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School Fundraiser Ideas

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There are many fun, inexpensive ways to raise money for school activities and projects. This guide contains school fundraiser ideas.


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August 6, 2010

Tired of fundraisers selling useless and cheap items? When the schools ask for volunteers for fundraising, volunteer to start a flower fundraiser. Our local schools used to sell flowers in flats and baskets from a local nursery. I took the forms to my workplace and my son usually got in the top seller category. It was a big hit with everyone even the non-gardening people who bought the baskets. Great idea!

By susan from Elkhart, IN

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July 30, 2010

Through the years, my children's schools have sponsored fund raisers which offer all the school supplies in a big bag for a set amount. I stopped participating because the supplies were usually of poor quality (scissors that don't cut, paper that left an odd film on the fingers, packages of construction paper with minimal sheets). Look at what is being offered before you buy!

By Holly from Dallas, TX

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October 13, 2010

As schools suffer through budget cuts, fundraisers become even more important. Yet everyone is cutting back, and purchasing wrapping paper, candy, or raffle tickets isn't in the budget. Instead, look for some school fundraisers that don't take money from anyone's pocket while putting money in your own. Are you doing everything you can to bring extra money into your school?


Box Tops

A very popular fundraiser is the collection of box tops. Box Tops for Education is sponsored by various brands of grocery items such as Hamburger Helper, Juicy Juice, and Kleenex. Each brand prints the popular box top logo on their products, and then all you have to do is cut them out. By clipping the box tops and submitting them as a school, the companies donate $0.10 for every box top collected. Box Tops for Education runs special promotions that donate extra box tops or addition money for each box top to the school, so watch for them.

Go to to register your school.

Sunny D 20 for 20 Book Offer

Until November 30, 2010 Sunny D is offering twenty free books to your school just for collecting twenty Sunny D labels. Each class is eligible to receive the free books of the manufacturer's choice. While each class can only earn one set of free books, if every child in every class brings one or two Sunny D labels, then every class in every school can receive free books. Serve Sunny D at snack time or during a class party and earn books at the same time. There's also a contest for those schools who claim free books; your school could win thousands of dollars worth of books!

Visit for more information.


Like the box tops, collect labels from products like Bic, Prego, and Campbells for the Labels for Education program. Different products have different point values, some worth one point and others worth five or even ten points. As a school, if you collect the labels you can trade them in for educational products through the program's merchandise catalog. For as little as 300 points, the school can earn art supplies. Larger point totals can earn outdoor and gym equipment, musical instruments, and other larger products for your school.

Participating products and redemption information can be found at


The Funding Factory encourages the school community to collect used printer ink cartridges to earn money for the school. Saving and recycling them protects the environment and raises money for schools as well. The school simply collects cartridges and mails them to the Funding Factory for redemption. The company even pays for the shipping. Like the Labels for Education, the Funding Factory also redeems the earned funds through a merchandise catalog. Once the collected cartridges are mailed, the company keeps an account that tallies the value, explaining that different cartridges are worth different amounts ranging from $1 to $30.

More information can be found at

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February 17, 2006

My son is vice president of his junior class. They are always looking for new ideas for fund raisers. They have done the car washes and sold food at sports events. Does anyone have any unique ideas of things to sell or anything else a little more refreshing?


Karen from Port Clinton, OH


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Best Answer

I was student body president for 2 years in high school and one thing we did that was popular and a decent money maker was to have dress up days! We had a somewhat strict dress code and any break from that was great for the students. The most sucessful was Hat Day .. we weren't allowed to wear hats inside the building, unless you paid a dollar in your first class of the day .. then you could wear a hat all day! We used the honor system and it was a smaller school but you could use hand stamps or ribbons or something to denote the people who paid and were allowed to wear a hat! Teachers would get in to the act too, it was a fun, easy way to make extra cash that didn't distract too much.

