's not much because of coronavirus.


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