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A hope chest with old fashioned linens and photos.

Value of a Lane Cedar Chest?As with many types of mass produced furniture, cedar chests can range in value rather widely. You may need to do a routine search on the internet for your piece in order to determine an appropriate value. Sites such as eBay can be helpful. This is a page about finding the value of a Lane cedar chest.


Information and Value of a Brandt Table

Finding the Value of a Brandt Table?Often online auctions can help you determine the value of a furniture piece. When you can't find something similar there, you may need a professional appraiser's help. This page is about finding the value of a Brandt table.


dark wood Murphy chair

Finding the Value of Murphy ChairsThis is a page about finding the value of Murphy chairs. The Murphy furniture company manufactured cedar chests, chairs, and wardrobes from the mid 1940s through the early 2000s. These collectible pieces can still be found today.


Turntable and controls for a vintage zenith console stereo system.

Value of a Vintage Zenith Console Stereo System?Spinning vinyl records in an old stereo cabinet can be great. Determining the worth of a working record player and radio in a wood cabinet may require some research. This is a page about value of a vintage zenith console stereo system.


Value of a Vintage Bassett Dresser

Value of Vintage Bassett Furniture?Founded in 1902, Bassett Furniture is one of the oldest furniture manufacturers in Virginia. This long production history means that there are a lot of pieces out there in the marketplace. The value of most vintage furniture including pieces from Bassett is dependent on considerations such as age, rarity, demand, and condition.


Murphy Cedar Chest

Finding the Value of a Murphy Cedar Chest?This is a page about finding the value of a Murphy cedar chest. Antique and vintage furniture has not only sentimental value, but sometimes monetary value as well.


A certification plaque for True Grand Rapids Imperial Furniture.

Value of Antique Grand Rapids Imperial Furniture?The Imperial Furniture Company was founded in 1903. They initially made tables and later added a line of bookcases. Mahogany was the main wood used with some cherry pieces available. Imperial was the first factory to bring out Duncan Phyfe reproductions. This page contains information that may be helpful in determining the value of a piece of Imperial furniture.


Value of Antique Parlor Table  - ornately carved small table

Value of Antique Parlor Table?My grandparents are trying to sell this table, but are not sure how much it's worth. They don't know much about it other than it's really old.


Value of an Old Desk from the Derby Desk Company - drop down writing and work surface plus 4 drawers

Value of an Old Desk from the Derby Desk Company?I've got this old desk in my garage from the Derby Desk company, but can't find any info on it.



A vintage wooden dresser on display in a store.

Finding the Value of a Vintage Dresser?Finding the value of a a vintage dresser can depend on several things. Knowing the era and manufacturer definitely can help. Then the condition of the piece and its appeal will also play a part.


The frame of a wooden sofa.

Identifying a Sofa?This was my childhood couch. My mom says she bought it from JCPenny in the late 1960s or early 70s. I hope to restore it to its former glory but I can't seem to figure out what brand it is or anything. I was hoping to find someone else with this sofa but I've not had any luck? Can anyone here identify it?


A hope chest with an inlaid wood pattern.

Antique Hope ChestI have this hope chest I want to sell. I don't know what it is worth? Can anyone assist me? It is in very good condition, minus a couple of scratches on the exterior. The inside is in excellent condition.


Value of Vintage Ritts Tropitan Bamboo Furniture
- furniture partially covered with plastic tarp

Value of Vintage Ritts Tropitan Bamboo Furniture?I have 17 pieces of Ritts Tropitan bamboo furniture. My wife has passed, she was 71 years old. She acquired these in the 1950s, what could they be worth?


Value of Cast Iron Patio Furniture  - white iron patio set

Value of Cast Iron Patio Furniture?What would a four piece cast iron set be worth?


Identifying a Large Wooden Chest? - old carved two door wood chest with metal latch

Identifying a Large Wooden Chest?I am looking for info on this large chest. It is 44" tall, 52" wide, and 22" deep. Also it is very heavy.


A vintage chair upholstered in cream fabric.