Before this our big money maker had always been the soda machines .. since we were also trying to phase the "junk" machines out of the school we needed something new! We took the idea from sports teams who would wear jerseys on game days. We'd usually make $175 to $200 each day (HS population was around 250 kids) and have one of these days each month ..


each was cleared through the principal of course. Other than the hat day, we did Pajama Day, Crazy Shirt Day (no logo shirts was part of our dress code), Opposite Day .. anything else you can think of! I think you have to be aware of your school to make sure it would work for you. We were a small, relativly close knit school which made it easier.

This was a great idea for our school .. there was no cost involved, other than our time, so the money we made was pure profit. It was popular with the students to the point where we were doing it one a month due to demand. We were able to give alot back to the school as well .. we had a big Field Day the last friday afternoon before final exams where we hired a band and took the afternoon off for a big barbeque on the football field. Plus extra dances, guest speakers, gifts to the school ect.

Good luck with whatever ideas you choose! I loved being part of my school's government .. it has served me well as an adult as well.


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February 19, 20060 found this helpful
Best Answer

One easy and fun way to raise money for a school organization is to sell carnations for Valentine's day, or Hallograms for Halloween, or GradGrams around graduation, etc. The students sell these things for small amount of money and the other students get to send anyone they want a note. Everyone enjoys receiving them. They can write a note to the person or just sign it under a poem that is provided. Then the organizatin that sold the items gets together and hands them out to each homeroom. The most fun is the carnations at Valentine's Day.

My children also sold donuts to be delivered to the person's door on a given Saturday. This is more expensive now, however, due to the cost of gas.

Also, depending on the main theme of the school organization interested in making money, they can offer clinics for younger children on certain Saturdays. These are popular here, the dance team gives a clinic to learn a dance to a certain song, the cheerleaders teach a cheer, the football players have a punt, pass and kick competition in which they help younger kids learn some pointers, etc. The kids usually pay a $10 fee. You could have them on the same Saturday and all work together. Just use your imagination as to what could be offered. The elementary school kids and the Junior High kids enjoy these things and the moms like the half day off that it affords them (usually this is held from 8-12). Free refreshments are served, usually cookies and punch. As long as the high schoolers remember that they are role models to the younger kids this is a fun thing that can be used over and over again, as kids love this if it is a positive experience for them.

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By Chris (Guest Post)
January 22, 20090 found this helpful
Best Answer

I'm the president of a club at my school and we sold pizza after school every Friday. We made major profit.

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July 29, 2008

Does anyone have any good fund raising ideas for a high school volleyball team?

Margaret from Arlington, TN


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Best Answer

How about a penny bomb? Each of the team members can have a jar with their name and their friends, neighbors, family, etc can donate their extra pennies. We were very successful at this one, even the staff and faculty donated.

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July 30, 20080 found this helpful
Best Answer

Try Temporary Spirit tatoos. You can have ones made with your school logo or other design. You can have the team sell them before any big game or school event. The kids love them!

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August 1, 20080 found this helpful
Best Answer

In our school, which is very small -- K to 12 with 140 students, one of the best fundraisers was a homemade soup sale. One of the mothers from the VB team organized these. Expenses were bowls, spoons, and napkins. Soup was dontated by the moms, served by the team. Homemade buns were also donated.

Another idea is the traditional goodie sale at school -- squares, cookies, muffins, etc. One mom I know brought cinnamon buns to school and baked them in the Home Ec room. The smell of baking cinnamon buns really helped sales.

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By Deiter K (Guest Post)
September 30, 20080 found this helpful
Best Answer

Get three of four groups together ranging from four to five students in each group and auction yourself in doing yard work such as weeding, mowing, racking, or shoveling the yard depending on the time of year. These things are sometimes hard to accomplish in peoples busy schedule so they will be thrilled for the help. Do thier yard work for 3 or so days. Start the biding at $10.

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February 28, 20131 found this helpful

What are some good fundraising ideas that will raise the most money that will help benefit my 11th grade class?

By Dever

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January 5, 2013

I want a fun way to fundraise for a classroom. I have very little to sell. I would like to wrap an ordinary penny in gold foil or just keep in the way it is.

I would then ask who on my facebook or among my friends would like to buy this penny for a dollar.

