Decorating Ideas for a Winter Dance

October 22, 2005

ice blue ornament and snowflake decorationsDoes anyone have any inexpensive ideas for decorating a school winter wonderland dance?



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What do you think of the idea of using giant snowflakes for decorations? You could also get some small trees or branches and hang them on. Have fun!!

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How about getting balloons - in a couple different sizes. Blow them up and paper mache them, stick the small one on top of the big have snowmen. Put a little scarf around their necks. You'll have cute decorations for the main table. Get a few boughs and cut them so each snowman (or woman) has greenery to stand on. Have a great time at your dance!

By cassie (Guest Post)
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hi, im a middle schooler myself and you could ask the art teacher (if you have one) or ask kids to make snowflakes and snowmen out of paper or card board and get lots of cotton balls from like a dollar store and use them as snow and believe me if you put everything together right it will look store bought!! that's what we do.......or have a fund raiser.....have the moms and dads and even the kids make desserts for free and have the kids buy them and you'll have money for your winterwonderland dance! ;)



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make large snow flakes out of big white poster board. cut it into a perfect square and folded it sevral times then cut out the shapes with heavy duty sissors. use spray glue then dust each one with fine glitter. use large styrofoam glued on top of each other for snow men. by silver garlends and plastic icicle ornaments. Use fake christmas trees (buy at thrifts stores and yard sales) and cover them with glue, glitter and fake snow.

By Gig Ghee (Guest Post)
October 23, 20050 found this helpful

If you have one main wall that will be the focas point you can do your tree branches painted white with the stars glitter on mounds of white batting drapped as rolling soft hills twinkle lites everywhere and on the wall bhind all of this alternate a strip of white butcher paper and the next heavy duty aluminum foil. Hope this helps in some way. You could make lots of german stars all different sizes. They are pretty on all sides and fun to make.

By **..~~mary~~..** (Guest Post)
November 2, 20050 found this helpful

we are planning a winter dance at our middle school and my idea was that you could use light blue butcher paper and make an ice skating rink for the place for people to dance on and spray it with glitter and have fun!

By (Guest Post)
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At our winterwonderland last year, they bought really inexpensive little gumball machines and put like glitter, cotton, and wintery stuff inside and around it for table centre pieces

By Amber (Guest Post)
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hi everyone, im in student council for my school and we have to get ideas for a winter dance. we need something inexpensive and easy. our gym is quite large and we have tall ceilings.


i have no idea what and how to tell my fellow council what to do !! help please !!! email is bballinam2242 @ (remove spaces) if you have any ideas. thanks

By jenny (Guest Post)
December 3, 20050 found this helpful

for our winters dance we did a night in candyland, like the game it was soooo cute they had like the fudge guy and the candy man, that were i met my guy, try it one time

By Maddie (Guest Post)
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Instead of buying artificial xmas trees post a school announcement that you need artificial trees. That's what we did and the response was incredible. Also use lots and lots of tinsel. It comes in every colour and it's shiny.

By kristen (Guest Post)
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You can buy at Wal-Mart inexpensive shear tule. If you get the kind that is course then it only cost like 50 cents a yard. You can buy a ton of this stuff for $20.00 and cut it in half and use it to drape on the walls. A great idea is to line one whole wall with nothing but Christmas lights. (whites ones work the best). Put the tule up over the strands of lights. Make sure to kind of bunch it in parts. Don't worry if the strands are green because when you put the tule over them and the other lights are low no one will notice. Make a sleigh out of particle board and a few nails. Just get a picture of one that you like and put it on an overhead to draw the image onto the board. Cut out the board and nail the pieces to gether. You may even be able to do this with foam board if it is thick enough. You can get some great foam board sheets at any hardware store cheaper than at a craft store. If you want flower centerpieces go to a dollar shop and buy some of the silk holly, poinsetta, and other appropriate flowers then get some of the cheap small floral foam squares at Wal-mart(there are 6 for 99cents) cut the flowers and put them in the foam for an arrangement.


