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Wedding Ideas on a Budget
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Making a 3D Butterfly Wedding Place Card
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Ideas for Planning a Green Wedding
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Valentine's Day Wedding Favors
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Plantable Wedding Invitations

I wanted it to be special without spending much. I looked over numerous types of invitations and they were very costly, even to buy software and make your own.

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Planning a Wedding on a $500.00 Budget

With the 9/9/09 wedding day drawing ever nearer, I have decided that I want to spend no more than $500 on the whole thing. I have tailored down some ideas to create a great party while saving some extra money in the bank.

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Having a Large Wedding on a Budget

I am having a very hard time finding centerpieces. I've looked at a ton of websites and I just can't seem to find them cheap enough. I really like the floating candle idea, but the things I find are all too small and the bigger ones are way out of my price range I mean who wants to spend 700 dollars just on centerpieces. I need help. I still have plenty of time until my wedding but I don't want to be like my best friend who is getting married next June and hasn't even bought a single thing yet.

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Decorating Wedding Ceremony Space at a Hotel

My daughter will have her ceremony in one room and her reception in another at a hotel. How do you decorate for a ceremony when it's just a empty room with chairs? The reception we have under control, but I'm stumped on the ceremony. Her colors will be neons.

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Alternatives to a Gift Registry

My fiancee and I have agreed that a gift registry would not work for us. Our families are very old fashioned and are not to up to date. What wording can we use on our invitations, reply cards, or reception cards? We want to have a wishing well or a really nicely decorated box where we can receive either money or gift cards.

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Inexpensive Wedding Centerpieces

I am getting married in May and was wondering if there were any ideas on cheap, but nice looking centerpieces?

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Inexpensive Chair Covers For Wedding
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Weddings Are Too Expensive for Just One Day

My fiancee and I had been together for a year when I asked him why he had not proposed. His reply was that, "Weddings are too expensive for just one day". Ahh, true love. Because neither of us came from money, we did not have to worry about the whole thing getting out of hand.

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Towel Cake for Beach Wedding
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What Do You Think of This Wedding Dress?

Can you tell me what you think of this dress?

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Decorating Ideas For An Outdoor June Wedding Reception

My daughter is getting married in June 2005. We are having a simple reception (cake, punch, fruit/veggie trays, finger foods). We will be having the wedding/reception outdoors around noon (the time hasn't been set in stone as of this writing). The wedding will take place in a beautiful field.

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Buying a Wedding Ring With Bad Credit

I want to propose to my girlfriend but I don't have the money to buy a ring right this moment, so are there any sites out there that you can buy now and pay later without good credit? and you can receive the ring before you get finish paying it off! Allan

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Secrets for a Long and Happy Marriage
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Brown Bridesmaid's Dresses for March Wedding

Can you use brown as a bridesmaid dress in March? My wedding was originally planned for October has moved to March. I liked my colors so much, I kinda wanted to keep them.

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Wedding Cootie Catchers!
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Asking Wedding Guests to Bring Finger Foods

I am looking for ideas for our wedding reception in June. It will be indoors. This is our second marriage and we want to keep things simple and inexpensive. Would it be tacky to tell guests to bring finger foods to the reception? My aunt is making the cake and we are serving pink lemonade punch.

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Silk Calla Lily Centerpieces

I'm getting married August 9, 2008. I'm looking to use silk calla lilies for the center pieces. I would like them to be tall so everyone can see and talk to each other. Can some help me with ideas. How to make, and where to go. We are paying for the wedding ourselves.

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Wedding Appetizers

My daughter and I have decided to reduce the budget for her wedding reception, and with the wedding two weeks away we want to find good, elegant and FRUGAL appetizers, and serve an appetizer reception instead of a buffet.

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Groom's Gift to Bride Ideas

I am trying to decide what to give my bride as a gift on our wedding day. I consider myself rather romantic and usually never have any trouble coming up with gifts, however, I am stumped.

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Help Planning Elegant Wedding For $2,000

I am getting married May 24, 2008 and we are on a very tight budget, but I want it to be very elegant. My budget is around $2,000, can anyone give me any help, please!

