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Rainbow cupcakes at a rainbow tea party.

Rainbow Tea Party IdeasThis page contains rainbow tea party ideas. The theme of this kind of party is color and often table decorations and foods are based on one color.


Luau Party

Throwing a Luau Party?This page is about throwing a luau party.When you can't make it to the islands, a fun event can have a Hawaiian theme.


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Planning For A Pamper Party?I am going to be hosting a surprise pamper party for my mom's 50th birthday I have someone coming to give massages but I'm looking for ideas on how to decorate, things we can do, recipes, goodie bags, etc.


Food and Drink ready for a Party

Menu Ideas for a Masquerade PartyIf you are planning for a masquerade party, make sure your food matches the theme. This is a page about menu ideas for a masquerade party.


Rainbow sprinkles on a white cake with colorful candles.

Rainbow Themed Party Decoration IdeasRainbows are a fun vibrant theme for any party or celebration. This is a page about rainbow themed party decoration ideas.


Casino Party Set-up

Casino Themed Party IdeasThe casino theme is very popular and easy to plan. You can go as big or as economical as you like. This is a page about casino themed party ideas.



Toga party illustration.

Toga Party Ideas?Toga parties are popular with fraternities at universities and gained more widespread notoriety after the movie Animal House. Check out this page for some great toga party ideas.


Cupcakes decorated with masquerade masks in purple and pink.

Masquerade Party Cake Ideas?This is a page about masquerade party cake ideas. Masquerade is a fun theme for any party and every party needs cake.


Gold coins, veil, and Arabian style hat

Arabian Nights Themed Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about Arabian Nights themed birthday party ideas. The timeless tales told in the Arabian Nights series of stories, provide many ideas for planning a birthday party with this theme.


Overhead view of a woman setting up a birthday party table with bright colors candy, treats, and cake

Candyland Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about Candyland birthday party ideas. A fun and colorful theme for a child's birthday party can be based on the popular children's game Candyland.


Woman's shadow behind a cloth

Fear Factor Themed PartyThis is a page about Fear Factor themed party. Fear Factor was a TV stunt/reality show popular in the early 2000s. The contestants, for example, were asked to perform stunts or eat disgusting substances.


Cake with fondant teddy bear decoration and a teddy bear stuffed toy in the background

Teddy Bear Themed PartyThis is a page about teddy bear themed party. The cute teddy bear lends itself easily to using it as the theme when planning a party.


Punk Rock Birthday Party Ideas

Punk Rock Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about punk rock birthday party ideas. Have fun planning a birthday party with a punk rock theme.


1980s era sign with the words "80s Party"

80s Themed Party IdeasThis is a page about 80s themed party ideas. Big hair, shoulder pads, John Cougar, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and more helped to define our memories of the 80s. There are many icons from that decade to help create an awesome 80s party.


A little boy and two little girls wearing party hats laying their stomaches in the grass in front of a cake

Non-TV Related Party Theme Ideas?This is a page about non-TV related party theme ideas. Planning a party for young children or kids that don't watch much TV, leaves you open to other theme ideas unrelated to the popular show characters.


boy in the forest

Planning a Harry Potter Themed Birthday PartyThis is a page about planning a Harry Potter themed birthday party. A perfect party theme for children who love reading J.K. Rowling's famous Harry Potter series.


Yoda figurine

Star Wars Party Ideas?This is a page about Star Wars party ideas. The prevailing popularity of George Lucas's epic adventure makes it a continuing party theme choice.


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Planning a Great Gatsby Party?I am planning a Great Gatsby formal for my sorority. I only have $500 to spend on dessert for 150 people and to decorate a 6,000 sq. ft. venue. Help!


bingo balls, cards and marker

Bingo Party IdeasThis is a page about bingo party ideas. Bingo can be fun for all ages and an entertaining theme for a party.


Gothic Party Girl

Gothic Party Ideas?This is a page about gothic party ideas. Planning a party with a gothic theme is great fun and allows you to let your imagination go wild.


Girl Going to Fairy Tea

Hosting a Fairy TeaThis page contains tips and recipes about hosting a fairy tea. A fun plan for a youngster's special event is a tea party with a fairy theme.



young adults at a beach party

Party Themes for AdultsThis is a page about party themes for adults. Choosing a theme for your party is a great first step, it makes it easier to plan the decorations, food, or activities.


