Value of a Lane Cedar Chest?

A hope chest with old fashioned linens and photos.
As with many types of mass produced furniture, cedar chests can range in value rather widely. You may need to do a routine search on the internet for your piece in order to determine an appropriate value. Sites such as eBay can be helpful. This is a page about finding the value of a Lane cedar chest.

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December 20, 2020

This Lane cedar chest has been in my husband's family since it was purchased in 1946. Now that it's been passed to him, we're trying to learn more about it (value, etc). Lane Cedar Chest, Style 2064, Serial 644160An old cedar chest.


While it's easy to see the "style" number, we've been unable to learn ANYTHING about what the style is (Art Deco, etc), and have yet to run across any with the "carving" around the lid lip like this one. We love the chest, just REALLY curious about any info you might be able to supply.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you might provide.

The markings on a cedar chest.
An old cedar chest.
A close up of a cedar chest.
The front of a cedar chest.
The top of a cedar chest.


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This is a beautiful waterfall style! I am not positive that piece of gingerbread on the front is original--I am still trying to find a 1946 catalog to verify.


I did see this "gingerbread" on a chest that did not show the serial number and was attributed by the seller as a 1950s piece. It may be yours and the seller did not know how to read the dates and just guessed. If I can get that as a screen shot, I will. I am not always able to capture screen shots.

If the gingerbread was an add on, then this may be your piece--which was sold as part of a complete bedroom set (see picture). This is clipped from a 1946 newspaper advertisement.

Waterfall is an art deco staple design. Technically, 1946 was outside of the "hey day" for deco--typically thought of as late 20s-1930s--but it is a classic style that was used in one form or another for years (even today)! It happens to be one of my very favorite styles and in many resale markets, it continues to hold value--which is great for sellers, but bad for people who want to own one and find it out of their price range!


I am going to keep digging!! If I find more, I will post back!

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I have been checking this number (2064) for several days and it appears the chest on WorthPoint is the only one on line right now.
I do not like to use WorthPoint site as a reference because the information is posted by the seller and you cannot rely on a seller having the correct information.
This seller is stating the number is 2064 but does not post a picture of the tag to prove it and does not post the tag showing the serial number that would prove the date manufactured. Perhaps the tag is missing and the number 2064 was found somewhere else.


the reason I'm saying this is because - if I'm seeing the picture correctly - the top of this chest does not have the divide as yours clearly does.
The gingerbread trim is there but it's possible the one on WorthPoint is a different (but close) model.

The waterfall chest seems to be one of the favorite style of cedar chests and there are many styles. I have always felt it was (or should be) considered in the art deco style even if so many were made in the 40's which is clearly past the Art Deco period.

I'm very glad to hear how excited you are about keeping this beautiful piece to continue passing down through many more generations.

My concern right now would be the condition of your chest.


It does appear that the top has some damage that should be taken care of. It's also possible the inside may need some TLC.

I have a few sites that may help you figure out what needs to be done to keep your cedar chest in tip-top condition.

There are sites that state you can use Old English on these chests but I would not recommend it - take the hard route and do correctly.

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March 3, 2021

From what I have learned regarding Lane Hope Chests, the date is actually the serial number written backwards. Having said that, the serial number is written; 112220. So to read this the way I have understood it, would be 02 (Feb.) 22, 1911. I have owned it since before 1996.A hope chest with four legs.


But, from what I've read Lane didn't begin making cedar chests until 1912, so I'm very confused. I have searched for years looking for a similar chest, until I saw one on this site with similar legs! By the way, I did refinish this several years ago. I did all the sanding and work involved by hand. It took me over a year to finish.

A hope chest with four legs.
A hope chest with four legs.


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When asking questions it is usually a good idea to also post a picture of the markings as well as the inside.
I assume from your question that you are just interested in finding out if what you relate as the serial number could be correct since all records show that Lane actually stated in 1912.


I thought perhaps they started building in a shed or something before opening the plant but that does not appear to be the case.
I cannot find any records that show Lane made anything before 1912. History of the company states the building was purchased in 1912 and machinery was purchased after that so I cannot see how the 1911 date could be correct.