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Printed Wedding Invitations

My fiance and I are trying to find ways to cut down the cost of our wedding and are thinking about printing our own invitations. I was wondering if anyone has done this for their own wedding and how the invitations turned out?

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Hot Pink, Blue, and White Wedding Colors

I am planning my wedding. It is hard to decide on colors. I wanted royal blue, silver, and white, but I was told that the flowers would probably look black in the pictures and it is hard to find royal blue items. So I think I am going to go with hot or bright pink.

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Centerpiece Ideas Using Candles

Looking to make my own centerpieces for a September wedding. I am thinking something with candles. Any suggestions? Oh, I need 40 of them! Anyfeed back will be helpful. Gina

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My Elvis Wedding (Graceland Wedding...
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Urgent Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas Needed!

All that is left is the decoration for our wedding cake. (I have the cake - homemade!. But I am completely stuck for ideas on decorating it!

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Candid Moments at a Wedding

This photo is from my wedding in 1984 and is my most cherished picture of them all on that day! The little girl, Lindsey, was my flower girl and the child of my still bestest friend, Cindy, now for 42 years!

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Registering For Wedding Gifts When You Don't Need Anything

I'm getting married this summer, and between the two of us we already have everything and more than we need in our home. So when it comes to wedding gifts we don't really need anything. (Other than a little extra cash!) Where should I register and what for? My parents, friends, and family all want to get us stuff, but we don't know what we need. Help!

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Buffet Foods For Backyard Wedding

PLEASE HELP! I am having a backyard wedding on Oct. 28,2007.

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Food For Small Wedding Reception

What should I serve at my wedding reception for only 60 people?

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Giving Money as a Wedding Gift

I haven't been to a wedding in several years. Does anyone know what amount that most people give as a monetary gift?

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Saving Money on a Wedding
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Planning a Wedding for Under $3000

I'm planning a wedding for 10/09/10. I am on a strict budget of $3000 dollars. I would appreciate any tips and advice you could share to make wedding a memorable event.

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Can I Afford a Wedding?

I am in Yuma, AZ. My fiance wants to get married near her family in TN. She has no income, and I am in the military as an E-3. Can I have a decent wedding? Or would we have to settle for a courthouse?

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Ideas For Unique Wedding Favors

Our son is getting married this July. (2008) Does anyone have any ideas for wedding reception table decorations/favors? We've done the Hershey Kiss long stemmed roses and personalized fortune cookies with our own fortunes. Since we'd like to do 300 or more, we'd like them to be affordable but memorable.

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Inexpensive Bridesmaid Dresses

Seeing as we are already on a tight budget for the wedding and not a lot of time I was wondering where would be a great place to get cheap bridesmaids dresses or if anyone knows where I can get gently used bridesmaids dresses.

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Flower Advice For a June Wedding

I am getting married in june 2005 and I don't know about flowers. What flowers do I use for a june wedding? What flowers should I put in the aisle and use for the banquet. I am lost with flowers but my mother wants flowers. I don't want to spend too much money. Jennifer from Texas

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Choosing Wedding Flowers
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Decorating an Ice Arena Ceiling for a Wedding

My daughter is getting married in August, and we are having the reception at an ice rink/ice arena. We are renting white pipe and drape to section off about a 80 feet on each side to about 80 feet across.

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Wedding Centerpieces Using Live Fish in Lighted Bowls

My daughter is planning her wedding and we are looking for special centerpieces. She would like to put a fish in water with a light. Does this sound totally off the wall? She wants a blue fish because her colors are blue royal and light blue.

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Use Bubble Wrap in Vases
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Wedding Cupcake Tree
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Rustic Outdoors Themed Wedding

My oldest son is getting married 2-14-2009, and has requested that I do the food. The theme is rustic/outdoors including turkey hunting decor. I have the menu of BBQ pork, slaw, tater salad, hot wings, shrimp, fruit and veggie trays. What I need are rustic/thrifty ideas to serve this food on. This is not a traditional wedding, the couple has requested guest to "come as you are". Any and all ideas are welcome. Thanks to all.