Information on Vintage ChairI'd love some information on this chair and approximate price.It looks like original fabric is a few thinner areas but ultimately it's in really great shape. Not sure about the wood but someone told me possibly walnut.


A vintage wooden desk chair.

Vintage Desk ChairLooking for any info to ID and value this chair. Numbers underneath appear to be the only identification marks.


A wooden chair with a rounded seat.

Does This Chair Have Value?According to the tag, this chair was manufactured by Indianapolis Chair Manufacturing around 1900. Does anyone know an approximate value?


A vintage chair in upholstered in yellow-gold fabric.

Identifying the Maker and Age of This Chair?Really hoping someone will know the maker, and age of this chair I picked up for $5? Seller told me her mother in law said that many years ago that she had had it reupholstered in fabric from the 40s. I don't know about that, but the original fabric that covered the bottom is long gone.


A wooden dining room cabinet.

Value of Dining Room Set?This is a set with 4 chairs, 2 chairs with arms (pictured), a table with two expansion leaves, a credenza (pictured) and a buffet with hutch (pictured). My parents bought it used in about 1967. It is stamped Sligh furniture, Grand Rapids Chair Co. Is it worth getting appraised?


Four pictures of Mersman tables with marking or carving.

Value of Mersman TablesI bought these 2 tables for $15 total. My plan was to paint them until I looked up the name. I've never heard of Mersman. Any idea if I should sell them as is? How much should I ask for them? Thank you so much!


A white couch with wooden trim.

Information on Couch?Hello all, is this a Federal style couch. Any ideas on style, period age or price Thanks!


A white couch with wooden trim.

Couch Valuation and InformationHello all! I am thinking of buying this couch. Seller states it is a Federal sofa, early 1900s. Any idea if this style and dating is accurate? Also what should the price range be. Thanks.


A red-brown vintage wardrobe trunk

How Much is This Vintage Wardrobe Trunk Worth?Vintage wardrobe trunk with rugged metal hardware. Trunk latches work. Measures 44 1/2 inches long x 22 1/2inches wide x 18inches tall. Trying to figure out what year it was made and how much it's worth? Any help is appreciated :)



A teak bookshelf from the 1950s

Value of Teak BookshelfThis is a 1950s Borge Mogensen teak bookshelf with cabinet. What's the value? Looks so ugly but seems it's made by a famous mid century design.


A yellow leather sofa.

Value of Midcentury Leather SofaI'm looking for information on this Midcentury three seat light yellow leather sofa. Does anyone can find who made it? I want to sell it but have no idea of its price or its production.


Value of a Möbel Pfister AG - Schweizer Cabinet? - large wooden cabinet with shelves and doored storage spaces

Value of a Möbel Pfister AG - Schweizer Cabinet?I own a sideboard cabinet made by Möbel - Pfister AG - Schweizer. I want to sell it, but can't find who made it as designer and which year it was made. I also need to know more or less its value for when I put it up for sale.


A white dresser with six drawers.

Is This Dresser French Provincial?I inherited this chest and another dresser. This one came with a mirror that has since been lost. I was always told this was French Provincial, but in my searches I cannot find a design like this one, with the very basic straight line and simple curl.


Value of Conant Ball Dining Set?  - round dining table and chairs

Value of Conant Ball Dining Set?Please help me find an approximate value for this Conant Ball table and chairs (6). I would like to list this for sale.


A Brandt plaque next to a key.

Value of Brandt Furniture?The Brandt Furniture company of Hagerstown MD operated from 1901 - 1985. It continued as a small family business from 1986, run by former employees. To determine the value of your Brandt pieces some research will be required. Tips on how to proceed follow. Professional help may be required.


Value of Vintage Chairs with Moldy Upholstery?

Value of Vintage Chairs with Moldy Upholstery?These chairs have been stored in a moist basement. The wood is in excellent condition, but the upholstery shows some sign of possible mildew/mold. Are they still worth money even with damaged upholstery?


Value of an Antique Louis XV Style Chair? - collage of chair photos

Value of an Antique Louis XV Style Chair?I inherited this Louis XV chair when my paternal grandmother passed. It is in good condition. There are no markings found. It has cabriole style legs and may have been reupholstered. It may be around 100 years old.