There is a Virginia Museum of History & Culture that has some information about the Lane company but it appears they only provide a phone number for contact but if you have not tried this then it is one step to try.
Contact us
Call 804.340.1800 or 800.358.8701

This comment was also made in their history which seems to be saying the first chests were more or less 'poorly made'.
"During these early years the firm's growth was restricted by elementary manufacturing methods, difficulty in securing financing, and a crude finished product."

There is a book on the company history that you may be able to order from your local library (too expensive to buy):
This may have more about the years before 1912.
Lane Company Records, 1907-2003.

I'm not sure if you can obtain information from this site but maybe..

Just in case you're interested, this site seems to have the most information about the Lane company.

ThriftyFun has information also:

You do not mention value in your post so if you're interested in value you can add that request or start a new question.

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The date is a mystery. Is it possible some of the numbers rubbed away?

I found two that are very close from the 1929 and 1930 newspaper advertisements. They are not exact, but close. Back then they called this style a console style. Later they often referred to the top opening pieces on legs as lowboys (ironic because the legs made them higher). Lane made some sideboards, however, I believe they opened from the front, not the top--but I would need to confirm that with a photo or brochure--and I haven't been able to find what I am looking for to do that.

Is it possible that someone altered them to make them more fashionable at one point? Just curious what history you garnered upon receipt in 1996. The refinishing looks stellar! I get anxious when I hear refinishing because often people ruin pieces when they try to refinish, but your piece is lovely! The color is gorgeous!

If you have before photos, I would love to see those!

I am going to keep digging. Just wanted to get these details out while they are on my mind.

Looking forward to seeing the numbers.


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August 9, 2021

This is a 1935 lane cedar chest. Interior is perfect and original, including signage. Original hardware. Not sure if lock has been replaced, as it seems newer.

Some fading in front. What would be the value?

Value of 1935 Lane Cedar Chest
An open cedar chest.
Serial number on a cedar chest.
Lane manufacture label in cedar chest.
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March 19, 2021

I have a Lane Hope Chest - SN 358240. It's in good condition, minus missing the inside ledge/shelf. Could you tell me how much this would be worth?

A cedar chest by Lane.
An open cedar chest.
Markings on a Lane cedar chest.

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September 24, 2018

I have a Lane cedar chest that belonged to my mother. Two numbers are marked #481073 (I think) and the serial number is #735260. The outside condition would be considered poor, but the inside is in very good condition and still smells very good.

What is the item valued at?

The exterior of a cedar chest with veneer damage
The inside of a Lane cedar chest.


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Yours would be at the low end. They range from $99 to $700, with the majority between $200-$400.

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You have (to me) an unusual lane piece. I don't think I have seen one with the lovely legs like yours has!

There is NOT an exact match to yours on eBay either in current or sold so I can't give you a value today. The market changes daily, so may find an EXACT match tomorrow or next week.

Exact matches are critical to valuing items because some Lane's have almost no value, and some have held their value. If you compare yours to a one that is not identical, you could end up miss-valuing your piece and getting too little or having it sit for sale for months with no lookers.

I recommend checking eBay or Google for the furniture auction houses to find examples of SOLD ones to get your exact value.

When have sold these pieces I have never used the numbers...most people want to know wood, size, and type (like blanket or trunk) and leg style. It looks like yours are spool legs or maybe sheraton, but it is an odd angle, so I am not 100% positive.

You can use this link to match the leg styles:

You may want to contact Lane if you have a lock on yours to talk to them about the issue with product safety of their locks--you can read this link and see if your trunk is affected:

If you are looking for a quick sale for your piece...most of the plain chests sell for an average of 300-400 dollars.

Unusual chests (those with legs fetch a little more, between the 400-500 dollar range. These are retail prices--meaning seller to buyer online....

If you try to sell on Facebook, Next Door etc. you can start at these values, but you will need to drop them to sell. Been there, done that.

You an also take good photos to an antique dealer and see what he/she will give you...that is easier than trying to sell it online (in any fashion).

Good luck! It is a truly lovely piece! I wish I had room for it!

