Throwing a Luau Party?

July 9, 2005

Luau PartyMy name is Gabby and I am having a Hawaiian luau party for me and 13 of my friends. This is a boy girl party and most of us are 13 or 14. I pretty much have everything under control like decorations and some foods but what I need help on is what games to play.


I don't want them to be too cheeesy but fun.i also need ideas for hawaiian or hawaiian related movies because my dad is renting a projector and we are watching a movie on the side of my house.If you have any ideas for movies or fun games please tell me.Thanks a bunch,gabby<3


By Marie (Guest Post)
July 10, 20050 found this helpful

Just play truth or dare, one thing will lead to another and it may turn out to be an awesome party.

By Lisa (Guest Post)
July 10, 20050 found this helpful

Limbo seems like it would be appropriate

By (Guest Post)
July 11, 20050 found this helpful

I did a Luau for my daughter's birthday and we did Coconut bowling. Use plastic bowling pins or empty 2 liters and take turns bowling them over with coconuts. you might want to have several coconuts because the boys will try to break them. Another suggestion might be to drain the milk from them first. Beach ball volleyball is another goodie.

By (Guest Post)
July 14, 20050 found this helpful

We had a Luau for my teen son's 18th birthday.

I took a white poster board and painted a brown Tiki god mask, to play something like "pin the tail on the donkey." We had noses to pin, however. (see pic 1769)


The most awesome game, however, was tacky tourist. It was a relay race with 2 teams. There were identical items that I picked up at a second hand store: camera, straw hat, loud tourist shirt, sun visor, sunglasses, swimming flippers and a grass skirt. The guests raced to dress in the gear, run to a point, then return to undress from gear. (see pic 1778) The family is still talking about that racing game. My photos are here:

By (Guest Post)
July 16, 20050 found this helpful

For the movie...anyone remember "Gidget Goes Hawaiian"?

By rachael (Guest Post)
July 30, 20050 found this helpful

what about a hula hoop contest!

By kelly101 (Guest Post)
November 29, 20050 found this helpful

I need games!

By rachel (Guest Post)
August 17, 20060 found this helpful

well i am having a luau for my 13 bday in october and i dont know what the weather will be like but i am already looking for ideas and stuff. at target i found like plastic pineapple bowling set and i am getting alot of things from oriental trading company. i am having 11 friends over because everything comes in a dozen.


i need more game ideas to do in the morning because i am having a sleepover. and i need a movie i was thinking like a hawian movie but what is there?so what outdoor things could i do??? i live in the country tooo so i was thinking of a scavender hunt with luau things but i need more ideas please!

By Bridget (Guest Post)
June 3, 20070 found this helpful

I am having a hawiian themed surprise birthday party for my friend kelley, she is turning 13. It is a girl's only party, so that makes things a little easier. There will be 13 people coming.

I have a pool, so we are going swimming. here are some others things we are doing that might help you if you dont have a pool:

Hawiian Music
Perhaps a hawiian movie
water balloon fight (never gets old :P )
flip flop decorating

We will also be doing pictures. give out sunglasses, and take an ironing board (surfboard) and have your guests strikea cool pose, while you take cool pictures of them with a polaroid camera. Makes a good party favor


Goodie bags:
Candy from pinata
a couple flower lays
a pair of flip flops (you can buy them chaep at Old Navy)
sunglasses from pictures

hope it helped!!

By Aly (Guest Post)
June 13, 20070 found this helpful

The game you can always play is called " Water balloon Volleyball" If you don't know how to play it, just go to the Internet, and type " Water Balloon Volleyball". This game is so fun.

By Lisa (Guest Post)
August 3, 20070 found this helpful

I am having a luau for me and 3 of my friends we are making grass skirts and leis our selves at my party so that will be fun but we cant think of any games except limbo!Help!!

By (Guest Post)
August 5, 20070 found this helpful

For my 13th birthday a while back i had a Hawaiian Luau. Some of the games we played were cocnut stomp where you blow up brown balloons and each guest ties one around their ankle, then you try to pop other people's ballons by stepping on them but make sure that nobody pops yours at the same time, and musical beach towels(like musical chairs but with beach towels) a game where there are two people on each team and the first person sits in a chair blindfolded and the other berson sits on the floor in front of them facing away from the chair and the blindfolded partner tries to feed his/her partner whipcream from a can.


