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Pink double layer birthday cake topped with at 12 candle.

12th Birthday Party Ideas for GirlsPlanning a successful birthday party for your young teen can be a challenge. This is a page about 12th birthday party ideas for girls.


A birthday cake with the number 11 on it.

11th Birthday Party Ideas for GirlsTween birthday parties can be difficult to plan, they are getting too old for children's parties and are still not ready to move up to teen party activities. This is a page about 11th birthday party ideas for girls.


Making Doo Doo Drop Diapers

Making Doo Doo Drop DiapersThis is a page about making doo doo drop diapers. These funky, chocolatey oatmeal treats are perfect for a baby shower when tucked into napkin diapers.


Photo of a family reunion.

Family Reunion Prize IdeasThis is a page about family reunion prize ideas. Family reunions often include games and door prizes.


Roses and a golden 80 to celebrate a milestone birthday.

Ideas for Mother's 80th BirthdayA member asks: I need some ideas for my mother's 80th birthday. This page has ideas for celebrating your Mother's 80th birthday.


Blue Party Punch - ingredients

Blue Ocean Water Party Punch RecipeBlue punch may be just what you want to finish out your party theme. It is easy to make starting with blue Hawaiian Punch. Here is a recipe for making blue ocean water party punch.



Party Food

Figuring How Much Food to Buy for PartiesThis is a page about figuring how much food to buy for parties. When planning a party, one of the trickiest parts is determining how much food you need. You don't want to run out of anything, but you also don't want to be stuck with endless leftovers. Here are some helpful tips to make it easier.


Birthday Candles

Lighting Birthday CandlesIt's important to quickly light the birthday candles to save your fingers and the cake decorating. This page is about lighting birthday candles.


Young girl surrounded by colorful balloons.

14th Birthday Party Ideas for GirlsA 14th celebration can be a challenge to plan for these energetic young teens. This page contains 14th birthday party ideas for girls.


Senior Citizens playing cards

Game Ideas for a Church Senior Group?This is a page about game ideas for a church senior group. Choosing games for your senior church group that are fun and appropriate for all members can be a challenge.


Birthday Prize Ideas for Adults

Birthday Party Prize Ideas for Adults?This page is about birthday party prize ideas for adults. Choosing fun, adult prizes for birthday party games can be baffling.


Montage of 50th Birthday Party Ideas

Unique 50th Birthday Party IdeasPlanning one of the milestone birthday parties doesn't have to be stressful. This is a page about unique 50th birthday party ideas.


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21st Birthday Party Ideas?It's my daughter's 21st in May. I would like to give her a party at home for about 25 people. The weather is usually OK at this time so I can open up to the little garden we have and summerhouse. I need ideas for decor and food. Many thanks to anyone out there who can help.


A boy celebrating his 6th birthday.

6th Birthday Party Ideas for BoysIt can be a challenge to plan and execute a successful birthday celebration for your child. This page contains 6th birthday party ideas for boys.


Big pot of soup

Feeding a Large Crowd CheaplyPlanning an inexpensive meal for a crowd can seem daunting, but it is doable. This is a page about feeding a large crowd cheaply.


First Communion

First Communion Speech IdeasThis is a page about first communion speech ideas. Their first communion is a very special day for a child. As a part of the celebration the parents of the child or the child themselves may wish to make a speech.


Class Reunion

Planning a High School ReunionThis is a page about planning a high school reunion. Planning a class reunion can be fun, but it is a lot of work too.


Two old friends at a party, each holding a glass of wine.

40th High School Reunion Ideas?Planning a reunion can be a lot of work but fun and exciting too. Do your research and perhaps seek donations for prizes from businesses in your community. This is a page about 40th high school reunion ideas.


Women hugging outdoors

20th High School Reunion IdeasThis page is about 20th high school reunion ideas. Planning a way celebrate this anniversary after so many years, and to easily recognize your classmates can be fun.


12th Birthday Party

12th Birthday Party Ideas for BoysThis is a page about 12th birthday party ideas for boys. Planning a 12th birthday party for a boy, is an important job. You need to design a party that is fun for all and OK with the parents.