You can get a lot of centerpieces for this. You can even but a candle and stick in the center for a lilttle romantic lighting. You can also go out into the woods or somewhere where there have been limbs of a tree cut. Pick out some nice tall ones and tie with twine or small rope together 2 or 3 limbs, just however big you want them to be, lay them on the ground and spray paint them white. Once they are dry take them and put them in a cheep plastic flower pot or a box. Fill the box or pot with dirt then cover the outside of the box with tule, cheep fabric, colorful paper. :The dirt will hold up the tree limbs and make an awesome decoration that will fill in dead space. you can even hang ornaments on the limbs. Don't freak out about decorating for events just get creative! I never order anything out of a cataloge(unless i just have a lot of extra funds to do so)Always check out the dollar shops, thrift stores, Wal-Marts, flea markets, and any other place where you can find inexpensive stuff to use to decorate. Also get online and look at ideas and stop and think how you could create it cheaper than what they are selling it for. Good luck!

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I am not in high school like most of the other posters here (I'm in 8th grade) I am the 8th grade class representative and I need help on a theme! I go to Catholic school :( and I want to do something that isn't dry and suffocating. Any suggestions?

By Amanda (Guest Post)
October 30, 20060 found this helpful

Heyy i know that you guys havent posted in a while but i am in the Spirit/Social committy at my high school we are planning on having a Winter Dance this coming december any cool ideas for themes?

By LisaMarie (Guest Post)
November 23, 20060 found this helpful

Hey there everyone! Im head of my dance committiee at my school and we are getting ready to have our winter dance. OH YEAH!!!! well heres the thing we need some cheep ideas we only decorate our canteen not our gym who knows why lol but we need ideas and fast!!!


lol well if you have any you can contact me at lisas_kewl2005 @ hotmail . com (no spaces) (lol) well hope to hear soon!!! <3

By Cassie (Guest Post)
November 24, 20060 found this helpful

First of all I love this forum because it gave me some good ideas for my own school's winter formal. Another idea is a balloon arch. Check your local party store for prices. You can have it inside the dancing area over the doorway and as people enter they will feel as if they are being transported into a winter wonderland. cover tables with cheap craft glitter. Also if anyone has any ropelighting laying around then use it to line the entrance the walls or balconys. Also see about getting some art students to do wintery paintings on the windows with window paints.

By kierstin (Guest Post)
November 29, 20060 found this helpful

hey im also in middle school, we go to like authurs party store and buy balloons and streamers although that might not work under certain uses. so yeah just go to the dollar tree and find cheap stuff that will be good to use.


and then make most of the rest of the stuff out of your own ideas!

By (Guest Post)
January 21, 20070 found this helpful

Make a winter wonderland balloon arch. all you need is some fishing line and lots of balloons. Tie the longest balloon on the center of the line and make them shorter as they go out. arch it and whala

By maria (Guest Post)
June 16, 20070 found this helpful

I need help with some different decorating ideas for my daughters sweet 16 in Jan. 2008? Please send any ideas ..

September 26, 20070 found this helpful

Try these beautiful paper snowflakes. We sprayed them with white glitter, made huge mobiles, hung them from balloons, etc. and the room looked like a winter wonderland. At $15 for 50 9" can't beat the price:

By Lisa (Guest Post)
November 8, 20070 found this helpful

I'm head of my student leader class, And we're doing a winter wonderland dance theme. We have just about everything that we need, but it feels like somethings missing. We have Santa coming, and everything will be decorated, inside and out of the caf. and the main entrance. I'm just wondering, what your average dance should cost to get in? Over the years it's gone up from 2$ to about 9$ we take a dollar off if you bring a canned good with you. This year we were thinking of actually asking for a toy with your canned good. haha Usually it's just the grade sevens and eights who show up for this, but this year I want to grade elevens to be here too! Seniors should be coming! (I'm in Quebec. We graduate at gr.11. haha)

By Shorty (Guest Post)
November 13, 20070 found this helpful

My school is having a winter wonderland theme. Send me some ideas so it can be so pretty and nice. Please

By Marissa Reinberg (Guest Post)
November 18, 20070 found this helpful

We are having a dance called "A Snowy Kind of Theme" (winter wonderland). I need ideas from anyone. they need to be inexpensive please. email me at angel_eyes912004 @ yahoo . com (no spaces) hope to hear from someone

By Annie (Guest Post)
November 20, 20070 found this helpful

Hey, I have planned a few dances already and I must say, the cheaper the better, decorations are great and all but how many teens do you know stop dancing to look at the decorations. Don't stress on how many decorations you have or how they look, cuz truth is kids don't care, and in the dark it looks nice no matter what it is. So don't stress and have fun.

