Value of a Vintage Zenith Console Stereo System?

May 25, 2021

An old console stereo.We were recently cleaning out an old storage building and ran across this Zenith furniture type record player. From what I can tell by googling it, it's possible a 1963 or 1964 model? I could be wrong though? Any ideas on what its worth or the value of it?



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There is no way to provide a value with just the information supplied as value would be based on cosmetic condition, working condition (radio. turn table, speakers all working?), area where located.

Area is very important as shipping items like this would be very expensive so sellers usually list these as 'pick up only'. This means you could be in an area that loves these old consoles or your area could pass them by on the curb for free (like my area).

It seems your console is from 1964 and if in working condition (and good area) could be valued from $100 - $500 but it may take a long time to sell.
One eBay recently had a similar console listed for $100 for over 2 years and never sold.
Similar age/style sold for $100 in 2020:


Information online but you can also ask on this site for information about your console:

You can check eBay's for sale listing (I did not see your exact type for sale) and place a watch on any console to see if it sells. Asking prices do not represent value as only a sold listing will tell you what someone was willing to pay.
Check out eBay's for sale items:

Several consoles have been sold over the past several months so check out what sold and where it was located.

Other online sites have consoles for sale but it's rare to find a sold item that shows price paid.


You will need to check out the entire system and do a good clean up job before you can offer it for sale.
If all is in working order (which would be rare) you can post it for sale for a higher price and lower it if no one places an offer.
You will need several very good pictures.

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Zenith was founded in 1923. By the 1930s, Zenith had several large factories in the Chicago area, producing radio chassis, cabinets, and other electronics.
Zenith established one of the first FM stations in the country in 1940 (Chicago's WWZR, later called WEFM, named for Zenith executive Eugene F. McDonald), which was among the earliest FM multiplex stereo stations, first broadcasting in stereo in June 1961.


I didn't find confirmation that this model is from 1964. Anyway this is Vintage 1960s Zenith Record Player Console STEREO Model SL2505.

About the price. Here 1963 model SK2506T is on sale for $ 142 with local pick-up only
Here for $ 100,34,91146,Zenith-Stereophonic-Record...
Here 1962 model MH2865 in good condition is for £ 899
Here 1963 model SK2506T for $1,300, as I see the seller didn't identify the year, this model is described here

So, the price is highly dependent on the condition of the record player console and the location (shipping cost). But in fact these consoles are worth what someone will pay. Maybe someone will pay $ 1000 for the perfectly working console.

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August 18, 2022

Can you tell me the value of this Zenith model H1086R console record player, in NW Iowa? It's in good condition.

Zenith Console Record Player.

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August 31, 2020

Can anyone tell me anything about my Zenith Stereophonic Solid State console. I have looked on the internet and have not been able to find anything that matches my model number and I haven't been able to find an image similar to mine.

It is all original down to the speakers that sound amazing. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A Zenith console record player.
The top of a Zenith console record player.
The back of a Zenith console record player.
A Zenith label on a console record player.


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The first link shows what I think is the exact console in an advertisement pegged from is a little blurry--but I think the one on the lower corner is it. That is a little late--I was more inclined to think it was as the 3rd link said from 1962-1965--both could be right if they made the same model repeatedly from 1962-1968....I know a little about these...but not the nitty gritty that they do on that 3rd site--it used to be a great resource--you may want to join and chat with them...they were very nice, although its been a while since I used them.


The middle link is for Worthpoint--I don't have a subscription but if you do you can learn what it fetched several years ago. The market has dropped some in the past 5 years so you could realistically slice 10-15% off the value if the sale dates was 5-10 years ago...sadly, these are not increasing in value--but decreasing because the supply is huge and the demand is small.

Still a very cool piece!! Depending on where you are in the US you can see what they are fetching in your neighborhood by asking around to local vintage shops or if you have shops that specialize in jukes and stereos/TVs/pinball--they can give you the best value for your town.

If it works--enjoy it!!

The one link (3rd down) said in 2010 it was not worth piecing it out and selling it for parts. I think that has changed as people that have these, love them and still DO want the parts. eBay always has parts for consoles for sale--but if you can't take apart and test once apart--then it is a moot point. That is a very picky market for sales--people who buy the parts for repair. They know their stuff and want the pieces tested!


Thanks for sharing!!

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December 12, 2021

Im wondering if its worth the time to troubleshoot/fix this 1968(?) Zenith Circle of Sound console stereo, Y955. I remember that decades ago, it quit working. My grandfather pulled the fuse which was visibly broken (and is still sitting where he left it on the turntable in the picture). He couldn't find a replacement so the repair attempt ended there and it became just a dust collecting piece of furniture.

The inside of a console stereo.

I'm now trying to decide whether to put it out on the curb, offer it to a local charity shop, or to attempt to fix it. It appears to still have all of its components including the turntable, 8-track player, AM/FM tuner, and speakers. It does not have the Operating Guide or the Circle of Sound pamphlet. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

A large wooden console stereo.


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Cool piece!! Are you an expert at fixing and do you have the parts in hand? If not, I would not bother for two reasons--one is people who buy these usually buy them for parts and the time to repair and finding the parts to repair if you don't have them, it will cancel each other out--parts are where the value is--see below.

Where the big money is in these pieces if if you are an expert at DECONSTRUCTION and testing--people want the original working (tested) parts for their own items to keep them going.

If you search Zenith on eBay you will see that original motors, spindles, needles, arms, etc. fetch a lot...while the whole items (untested or not working) are selling all over the place from $10 to $500 for most models (averages are about $100 for a working piece-rarity and condition could bump it up or down). suggestions--1 join a local Facebook group for old hi fi equipment--there are a bunch--and lurk and learn what people in your area are looking for and following their rules--put it up for sale there if they permit once you have learned what is what.