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Frugal Wedding Gift Ideas

Looking for alternative wedding gift ideas! I've done searches to find ideas for frugal wedding gifts but most of them are quite traditional. These days, couples live together awhile before tying the knot.

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Outdoor Casual, Non-traditional Wedding

I'm planning a very frugal wedding for May. Let me give you some details first. We are renting a building at a local campground for the "wedding" and "reception". It will not be anything traditional. We will be getting married in bride and groom t-shirts and shorts/jeans. No flowers. No catering. We are ordering pizza for everyone and buying pop (soda) to drink.

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Cheap Wedding Sites in Baltimore, Maryland

I am planning my wedding for october of this year (2008). I need to know of cheap wedding/receptions sites to hold my wedding. I would like to have the wedding and reception held at the same place with the possibility of having a caterer at the site to. I have little money but want something nice, simple and clean. Please help!!

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My Frugal Wedding
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Finding a Used Wedding Dress

Goodwill and Salvation Army often carry wedding dresses. Also, ask the local wedding places if they have any dresses on clearance. That's how I found mine for $100 at a wedding place and with alterations I needed, I only spent 350.00 but I also bought a veil and had my dress bustled in the back. Check your local papers too.

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Outdoor Wedding Reception Decorations

I have another wedding question. Any ideas for outdoor wedding decorations, tablecloths and centerpieces? White and pink are the colors and I don't want them to blow away. Thanks! Hope

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Reception Ideas: Lunch for 100 People

I am planning a wedding for my sister. I need to feed 100 people on a limited budget. I think we have at least 10 vegetarians. It doesn't need to be incredibly formal.

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Food Ideas for a Reception for 100 on a Budget

I am on a small budget and trying to find out different ideas for food at my reception. I am anticipating about 100 people.

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Contributing to Your Child's Wedding

My step son and his new wife are expecting. They had a courthouse type wedding and plan to have a "real" wedding as she puts it. She will not take his last name nor wear her wedding ring until they do the big church wedding.

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Planning A Frugal Wedding Quickly

My fiance and I are trying to get married this August. As far as we know we have no financial support coming from our families and we are stuck going at it alone. I'm in college so I do not make much money and he is the only one working full time but we still don't have a lot of extra cash to spare.

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Champagne Flute Wedding Favors

Does anyone have any ideas for wedding favor fillers. My sister in law is getting married and has asked that I take care of the favors. I happen to have boxes of champagne flutes (plastic) and am completely stumped as to what to fill them with?

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Beverage Tips For Weddings

My wedding tip is to provide complimentary beverages at a wedding, including alcohol. Beer and wine are fine; and if your budget allows, a full bar. The other point I'd like to stress is to have the beverages available as soon as the guests arrive. This way, everyone starts relaxing and having fun and there's less stress all the way around. The tackiest thing in the world is to expect your guests to pay for beverages at your wedding. They're your GUESTS (duh).

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Dancing in High Heels

My daughter's weeding is in less than two weeks. I have a pair of strappy sandals with high heels, 4". I can get around pretty well on them at home, but am worried about a slippery dance floor. Does anyone have any advice about what I can put under the shoes so I don't slip? Please don't ask me to get another pair.

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Saving Money on Wedding Photography

I am looking for ideas for getting wedding photography that doesn't cost an absolute fortune. I don't have any friends who are good photographers and I would really like to have professional posed picture done as well as the usual candids you get when you put the little disposable cameras on the tables.

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Fire Theme Wedding

We are planning our wedding on February 20, 2007 at the fire hall. We are looking to do a fire theme based wedding and are trying to find things to do with the fire department for the wedding. If you could help us and give us some ideas that would be appreciated!

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Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Gift Ideas

I'm kind of in a bind... I am getting married in May and am starting to look for the bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts. Here's the thing... some really close friends of ours (part of the wedding party) just got married and their bridal party gifts where what I was planning to buy; personalized flasks and jewelry boxes.

