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Men's Ties

Making a Centerpiece Using Men's Ties?This page is about making a centerpiece using men's ties. A custom decoration can be created with neckties.


Marching Band Centerpiece

Marching Band Centerpiece Ideas?This is a page about marching band centerpiece ideas. Part of planning for a school banquet is creating the table centerpieces to reflect the group being honored.


75th Birthday

75th Birthday Party Centerpiece Ideas?This is a page about 75th birthday party centerpiece ideas. Make someone's 75th birthday even more memorable with a one of a kind centerpiece.


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Girls Softball Banquet Centerpieces?Any ideas for girls high school softball banquet centerpieces. I need enough for each of the 30 girls to take one home? Our mascot is a cougar and our colors are green, silver, and black. Thanks!


A football on grass.

High School Football Banquet Centerpieces?There are numerous ideas you can begin with when deciding on the best centerpieces for your athletic banquet tables. This is a page about high school football banquet centerpieces.


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Track and Field Themed Centerpieces?I need an idea for a centerpiece for a track and field banquet. We have already used old sneakers.



Soccer field dip, soccer ball and snacks on table.

Soccer Banquet Centerpiece IdeasThis page contains soccer banquet centerpiece ideas. Are you looking to create soccer themed centerpieces for a banquet? Here are a few ideas to get you started.


DIY 4 Tier Cupcake Stand - blue frosted cupcakes with floral paper wrappings on the stand for the party

DIY 4 Tier Cupcake StandA tiered cupcake stand is a great way to display cupcakes for a party. There is no need to buy an expensive stand to use one time.


Masquerade mask on a black table.

Centerpiece Ideas for a Masquerade PartyThis is a page about centerpiece ideas for a masquerade party. Think feathers, masks, necklaces, gem stones, sparkly fabric and netting.


60th Birthday Party Centerpiece

60th Birthday Party Centerpiece Ideas?A person's 60th birthday is a milestone event that is often celebrated with fanfare and special decorations. This is a page about 60th birthday party centerpiece ideas.


Cake with candles that say 85 surrounded by balloons, ribbons, and confetti

85th Birthday Party Centerpiece IdeasThis is a page about 85th birthday party centerpiece ideas. An 85th birthday is a special occasion and making the perfect centerpiece will help make the table that much more festive.


Blank card golf balls and golf tees displayed against a green background

Golf Themed Centerpiece Ideas?This is a page about golf themed centerpiece ideas. Planning a golf themed party, whether as an athletic event or for a golf lover, can include making centerpieces.


Display of items surrounding a silver ball ornament with 40 written on it

40th Birthday Party Centerpiece IdeasThis page is about 40th birthday party centerpiece ideas. A party for this landmark birthday deserves unique table decorations.


Several generations of a family laughing around a decorated table outdoors.

Family Reunion Centerpiece Ideas?This is a page about family reunion centerpiece ideas. Creating an interesting, meaningful, and attractive centerpiece for a family reunion can become a family affair.


Record Table Centerpiece

Making a Vinyl Record Table CenterpieceThis is a page about making a vinyl record table centerpiece. For a music or nostalgic themed party this might be the perfect centerpiece.


Soldiers hat and glove on a white fabric surface (possibly a pillow)

Centerpiece Ideas for a Military Ball?This is a page about centerpiece ideas for a military ball. Creating a centerpiece to reflect the theme of your party is part of the planning fun.


chocolate spoon centerpieces

Kids Birthday Party Centerpieces?This is a page about kids birthday party centerpieces. Adding a fun centerpiece to the table for a child's birthday party helps complete the theme.


Birthday Party Centerpiece

Birthday Party Centerpiece IdeasThis is a page about birthday party centerpiece ideas. A creative centerpiece can help complete the theme for that birthday party you are planning.


Table Centerpiece

Table Centerpiece IdeasThis is a page about table centerpiece ideas. A popular decorating element for banquets, parties, and other occasions is the centerpiece.


Beautiful red rose centerpieces.

Buying Vases for CenterpiecesThis is a page about buying vases for centerpieces. Whether holding flowers or other items, vases are a good choice for making a centerpiece.



Olympics Themed Centerpieces?This is a page about Olympics themed centerpieces. Many parties are planned during the Olympic games. A nice addition to your party would be a centerpiece for your food table.



Baseball Themed Centerpiece

Baseball Themed Centerpiece Ideas?This is a page about baseball themed centerpiece ideas. Creating centerpieces for an athletic banquet is fun and sometimes a bit daunting.