Teens having a party outside.

Looking For Places to go on My 16th BirthdayThis is a page about looking for places to go on my 16th birthday. Whether you are looking for an outing or just a venue to have your party, it can be hard to find just the right place. If you are looking to celebrate your 16th birthday by going out somewhere, here are some suggestions to get you started.



Two tiered cake with wedding rings and a 50 on top.

50th Wedding Anniversary Party IdeasA 50th anniversary is a very special event, so you will want to plan a memorable party. This is a page about 50th wedding anniversary party ideas.


A group of teens posing with photo props.

Games and Prizes For a Teen PartyThis is a page about games and prizes for a teen party. Teens love to have parties with their friends. Fun games and prizes can make the party memorable for the kids attending.


Church Luncheon Ideas

Church Luncheon Ideas?Church luncheon committee members are always looking for new ideas. This is a page about church luncheon ideas.


Lighting candles on a 16th birthday cake.

16th Birthday Party Ideas for BoysThis page is about16th birthday party ideas for boys. Planning a birthday party for teenagers can be challenging.


Group of teen boys and girls dressed for prom

Candyland Prom IdeasThis is a page about Candyland prom ideas. Planning a prom involves choosing a theme which helps define colors, decorations, etc.


Halloween Party Games

Halloween Party GamesThis is a page about Halloween party games. Games can be an important part of a successful Halloween party.


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Party Favors for Teachers?We are having a teachers luncheon at our school and was wondering if anyone had any ideas for favors for the teachers, male and female.


Receiving an Award

Speech Ideas for Receiving an Award?Writing an acceptance speech can be difficult to do, even prominent figures have their own speech writers. This is a page about speech ideas for receiving an award.


Decorations and food on a table at a baby shower.

Baby Shower IdeasThis is a page about baby shower ideas. Expectant mothers really enjoy having a baby shower. It is not only an opportunity for them to celebrate with friends and family, but also a time for them to receive much needed baby supplies.


7th Birthday Party Ideas

7th Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about 7th birthday party ideas. Coming up with fun ideas for your child's birthday party is not always that easy.


50th Anniversary Centerpiece

50th Anniversary Centerpiece Ideas?This page contains 50th anniversary centerpiece ideas. A celebration is in order for a marriage that is this long lived, but it doesn't have to be expensive.


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Game Ideas For a 'Messy' Party?I'm having a very messy party but the only problem is I can't think of any messy games. For example, slime slides, paint fights, etc. If you have any ideas please share them, it would be terribly helpful. Thank you.


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Theme for Song Celebrating Church's Anniversary?I'm looking for suggestions for a "theme"' for a song to be performed by children on our Church Anniversary.


A girl at a harvest festival having her face painted.

Harvest Festival IdeasThis page has harvest festival ideas for you community or church. Harvest festivals are a great way to celebrate the fall season. You will find ideas and advice shared by everyday experts.


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Lullabies and Fairy Tales Parade Ideas?I need any ideas to decorate a car for the fourth of July parade! The theme to our car is Lullabies and Fairy Tales (We're adveritising for a local daycare center). We are having people dress up as different characters and such but I need some decoration ideas! We need to decorate our car with streamers, signs, music notes, etc.



Friends and family celebrating retirement and birthday of older man

Planning a Combined Birthday and Retirement Party?When a birthday and a person's retirement occur close together it can be fun to celebrate both events at one party. This is a page about planning a combined birthday and retirement party.


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"An All American Christmas" Themed Parade Float Ideas?I am needing some ideas for a float with the theme being "An All American Christmas". Please let me know if have any.


75th Birthday Party

75th Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about 75th birthday party ideas. Someone's 75th birthday is an important occasion in and of itself, but you can make it even more fun and memorable.


A boy on his 10th birthday.

10th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys?This is a page about 10th birthday party ideas for boys. A birthday for energetic young people needs to include fun, active games to keep them entertained.