Value of a Round Mersman Table? - brown table with drawer

Value of a Round Mersman Table?I have a Mersman 8103 round table with drawer. What is the value?


Antique Imperial Telephone Table

Value of Antique Imperial Telephone Table?Does anyone know if this antique Imperial telephone table is worth anything?


Identifying a Vintage Chest of Drawers?

Identifying a Vintage Chest of Drawers?My mother passed in May and I'm just cleaning the garage and found this very heavy chest on chest that was my grandmother's. She was born in 1920.


Value of a Brandt Card Table? - closed vintage mahogany finish card table

Value of a Brandt Card Table?Brandt pedestal card table.


A tall multi-drawer chest

Age of a Lou Regester Lingerie Chest?How old is this Lou Regester lingerie chest? We purchased it from someone who said it was from the 1950s or 1960s. The label on the inside drawer says Lou Regester, but no place where it was made nor model number. However, I am from the Phoenix, Arizona area and saw that there was a company based in Phoenix and Tucson, so the dresser could have been made here.


A wooden dresser with two drawers.

Value of Conant Ball Bedroom Furniture?I have a bedroom set in very good condition that my parents owned and each piece is stamped with Conant Ball Furniture Makers. They owned it for possibly 30-40 years or longer. We are planning to start selling their estate and I would like an idea on how much this might be worth. It has a dresser, queen headboard, two night stands, and an armoire.


A long sectioned dresser with a mirror.

Value of Vintage Bedroom Furniture?I do not know the maker of this furniture. It might be Johnson Carper, but there are no identifying tags. I do not believe it is Mersman. I do know it is well-made, dovetailed, and in perfect condition. I know it comes from the 1950s. There are two complete bedroom sets including chairs, nightstand, or bureaus, and two full-sized beds. Where can I go with this?



A table and chairs in a shop.

Value and Age of a Vintage Folding Camp Table?I bought this folding camp table and chairs at a shop in northern Kansas this week. I think it is super cool. I was hoping to get more information about it, possibly age, value, and more info on the manufacturer. I tried Googling and didn't find much of anything.


Light wood finish set, perhaps maple.

Value of a Vintage Conant Ball Dining Room Set?Do you know how much my dining room set is worth? It has two leafs with padded protective cover, a glass top, and 4 chairs. It was manufactured in 1948 or earlier.


Value of Antique Bed  - ornate headboard

Value of an Antique Bed?Trying to determine the value of antique beds can be difficult, especially if there are no identifying marks, as is often the case with older pieces. There are several helpful suggestions found below that can get you started on your quest.


Value of an Vintage Sideboard

Value of a Vintage Sideboard?Sideboards, also known as buffets, are pieces of furniture designed to be used in a dining room to store, linens and flatware. Trying to determine the value of a piece that you either inherited or purchased will require some research. Markings on the back of the piece or knowing the history will help. It may require a professional for a valid appraisal.


A cedar hope chest.

Value of a Cedar Hope ChestThe popularity of cedar chests comes and goes. As a result they are often passed down to younger family members or offered for sale. Determining their value can help you decide whether to sell, refinish, or cherish.


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Unlocking a Murphy 4017 Cedar Chest Without a Key?I have the Murphy 4017 chest. I'm looking for any help in how I can unlock it without the key or how I might be able to purchase a key.


A vintage dining table and chairs.

Identifying a Vintage Table?Identifying vintage tables is aided if your table has a maker's mark or label on the underside. That will help you begin. Otherwise internet research or the advice of a vintage furniture appraiser may be required.


Identifying a Corner Chair?I am trying to find information about this chair. I know a little about furniture and how it's made because I work in office furniture. The craftmanship appears to be rather old, but I can't find any kind of marks or names on it. I was thinking about refinishing it, but I've heard you don't want to do that if it's antique.


Value of a Vintage Kling Table - rectangular table with pedestal and base with four squashed ball legs

Value of a Vintage Kling Table?I bought this table at an estate sale. It measures 20x20x16tall.