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Planning a Frugal Wedding
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Cleaning a Wedding Dress

I am getting married in June and purchased my dress from a thrift store. It isn't terribly dirty or anything; I could wear it as is, but I'd like to clean it to make sure that it looks its best. The label says "do not wash, do not dry clean professionally, spot clean only."

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Wedding Meal on a Tight Budget

We have a small budget for our wedding and catering is so expensive. If we do it ourselves with frozen lasagna, salad and bread will it look cheap? How can we have a nice meal on a tight budget?

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Engagement Photo: Holding Hands

I got engaged this past August and this was a picture I took and used as part of our announcements. I feel like it's just such a special picture, it doesn't just show the ring but shows us entwined.

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Ideas for a $300 Wedding

I need cheap ideas for a $300 wedding for 50 people. The dress and place are already taken care of. They are having a church wedding in July. My sister doesn't have a lot of money to throw her daughter a wedding. Any ideas? Is it possible? Thanks.

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Wedding Cocktail Reception on a Tight Budget

I am getting married next year in the summer and I don't want to have a sit down reception. I am planning on having a Cocktail Reception for 250 guests following the ceremony in a church dining hall which will start about 1:30-2:00 pm.

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Wedding Reception Candle Centerpiece Ideas

Any centerpiece ideas for a reception with candles for cheap.

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Planning a Simple Wedding

I am wanting a simple wedding. My fiance is wanting to wear blue jeans and a nice dress shirt. He is also wanting to wear cowboy boots and his cowboy hat. Will that look okay with my dress?

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Wedding Gift For Son

I need some gift ideas for my son and his future wife. I have absolutely no clue as to what to buy them as a wedding gift. He is in the service and they plan on getting an apartment. I can't spend a lot of $$ but want a nice gift. Thought about getting them a bible? What do ya'll think?

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An Indoor Wedding For Less Than $1,500

Hi all thrifters. I am from New Jesey and cannot afford a $3000 wedding. My fiancee and I want a reception indoors, with a DJ, and dinner food (not brunch), but are looking to spend between $1000 to $1,500. I have made requests for help before but I was not specific, so many people, whose ideas were all great, suggested brunch and outdoors.

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Saving Money On Our Honeymoon

Hi fellow spendthrifts! Well after being married and saving for 9 years my husband and I can finally afford a honeymoon! (YEAH) We want to go somewhere tropical, ie Jamaica, Fiji, etc. I've been looking at prices and nearly had a cow.

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Bridal Shower Ideas
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Roles for Children in a Wedding

We have something of a dilemma. My daughter is getting married soon, and there are 2 four year old girls and 3 young boys (2 four year olds and a six year old) that will be in the wedding.

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Affordable Wedding Locations In Somerset, NJ

I am located in Somerset, NJ and just moved from NC. I am getting married next summer and would like to know if anyone has any ideas on locations. We will be purchasing a house just before the wedding so that after the honeymoon we can come home to our new home. So I am trying to keep the wedding under $3,000. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Gift Ideas For Bridal Party

I am looking for some unique bridesmaid's gifts. Does anyone have any ideas? The ages of everyone in the bridal party is 17-26. There are four girls. Do people normally give the maid of honor a slightly better gift? How does this work? Thanks!

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Printing Your Own Wedding Programs

My daughter is getting married. We are wondering if you have to go to a printer to do wedding programs, or if anyone has a way of making them? I do want them to look nice. Is there a special program to do this? Same thing with little cards for the favors. Can you do them yourself or do you need a professional?

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Calculating Costs for a Large Wedding

I have a nephew, that's getting married next month. His new bride wants a large wedding, with four bride-maids. How much would the wedding cost?

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Starry, Starry Night Themed Wedding

I am getting married July 11, 2009. I'm not sure what colors I should use. My favorite colors are purple and pink, his is blue. We are having an evening/night time wedding so I'm not sure if those colors would be good.

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Wedding Reception in a Church's Gym

I need ideas on how to transform a church gym to an elegant yet inexpensive wedding reception.

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Wedding Gifts From Parents

My son is getting married next month. What would be an appropriate wedding gift from parents?