Pastor Appreciation

Pastor Appreciation Ideas?This is a page about pastor appreciation ideas. Your pastor is important to your family and community. Show them how much you appreciate their dedicated service with a creative gift idea, an event, or both.


A grandfather blowing out candles at this birthday party.

Walk Down Memory Lane Party Ideas?Make the next birthday party you throw more personal by making it about the memories you have shared with your special someone. Here are some walk down memory lane party ideas.


15th Birthday Party

10th Birthday Party Ideas for GirlsThis is a page about 10th birthday party ideas for girls. 10 year old girls enjoy a variety of birthday party themes and activities depending on their personality and interests.


A birthday cake with a row of candles that spell out "Happy Birthday."

Joint Birthday Party Ideas for Husband and Son?Planning a joint birthday is fun, but you need to plan with the difference in age as a prime consideration. Hopefully there is a common interest you can incorporate into the activities. This is a page about joint birthday party ideas for husband and son.


A company picnic with many people.

Giving Away Prizes at a Company Picnic?This is a page about giving away prizes at a company picnic. Creating activities where you give away prizes at a company picnic can be fun.


Trivia card deck in a box.

Prize Ideas for a Trivia PartyThis is a page about prize ideas for a trivia party. There are lots of fun options for trivia party prizes suggested in this page. Check them out and you may be inspired or find just what you want right here.


Office Party

Office Party Prize Ideas?This is a page about office party prize ideas. Office parties often include games along with the food and other festivities.


A 12 year old girl smiling and holding a birthday cake at an outdoor birthday party.

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for 12 Year OldsPlanning a party for a 12 year old can be quite a chore, having the party outdoors allows the kids to have plenty of room to run around and play. This is a page about outdoor birthday party ideas for 12 year olds.


Luxury Teen Birthday Party

Planning A Luxury Teen Birthday PartyThis is a page about planning a luxury teen birthday party. Many teens want to have a special, luxurious birthday party, but are not aware of the costs. Careful planning and a realistic understanding of costs will help create the perfect party to fit your budget.


10th Birthday Cake.

10th Birthday Party IdeasReaching 10 years of age is a very special milestone. This page is about 10th birthday party ideas.


A one and a four birthday candles for a 14th birthday.

14th Birthday Party Theme IdeasChoosing a theme for your 14 year old's party can help in planning the decorations and activities. This is a page about 14th birthday party theme ideas.


Chicken Nuggets and Fruit at Birthday Party

Food Ideas for a 16th Birthday Party?Planning the food for a birthday party is dependent of several factors, such as the age of the guests, number of guests, location of the party, and of course budget. This is a page about food ideas for a 16th birthday party.


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Ford Mustang Themed Birthday Party?I am planning a surprise 30th birthday party for my husband. He and his friends are into Ford Mustangs and drag racing. I was thinking of having a Mustang show/theme. We are also having a cook out. Any ideas on how this can be planned?


60th Anniversary Party Ideas

60th Anniversary Party IdeasA couples' 60th anniversary is a memorable occasion to celebrate with a party including friends and family. This is a page about 60th anniversary party ideas.


Photo of a large high school and its football field.

High School Activities IdeasThis is a page about high school activities ideas. There are many fun activities you can plan for your high school to provide students with fun, exercise, and camaraderie.


Kids gathered around cake at birthday.

14th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys?14 year old boys vary a lot in what they and their friends like to do. Planning a birthday party for this age group can be overwhelming for the parents and the teen. This is a page about 14th birthday party ideas for boys.


A teen female high school athlete wearing a letterman jacket.

High School Sports Banquet DecorationsWhen the season is done, it's nice to hold a banquet to celebrate the team and parents that helped along the way. Here are some ideas about high school sports banquet decorations.


Women wearing fancy red hats.

Red Hat Society Club IdeasThis is a page about Red Hat Society club ideas. Having fun on a regular basis promotes a happy life. This group for women over and now under fifty, support and encourage women to get the most out of life.


Birthday cake with burning number fourteen candle

14th Birthday Party Ideas for a Small Apartment?Planning a birthday party in a small apartment can be a challenge. This is a page about 14th birthday party ideas for a small apartment.