Then when I give them the penny, they will be told this penny has to be sold for another dollar that will go to a charity of their choice. Or maybe they could just keep the penny or frame it.

Any ideas, I know this is a tough economy. What do you think of this? What would be a good name for it?

By Robyn from TN


January 6, 20130 found this helpful

So far it is getting a lot of positive reaction from my friends on facebook, it is so cute. Also I am thinking of a name for it.

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January 6, 20130 found this helpful

First find out if you can do a fund raiser for just one class room. Most schools do have fund raisers. Some food and paper products have the "Box Tops for Education" on them, and a lot of schools save them, having the students bring them from home. I have a niece that teaches in a Hutterite school, she has grades five through eight in one classroom. She uses these box top things to purchase books to give each one of her students for Christmas gifts.

The Hutterite people don't spend a lot on things like that. However, when it comes to what they give her for a Christmas gift, one year they gave her a hand made down comforter and bed pillows set, plus home processed foods, baked goods, etc. They treat her real well, and she has taught in the school for about ten years.

Campbell's soup labels are also used by some schools. If the classroom that you want to do a fundraiser for is in dire need of a piece of equipment get together with some of the other mothers and see about having a bake sale or something like that for a specific purpose. Also places like Pizza Hut have fund raising programs, as does Tupperware.

The Senior Center where I live has a real successful fundraiser every year(probably going on six years now) where they hand any member of the center that wants to do it, a $5.00 bill and that person in turn has to make it grow as much as possible. Some of the things that people have done is bake a special item that they are known for and sell it at the center, have a rummage sale at their home, with the proceeds being given in exchange for that $5.00 bill that they got.

I don't think your idea would raise enough to make it worth the small initial effort on your part. The teacher for this classroom could also ask the students to bring the Box Tops for Education directly to her and save them for her classroom.

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October 8, 20060 found this helpful

I am 16 and in high school. Through the high school I, along with 29 other students will be going to Chicago for Model UN. Which is where we go and represent countries and debate on World Issues from that countries point of view. I am excited for it, but there is a problem. All thirty of us need help to raise a rather large sum of money. We are also trying to go on another trip to St. Paul, but we can only go if there is enough money. So i ask, how can a large group of thirty students raise money. Are there any Ideas?

Jake from Isanti, MN


October 9, 20060 found this helpful

I would be glad to do an Avon fundraiser. Avon sells really well! It is not from the book but from flyers. Very simple for you to do!

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By Cheryl from Missouri (Guest Post)
October 9, 20060 found this helpful

Is it too cold for car washes in MN? That's always an easy fundraiser with minimal expense. Usually held in a church or school parking lot.

What about raking leaves. Canvas neighborhoods and knock on doors. Bring lots of bags and rakes. If it has snowed you could always shovel driveways and sidewalks.

What about a dog sitting or dog walking service?

What about a Parent's Night Out where teens babysit or plan a craft for kids so parents can shop for a few hours or have date night?

Local restaurants here have fundraisers where the group cashier & bus tables for "tips". It's announced way in advance so everyone eats out that night and "tips" big (donates).

If there's lots of senior citizens in your town you could ask what errands or work they need done. Maybe they need housecleaning done or groceries delivered. Maybe they need lightbulbs changed or a garage or attic cleaned. Maybe they just need their trash dragged to the curb each Friday (pickup day).

Hope these are ideas you can use or spark your imagination for other ideas.

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October 9, 20060 found this helpful

How about a candle sale? I know of a good company that would have awesome product, quick delivery.
babz519 AT

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By Ann (Guest Post)
October 10, 20060 found this helpful

Hi, don't know where you're from, so this might not work if you're in a warm area through the winter. We live in an area where our winters are very cold. Many people have wood stoves, and we raffled tickets for X number of cords of wood. They sold like wildfire..pardon the pun. Check out if a logger will kick in a donation of logs, and split your own. Between all you students, there has to be someone with a chainsaw and woodsplitter or spitting axe. Also, with the gas prices today, you can chip in to purchase X number of litres, and raffle it off. Good luck, have fun!