Halloween Murder Mystery Party

Hosting a Halloween Murder Mystery Party?This is a page about hosting a Halloween murder mystery party. Murder mystery games can be tailored for almost any type of party or event.


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Party Ideas for a Person Working for Corrections?I would like to know where can I find party decorations and supplies for a corrections party. This is a promotion and the person will be working in a jail. So if you know of a person, phone number, or a website please submit this information to me ASAP. The party is very very soon.


Museum Themed Party

Throwing Museum Themed Party?This is a page about throwing museum themed party. Whether planning a party for a local museum or a birthday party with a museum theme, there are many options for the focus of your party.


Photo of stars in the sky.

Stargazer Party IdeasThis is a page about stargazer party ideas. Planning a stargazer party is a lot of fun. Depending on the age of the attendees, there are many ways to plan a party with a stargazing theme.


Girls at Ice Cream Social Party

Ice Cream Social IdeasThis page contains ice cream social ideas. Young and old people will have fun and enjoy parties with ice cream as the focal point.


A happy nurse giving two thumbs up.

Nurse Themed Party Ideas?This is a page about nurse themed party ideas. College and professional program graduates often like to celebrate with a party. Planning the party with a theme reflecting their major or program is common.


Bicycle Themed Birthday Party

Bicycle Themed Birthday Party Ideas?This is a page about bicycle themed birthday party ideas. Once you have decided on a theme for a birthday party, comes the rest of the fun. You now need to come up with decorations and other themed ideas to complete the party package.


arabian magic lamp

Arabian Themed Party IdeasThis page is about Arabian themed party ideas. Having the food, decorations and clothing Arabian, will make for a memorable party.


video game controller

Call of Duty Themed Party Ideas?This is a page about Call of Duty themed party ideas. Video games are often used as a theme for birthday and other parties.


Mardi Gras Masquerade Party

Mardi Gras Masquerade Party Ideas?This is a page about Mardi Gras masquerade party ideas. Mardi Gras themed parties are very popular.


Sock Hop

Sock Hop Party Ideas?This is a page about sock hop party ideas. A sock hop party is as fun to plan as it is to attend. Bring the 50s and early rock 'n roll back and have a blast.


lady bug cupcakes

Bug Themed Birthday Party Ideas?This is a page about bug themed birthday party ideas. Make your child's next party memorable by planning it around a bug theme.


Ladybug Themed Party

Ladybug Themed Party Ideas?This is a page about ladybug themed party ideas. Planning a party around a ladybug theme is so much fun.


Red Carpet

Red Carpet Themed Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about red carpet themed birthday party ideas. Having a theme for a birthday party makes it easy to plan the rest of the party.



A man in his hunting clothing.

Hunting Theme Party Ideas?This page contains hunting theme party ideas. Avid or want-to-be hunters may enjoy a party with this motif.


Olympics Party

Planning an Olympics PartyThis is a page about planning an Olympics party. As an Olympics fan you may be planning a party so you can watch with friends or simply commemorate the event.


A zombie graveyard cake

Zombie Party IdeasThis is a page about zombie party themes. The shuffling zombie has become a very popular subject for films and a common party theme.


Dump Truck Cake

Construction Theme Party IdeasThis page contains construction theme party ideas. Parties for all sorts of occasions may have unusual themes.


Poker Themed Birthday Party

Poker Themed Birthday PartyA poker themed birthday party might be just the thing for the "card shark" in your circle of family and friends. This is a page about planning a poker themed birthday party.


Fish Themed Party Ideas

Fish Themed Party IdeasThis page contains fish themed party ideas. A fun party for many occasions can be centered around fish and the sea.


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Planning a Junior Military Ball?I am hosting my junior military ball for AFJROTC in Kentucky, but it is in March. I have a few ideas such as a country theme or 50s? I need help, I am over the top of my head. Please help.


Man in White Gloves and Suit Opening a Bottle of Champagne

White Themed Party IdeasThis is a page about white themed party ideas. A white themed party is a really fun and simple way to get everyone at the party on the same page. From the food, to the decorations and clothing, having everything on white will make for a memorable party.