Determining the Age of a Wooden Cobbler's Bench - old wooden bench

Determining the Age of a Wooden Cobbler's Bench?Please let me know if this is an old or "antique" bench. There appears to be no markings or labels. It has been around over 40 years that I am aware of, but I don't know if it was new or old 40 years ago.


A vintage chair in a plain setting.

Determining the Age of Vintage Furniture?Determining the age of vintage furniture will either require getting a formal appraisal or investing time into researching the piece yourself. Working on-line is a good choice. Identifying the maker, place of manufacture, etc. will also help. Read on for some helpful tips for determining the age of your vintage furniture.


Value of a Jack Brandt Chair - wooden cane back chair with upholstered headrest, part of the arms, and a cushion

Value of a Vintage Brandt Chair?Determining the manufacturer can help you determine an approximate value of a vintage furniture piece. There are a number of furniture makers with the name Brandt.


Identifying a Vintage Cane Back Chair - chair with tall cane back

Identifying a Vintage Cane Back Chair?I have this chair. It is possibly vintage. I'm having trouble identifying this chair and it has no serial numbers or company names or who is it made by.


A midcentury modern wooden coffee table.

Value of a Coffee TableHere is some helpful information if you are looking to find the value of a coffee table. The more information you can gather such as manufacturer and style will be useful in your search.


Identifying an Old Oak Trestle Table - view showing the legs

Identifying an Old Oak Trestle Table?When trying to identify old furniture there are some initial steps you can take. First check for markings on the underside of the piece. Follow that path if there are any, otherwise more time will be needed to establish age, etc. This page offers some insights into identifying an old oak trestle table.


A woman repairing a vintage dining chair.

Identifying a Vintage Chair?The best way to identify a chair is to find the manufacturer's markings on the bottom or legs. Short of that you can research on-line or contact a vintage furniture specialist for an appraisal.


A room filled with midcentury modern furniture.

Identifying Vintage FurnitureVintage furniture is technically furniture that is less than 100 years old. Determining the age of the piece if possible is a good first step. Check the underside for markings identifying a manufacturer, if none are found, more research on-line or via a vintage and antique dealer might be next. This page contains tips for identifying vintage furniture.


Information on a Vintage Vinyl Covered Cedar Chest

Information on a Vintage Vinyl Covered Cedar Chest?Gathering information on vintage furniture, such as this vinyl covered cedar chest can be fun. It also requires careful examination of the piece and sometimes time consuming research. If you can identify the manufacturer that helps to move your task along.


Value of a Henredon End Table

Value of Vintage Henredon Furniture?Determining the value of Henredon furniture may require an appraisal. It is know to be fine vintage furniture and valued by many.


Value of a Story and Clark Upright Piano - light wood piano

Value of a Vintage Story and Clark Upright Piano?I am settling the estate for an elderly couple. This piano was rarely played. It is in mint or better condition. It was purchased sometime between 1969 and 1974. What is it worth?


Dating Ethan Allen Furniture - white shelf unit with drawers and door at the bottom

Dating Ethan Allen Furniture?The Ethan Allen furniture company has been designing and making quality furniture since it was founded in 1932. Determining the date of manufacture for your furniture can be a multi part process. You can browse the internet for photos and books showing various designs and information on pieces like yours. You might also visit an Ethan Allen store and speak to an employee.


Value of a Brandt Cabinet - dark wood two door cabinet with a bottom shallow drawer

Value of a Brandt Cabinet?I am trying to get a value for this beautiful cabinet. Much like everyone else I have looked up Brandt stuff and came up with very little. I did call the current company and they asked me for a four digit model number, but the bottom of the cabinet does not have a four digit one (see pic).


Identifying a Vintage Curio Cabinet

Identifying a Vintage Curio Cabinet?I am looking for any and all info on my vintage curio cabinet. I have found one almost just like it, but mine has another piece on the top. It's Victorian, early 1900s lions head and claw feet.