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What is a Floating Shower?I was wanting to know if anyone can tell me about a baby shower that's called a floating shower. I don't know anything about it, hopefully some of you all do.


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Planning a Year 6 Formal?I was just wondering if you had any ideas on what to make a year 6 formal look like. My daughter's school is having a year 6 formal at the end of the year. Because I am the head of the parents' group at her school I am in charge of everything from the dances, including the dress code.


Teenage boys and girls playing in a pool

Boy-Girl Birthday Party Advice for ParentsThis is a page about boy-girl birthday party. Planning a birthday party for both boys and girls presents its own set of considerations.


80th Birthday

80th Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about 80th birthday party ideas. There are many ways you can help make a friend or parent's 80th birthday fun and memorable.


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Ideas For 77th Birthday Party?I am giving a 77th birthday party for a dear sweet goat farmer. I have picked '77' as the party theme. I am inviting 77 of his friends and family.


Group of teenagers laying in a circle laughing.

15th Birthday Party Ideas for GirlsPlanning a birthday party is fun and the older your daughter gets, it seems, the more creativity we need to employ. This page contains 15th birthday party ideas for girls.


Orange Rainbow Tea

Orange Rainbow Tea Ideas?This page is about orange rainbow tea ideas.A rainbow tea party is fun coordinating your color with the display and refreshments.


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Homemade Over-the-Hill "Survival Kit"?I am looking for ideas on what to put in a fun homemade, adult male over-the-hill "survival kit".


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Throwing a Pre-Prom Party?My daughter's prom is May 11. We are thinking of having a pre-prom party around our pool. We would invite all parents/anyone wishing to take pictures etc. and serve finger foods.


Woman's shadow behind a cloth

Fear Factor Themed PartyThis is a page about Fear Factor themed party. Fear Factor was a TV stunt/reality show popular in the early 2000s. The contestants, for example, were asked to perform stunts or eat disgusting substances.


Surprise 16th Birthday Party

Surprise 16th Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about surprise 16th birthday party ideas. Planning a surprise party can be almost as much fun as the party itself.


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Theme For a Mother/Daughter Birthday Party?I need suggestions on theme for birthday party. Also need help with menu. My mother and I have a birthday one week apart. I would like to throw a party for the both of us together. She will be 70 and I will be 50. This party will take place during the winter months.


Teen girls at a birthday party.

17th Birthday Party Ideas for GirlsPlanning a birthday party is fun and often challenging. The older the child gets, it seems, the more creativity we need to employ. A 17th birthday is significant as the last one before reaching the milestone 18th birthday. This is a page about 17th birthday party ideas for girls.


Just Moved - Birthday Ideas For a Lonely Boy?My husband just got home from a year overseas and a week later they moved us to a new state. My son turns 7 on the 18th but has no friends here at our new base to invite. He's really depressed and his Dad and I want to plan a really fun day to show him that it's family that counts most. Any ideas to cheer my lonely little guy up?


A zombie graveyard cake

Zombie Party IdeasThis is a page about zombie party themes. The shuffling zombie has become a very popular subject for films and a common party theme.


A birthday cake with a 13 topper.

13th Birthday Party Ideas for GirlsPlanning a 13th birthday party can be difficult. Your child is not really a little kid anymore, but they also aren't a teen yet. This is a page about 13th birthday party ideas for girls.


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Song Ideas for a Photo Slide Show?My Dad turned 80 yesterday, Christmas Eve. We are going through some old photos to make a slide presentation. Any ideas on some good background songs?


8th Birthday Party

8th Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about 8th birthday party ideas. There are many fun ways to celebrate this birthday, as most children at this age are very busy.


Baseball Themed Centerpiece

Baseball Themed Centerpiece Ideas?This is a page about baseball themed centerpiece ideas. Creating centerpieces for an athletic banquet is fun and sometimes a bit daunting.


People attending a baby shower.

