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Tips and ideas about saving money on party decorations.

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Rows of folding chairs

Decorating Ideas for Metal Fold Up ChairsThis is a page about decorating ideas for metal fold up chairs. Metal fold up chairs are often available to use for a variety of gatherings, including weddings and parties. With a bit of decorating they can be transformed to fit your event.


floral centerpiece

Inexpensive Centerpiece IdeasThis page is about inexpensive centerpiece ideas. No matter what event you are planning, it always helps to save money on decorations.


Making a Balloon Arch

Making a Balloon ArchThis is a page about making a balloon arch. Balloon arches make a great decoration for school dances, weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions.



Fireman's Banquet DecorationsThis is a page about fireman's banquet decorations. Decorating for a fireman's banquet can be great fun and help make this event honoring these first responders memorable.


Dance floor with blue lights and draped material forming a canopy over the floor lights.

Decorating a Dance Floor?What materials do I need to buy to decorate the dance floor this way?


Multi Colored Balloons

Saving Money on BalloonsThis is a page about saving money on balloons. Balloons add a fun, festive air to parties, picnics, and are also a great gift. However, they can be quite expensive.


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"Cheeseburger in Paradise" Banquet Decorations?I am looking for decorations for a "Cheeseburger in Paradise" (Jimmy Buffett) theme Banquet.


Mason jar wrapped with Jute rope filled with Babies Breath flowers on a table.

Using Mason Jars as Centerpieces?Glass Mason jars come in many different sizes and colors. They are perfect to use as vases, glassware or candleholders for any event. This is a page about using Mason jars as centerpieces.


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Transporting Helium BalloonsI buy lots of helium balloons. All of the birthday parties in my family are hosted by me, and I handle all of the decorations, party planning and food. Who doesn't love grandma's cooking!


A selection of translucent curtains.

Using Curtains as TableclothsCurtains can be a great inexpensive substitute for more expensive tablecloths. They can frequently be found on sale and may not require a lot of altering for a one time use.


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Decorating for a JROTC Military Ball?I am in charge of my JROTC military ball. We have voted and decided that our theme is "Ancient Greece", but now I am at lost about what kind of decor we should have. If anyone has any ideas that would be greatly appreciated.


DIY LED Chandelier - lighted chandelier

DIY LED ChandelierPlace a string of LED lights in a cage like basket and suspend it from a ceiling or outdoor structure. It is perfect for an outdoor party. Learn how to create this DIY LED chandelier.



Two champagne flutes decorated with red and white flowers.

Decorating StemwareDecorating your stemware for a party or special meal is fun and easy to do. You can be simple or creative in your ideas. Holiday scrunchies placed around the glass are an easy way to create a festive look. This is a page about decorating stemware.


Ship Shaped cookies and sailboat cake pops on a table ready for party

Nautical Theme Party Decorating IdeasThis is a page about nautical theme party decorating ideas. Decorating a for a party using a nautical theme is quite easy. Use shells as part of the decor. Try including pennants strung across the room. Craft stores are a good source of other decorations.


Clear balloons in three sizes on a floor.

Balloon Bubble Party DecorationsBalloon bubbles are a fun decoration and activity for a child's water themed party. This is a page about balloon bubbles as party decorations.


Streamers and pom poms as party decorations, purchased at the Dollar Tree.

Hanging Party Decorations at Dollar TreeIf you need affordable party hanging decorations, I would highly recommend Dollar Tree. especially if you're looking for the trendy tissue pom poms. You get 2 count and a generous size, 12" for only $1, that is just 50 cents each. There's a good amount of colors to choose from: magenta, blue, yellow, red, black and white. These decorations would be perfect for bridal parties, bachelorette parties, weddings, engagement parties, birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, essentially any party!



Balloon Fruit Bowl CenterpieceYou can make a fruit bowl with balloons for a cute party centerpiece. Learn how to make a balloon fruit bowl centerpiece in this page.


Decorative Top Hat

Making Top Hat Table DecorationsThis is a page about making top hat table decorations. Make these adorable table top decorations for your next fancy party or event.


A banquet room without too much decoration.