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By LRP LOWELL, MASS. (Guest Post)
October 13, 20060 found this helpful

let's start with the U.N. theme.
1-have a talent show with acts from different countries
2-week previous and at entrance have have small items from several countries to purchase
3-during intermission sell goodies from the different countries for sale.

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By Melisa from KY (Guest Post)
February 18, 20080 found this helpful

We have organized a Prom Dress Consignment. Advertisement is the key, make flyers, take them to "tri-State" area high schools, and charge $5.00 per dress w/ accessories to consign, and the profit goes to the individual selling the dresses. We charged $1.00 per person to come in and browse, offer a "Child Watch" for young children. It is a big success, plan approx. 2 months before prom for your sale.

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By ryan conlon (Guest Post)
November 3, 20080 found this helpful

here are some ideas -""

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September 10, 2013

I am the chair of our high school band's annual fruit sale fundraiser. For the past several years we have given cash prizes to the top sellers, but the same kids seem to win every year (or their siblings).

I would like to change the rewards to gift prizes that everyone has a chance to win (lottery style) with no more than 5 prizes to be won.

Question 1: With 130 kids in the band, some selling one box of fruit and others selling 200, and everything in-between, what is a fair way to compete for the prizes? (Assuming the prizes are of somewhat varying cost levels.)

Question 2: What prizes will motivate high school students? iPads came up, but we could only afford one of those. What else can you suggest?

Thanks for the help.

By Melody Bressler-Hay from Oak Ridge, TN

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July 29, 20080 found this helpful

My school is going on a trip to New York from Montana and it is going to cost about $1,835. How can my class get together and make some money?

Bailey from Kalispell


School Fundraising Ideas

Avon has great fundraisers for different functions. You might call your Avon rep. and ask her for a fundraiser lit pack(folder). (10/27/2006)

By avon mom new mexico

School Fundraising Ideas

THE MOST MONEY FOR THE TIME: This is easy - bottle drive. Put out a flyer that you're doing a bottle drive. People don't even have to be home. If they leave their bottles on the step on "Saturday Morning", you'll come get them. They'd rather you get the $7.00, than have to make the trip to the redemption center.

The other idea is "chores". Offer to do those things home owners just run out of time to do - weed the garden, walk the dogs, rake the yard, shovel the driveway, wash the car, mow the lawn (not during the same season as shoveling the drive way :)) - Go to homes w/ For Sale signs and offer brut strength of moving boxes - I bet you'll be cheaper than any moving company. (10/28/2006)

By Carla J. Sanders

School Fundraising Ideas (07/16/2007)

By Karen

School Fundraising Ideas

If your school has a shortage of parental involvement but you still want to give your students the rich experiences that can be provided with the extra money that fundraising provides, we at School Spirit Events are here to introduce you to a brand new form of effortless fundraising. All you need to do is sign up your parent group at for your own free POWER MALL, provide your malls address to the staff and parents and any shopping that is done through your school's site will earn your school a rebate check. The stores on your site are a great mix of major national retail stores and specialty stores.

The steps are very simple; Sign up your parent group for a free power mall through, you will receive your mall's address by the next business day, go back to and click on the tools for schools link, select and download the half page flier to send home with the students, add your malls address to the flier, print as many copies as you need, place the copies in the teacher's mailboxes for distribution. The program truly could not be easier, it is free money for your school with very little effort. Thank you for your time.


DL Merrick-President
School Spirit Events

By David

School Fundraising Ideas

That's easy..Go to

It's the easiest way to raise money from the web! (09/05/2007)

By Jason

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October 26, 20060 found this helpful

I am a member of a Middle School PTA that is looking for a new fundraiser for the school. Many of the ones used for elementary (movie night, popcorn Friday, puppet show/magician, etc.) just don't work at this age level (11 to 15). We have been doing some projects but only net about $200. Our bank account is slowly dwindling due to expenses and we need a money maker that will get at least $1000 profit.