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Planning a Masquerade Ball?How do I plan a masquerade party?


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Dora the Explorer Themed Birthday PartyFor my daughter's second birthday, we are having a Dora the Explorer birthday! We are serving enchiladas and chips, etc with a Dora cake and ice cream. We bought simple red and orange steamers and balloons to decorate with.


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Hollywood Themed Birthday Party?It's my 17th birthday soon and I want to throw a big Hollywood themed party. As you know it's extremely hot in South Africa and I chose to throw a Hollywood pool party. What can I do with the theme and how can I use it?


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Party Theme Ideas?I'm looking for a theme for my 18th birthday party. It has to be big. I'm thinking of something like the "Red Carpet" or something like that.


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Guitar and Music Theme Party?I am throwing my boyfriend a 30th birthday party. I am having a guitar cake made because he plays the guitar and loves music. Does anyone have any ideas of any finishing touches I could add related to the guitar theme?


Frugal Boy's Army Birthday PartyMy son had an army birthday party when he turned 8 and it was a BLAST. We ordered plastic helmets and dog tags from Oriental Trading.


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Black and White 30th Birthday Party Ideas?I am looking for ideas for my 30th. I want it to be black and white. I have lots of old records and CD's that I can use for decorations. I need some more ideas for decorations, the invitations and dress code for the guests. Please help. Thanks.


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Birthday Party Idea - Gifts for an Animal ShelterWhen my husband was turning 60, we decided that since he didn't really want the guests to bring gifts, we'd find something else to do.


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Forest Theme Party?My four year old son has requested a "forest" theme for his next birthday party! I have a few ideas, such as a forest theme cake, a plant as a party favor, etc. I figured we could also have knapsacks or tote bags filled with "hiking" type goodies as a party favor: trail mix, a toy compass, etc.


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Skydiving Birthday Party Ideas?I need some ideas on throwing a skydiving/golf birthday party for a 60 year old male.


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Animal Themed Celebration For 11 Year Olds?Do you have any party ideas involving animals for 11 year old kids. Not a party but a special celebration? Thanks.


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Birthday Party Theme: "1974 In Las Vegas"?I need ideas on how to make a birthday party fit the theme "1974 In Las Vegas".


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Hillbilly Party Ideas?Our church is having our yearly picnic and we've decided on a hillbilly theme. Any cute ideas would be appreciated.


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Arabian Nights Birthday Party?I have my daughter's 18th party and she wants to have Arabian nights as the theme.


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"Sharing Our Hearts" Sorority Brunch?Looking for idea for centerpiece. Theme: "Sharing Our Hearts"


Tinkerbell Birthday Party?I'm having a first birthday party for my daughter and her theme is Tinkerbell. I wanted to do something with a basket, it's handle-less and it's circular and I already bought Tinkerbell piggy banks. What can i do with them?


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Medieval Theme Birthday Party?I am looking for ideas for 11 year old boy's party with a medieval theme.


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Go Diego Go Birthday Party Ideas?I am having a Go Diego Go Birthday Party for my son's 6th birthday. He has invited 25 children (he didn't want to leave any of his class mates out) so I am having it in a local gym.


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Rock Concert Theme Party?For my 18th birthday I'm doing a rock concert theme, what kind of stuff should I get for it besides a fog machine?


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April Fools' Day Party Ideas?I'm hosting an April Fool's party. I'm looking for ideas for food, games, jokes, etc. Anything you can help me out with would be appreciated!


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Let's Make A Deal Party?Some one is having a Let's Make A Deal Party and we are supposed to bring odd things in a bag to deal with. I need item ideals for that.


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"Lucky" Theme Party?My daughter's birthday falls on Friday the 13th. She would like to do a "lucky" theme party. She will be 11 years old this year. Does anyone have ideas for decorations, games, etc.?


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Birthday Theme Ideas?I have a 10 year old girl sleepover coming up she wants a surprise theme. What theme is good for a 10 year old girl?


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Spring Fling Ideas?I am the faculty adviser for a student-led community service club at the high school where I teach. The students want to have a "Spring Fling" at a retirement home to provide the residents with something fun to do for an evening.