Decorating for a School BanquetThis is a page about decorating for a school banquet. Schools hold banquets for a variety of occasions. Each of these call for specific decorations to enhance the event.


Boxes spelling "LOVE" displayed on a dessert buffet

Decorating a Buffet TableThis is a page about decorating a buffet table. Decorating the buffet table adds to the other festive decorations displayed for your party or other social event.


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Ideas for "Old Timey" Themed Birthday Party?My daughter is turning 10 years old and is very interested in "old timey" things, such as quilts, candlesticks, old books, vintage buttons, embroidery, et cetera. She is most interested in the time period from the early pioneer days of the U.S. up until the early 1900s. I would like some additional decorating ideas.


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Planning a Gatsby Sorority Formal?I am planning a Gatsby formal for my sorority. There will be roughly 150 people attending and it will be held in a 6,000 sq ft (60x100) venue. I would like some tips on decorating and providing dessert, all for under $500! Please help.


Christmas table

Table Decorating IdeasThis is a page about table decorating ideas. Depending on the season or celebration, there are many ways to decorate a table for all kinds of special occasions.


tissue paper rainbow rose

Rainbow Dinner Decoration Ideas?This is a page about rainbow dinner decoration ideas. A rainbow theme is fun to work with when planning a dinner. There are so many ways to incorporate the rainbow colors and motif in your decorations.


Homecoming Decorations

Homecoming Decoration Ideas?This is a page about homecoming decoration ideas. Once the homecoming theme has been determined, there are many fun ways to decorate with you school colors.


Masquerade masks at   a masquerade ball.

Masquerade Ball Decoration IdeasThis page contains masquerade ball decoration ideas. Create a fun, party atmosphere full of intrigue, mystery, and disguise.


Hamburgers being made at a food festival.

Decorating for a Food Festival?This page is about decorating for a food festival. There are many fun ways to use inexpensive natural materials to decorate for a celebration.



Party Favors

Shopping for Party Favors?This is a page about shopping for party favors. Favors can be found or ordered for almost any party theme.


Home Decorated for Girl's Birthday Party

Decorating Your Home for a PartyThis is a page about decorating your home for a party. Part of planning for a party at your home will include the decorations, whether a birthday party for your child or a dinner party with friends.


Party Balloon Ideas

Party Balloon IdeasThis page contains party balloon ideas. There are many ways to decorate and use balloons at your party.


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Entertaining "Table Covers"The tables are covered in paper instead of table clothes, with cute buckets of crayons so everyone can write. I kept mine for years. After I had my son, I used this idea over and over at banquets; always with someone asking about how I came up with that great idea.


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Cheap Decorating Ideas for Hello Kitty Birthday Party?How can I decorate with balloons and a table cloth for a Hello Kitty birthday party?


Picture of a colored paper cut into flower shapes and strung together.

Homemade Birthday Party DecorationsThis is a page about homemade birthday party decorations. Making your own birthday decorations is fun and can save you money. It also allows you to match the decorations to fit what your child likes.


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Wizard of Oz Table Decorations?I am looking for crafts for table decorations based on the Wizard of Oz.


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Decorations for Club's Italian Night Dinner?I want to make decorations for our club's Italian Night dinner. Any ideas? I need help!


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Decorating a Truck to Look Like an Alligator Head?How do you make a gator's head by using the front of a pick up truck?


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Put Pictures Under Plastic on Table at PartiesHaving a casual party with old friends? Put a solid color tablecloth on the table you will be serving the drinks, buffet, or dinner on. Arrange photos of your friends and yourself on the tablecloth.


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Ideas for an End of Summer Pampering Pool Party?My sister and I want to throw an end of summer pampering pool party. I have a massage therapist and am looking for a manicurist to come, but I need ideas for decorating and food ideas. We want this to be easy and fun. Any ideas welcome!


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Clue Game Themed Office Decorations?We have an office with 7 people in it and we are to decorate our office. The theme is the game Clue. We have chosen to do the conservatory. Any suggestions on how to do this on a very limited budget?