We have lots of volunteers but would like to keep the work to a minimum (of course!). Catalog sales are done to death in our community and, personally, I dread seeing another one. Something unique would be great. Appreciation in advance for any and all ideas. Oh, yeah, the school has about 825 students, lots of active parents and a very supportive administration.

Melody from Tri-Cities (Eastern), WA


School Fundraising Ideas

Since December I have been working as a consultant for Home Interiors. They have a good fund raising program selling candles,bath items and candle tins and shades. They are very reasonably priced (nothing over $20) and the group selling them gets 50% of what is sold. If it is a tax exempt organization, they pay no taxes on what is sold. Of all the fund raisers I've ever dealt with I don't think I've seen one as simple to do and yet when the money is turned in to the consultant it's in your hands that very day. Customers pay when they order so there's no real hassle. For more info write me @ Sharon Shearer 524 Main Street Apt l Ravenna, Ky 40472 and I'd be glad to send brochures to help decide if this is right for your organization. (02/20/2006)

By Sharon, Ky

School Fundraising Ideas

How about a spaghetti dinner or pancake breakfast? Parents and kids can cook and serve and the food that is needed is very inexpensive. (02/20/2006)

By Maureen

School Fundraising Ideas

Gold Canyon Candles offers a very easy set-up with 40% profit up front. If you are interested in more information you can e-mail me at I have had some very happy customers, and they would be glad to share their stories! Mimi3 (02/20/2006)

By cyndi

School Fundraising Ideas

Let everyone know that you are fundraising and would like to spare everyone the trouble of selling something. Send a note home with each student, stating your needs and goals and ask parents or kids to contribute no more than a $2.00 donation, or whatever works, to your fund by a certain date. Kind of like PBS pledge time.

This could be money earned at home to support their school. If you like, give a nice certificate or sticker that you have created, thanking them for their support. I would recommend doing that at the time of donation. Ask the admin to have an fun assembly involving EVERYONE at the end. Skits and music are good. Hopefully, this could become a yearly tradition.

You could put up charts with dollar amounts but please, NO STUDENT NAMES as that might embarrass those without the resources to help.

A Former Teacher

By Vicka

School Fundraising Ideas

We just finished a bingo night as a fund raiser. There were costs involved...we rented the bingo ball thing and had to buy the bingo cards. We sold the cards for $1 and they were only good for one game. Different color cards are provided so you can say you are playing with green now, for example. We sold soft drinks, popcorn and candy. We had good prizes that had been donated - getting the prizes from area businesses took some time. They were grocery gift cards, movie passes, free birthday parties, small jewlery items, etc. It was announced at the beginning of each game what the prize was. We had so many prizes that we also sold raffle tickets for a dollar and would draw them throughout the night to give out extra prizes. Good luck with whatever you choose to do. (02/20/2006)

By Ann4

School Fundraising Ideas

I can tell you what we did when I was in school and it was my very favorite. A bake sale. My mom always made popcorn balls and Choclate peanut butter oatmeal no bake cookies and they always sold out first. Bake sales are so fun and everyone can make something different and alot of each thing so if you have alot of parents joining in you can make quite a bit of money. And dont just sell them at school you can sell to the community. (02/20/2006)

By christi

School Fundraising Ideas

My little bros were in all kinds of sports growing up so my mom joined the booster club. Their main fundraiser was to have one night a week/month and have a certain amount of people work at the local bingo hall. The gave us an agreed upon amount of the earnings. Just make sure that the volunteers can handle the smoke. It can get really bad in there. (02/20/2006)

By jeggie

School Fundraising Ideas

Our school just did a Gift Auction and we netted $9200.00! We had a sit down dinner (chicken francaise), a live band donated their time, and we had a turn out of 266 people. This took alot of planning and time, but it was worth the profits in the end. (02/20/2006)

By Kim McGrantham

School Fundraising Ideas

Our school got families together on a Saturday to put together frozen lasagna meals. We sold them for $8 each (for 12 serving size), and made several hundred dollars. These are excellent if someone wants to buy several to freeze or take one home to bake the same day.