we had a water balloon fight and set the sprinkler so that it sprayed over the trampoline and we jumped on it. u should have music playing(either hawwaian or just some popular tunes) you can hire a hula instructor or rent a dvd or video on how to hula from the library. also for movies we watched 50 first dates, but since there aren't really any other good movies that have to do with hawaii we just watched chick flicks and comedies. for decorations u can go to party america or

By mia (Guest Post)
August 9, 20070 found this helpful

Watch lilo and stitch. Play pin the lei on the girl. Play limbo (use the hose if you're out side and make it water limbo.)
Play coconut bowling. Oh get a hula dance movie and hula. Make hawaiian collages. Get Aquamarine the movie. Play hot coconut (just like hot potato) play hop the islands (you cut out the islands out of cardboard and everything around you is ocean and space the islands about 8 ft apart and use stuff like a jump rope, roller skates etc.


To make it to the last island. To win make 2 sets so you can split up) play scavenger hunt. Any game can be converted into a hawaiian luau game. Just be creative.
be creative

By Chantel (Guest Post)
June 18, 20080 found this helpful

I need help too! I need more games. My party is this Saturday! I only have 2 more days to come up with fun games to keep my friends entertained! We are all about 15-17 years old! Help!

By linda (Guest Post)
August 10, 20080 found this helpful

I'm planning a big luau for our family Labor Day picnic. A fun game is called water race. We have 2 teams, 12 on each team. Space them out into a long line and leave space between each player. Have bucket of water at start line and give each player a plastic cup and small blown up beach ball. First player dips cup into bucket of water, runs to next team mate with ball between legs, pours water into their cup and so on till they get to last teammate and they pour what's left into container. Do this for 2 minutes and see which team has the most water in their container. Get cameras ready

By 789 hula hula (Guest Post)
September 12, 20080 found this helpful

Try doing a game where the kids will hold hands on two teams and while still holding hands the kids step thru a hula hoop and thean slide it over to the next person

By emily (Guest Post)
October 13, 20080 found this helpful

I'm having a luau too. You could watch Lilo and Stich 1 or 2. You could also watch Blue Hawaii, if you like Elvis Presley. You could also play musical beach towels, coconut bowling, or have a pinata. or you could watch Aquamarine like me.

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Here are the questions asked by community members. Read on to see the answers provided by the ThriftyFun community.

May 23, 2005

This is my 13th birthday and I want to have a luau, my budget is low, and I don't have many ideas. My party is next weekend. I would really appreciate it if ya'll could help me!

Nina from Georgia


Diamond Feedback Medal for All Time! 1,023 Feedbacks
May 6, 20041 found this helpful

Some of these tips might be helpful...

Dollar Store

I would visit your local dollar store and look for cheap decorations and games. Sometimes you can find some funky stuff for cheaper than you can find it at a party supply store.

Fish Party


FISHING RACE - Using standard or construction paper, cut out and color fish shapes; then place a paper clip on the front as the mouth of the fish; take a twig (or small piece of doweling), tie a string and magnet to it (magnets can be bought at an art store for pennies), and you have your "fishing pole". Place them into a large cardboard box, or a box of your choice (for realism, you can decorate the box to look like the sea, with sea animals inside and out).

HOW TO PLAY "FISHING RACE" - There are three different variations to the game. 1) Align two or more players around the "sea". Using the magnet, the player must try to attach the magnet to the fishes mouth (paper clip). The player to "catch" the most "fish" wins. The winner then plays the next player, and so on.... 2) A variation on #1, add a blind fold for older kids for more challenge. 3) Relay version (for large parties and lots of kids) - Players must "catch" the fish and run to the bucket (any container will do - located 20 feet away, of course), then pass it to their teammate who does the same, and so on....

PRIZES - For peace, it is recommended that you use the same prize. 1) for each fish caught, the player wins a gummy fish - this way everyone gets something, but the winner still gets a "little extra" for winning. 2) Take a fish bowl, fill it with pennies, nickels and dimes and quarters (more pennies than nickels, more nickels than dimes, more dimes than quarters, etc.) AND most important - marbles. The winner gets to dip into the money bowl for each fish they caught. There's one catch - with each handful, they must put the marbles back, and the bowl remixed BEFORE they reach in again. This will allow for more turns at the money bowl. 3) Instead of handing out party bags, they can exchange their "fish" for prizes (i.e. - fish-shaped stencils, erasers, candy, etc.).