By Chloe (Guest Post)
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Unlike a lot of other posters, I'm in eighth grade, and I'm chair of the dance committee at my school! Yikes! but anyways, my adviser came up with the theme foreign affair for our dance, but none of us like it. Does anyone have any ideas for that theme? If not, our dance is not gonna work! Thanks for your help!

By mom (Guest Post)
February 20, 20080 found this helpful

We are having a school dance w/winter-snow theme.Dance is in June. "My" wall should have a ski slope... Any ideas?

By emily (Guest Post)
November 17, 20080 found this helpful

We're having this party on December 3 and I need some easy, cheap and cute ideas to make it awesome. We can't do it Christmas because of people's religions so we're doing the whole snowman, penguin, glitter theme. We don't have a lot to spend and we won't have a lot of time to set it up because it's in the library. Help me out?

By Telma Demelo (Guest Post)
November 28, 20080 found this helpful

We've decorated our playroom area with lots of WHITE PAPER CHAINS! Hang them all over the area and then in China Town you can pick up some white round lanterns for giant snowballs hang them up for a great and inexpensive way of decorating for a Winter Wonderland! How about cutting up your own unique snowflakes?

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November 28, 2017

I'm in the 8th grade and I am Student Council President. Any ideas for a winter semi-formal dance? We have a big gym with a stage and windows and high ceilings.

The dance is in a couple weeks from now, so if you have any ideas, please share!


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November 28, 20170 found this helpful

I would have a winter wonderland theme. You can get lots of cotton batting for snow, doilies for snowflakes, and glitter.


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November 29, 20170 found this helpful
  • Use weather themes the snow coming dance as a theme,or frozen and frostbite.
  • You could do a romantic ski lodge.
  • There is also a blizzard day theme, Valentines day or Queen of Hearts.

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November 30, 20170 found this helpful
  • Christmas & Mistletoe Theme
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Traditional Christmas + Snow
  • You can also see lots of photo ideas on Pinterest.
  • I would also recommend you to gather all the other members and brainstorm the budget, decoration ideas and themes + activities. Definitely a photo backdrop.


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December 19, 2004

I'm on student congress and it is my responsibility this year to design the Winterfest dance at our high school. Well, since pretty much every idea has already been taken by previous classes, I am stumped, and the dance is just around the corner. The theme is Winter, and I would greatly appreciate it if you gave me some tips on how we could decorate the halls/cafeteria/and commons. Thank You.

Jessica from Michigan


October 6, 20170 found this helpful

Just off the top of my head I would suggest cutting out huge snowflakes out of cardboard you can wrap them in foil to make them silver, or paint them white and add glitter. Use a lot of winter colored Christmas lights like blue sparkling lights and white or clear sparkling lights. You can use cotton batting for fake snow and place lights underneath or around for borders. A fun thing to do is a balloon and confetti drop which is basically a net with a pull cord it holds like 100 balloons or more up to thousands depending on what size you get but it goes on the ceiling and holds all the balloons until the pull cord is pulled like during the last song or whenever you decide then it releases all the balloons at once. I get a lot of my ideas off pintrest, you might get some good ideas there. Also look into how to do balloon arches. They are fairly simple and a great way to fill empty space with classy looking decoration. Good luck!

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October 4, 2010

I'm on student congress and it is my responsibility this year to design the Winterfest dance at our high school. I would greatly appreciate it if you gave me some tips on how we could decorate the halls/cafeteria/and commons. Jessica from Michigan

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