Here is a sample group from Rochester, NY:

If there are no local groups, there are hi fi groups and Zenith groups so you can find one to join. Just be sure to follow their rules--some will kick you off if you try to sell, some it is OK.

Suggestion 2 is to see if you have a place in your town that buys old amusement items (usually they take hi fi, jukes and video games) and see if they will buy it for parts.

If all else fails, put it up in a local flea market or sale want trade group on Facebook or NextDoor or even at an in person site for $1000 and take best offer--which will be what someone will be willing to pay. There aren't a lot of folks who want the whole thing--so best offer will probably be that. Negotiate with them, but settle quick!

Cool piece!! If I can find the original ad for it, I will post it...that will confirm the year for you.

Thanks for sharing! Neat piece!!

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July 15, 2021

How much is this Zenith worth, if anything? Thank you.

A Zenith stereo system.
A Zenith stereo system.
Markings on the back of the stereo.
Markings on the back of the stereo.


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It looks like you have a 1962 Zenith Console, model #ST1950T.
It is very difficult to place value on console because the final value usually depends on the location. Some locations may have followers and be interested while others would not stop to pick one up for free. These consoles are large and heavy and only a small portion of America will be interested. You could live in an up or down area.

"Generally, consoles are going to be worth nearly nothing to thousands of dollars. It all depends on the condition of the antique itself, the condition of the record player, the brand, design, and overall aesthetics as well as where it is located."

This site has information on your console:

There is really no way to provide very much information on value without knowing the overall condition and what is working.
You can check out similar sold consoles on eBay to see how people are listing their items as well as what types of pictures you would need if you listed it for sale.

You can also ask questions on forums but not too many will offer advice on value - too complicated. You cannot compare value with similar sold items and most sold consoles will be 'pick up only' and most likely will not be in your area.
You can read information from online sites that might help you decide on a starting price.

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This is Model ST1950T (it is written on the back of your console).

This model was made in the 60s (1962

This was a top-of-the-line piece in its day, built by hand in the USA with precision electronics, carefully selected speakers, and a heavy wooden console cabinet made to be a prominent piece of furniture in the home.

The price depends on the condition, on the demand in your area, since delivery is very expensive.

I found 1960s Zenith console stereo with walnut case, the estimated price of such a model is $ 25-1,000

Another Vintage 1960's ZENITH STEREO CONSOLE is on sale for $ 500

Another Zenith mid 60s console stereo was sold for $175

You do not write in what condition your Zenith is (whether it works well), so it is a little difficult to name the price.

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March 3, 2021

I have a vintage early 1960s Zenith AM/FM radio / record player stereo console model mm2606. It is in great condition, everything works and everything original. Never been used and the original owner's manuals, which are three of them come with it.

What is it worth, and where can I get rid of this vintage radio console?

A vintage Zenith stereo.
The top view of a vintage stereo.
Three stereo manuals.


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This is the type of item that showing 'similar' models does not work for comparison as just one letter difference in the model number can mean a world of difference.
I can show you a 'similar' model to show you what sellers are asking for their consoles. However, it will not represent value to you because most of these consoles are sold with 'local pick up only' and one area may be 'into' these and another area may not pick one up for free. What kind of area is this located? Only you can determine that: after you list it for sale and see how many 'offers' you receive.

This console has been listed for sale on eBay for over 2 1/2 years - asking $1,300 with free pick up or $200 shipping. It is still for sale.
The model number: SK2506T is no where near your model number but what is the difference? Probably only Zenith collectors will know. Model numbers will make a difference in value.

Here a console that recently sold for $450. This was listed for sale in a radio shop and was in good working order and looked good. The model number - MK2606 - is very close to yours - MM2606 - but what is the difference? Will it change the value? You can read the description to see if it sounds like your console.

How to sell your console?
I would say to clean it up - inside and outside - check it to make sure everything works (this is critical), take several good pictures from every angle - front and back - and be sure there is no clutter anywhere to be seen or it will look as it does now.

You can list it on any site or several sites; Craigslist,, OfferUp, LetGo, Facebook Market Place, USA4Sale. Start your price higher - even $1,200 if you've propped it right - show all offers considered and pick up only.
Leave it listed for several weeks and if no offers then lower the price.

You can also ask for information on Zenith forums:

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December 4, 2021

Zenith Cabinet Phonograph model x924. Where can I find info on the year made and where to get parts, maybe a repair manual. Having trouble even finding what year it was made.

A Zenith cabinet phonograph.


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A Dayton newspaper had an ad for your model in 1969 and there is a magazine ad for sale on etsy mentioning 1968. Here is a video of a repair that might be similar, I think: As far as parts, you'll probably need to seek them separately and specifically (e.g., turntable needle, tube, etc.). I also might recommend searching for information on reddit.

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November 3, 2020

Anyone know anything about this Sylvania cabinet? I can find almost zero info off the model number. Only thing that comes up is 60s stereo cabinet.

An open Sylvania stereo cabinet.
The top of a Sylvania stereo cabinet.
Model information on the back of a Sylvania stereo.


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Since your question is not about value it's possible you could join some of the vintage console forums and they may be able to help you. These units are commonly called 'consoles'.
You may have to ask your question/submit your pictures to more than one site because there may be more 'Sylvania' members on one and not many on another.
You do have to join but many times the members can supply useful information.
They do not usually answer questions about value.
Here are several links but there are other forums also. I'm not sure if Facebook has one now.

if you belong to Reddit you can also ask your question here:

You can also present your question to
but this site does charge fees for their answers.

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