PIN THE TAIL ON MOBY - This is a variation of the old-time favorite - pin the tail on the donkey. Use your computer to print out a picture of a large fish (use 8.5" x 14", the larger the better - you can even take an 8.5" x 11" printout to Mail Boxes Etc. and have them enlarge it to 11" x 17" or larger for only a couple of bucks). Then make copies of the tail (or trace them onto one sheet to get more out of it), cut them out, color them the same color as the real tail, and voila, you have Pin the tail on Moby..... This can be adapted for most parties and themes and only costs you the paper.

EAT LIKE A FISH RACE - You place 5-10 gummy worms (whatever number) on a plate in front of the kids. The idea of the game is to see how many worms you can Eat Like A Fish in thirty seconds. This means that there are NO HANDS used!

Beach Themed Wedding Centerpieces
By Rose Smith

Decorate your tables with some fun-loving beach-themed centerpieces. Each centerpiece is easy to put together, so anyone can do them.


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May 6, 20040 found this helpful

Also see:

Hawaiian Birthday Party


Diamond Feedback Medal for All Time! 1,023 Feedbacks
May 10, 20040 found this helpful

Thanks to ALL of you who sent the GREAT ideas! I used lots of them and the party was a HUGE success. I hope that I can be of help to others on this list in the very near future.
I appreciate all of you!
My best!


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May 23, 20050 found this helpful

You all have such *fantastic ideas! I'm looking for some ideas for a teen outdoor party. I will need these quickly as the party is tomorrow afternoon.

The theme is tropical, (think Luau) and I can't think of any good, inexpensive games or activities etc for older kids. I would appreciate any/all ideas!

Please reply to: jimmyporter1 AT Thanks SO much in advance! - Donna

By Debbie (Guest Post)
May 24, 20050 found this helpful

Figure out how to make tissue-paper flowers. (Check the web and the local library. Also, if you know any teachers or scout leaders or the like, ask if they know how.

Then buy lots of tissue paper (try dollar stores, then discount stores before going to craft stores, to save money). Have everyone make enough flowers to string together to make their own flower necklace.

I've noticed with store-bought ones that they string a flower, then a tube, then a flower, then a tube, etc., so that they don't need as many flowers, and it still looks good. For the tubes, buy a box of straws and cut them into 1" or 2" lengths.

By Coreen (Guest Post)
May 24, 20050 found this helpful

Pineapple Princess punch: Mix equal amounts of lemon lime soda (store brand is fine), Hawaiian or red punch, and pineapple juice. Yum! Be sure to offer ice separately so it won't dilute the punch.
Buy almond cookies to serve with it. Or better yet, buy a fresh pineapple and cut it up into tidbits. Put the pieces on toothpicks, then do the same with strawberries. And start planning ahead for next year's party so you can shop all year long!

By Nina From Georgia. (Guest Post)
May 24, 20050 found this helpful

Thank You All For Your Ideas!!!!!!!!!! I would Appreciate it if I could Recieve a lot more


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June 7, 20050 found this helpful

I am having my daughters 3rd birthday party at home this year and it is going to be done in the hawaiian theme. I am going to buy just a regular awning from a local store and make it into a hut. I will put the long dry grass on top and then decorate around it making it look just like the tiki huts in hawaii.

A cake for a luau party would be cute if it was a three tier cake round or square and a hula girl on top with the bottom layer to have palm trees all around it and the second layer to have like a grass skirt around it and the top layer to have like coconuts or just something like that around it. That way it is not all just one decoration on the cake.

By Jennifer Spoon

By michelle (Guest Post)
July 8, 20050 found this helpful

Im looking to have my 9 year olds birthday party a hawaiian theme. I cant find any thing about how to make grass skirts? I want them to look good and be somewhat durable. Please help Thanks in advance

July 8, 20050 found this helpful

does anybody have any ideas for games and movies ??????

By Marissa (Guest Post)
July 30, 20050 found this helpful

I think all of this is a huge help, since we are having a luau party next week- and we're inviting all the famil, which will be huge. We're trying to keeep it up as a tradition. It will be so much fun. A cool game to play for adults and/or teens is get one of those huge, long licorice strings, and each pair with get one end. they eat and, and the first coule to barely touch lips or kiss, wins! This game is not meant for kids though.

By kool ideas (Guest Post)
January 18, 20070 found this helpful

u should totally go all-out and buy inexpensive stuff like leis and grass skirts then 4 da summer get sum sand and beach chairs and just chill with yur grlfriends

By phoebe (Guest Post)
May 7, 20070 found this helpful

last year i had a hawaiian luau party and it was a blast. i had my whole class which was 34 peeps plus a few neighbors which was like 5 peeps and also my best friend so i had like 40 peeps total. i went swimming in my pool and then we did the limbo and then we ate cake and the peeps went home. if u wanna have a good time and be the center of attention then have a hawaiian luau party.

c yall l8r

By Treoiber (Guest Post)
August 8, 20070 found this helpful

I am having a hawaiian luau party in a while and i am having a huge pool party with tiki torches and these huge decorations.