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Cruise Ship Theme Decorations?I am on our school's auction decorating committee. The theme is "An Evening on the High Seas." We're sort of gearing it toward being an elegant Titanic-like cruise ship theme. It's going to be a formal evening with black, white and silver being the colors.


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Snowman Themed Party?I am looking for Snowman Crafts and Recipes. I am having a Winter Party featuring snowman decorations. I need any ideas that I can use for decorations and food.


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Senior Citizens Prom?I am putting on a senior citizens prom, and I don't know what the theme should be. Got any ideas?


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Hannah Montana Themed Party?Does anybody have ideas for a Hannah Montana themed party? The party is Dec. 1st!


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Supergirl Birthday Party Ideas?I am looking for supergirl birthday party games.


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Black & White Theme Party Ideas?Black & White Party Theme ideas. Let me tell you about a real different black and white idea from back when we were "all together".


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Baby Einstein Party Ideas?My son is turning one and I am having a Baby Einstein party. Problem is there's not much out there with that theme. Any suggestions as far as games and decorations?


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Free Supplies for a Train Party?I am throwing my son a train party for his 3rd birthday. Does anyone know of a place where I could find some free or very cheap items for his birthday party since we are on a very very tight budget?


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Throwing a Glamour Girl Dinner Party?Can you help with a "Glamour Girl" Dinner Party?


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Train Theme Birthday Party?I am throwing my son a train theme birthday party for his 3rd birthday in October. We are on a very limited income so I would like to do as much as I can myself. Any ideas would be appreciated as i am clueless!


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Blues Theme Party?I am hosting a summer party/wedding reception and the theme is "Peace of the Blues." We have a blues guitar player performing plus a lot of background blues to play between sets, as well as a tongue-in-cheek nod to the "Blues Brothers" with their soundtrack.


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Butterfly Birthday Party?We are on a tight budget and planning my 3 year olds Butterfly Birthday party.


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Hat Theme Party?"Hat" theme party ideas: My daughter turns 1 in a couple weeks and our theme for her party is "hats". We picked the theme because it was one of her first words and she says "hat" anytime she sees one. Any ideas for how to make a hat-shaped cake?


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Australian Theme Birthday Party?I have a request from my daughter for an Australian themed 8th birthday party. Any ideas for games, decorations, crafts, etc.?


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Throwing a "Messy Party"?We're having an outdoor "messy" party for our young friends ages 2-8. I have painting, making slime, water balloon tosses and making ice cream sundaes for activities planned. The problem is that EVERYONE RSVP'd that they are coming (when does that ever happen?) so now we're expecting around 35 kids and 12 adults.


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Sports Theme Birthday Party?I am planning a 7th birthday party for my son. He likes baseball, football, and basketball. I have decorations with a sports theme for his party. I have some plates, cups, napkins with the different balls all over them. But, I need help with some other things. I need help find things for the goody bags that are sports related.


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Jungle Birthday Party?I would like some help. I'm having a first birthday for my daughter. I was thinking of going with a jungle party. Does anyone have any cheap ideas for decorations to go with this.


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Batman Theme Party Ideas?Our son is turning 7 the end of June and wants to have a "Batman" themed Birthday party. We are thrifty but we just aren't coming up with any ideas.


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Swan Lake Birthday Cake?Please help with ideas for a birthday cake for 6 year old Swan Lake party.


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Dora The Explorer Birthday Cake?I am trying to think of ideas for a Dora birthday cake. I have the new Betty Crocker fill pan so I am really trying to base ideas using that particular pan.


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Bumblebee Party Ideas?I have a soon to be 2 year old. He LOVES bumblebees. I found some plates and cups and I am making my own invitations. Can anyone think of some cute decorations or games? I would love to hear any ideas you have.


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80s Theme Birthday Party?My boyfriend is turning 30 on April 9th. I'm on a budget and need some ideas fast. I love the whole 80's theme, and think I'm goona go with it, but where should I have it without breaking the bank?


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Pride and Prejudice Party?I want to have a movie theme party for the movie Pride and Prejudice in a couple of weeks. Does anyone have any ideas?


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Nascar Birthday Party?I am throwing my first party and it's for a 40th Birthday for a male. I need Ideas that relate to Nascar and his driver which is #17. I have included children since we have a large back yard. We are going to have a bouncy race car for the 6 year olds. Any more ideas would be good.