Saving Money on a Baby Shower?This is a page about saving money on a baby shower. Many times baby showers are given by friends and family of the expectant mother. You can still throw a nice baby shower without spending too much money.


tea sandwiches

Bridal Shower Food IdeasAn important part of planning a bridal shower is deciding on the menu. This is a page about bridal shower food ideas.


Baby Buggy Favor

Making Egg Carton Baby BuggiesThis is a page about making egg carton baby buggies. These sweet little buggies are perfect to make as baby shower favors.


10th Birthday Candle

Inexpensive 10th Birthday Party Ideas?This is a page about inexpensive 10th birthday party ideas. Throwing a birthday party that is both entertaining and inexpensive can be difficult. Here are some ideas to consider.


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High School Class Reunion Game Ideas?This page contains high school class reunion game ideas. Playing games at a reunion with old classmates can break the ice and be lots of fun.


Buffet at a church Christmas party.

Church Christmas Party Ideas?This is a page about church Christmas party ideas. Sometimes planning a Christmas party can be more challenging than it seemed when you volunteered.


Homecoming Decorations

Homecoming Decoration Ideas?This is a page about homecoming decoration ideas. Once the homecoming theme has been determined, there are many fun ways to decorate with you school colors.


12th Birthday Party

Inexpensive 12th Birthday Party Ideas?Birthday parties, especially if a lot of kids are invited, can become expensive affairs very easily. This is a page about inexpensive 12th birthday party ideas.


Luau Party

Throwing a Luau Party?This page is about throwing a luau party.When you can't make it to the islands, a fun event can have a Hawaiian theme.


A plate of cold cuts and cheese.

Serving Cold Cuts to a Large Crowd?This is a page about serving cold cuts to a large crowd. A plate of cold cuts is a good choice for for a large gathering.


Blue Parade Float Skirt

Parade Float IdeasThis is a page about parade float ideas. Schools, organizations, and businesses often participate in parades for homecoming and holidays. Part of the fun and sometimes the stress is coming up with an idea for your float.


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Is Planning Your Own Birthday Party Tacky?I decided to plan my own 30th birthday party next year because I want to make sure it's really special and exactly what I want. But I have received a lot of feedback that planning my own party would be tacky. The more I think about it the more it bothers me. Is it really that bad?


15th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

15th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys?This is a page about 15th birthday party ideas for boys. As your children become teens, birthday party planning enters a whole new realm.


a girl in a formal dress

Asking Someone to Sadie HawkinsThis is a page about asking someone to Sadie Hawkins. Planning how to ask a boy to a Sadie Hawkins dance can be a lot of fun.


Christmas float.

12 Days of Christmas Float IdeasThis is a page about "12 Days of Christmas" float ideas. The popular poem and song of the same name offers lots of decorating ideas for a Christmas parade float.


Sweet 16 crown on a pillow shaped cake.

Planning a Small Sweet Sixteen BirthdayHaving a special party for a girl's 16th birthday is a fun tradition for many families but it doesn't require a large guest list. Plan a memorable party with just a few close friends and family. This page contains ideas for planning a Small Sweet Sixteen birthday.


A mask sitting on a decorated table at a masquerade.

Masquerade Party Games and ActivitiesThis is a page about masquerade games and activities. Planning games and activities that complement your masquerade themed party just adds to the fun.


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Miss Congeniality Birthday Party?My birthday is coming up in March and I noticed that the Miss Congeniality 2 movie was coming out, I saw the first one and loved it. I know it would be perfect if my friends and I went to see it. The only thing is I don't know how to tie in the Miss Congeniality theme.


A church decorated for a special event.

Decoration Ideas for a Church Anniversary?This is a page about decoration ideas for a church anniversary. Celebrating the anniversary of your church often involves decorations and activities.


daughter giving mother a gift

Thank You Speech for Mother's 80 Birthday?This is a page about thank you speech for mother's 80th birthday. An 80th birthday is a special occasion and one on which you may wish to make a special thank you speech to honor your mom.


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Ideas for a Girl's 16th Birthday?A very sweet daughter of a friend is turning 16 soon and I would like to get her something a little more special than I usually do. What do 16 year old girls like these days? I'm open to suggestions of any dollar amount, as they may inspire me to think of other things on my own. Thank you very much!