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Well - looking at the condition of the outside of your chest I would tend to think it would only be of interest to someone that wanted (or desperately needed) a storage place for blankets/quilts.

  • It is for sure your chest would have to be bought by someone who intended to refinished it (and the veneer is a wreck on the bottom piece) or planned to keep it covered (hidden from view) or had a basement where it could be used.
  • Don't get me wrong - there are people out there looking for pieces to refinish but they generally want a real bargain and no shipping costs. That generally means it would have to be listed in your area to sell.
  • This is what I have found about dating a Lane cedar chest but your numbers do not correspond to this explanation but it is possible your chest is older and the numbering system was changed. Does your chest actually have Lane markings or does this happen to be what your mother remembers? Could it be another brand? I'm not sure this is the only way to date the chest so I'm just asking.
  • "All Lane cedar chests have a serial number. It doubles as the manufacturing date the chest was made when you read the number from right to left or backward. This means a chest generally has a five- or six-digit number that tells the month, day and two-digit year it was built. A chest built on April 1, 1940, would read from left to right 04140. Chests manufactured on two-digit days and in two-digit months generally have at least six digits. If the serial number has seven digits, the first number in the series is the plant number."
  • It looks like your chest may be from the 1929-1930 circa - at least it looks like one in this ad.
  • Here is one listing that claims chest to be from the 1920's (not sure about that) and you can see a similar leg style so I do believe these were the styles from that era. I do know that styles changed in the 1930's and started leaning toward the "art deco" styles.
  • Then you run across a totally weird listing like this that does not make any sense except that the seller wants someone to haul the chest away. This is a pick up only listing. They say the same thing as you "good condition inside".
  • I believe you can check eBay or other sites for Lane listings and most chests will be in good to excellent condition. It will be rare to find one in the condition as yours and that is what some value is based on. Other things that effect value is the year made and area located.
  • Based on all of this, I think you should ask for an appraisal so that you will know for sure what the condition might mean to value. This could also tell you the age.
  • Here is a link that has some free appraisal sites so why not spend a little time and get the information you need. You will need more pictures (lighter ones) that show detail of condition and style of legs as well as pictures of any and all marks/numbers anywhere in the chest. Appraisals give you a value for insurance but that is a starting point.
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August 26, 2019

I have a Lane cedar chest style# 4569-70, serial# 2085180. I would like to know its value and age. I can't find the same design anywhere.

Value of a Lane Cedar Chest - closed chest


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Depending on condition, these range from $125 to over $400.

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FYI: Long answer, haha. Ive found some good info though.

Its easier to sell by knowing the age and additional info. The serial number doubles as the month, day and year it was made when reading backwards from right to left. When there are 7 numbers like the one you have, the first number refers to the plant. So it looks like yours was built on 08-15-80.

Unfortunately, chests built after the 70s have many replicants and arent as coveted as say the ones built in the 20s and 30s. But I still think there is a good chance of you making a little money off of it. As stated in a comment above, the value will also depend on the safety lock. As a result of many terrible incidents that occurred from it locking on its own and not being able to open without a key or latch. Although, I have found that the company states that there are around 6 million of the 12 million manufactured that do not have the safety lock detail at all. I cant see your pic well enough to see if yours has it or not.

So far Ive seen chests ranging from $50 all the way to $700. So, it definitely depends on condition, year, area youre selling it in, etc.

Ive looked everywhere and cant seem to find this same chest either. I have found you a contact number that may help you determine the value easier. They seem to be located in Virginia. Below is their contact number.


Hope this helps you and let us know what you find out!!

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November 17, 2019

I am trying to find out how much my Lane cedar chest is worth. Style no. 4304-77. Serial no. 2275121.

Value of a Lane Sweetheart Cedar Chest - chest with black upholstered top and 8 veneer panels on the front

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August 9, 2020

This has been in my family for a long time and belonged to my great-great aunt. I haven't been able to find much information on the style or value.

Any insight is appreciated.

A Lane cedar hope chest.
An informational panel inside a Lane cedar chest.
An open cedar hope chest.
The serial number on a Lane cedar chest.
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