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Fear Factor Bar Party Stunts?I am planning a Fear Factor Style Poker Run from bar to bar for my husbands 30th birthday party. I need ideas for inexpensive stunts that party go-ers can do in a bar. I have thought of a few eating ones but I am more looking for stunts that are bar friendly.


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Airplane Themed Birthday Party?I am planning my husband's 30th birthday party and I want to have an airport/airplane theme. The party will take place at our home (indoors and out). If you have any ideas, please pass them along. What are things you automatically connect with an airport or airplane?


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Curious George Themed Birthday Party?Does anyone have any ideas for a Curious George birthday party for a four year old? The movie is coming out in theaters in February 2006. Peanuts and safari hats are all I can think of.


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Carnival Themed Party Invitations?I need help with an invitation for a 6 year old Carnival Party. I have fold down popcorn boxes and I am going to print the invitation on yellow paper with the edges cut round - to make it look like popcorn coming out. I am not good on the wording - so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Planning an Arabian Nights Interaction Event?I am going to organize an interaction event for our school organization in January and i am planning to use the theme of arabian nights. What do you think are the things that I need that are not too costly. We are in a tight budget.


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Aladdin Themed Birthday Party?What ideas can I use to have an Aladdin theme party for my 21 year old daughter. I have already chosen the color red as my main color. I would like to have candles and pillows. Her guest will be a mixture of young people from 21-40. what are good favors to give out also? If we roast her, how can we add this in her party? What should she wear also? It is not really a surprise party, although she does not know everything about it yet.


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Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Party?I am have a birthday party for my son who will turn 2. His party has a Thomas the Tank Engine theme, but I don't know what games or activities would be good for the party.


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Law and Order: SVU Themed Party?I'm throwing a Surprise 50th Birthday Party for my Mom. I want to have a Law & Order: SVU theme because she really likes the show. I'm already going to get the Caution / Do Not Enter tape and I'm going to get see-through paper that I will print fingerprints on and stick to the walls.


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Disco Night Club Themed Party?I am planning a disco night club theme party for active seniors (mostly women). Any theme planning, decorating, food ideas on a budget would be helpful. Last time one of the things we had was a non-alcohol "bar". Any recipes or fun, but not wild, ideas would be great. I am looking forward to giving these women a grand time.


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Police Party?I'm throwing a surprise 50th birthday party for my Mom. She loves Law & Order: Special Victims Unit so I was thinking of planning a theme around that. What I need help with is decorations. I've already thought of crime scene tape, lights, mug shots (which will be candid pictures of her), but I'm coming up short.


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Olympics Party

Let's Go to the Olympics PartyThis year, I am going to throw a party on the opening day of the Olympics. The summer Olympics this year will be held in Beijing, China so I thought this would be a great time to pull out some of my favorite Chinese recipes.


princess party cake

Princess Party CakeIf you're looking for a stunning cake and don't want to purchase specialty pans and dolls, then this is your cake. Use your preferred boxed cake mix and mix according to directions.


stars in sky

Plan a Stargazer PartyThe theme here is space. I am going to just give you the basics and let you add your own spin. Through the article, I will give you suggestions on how you could add to these ideas and how to adapt the games and food.



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17th Birthday Theme Ideas?My 17th birthday is in 5 days and I need a theme for the party. I'm desperate.


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Military Ball Theme Ideas?I am in the new battalion S1 NCO at an Army JROTC school in Murfreesboro, TN. Our military ball is in the winter. What should I do for the theme?


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14th Birthday Party Theme Ideas?I'm turning 14 in March and have no idea what to do. I mean, I am going to have a party, but don't know what theme I should do.


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Joint Seventeenth Birthday Party Theme?My best friend and I are having a joint seventeenth party for our birthdays next year. We have already booked the DJ, videographer, and photographers; but I am just wondering if we should have a theme and if we did what type of theme?


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Military Ball ThemeI am in charge of planning my AFJROTC military balance my committee and I can settle on a theme. It's at the end of February and it has to relate to the Air Force or JROTC or something of that nature in a way. Any ideas?


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12th Birthday Blowout?My daughter's 12th birthday is coming up and all she has told me is she wants a Hawaiian luau pool party. What should I do?


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