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Wedding Recipe Ideas

Our daughter's getting married on 7/7/07, with an outdoor reception. She wants an elegant (yet simple) dinner, possibly buffet style, and I need to find recipes that will work for entrees, preferably chicken or pork.

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Mexican Wedding Reception Decorations

My sister is getting married in Mexico and as maid of honor I am in charge of organizing the reception party. As we are in Mexico, I thought it would be nice to include some of their traditions and decorations in the reception. I have found a lot of information on dances, but I am struggling to find information on the decorations.

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Instead of Rice, Throw Flower Petals
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Wedding With a $10,000 Budget

I am helping a friend get suggestions for her wedding. She has a $10,000 budget to work with. Any ideas? They have contemplated Vegas.

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Inexpensive, Nice Wedding Reception Gifts

Can any one share with me a very cheap nice wedding reception gift for guests on tables?

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Decorating a Wedding Reception
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Bridal Shower Gift Ideas
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Gift Ideas to Bride and Groom from Bride's Parents

Our daughter's wedding is coming up in 2 weeks. We gave her and her fiance a substantial amount of money to use however they chose on the wedding and reception.

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Alternative to Flower Petals for Flower Girl to Scatter

I am having problems on what to have the flower girl scatter down the aisle. I do not want to use flower pedals. I am having an outside wedding and do not want to clean up after the wedding. Does anyone know of something that would not have to be picked up that you can still see?

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Wedding Gift Ideas for a Second Marriage

My brother is getting married but isn't having a wedding celebration. They are just going to the city and signing the papers to make their union legal. I won't be there but I will be the following week and wanted to bring them something.

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Celtic Themed Wedding

My husband and I are wanting to renew our vows. We eloped when we got married so we want to have an actual ceremony. But we are wanting to do a Celtic themed wedding. I am having a very hard time finding anything for it.

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Maternity Brides Maid Dress

I have 2 bridesmaids from Japan who have never worn dresses and my maid of honor will be 8 1/2 months pregnant at the time of my wedding in May. I understand you can take pretty much any dress and make it fit to her body but she feels uncomfortable unless it is a maternity dress. SO- I have been looking and looking to stores, outlets, websites but I can't find a dress for a reasonable price.

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Colors for a March Wedding

We are planning a March wedding, for this year. What are good color options for this month?

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Unique Wedding Dress From A Vintage Pantsuit

When I got married, OK, it was 10 years ago and it wasn't for the first or last time, but let's skip over that part. Great wedding though, and my dress has an interesting story. You see, it began life as a brocade formal pants suit, of 1960's vintage.

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A Good Tree for a Wedding Gift

A Good Tree for a Wedding Gift. My brother is getting married soon and him and his soon to be wife just bought there first house too and what I was wondering is for part of their gift we were thinking of buying them a tree to plant in there yard kind of symbolizing Love, Life and a new beginning do you think this is a good idea and if so what type of tree do you think would be good?

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Other Uses for "The Perfect Wedding" Cash

I have a friend who just recently married and learned (the hard way), that the advice I gave her a year ago proved to be true. She spent almost a year and about $68,000 on "the perfect wedding".

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Decorating a Hall for a Wedding

I'm looking for a cheap way to decorate my hall and tables. Does anyone have any ideas for decorations and a center peice to go on the middle of the tables?

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Make Your Own Wedding Invitations
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Music Themed Centerpieces and Favors

My fiance and I are very musical people and we are looking for ways to incorporate our love of music into our wedding. I am looking for ideas of centerpieces or favors.

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Wedding Gift Ideas
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What Does the Groom's Family Pay For?

My 21 year old son is newly engaged. I am so new to wedding information. Please help me! I know we have to pay for the rehearsal dinner, but don't agree with what her family includes in that. Help!

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Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

Any ideas for a rehearsal dinner for 50? The bride's parents are having a $20 a plate wedding for 300 people. I hate to look too cheap, but I am on a budget! (It is a summer wedding.)

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Planning a Frugal Wedding Reception

I need help trying to do an affordable wedding reception. Please help.