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Ideas for Selling Bodart Furniture?I have a 3 piece Bodart furniture set. A dining room table, 6ft long buffet, and a shorter buffet style cabinet. I would like to sell it all, but I have know idea where post it or how much to ask for it. I have not been able to find anything on line similar to try and gauge a price for each piece. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.


Identifying an Old Sewing Cabinet - dark finish sewing cabinet with fold top opening on each side of the top and two drawers

Identifying an Old Sewing Cabinet?I have seen the more common styles of Martha Washington sewing tables, but cannot really identify this particular table. Can anyone help?


Value of a Drexel Bedroom Set - jewelry armoire

Value of a Drexel Bedroom Set?I'm trying to find a value for my used 5pc Drexel bedroom set. There is a dresser with mirror, 2 nightstands, and a jewelry armoire.


Value of Antique Tilt Top Table - round tilt top table

Value of an Antique Tilt Top Table?The tilt top on antique and newer tables allows you to fold the top down when the table is not in use. There are many of these pedestal tables out there with varying values based on condition, manufacturer, style, etc. Determining the value can be a bit of a task.


Selling a Michelangelo Brass Bed - photo of the bed

Selling a Michelangelo Brass Bed?I live in AZ and I have a queen size Michelangelo brass bed. It is 30 years old; the headboard and tops and feet of the legs are solid brass I believe. It is super heavy and very ornate and beautiful. I would like to sell it, any idea how or where?


Value of an Antique Oak Table - solid oak table top

Value of an Antique Oak Table?The table was found in a basement by my deceased husband. I do not know where it came from. I can only remember he said it was over 200 years old. It is very heavy and solid oak. I have included photos of the legs to hopefully help in identification.


Value of a Brandt Desk

Value of a Brandt Desk?I have an old desk that came with my home when I purchased it. It has a Brandt label and numbers stamped on the underside. It looks as though it may have had glass or wood panels on the top sides that are no longer there. Otherwise it's in great shape. I would like to sell it because I have no real use for it, but have no clue on what it may be worth.


Value of a Vintage Ethan Allen Hutch/Buffet Cabinet - glass fronted buffet with hutch

Value of a Vintage Ethan Allen Hutch/Buffet Cabinet?My mother has asked for my help in getting rid of this piece. It's been around awhile. She's ready to roll it out to the curb, but it is beautiful! I'm sure it must have some value. Any ideas what it may be worth and the best way to post it for sale? It's pre 70s and it's Ethan Allen.


Value of a Vintage Record Player Stand

Value of a Vintage Record Player Stand?Is this mid-century record player worth anything? I've been looking around and can't seem to find anything similar for sale online. I am looking to sell my grandma's record player cabinet. I am just wondering what you think I should list it for? Is it a sought after piece?


Identifying a Desk or Sewing Caddy - antique finished roll top small caddy with storage and 8 holes on the bottom front

Identifying a Desk or Sewing Caddy?I have a portable desk or sewing caddy with handles. It looks vintage. It has small 1" holes (about 10) across the bottom above the two small drawers. The holes are about 1" in depth. What are these used for?


Value of American of Martinsville Bedroom Furniture - dresser with two mirrors and 3 drawer sets

Value of American of Martinsville Bedroom Furniture?I am curious to see if anyone knows the value of several pieces of furniture. I'm also interested in the style and time of this furniture. The brand is American of Martinsville. I have had no luck looking them up.


Value of a Rattan Shelf - 4 shelf unit

Value of a Rattan Shelf?How do i know if this is vintage or not? Is it worth anything?


Identifying a Flexible Leg Rocking Chair - side view of the chair

Identifying a Flexible Leg Rocking Chair?The curved steel legs allow it to "bounce". The upholstery seems to be vinyl. There are no markings at all! I honestly can't find another chair on line with image search.


Value of a Brandt Furniture Drop Leaf Table - brass footed drop leaf table

Value of a Brandt Furniture Drop Leaf Table?How old and what is the value of this drop leaf Brandt Furniture table?


Identifying a Brunswick Drum Table Radio - drum style table with built in radio

Identifying a Brunswick Drum Table Radio?Can anyone identify this table radio, or have any info about it at all? Is it a Mersman or Duncan Phyfe Brunswick drum table radio.