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Decorating for a Dinner and Barbershop Quartet Performance?Our senior center is having a dinner and barbershop quartet performance in 10 days. I volunteered to decorate the tables. I'm thinking red and white striped fabric somehow and making little mini barber poles with music notes up and down the table.


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Looking for Inexpensive Table Cloths?Where can I rent/ buy burgundy round or square table cloths tomorrow in the Richmond area?


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Pot of Gold Template for Party Decorations?I am looking for a template for a pot of gold, as I am having a rainbow themed 50th party.



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Board Game Themed Table Decorations?I volunteered to decorate one of the tables for dinner at a church activity. Every idea is different and I chose board games. I will use a Twister mat for the tablecloth and different board games for placemats. I plan on covering the table with plastic so if something gets spilled it won't ruin them.


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Ideas for "A Night in Paris" Themed Birthday?I am searching for accessories to decorate tables for a Quinceanera, which is a 15th birthday celebration. Our theme is "A Night in Paris". For example small shoes, lady figurines. Hope you can help. Thanks.


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Making Tree Party Decorations?How can I build a tree for a party prop? I am throwing a "rock fantasy" themed party for my daughter who is gonna be 13. She wants it to be like an enchanted forest with faeries and stuff but "dark". Her colors are black and purple.


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Decorating a Corn Crib?In the vacant lot next to our house there is a Corn crib and I have decided to decorate this for the holiday of each month as our little town is celebrating its 125th year. I am stumped for November. I have Halloween already done and ideas for the rest of the months except November.


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Aquarium Club Party?My husband and I are hosting the annual holiday/year-end party for our salt water aquarium club. What we do know: it needs to be a sit-down/buffet dinner, approx. 30-40 will be attending, and the party will be at our home.


Mini Papier-Mache Piñatas

Mini Papier-Mache Piñatas for Birthday PartiesMini Papier-Mache Pinatas are great for birthday parties. Thrifty parents and children will both love this craft idea. They are fun to create and can save a ton, as the store purchased Pinatas can be expensive. As an added bonus, is you can choose the theme and the loot.


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"Olive And Grape Harvest" Themed Tent Decorations?I am looking for ideas for a fundraiser I'm helping with in October. It is a gala dinner and auction and we are expecting about 300 people. It will be held outside in a tent. I have never decorated the inside of tent and I have a very tight budget to make this a WOW experience when people enter. The theme this year is olive and grape harvest. All ideas will be warmly welcomed. Thank you in advance.


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Black Light Dance Ideas?I'm having a black light dance for my birthday party but i don't know what to use decoration wise. Please help.


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Sunflowers Theme Decorations?I'm on the decorating committee for a woman's retreat and the theme is sunflowers. I need some smart and easy ideas for table decorations, and favors.


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Frugal Florida Fall Fashion Show Centerpieces?I am in charge of centerpieces for our fall Fashion Show/Luncheon. As I live in Florida, pumpkins are very expensive and do not last. These centerpieces will be given as door prizes.


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Decorating for a Low Country Boil? need help decorating for a low country boil!


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Spiffing Up Festoons (Garlands)I like old-fashioned tissue paper festoons (garlands), which I used for my wedding, but I supplemented them with angel figurines and decorative ribbon to spiff them up and make them look less out-of-the-box.


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Train Birthday Party Decorations?I am having a birthday party for my 2 year old. He loves choo choo trains. Can anyone think of some inexpensive decorations to use?


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Decorating a Spring Ball?Does anyone have any decorating ideas for my Spring Ball? The theme is "A Cinderella Story".


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Building a Motorized Mirror Ball?I need to build a motorized mirror-ball about 20" in diameter for a dance I'm helping with. I am thinking about using the little motors that turn crib mobiles and some sort of light-weight frame to glue light-weight plastic mirror pieces to.


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Keeping Candles Upright in Candlesticks?I need help getting my candlesticks to remain upright in the candlesticks. They just seem to tilt and wobble even though they appear to be a standard size. I hate to dump everything and start fresh, but I am not sure if I need to slightly melt the ends, or if there is an amazing trick I don't know of.


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Love One Another Decorations?I am in charge of decorating for a banquet who's theme is "Love One Another" I need inexpensive heart type decorations for 80 tables!