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Craft Project: Lace Fans
Check Out This Craft
Finding Metal Columns for Wedding
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Inexpensive March Wedding

I have a friend who is getting married in March and she wants a nice wedding with bridesmaids and all, but she doesn't want to spend a lot of money. Any ideas on how she can have a nice wedding without breaking her piggy bank?

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Tips From a $300 Wedding
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What Do You Need For A Wedding?

I don't know how to plan a wedding. It's only going to be small but I don't know what you need to have. I know my dress and my fiance's tux but other than that I don't know what else I need. Please help.

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Bulk Firefighter Charms For Wedding Favors

My son is getting married next year. Both the bride and groom are firefighters and we are having a firefighter wedding. I am looking for firefighter charms to add to the wedding favors with ribbon.

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Table Favors for 200+ Wedding Guests

I am helping with table favors for a friend's wedding. Originally there were supposed to be about 100 guests, now it looks like it may be 200+. Any ideas? The colors are pink, white, and black.

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Gift Card House
Check Out This Craft
Wedding Gift For Boss

I need a gift idea to buy my husband's boss and bride to be. They are well off financially and they invited us to Cancun, Mexico for the wedding so I do not know what to buy them.

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Gift Baskets for Wedding Guests

Our son is getting married this summer. I would like to put a gift basket in the hotel rooms of our out of town guests. Does anyone have any suggestions for inexpensive items?

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Cheap Place for a Wedding Reception

Cheap Place for a Wedding Reception. Where can I go to have a cheap but elegant wedding reception? I am very creative and I am willing to do all the decorating myself.

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A Source for Floralytes

I made this request before but I'm hoping someone might have an answer for me now. I'm looking for lights that are put into floral bouquets to light the container. They are called Floralytes. A big box store carries them but I'm looking to buy in bulk for my daughter's upcoming wedding and I was hoping someone could lead me to a wholesaler that might have a lower price than 2 for $2.99 since she is on a very tight budget.

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Food Ideas for Wedding on a Budget
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Ideas for Renewing Your Vows
Read 3 Solutions
Making the Bride a Memento from Her Father's Dress Shirt

My cousin was really close to her father. Unfortunately he died at a young age. She is getting married next year and I would like to make her something out of a dress shirt I have of his. I would like it to be something she can wear or use in the wedding.

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Honeymoon Destination Ideas

I am planning a honeymoon for my daughter with her fiancee. Any great ideas where you have traveled and loved?

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Inexpensive Wedding Reception Ideas

Is it okay to just have a ceremony, then punch and cake, with maybe veggie trays, fruit, and a champagne toast afterwards? I am considering this instead of a full on reception. There would be no dancing, sit down meal, etc. I want to just have something simple and inexpensive.

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Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

For a unique wedding gift, gather kitchen tools or spices, put them in a small wicker basket, bowl, baking dish etc. and wrap the whole thing is a couple of tea towels. Make the bow out of another tea towel of a different color by wrapping around the gathered up corners and tying a knot; flare out the "ribbon" towels and attach a set of measuring spoons.

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Food for a Daytime Wedding

I'm getting married in the summer and I'm so lost. It is a noon wedding and I don't know what the etiquette should be. We have thought about serving only appetizers (about 5p) because of the cost, plus beverages and the cake.

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Planning a Wedding and Reception on a $2000 Budget

My fiance and I are getting married next March and I only have a budget of $2000 to work with. I don't know where to start. I also don't know what type of low budget foods people would like, and we are inviting over 100 people.

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Wedding Reception Venue Advice

Is a wedding reception at the church dining hall tacky?

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Embellishing A Wedding Dress

I really love this dress, but it's so expensive. I was thinking, maybe I could buy a simple tube/strapless bridal dress from David's bridal outlet for $49.99 and embellish it with tulle, and beads, etc. I want it to look like this picture.

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Saving on Decorating for Your Wedding

I am getting married for my 3rd time, yes I know, 3. That being said, I have been dating someone for 3 years and we are planning on getting married on July 11th 2009.

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