TIP: Go very large and humongutory with decorations. People love em !

By Natalie (Guest Post)
April 13, 20080 found this helpful

I went to my friends party that had the same theme and she got small glass bottels and pixi sticks and then everyone had their own ediable sand art. good luck

By Lyla (Guest Post)
October 6, 20080 found this helpful

I think that you should get some grass skirts to go around the table, and you could make some kabobs that might have pineapple or some type of Hawaiian chicken on them. And you could play games like the limbo or you could do hulahoop contests and whoever wins gets an awesome prize!

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August 22, 2006

I want to throw the best luau party ever! Can you post some tips?

Gwen from Dublin


August 23, 20060 found this helpful

have fruit kabobs. Rent a hula video and learn some moves then teach them at your party. play hawaiian music. Light tiki torches if you can these can be found sometimes at doller stores. Give each guest a hawaiian name which you can find online. or translate their name into hawaiian. Mine for instance is gloria which translates into kololia. Give you some other ideas later.

August 24, 20060 found this helpful

go to they have names, recipes, decoration ideas etc.

By glinda (Guest Post)
August 24, 20060 found this helpful

I go to this site, it is very good.

By kelly (Guest Post)
August 24, 20060 found this helpful

My son's 18th was the bestest! Two great games were the tacky tourist and pin the nose on the tiki face. The tacky tourist is a relay contest between two teams. at a thrift store, if possible, purchase 2 4x hawiia shirts, 2 cameras, 2 clown sunglasses, 2 grass skirts, 2 straw hats, and 2 swimming flippers. One person dresses then races to a tree in the yard, then back. Then they undress, and the next team member dresses. First team done wins!
I made a brown tiki god on a posterboard, then a bunch of paper noses from a second poster board. Play just like "pin the tail on the donkey". To encourage the guests to dress tropical, we had a judging. It was wonderful! My photo album is here:

Editor's Note: To see Kelly's pictures copy the ENTIRE link and paste it in your browser.

August 24, 20060 found this helpful

an inexpensive idea for grass skirts is use garbage bags with the ties built in. Cut off the bottom and then cut 1" strips to about 2" from the top. Then use the ties to cinch it up around your waist. With sdome hunting, you can find different color garbage bags.

October 20, 20060 found this helpful

Another inexpensive idea is to cover patio umbrellas with raffia, for a tropical scene. Raffia can be found in most craft supply stores.

Your fun party ideas can earn you $100 in party supplies!

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July 17, 2010

What are some ideas for a luau party for teen boys and girls? I need help.

By sofbtalllover from Dallas, TX

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April 16, 2010

I am planning a party for a two year old. The theme is luau, I need some inexpensive decorating ideas. I also would like ideas of what kind of food to serve and what kind of games to play. I have three small pools, one water sprinkler, and one slip and slide.

By pam

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April 5, 2010

I am having a luau party for my turning 12 year old daughter. What items should I use for a scavenger hunt? Any games you know that could be fun, but not too cheesy?

By kenendy from NV

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February 19, 2010

Does anyone know a caterer in the Hagerstown, MD area that is inexpensive. We need someone that can do a pig roast for a luau party?

By LP from Hagerstown, MD


February 19, 20100 found this helpful

I just posted a message for you on a BBQ website I am involved with. I put a link to your request in case someone lives close and would be willing. A pig roast is a lot of work so be prepared!

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March 9, 2016

So my sweet sixteen isn't for a few months, but I'm an early planner. The thing is I want to throw it at my place, since it'd be cheaper, but my mom has these pictures of New York as decor hung up.

Would it be okay if I left it as it is, or take them down? And also, if you have any cool ideas?

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January 9, 2012

I need ideas for a 4 year old birthday party. It's going to be luau themed and it's going to be outside. How do I implement Dora into this and do you know of cheap sites for decorations? Also, I wanna know how to build a cheap tiki bar. I need good foods for toddlers for this party, too.

By Pam

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March 1, 2010

I would like ideas for coconut decorations for a luau.

By Esta Lindenfeld from Stuart, FL

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May 10, 2014

My daughter's 12th birthday is coming up and all she has told me is she wants a Hawaiian luau pool party. What should I do?

By L.K.O.

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