Blank card golf balls and golf tees displayed against a green background

Golf Themed Centerpiece Ideas?This is a page about golf themed centerpiece ideas. Planning a golf themed party, whether as an athletic event or for a golf lover, can include making centerpieces.


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Correct Usage of "Regrets Only" on Party Invitation?Has anyone else ever had a hostess, who used "Regrets Only" on her invitation, express surprise at seeing you arrive at the party? My friend clearly did not understand the meaning of the phrase and, in my attempt to politely explain why I'd shown up at the event....


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Baby Shower

Making a Baby Shower ClotheslineA clothesline can make a fantastic decoration as well as gift presentation for a mother-to-be. Here are some great ideas about making a baby shower clothesline.


Three girls smiling in a pool.

Swim Party IdeasA swim party is make a great idea for birthdays and summer parties. This is a page about swim party ideas.


Calendar with High School Reunion marked on it

Fun High School Reunion ActivitiesThis is a page about fun high school reunion activities. Breaking the ice at a high school reunion is easy if you plan some fun activities to get everyone involved and reminiscing.


Two girls in a photo booth at a party.

DIY Photo Booth for PartiesWith a few props and a background, it can be easy to set up a photo booth for parties. This is a page about DIY photo booth for parties.


Teen girls throwing bright confetti outside

Birthday Party Ideas for TeensPlanning ahead can make for a fun birthday celebration. This page contains birthday party ideas for teens.


Chocolate Cowboy Hats - edible cowboy hats

Chocolate Cowboy HatsThese chocolate cowboy hats are a wonderful edible craft. I am making them for my nephew's birthday/Halloween party where he will be dressing up as Woody, the cowboy from Toy Story (his absolute favourite). These only take a few food items and a bit of patience. They would also be awesome for a western movie lover or a baby shower!


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Baby Faces Birthday Banner

Baby Faces Birthday BannerThis cute banner is perfect for celebrating a first birthday or other milestone. Learn how to make in with this short video.


How to Make Green Beer

How to Make Green BeerThis video shows you two quick and easy ways to make green beer for your St. Patrick's day party guests.


Cheese Plate Labels

Making Cheese Plate LabelsThis video show you an easy and decorative way to label your cheese for you next party.


Doo Doo Drop Diapers

Doo Doo Drop DiapersThis video shows you how to make Doo Doo Drop Diapers, a great treat for a baby shower.


Summer Shark Fruit Bowl

Summer Shark Fruit BowlThis shark watermelon is a cute way to serve fruit at your next party. Check out this video and learn how to make one.



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Inexpensive 14th Birthday?I'm tuning 14 years old soon. It's winter and idk what to do. I don't wanna spend much money, like no more than $150. I don't wanna sleepover because I don't have that much space. I wanna invite 3-4 people. Please help me.


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Ideas For My 14th Birthday?I am turning 14 in July and want to celebrate with some of my friends. I was planning on doing a pool party and then have tacos and watch a movie, but I feel I should have some other things to do as well. I am inviting 5 girls so, including me, we are 6. I would still like to do something else but don't know what.'Please could you help give me some ideas what else to do (activities in the pool, activities that make my party memorable)?


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Program for Church Dinner?This is our first we youths will organise a church dinner night, and I am in charge of how the program will look like. I don't have an idea of what to comes first, and how to go about it. I need help with ideas. Thanks!


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?Hi. I am 13. My Birthday is in January and I can't figure out what to do for my party. I will be turning 14 and live in North Carolina. I love basketball, reading, school, and math. I have a tight budget because my dad is a teacher, and my mom is an administrative assistant. I thought of a bonfire but my parents said that it would be too cold. I would appreciate some help. Thanks.


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Birthday Where Age Matches Date and Year?My daughter turns 21 on 5/21/21. What is this birthday called?


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Ideas for Christmas Parade Theme?I am wanting ideas for a Christmas parade float with the theme "Yesterday's Memories are Tomorrow's Treasures." Can anyone help me with ideas?


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