Identifying a Night Stand - possible vintage nightstand

Identifying a Night Stand?What does the number 1827 14 877 stand for on the back of a piece of wood furniture that I believe to be a night stand? I bought this item at a thrift store 10 years ago.


Identifying a Napoleon Imperial Style Desk - front view of desk with partial view of chair in foreground

Identifying a Napoleon Imperial Style Desk?There will be 2 types of pictures. One is the only thing I can find online about this antique desk, the rest are of the actual desk. I have received some input, but am hoping for more information.


Value of a Napoleon Imperial Desk

Value of a Napoleon Imperial Desk?Is this worth refurbishing and selling? It is extremely heavy. The only emblem or label is an N with a wreath around it. I have provided several images


Age and Value of a Mersman Surfboard Coffee Table - table on blue rug in front of couch

Age and Value of a Mersman Surfboard Coffee Table?I have had this coffee table a few years, it is labeled Mersman 8179 on the bottom. It's not in great condition. When was it made and about how much would it be worth? It is a surfboard coffee table.


Identifying Vintage Dining Chairs - orange upholstered chair

Identifying Vintage Dining Chairs?Can anyone tell me anything about, what I presume is, a mid-century dining chair? There is no separation from seat to back. What year are these dining chairs from?


Identifying a Drop Leaf Table

Identifying a Drop Leaf Table?Can anyone tell me anything about this table and if it is an antique?


Background Information on an Antique Table Set - two leather topped tables, one round one half round

Background Information on an Antique Table Set?This table belonged to my husband's grandmother. There is the round pedestal table and this other half round piece that goes in front. I have not been able to find anything about it or the company that made it, Ashley- Rhodes out of Louisville, KY (is this the same as Ashley furniture).


Value of a Lane Legacy Love Cedar Chest

Value of a Lane Legacy Love Cedar Chest?I have a Lane Legacy Love cedar chest, serial number 2385111 model# 4786 44. Could you help me determine its value?


Value of an Aseptible Furniture Company Vintage Medical Cabinet - white metal cabinet with glass door and pull out bin

Value of an Aseptible Furniture Company Vintage Medical Cabinet?I have a beautiful Aseptible Furniture Company metal medical cabinet. It is in very good condition for its age. It has one cabinet door with beveled glass door and then a hamper type pull out drawer. I am thinking about selling it. Can you tell me its value?


Value of a Vintage Rattan Backed Couch - vintage couch with peach colored cushions

Value of a Vintage Rattan Backed Couch?I was wondering about the value of this rattan backed couch. I believe it is from the early 1960s. I'm not sure, but would love to find out the history and value.


Identifying Upholstered Chairs - upholstered chairs with wood trim

Identifying Upholstered Chairs?Can anyone help identify these chairs? I bought them at a garage sale and always get tons of compliments on them, but I know nothing about them. If there is a maker's mark, it has been covered by upholstery.


Identifying a Table - what appears to be a homemade workbench

Identifying a Table?Anyone have an idea of what this table is, or its value? Someone mentioned a butcher's block table. It is very solid and very heavy.


Value of Milling Road Baker Furniture Dresser - vintage 7 drawer dresser

Value of Milling Road Baker Furniture Dresser?I have a Milling Road Baker Furniture dresser/credenza/server and I'm not sure of it's worth. Is has some superficial scratches, but no major structural damage. All of the drawers and pulls are in great condition. I'd like to sell it. Does anyone have some advice on where and how much?


Value of a Mersman 89-62 Endtable - table with a woodtone top and cream base with door and storage

Value of a Mersman 89-62 Endtable?I recently got this end table and it's really cute. I found a name under it, but I can't find anything online about it. Does anyone one know how much it is worth or what year is was made?


Value of a Danish Style Mid-Mod Rocking Chair - wood rocker with cushions

Value of a Danish Style Mid-Mod Rocking Chair?Ran across a fun Danish style mid-mod rocker in a friend's garage and we're now ISO an approximate value or a path to start finding one.