Second idea is to sign up with Market Day at We use this on a monthly basis at our school. Each grade level gets a month to earn money for their classroom(s). An order form gets sent home with kids and gets turned in a few days before the monthly pickup date. You get wonderful frozen foods, vegetables, side dishes, desserts, etc. They are not too expensive, and the school gets 10% back from each monthly sale. We make anywhere from $300-$600 every month. Sometimes the class mom gets parents for the month's grade level to participate in setting up the sale items for pickup. It is not very timeconsuming, and people can order on the Internet and even pre-pay with credit cards for their orders. Or, you can pay cash/check when you pick up on the day of sale. It is only one day a month and takes about 1 hour to set everything up, and about 30 minutes of clean-up when the sale pickup hour is over. Very easy, and makes lots of money! Try it! Plus, you can participate anywhere in the country, as they ship everywhere.


By Krystyna Crawford

School Fundraising Ideas

I am the secretary for the school PTF (same as PTA but we call it Parent Teacher Fellowship) We have done the Auction in the past where familes and organizations donate items. It was a lot of work but fun. One thing we tried this year was a school wide yard sale. We sold spots for $15.00. The family could sell their own items. Or we took donations from anyone that was doing fall cleaning and instead of trashing or giving away, they donated to the school. These went to a school wide space and all the profits from this space went to the PTF. We also did a bake sale which was all donations as well that we sold. The best time to do it is when the community is having a yard sale day. It worked great because so many families made the rounds. For a school of only 400 students we brought in over $500. We also do a cheesecake/cookie dough sale that we start the week before Thanksgiving and collect the first week in Dec. Then the items were delivered by the second week of Dec just in time for Holiday baking. This brought in over $2000.00. (02/20/2006)

By exhaustedmomof2

School Fundraising Ideas

My daughters preschool has a $1 per child raffle each year. Make up raffle tickets and offer prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place drawings. We can usually sell quite a bit of tickets for this, as everyone is glad to help out a child's school. They usually have a "big prize" for 1st (such as an inexpensive tv), and smalller money amts for 2nd and 3rd place. (02/21/2006)

By jmz2005

School Fundraising Ideas

Try to use ideas that use "OPM" Other peoples money. Some restaurants will allow you to have a percentage of sales on your designated night (Max and Ermas for example). We had local restaurants offer tastings and tickets were $15 for adults. (02/21/2006)

By Diana

School Fundraising Ideas

How about a dress up day for the kids? We did this in high school as a student council fundraiser and it was very popular and a good money maker.

Kids paid a dollar to get to wear a hat or their pajamas or halloween costume or whatever you decide. Our school had a somewhat strict dress code and any break from that was appreciate by the kids! We were a small school (around 250 students) but we'd make around $200 each time .. teachers got into the spirit of it too and it became a fun tradition that's still going on today, ten years later!

The best part is it's all profit .. the only expense we occured was making posters and then we used the schools supplies for that! There's no selling involved and it can be customized to fit what you're kids are interested in .. you could even have contests for the craziest hat or best pjs to encourage kids to enter and the winner would get a small prize.

Feel free to email me for more information. .. mx racer367 @ (remove the spaces)

Good luck to you and bless you for working so hard for your kids school!

Rebekah (02/21/2006)

By Rebekah

School Fundraising Ideas

Have a dance for the kids and charge admission. Get a band or DJ to donate their time and equipment or you can use your own stereo equipment and do it yourself. You can sell concessions there too. (02/22/2006)

By Melanie

School Fundraising Ideas

Our school does a jog a thon, and we focus only on that, we have great parent volunteers and we average about $68,000.00, yes, that many zero's. We make it a big deal. (04/02/2006)

By Heather Brook

Yard Sale

How about planning a huge Yard sale? Send home notices for donations, recruit volunteers to set up and price things and advertise. Yard Sales at schools bring alot of people. (04/21/2006)

By Kat

School Fundraising Ideas

How about a Fall Fair? Or Spring, Winter whatever. Give all the kids in your school an afternoon off and set up stations in the school in almost every room! (10/21/2006)

By Donna

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