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Sports Hall of Fame Banquet Decorations?I need centerpeice and decorations for a sports hall of fame banquet at a university. I could use any ideas.


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Decorating a Hall for My Birthday?Well I am having a 15th birthday party. It is going to be a dance in October. I need some advice on how to decorate the hall that i am going to have it in. What colors i should go with? I really like the baby colors lke baby blue, light pink and yellow.


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Lights Instead of Candles?I want to have lights on all the tables at a party we are having for my father in August but because of the number of children I don't want to even consider candles. The colors are red and blue and while I will have some twinkle lights, there could be a problem with plugging them in. Any suggestions on ways to use jars, coloring them or decorating them and then placing them over those battery operated candles? Any other suggestions appreciated.


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Make Place Card Holders From ForksI saw the cutest idea and wanted to share it with all of you. I just love to have my table look special when guests come for dinner. Take a fork and bend the center two tines backwards to form a stand and the outer tines forwards to make a name card holder.


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Decorating a Stage With a Soccer Theme?I need some ideas on decorating a front stage of a muti-purpose hall. The theme is soccer. Beside hanging up banners and balloons, what can can I do to make the front stage looks attractive?


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Cheap & Festive DecorationsQuick, easy, and inexpensive--this is great for any party (just change the color scheme!) Go to your party supply store and buy a large spool of "curling ribbon" (the kind you put on balloons). . .


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Flame Retardent Plastic Table Covers?I am putting together a stage like area, and am working with plastic table covers. The event that this is for is questioning if they are flame retardent. I don't know. How can you check? Michelle


Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Decor

Tissue Paper Tassel Garland DecorThis is an inexpensive, trendy, and easy to make decor project for any party/event! It is great for an engagement celebration, bridal shower, wedding, birthday, anniversary, baby showers, and so forth. You can store and re-use this a handful of times.


DIY LED Chandelier - lighted chandelier

DIY LED ChandelierYou can make a fantastic and very useful large chandelier with a few items you probably already have at home. This came in very handy for my best friend's 40th birthday. Instead of hanging up the LED bulb lights for a scattered, dim lighting effect, we bunched them together in a cage style basket and secured it from the gazebo ceiling. It was lovely!


Use Magnets For Floating Balloons

Use Magnets For Floating BalloonsHelium balloons looks fabulous at any party BUT they are very expensive. I thought of an idea that could allow you to cheat and that is to inflate your balloon and then pop inside a small magnet.


Double Sided Holiday Tablerunner

Double Sided Holiday TablerunnerA few years back I purchased this table runner for .50 at a thrift store. It has Thanksgiving fabric on one side and Christmas on the other. While I lived in Salem, OR, I had it magnetized to the front of my door for the months of November and December.


Faux Birthday Cake

Faux Birthday CakeAt Sunday School, we recognize the kids' birthdays, but it seemed sort of boring without a cake and candles, so I made a pretend one. Schoolteachers could also use it in their classrooms.


Happy Birthday Printable Banner - part of the banner reading "Happy"

Happy Birthday Printable BannerHave an upcoming event or party to plan? You can make any custom banner easily with Microsoft Word. I made this simple Happy Birthday banner and I'm here to share how I did it.



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Making Party Favors for a Church Dinner?My church is having a chivalry dinner. The theme is "mystery man" and the colors are black and white. I am looking for party favors, preferably do it yourself. Anyone have any ideas?


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Inexpensive Party Table for 4th Birthday?My little kid is turning 4 in 3 months and I started thinking of what I could do to have a simple celebration with a small amount of money I have. Is it possible to make a party table with just $50 dollar budget? Any ideas about how to achieve this?


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Decorating Tables for Super Bowl Supper?We are having a souper-bowl soup supper for the senior adult class called the Rockers and I need some ideas on decorating long tables.


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Making a Fake Boxing Ring for a Party?How do I make a fake boxing ring for a 40th birthday party?


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Decorations for a Youth Ministry Banquet?I need decoration ideas that reflect God's promises and using rainbows?


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How Long Do Tiki Torch Wicks Need to Soak?How long does the wick have to soak on a tiki torch?


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