Chocolate covered strawberry centerpiece.

Chocolate Centerpiece Ideas?This is a page about chocolate centerpiece ideas. A chocolate centerpiece is not only delicious, but can be truly the center of attention at your next party or gathering.


Glowing fish lantern centerpiece.

Making a Fishing Theme Centerpiece?This page is about making a fishing theme centerpiece. A table centerpiece with a fishing theme can be fun to create.


50th Anniversary Centerpiece

50th Anniversary Centerpiece Ideas?This page contains 50th anniversary centerpiece ideas. A celebration is in order for a marriage that is this long lived, but it doesn't have to be expensive.


High School Graduation Party Cupcake Centerpiece

High School Graduation Party Centerpiece Ideas?This is a page about high school graduation party centerpiece ideas. Part of planning a memorable graduation party is designing table centerpieces.


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Movie Theme Table Centerpiece?How can I create a "Going to the Movie" centerpiece? We are entertaining kindergarten through 5th graders at a church. We will have popcorn and a movie.


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Centerpiece for Church Ladies Day Themed "What Fills Your Cup?"I am decorating a table for our upcoming ladies day at our church. The overall theme that day will be "what fills your cup". Any suggestions for a centerpiece will be appreciated.


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Centerpiece Ideas for Italian Carnival Themed Dinner Party?Our club is planning an Italian themed dinner/dancing carnival night. Do you have ideas for inexpensive decor/centerpieces?


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Girl Scout Luncheon Centerpieces?I'm in charge of a centerpiece for my daughter's troop. The theme is ''Red Carpet." Can you help me with ideas?


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Inexpensive Birthday Table Decorations?I need some ideas for very inexpensive table decorations (10 tables) for my daughter's 17th birthday party. I already have construction paper, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and beads.


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Centerpiece Ideas for an Emergency Preparedness Committee Dinner?I need ideas to make about ten inexpensive table centerpieces for an Emergency Preparedness committee dinner.


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Lavender Table Decorations?I need table decoration ideas for a lavender table.


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Making Centerpieces Using Shoes and Flowers?How do I make centerpieces with shoes and flowers?


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Italian Centerpiece Ideas?I need some ideas for making an Italian centerpiece. Any suggestions?


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Using Centerpieces as Prizes?I am planning a baby shower for a very close friend. We want the table centerpieces to be something that can be used by anyone. Any suggestions? We will be giving the centerpiece at each table as a prize for someone to take home.



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Cowgirl Photo Centerpieces?I need an idea for my daughter's cowgirl party for centerpieces that display a photo. I have 7 tables so I am looking for something cheap.


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Making Tissue Paper Centerpieces?I saw at a party store, centerpieces made out of tissue paper mostly for kids birthday party. They were around $13.00 each. Does any one know how to make these centerpieces. I want to make two for my daughter's 2nd birthday party. Please Help!


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Tinkerbell Centerpiece Ideas?Any suggestions for baby shower center pieces with Tinkerbell as the theme?


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Centerpiece Ideas for 'Purse' Themed Party?Centerpiece ideas for 'Purse' themed party.


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Centerpieces for Luau for Seniors?I am trying to find some neat centerpieces for a LUAU. It will be in March and I am in a hurry. Any neat ideas will be greatly appreciated. The Luau will be for a Senior Mobile Home Park.


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Outdoor Themed Centerpiece Ideas?I need any idea for an outdoor themed centerpiece for a 50th birthday for my brother in law?


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Entomology Centerpiece Ideas?I am planning a college graduation for my husband. He is majoring in entomology (insects) and I need ideas for centerpieces without creeping the guests out!


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Quilting Theme Centerpieces?For our Girl Scout dinner we are having a quilting theme. I am in charge of making the centerpieces and really need some ideas. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Help People Find Your PartyHelp with finding the party: Make banners, invitations and signs to show directions to the party on your computer. Make them colorful. . .


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Volleyball Banquet Centerpieces and Decorations?Our high school volleyball banquet is tomorrow night. I need a fun crafty idea to use as decorations for the tables!


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"Miracles in Bloom" Centerpieces?I am planning a big event for a non-profit organization. The theme is "Miracles in Bloom" (It is all about gardening and growing up). I need to make (or buy) centerpieces for 75 tables. I found terra cotta pots for .52 each, so that leaves me with about $100 to complete the look. Any ideas on what I can fill them with to make attractive centerpieces that one person at each table will want to take home?