Value of an Antique Acorn Bed - single bed frame with head and foot boards and acorn finials

Value of an Antique Acorn Bed?The bed's inside dimensions are 39"x74". The headboard is 48" high and footboard is 45 1/2" high. It's solid wood, but I'm no sure what it is, possibly mahogany or pine. Could you clarify for me and advise what it is worth.


Determining the Age of This Curio Cabinet - curio cabinet with glass front and sides

Determining the Age of This Curio Cabinet?I purchased this curio cabinet and have never seen one with the material going down the center back on an arch. It has a mirror on either side of it and 2 glass shelves that arch to fit around the backing. Anybody know what period this could be from?


Value of a Mersman 7336 Side Table

Value of a Mersman 7336 Side Table?I would like to know the date made and what it would sell for?


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Value of an Andrew Brothers Cedar Chest?I have a cedar chest with "Andrew Brothers, Mattoon, Illinois" on the inside.


Value of Antique Table and Chairs - dining table with ornate cross bracing

Value of Antique Table and Chairs?I have an antique table and 3 chairs that I have stored for years and am looking to sell them. I do not know how old they are. Part of the base of the table is cracked, but could be repaired. Overall they are in very good condition. I don't want to undersell!


Identifying an Old Oak Table

Identifying an Old Oak Table?We have this old 48" round oak dining table that someone painted white. We started refinishing it and found scroll work on the sides under the top, where the leafs go in. It is gear driven. The feet are very detailed and look like a lion or tiger head. I am just wondering if anyone could give us information about this table - it's heritage, brand, value, etc.


Identifying and Finding the Value of a Cedar Chest - serial number

Identifying and Finding the Value of a Cedar Chest?What kind of cedar chests have the serial number on the lid?


Value of Dining Room Table and Chairs

Value of Dining Room Table and Chairs?We are trying to determine the value of our dining room table and 6 chairs which have been in the family for four generations. We have searched the entire piece and are not finding any markings. There are 2 leaves and padding for the table.


Identifying White Dining Table Chairs - white dining chair with arms and sort of a lattice back

Identifying White Dining Table Chairs?I have a dining table with these chairs and would love to find two more, but I don't have any idea what style it is.


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Type of Wood Used to Make a Mersman Table?I bought a Merman end table today from a thrift store and I want to know what type of wood it is. How can I find out?


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A wooden head and footboard to a bed.

Value of Murphy's Wooden Bed?Can you tell me a price possibly? I believe it's a full size Murphy's bed. I have a head and foot board. It's got 202 4/6 stamped on it. Please ignore the discoloration. I've had it in a yard sale and the bottom fell out. How much should I ask for it?


An ornately carved side to a dining room table.

Identify Antique Paris Dining SetAntique dining set I inherited. I had a friend of mine look at it and he says it is mahogany wood and there is stamps on some metal hinges that say "Brevets Vc Paris" and "E. C. D. G." The carving is very artistic and the hinge and sliding lock is pure quality. Table seats up to 12.


A Lane cedar chest.

Help with Lane Cedar ChestI recently inherited my great grandparent's Lane cedar chest and I don't really have room for it. I'm looking to get rid of it but have no clue of the value. It has some scratches and such but the inside seems nice. The lock is still the original one so I'm not sure if it would be more valuable as such or switching to the child safety lock.


Drop leaf on Brandt table.

Value of Brandt TableAnyone know the value of this table? It was found in a storage unit from Hagerstown, Maryland. I looked all over the internet but couldn't find a Brandt one, however I found very similar tables under different brands. It has a hidden leaf in the middle that folds out, and the sides also fold up or down. It has 2 legs in the middle that split into 4 legs in an H shape, and they have those metal things on the end.


Identifying a Mersman Mahogany Coffee Table?

Identifying a Mersman Mahogany Coffee Table?I just purchased this coffee table at an antique store in Pennsylvania and I don't know how old it is. How can I find out when and where it was made?


A round wooden table.

Identity and Value of TableWe found this Brandt table at a garage sale for $15. It has the label underneath. I haven't found any similar pieces without the drawer.


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