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Centerpiece for Library Meeting - Kids and Teenager Theme?Our church is hosting a state library meeting and I need to come up with centerpiece ideas with a kids or teenager theme.


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Centerpieces for Teachers Welcome Back Luncheon?We are planning a Welcome Back luncheon for the teachers at our school. I was trying to think of a neat centerpiece to put on the tables. I need 12 of them. I was thinking of tying a ribbon on one chair from each table so that a lucky teacher could have a keepsake from the event.


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Blow Pop Centerpieces?I am trying to make favors for our reception out of blow pop suckers, we are trying to wrap them in a shiny paper and make them look like flower bouquets, but so far we can't get them to look like flowers, any suggestions on how to make them look more like flowers?


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Consuming Fire Centerpiece for ChurchI am making a artificial fire centerpiece. My recommendation is first get a string of lights that run by battery, red shiny tissue paper, shiny satin material in red and orange color, and a small jar from Michaels.


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Fun Centerpiece Ideas?I need ideas I can make for centerpieces as well as activities for a 50th birthday. We want it to be fun and have lots of humor.


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Easy Fruit CenterpieceI just saw the cutest table decorations for a mother/daughter banquet and these would be great for any occasion, even a wedding. They used REAL FRUIT. Green apples, yellow apples and oranges with a single artificial flower stuck down inside it (clipped,of course), with a raffia bow tied around it.


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High School Senior Dinner Centerpieces and Favors?I need some inexpensive ideas for centerpieces and or favors for a High School Senior Dinner I need approximately 90.


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Academic Recognition Dinner Centerpieces?I need to come up with an inexpensive centerpiece for an Academic Recognition Dinner for our high school. I need to make 45 centerpieces and would like them to cost only a few dollars each.


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Help with SuperBowl Party Decorations and Centerpieces?I am planning the decorations for our organization's event in January. The event is for approximately 650 people and it has a SuperBowl theme (since we are in Jacksonville). I am having a hard time coming up with the centerpieces for the tables. We are going to involve local high schools to help with the decorations so any suggestions that you can make on decorations and centerpieces that they can put together would be appreciated. Lillian


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ISO Decorating Ideas for a H.S. Band Banquet?Need do-it-yourself ideas for centerpieces and gift bags for seniors!


Recycled Boxes as Festive Centerpieces - closeup of holiday stack

Recycled Boxes as Festive CenterpiecesThis is one of those craft projects that is easy on you and your pocket. With 3 to 4 different size boxes and wrapping paper, you can create a festive center piece for all occasions, with some of your items free (boxes can be found just for the asking). The paper can be changed out for different occasions.


DIY 4 Tier Cupcake Stand - blue frosted cupcakes with floral paper wrappings on the stand for the party

DIY 4 Tier Cupcake StandWhen the price is too much for a one day celebration you need not buy expensive tools for it. I'm making a Boss Baby inspired 4 tier cup cake stand coz it's the easiest concept I know and the materials are very easy to find, too.


Carrot Bouquet Centerpiece

Carrot Bouquet CenterpieceThis fun and inexpensive centerpiece is perfect for Easter or a spring time party. Simply purchase a few bundles of carrots for stems, place them in a vase full of water, and enjoy. They make a surprisingly neat decoration and when you are done you can use the carrots for cooking. :)



Table Decorating for Pasta Fundraiser?Two of my teens will be heading to Kenya, Africa this year on missions. My son on a medical mission for a month and my daughter on a humanitarian mission. We are so proud of them.


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Table Decorations for Ladies Golf Awards Ceremony?I have been asked to decorate a very large dining room. It is our annual final ladies golf awards evening. The captain has requested a very glittery gold evening.


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Baseball Themed High School Centerpieces?I am trying to get some ideas for table decorations and/or centerpieces for a high school baseball team.


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Table Centrepieces for a 60th Birthday Celebration?We are having an old classmates get-together with dinner along with our spouses to celebrate our 60th birthday.


cover of invitation

Centerpiece Ideas for Boy Scout Celebration?Our Boy Scout lodge is Karankawa Lodge 307 and we are celebrating our 70th anniversary; we are rich in tradition. This will be the first time having a big celebration and we need help with decorations most importantly center pieces. Out troop is known as the Order of the Arrow. We are going with a red and white theme.


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Centerpieces for High School Crew (Rowing) Banquet?I'm responsible for doing the table centerpieces for a high school crew (rowing) team banquet. (The colors are red/white/blue.) Any ideas? I'm stumped at the moment.


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