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Information and Value of a Brandt Table

Finding the Value of a Brandt Table?Often online auctions can help you determine the value of a furniture piece. When you can't find something similar there, you may need a professional appraiser's help. This page is about finding the value of a Brandt table.


Turntable and controls for a vintage zenith console stereo system.

Value of a Vintage Zenith Console Stereo System?Spinning vinyl records in an old stereo cabinet can be great. Determining the worth of a working record player and radio in a wood cabinet may require some research. This is a page about value of a vintage zenith console stereo system.


A hope chest with old fashioned linens and photos.

Value of a Lane Cedar Chest?As with many types of mass produced furniture, cedar chests can range in value rather widely. You may need to do a routine search on the internet for your piece in order to determine an appropriate value. Sites such as eBay can be helpful. This is a page about finding the value of a Lane cedar chest.


Value of a Vintage Bassett Dresser

Value of Vintage Bassett Furniture?Founded in 1902, Bassett Furniture is one of the oldest furniture manufacturers in Virginia. This long production history means that there are a lot of pieces out there in the marketplace. The value of most vintage furniture including pieces from Bassett is dependent on considerations such as age, rarity, demand, and condition.


Murphy Cedar Chest

Finding the Value of a Murphy Cedar Chest?This is a page about finding the value of a Murphy cedar chest. Antique and vintage furniture has not only sentimental value, but sometimes monetary value as well.


A certification plaque for True Grand Rapids Imperial Furniture.

Value of Antique Grand Rapids Imperial Furniture?The Imperial Furniture Company was founded in 1903. They initially made tables and later added a line of bookcases. Mahogany was the main wood used with some cherry pieces available. Imperial was the first factory to bring out Duncan Phyfe reproductions. This page contains information that may be helpful in determining the value of a piece of Imperial furniture.


Value of a Vintage Ethan Allen Hutch/Buffet Cabinet - glass fronted buffet with hutch

Value of a Vintage Ethan Allen Hutch/Buffet Cabinet?My mother has asked for my help in getting rid of this piece. It's been around awhile. She's ready to roll it out to the curb, but it is beautiful! I'm sure it must have some value. Any ideas what it may be worth and the best way to post it for sale? It's pre 70s and it's Ethan Allen.


Value of a Lane Legacy Love Cedar Chest

Value of a Lane Legacy Love Cedar Chest?I have a Lane Legacy Love cedar chest, serial number 2385111 model# 4786 44. Could you help me determine its value?


Dating Ethan Allen Furniture - white shelf unit with drawers and door at the bottom

Dating Ethan Allen Furniture?The Ethan Allen furniture company has been designing and making quality furniture since it was founded in 1932. Determining the date of manufacture for your furniture can be a multi part process. You can browse the internet for photos and books showing various designs and information on pieces like yours. You might also visit an Ethan Allen store and speak to an employee.



A vintage chair in a plain setting.

Determining the Age of Vintage Furniture?Determining the age of vintage furniture will either require getting a formal appraisal or investing time into researching the piece yourself. Working on-line is a good choice. Identifying the maker, place of manufacture, etc. will also help. Read on for some helpful tips for determining the age of your vintage furniture.


Value of a Story and Clark Upright Piano - light wood piano

Value of a Vintage Story and Clark Upright Piano?I am settling the estate for an elderly couple. This piano was rarely played. It is in mint or better condition. It was purchased sometime between 1969 and 1974. What is it worth?


Value of a Henredon End Table

Value of Vintage Henredon Furniture?Determining the value of Henredon furniture may require an appraisal. It is know to be fine vintage furniture and valued by many.


A tall multi-drawer chest

Age of a Lou Regester Lingerie Chest?How old is this Lou Regester lingerie chest? We purchased it from someone who said it was from the 1950s or 1960s. The label on the inside drawer says Lou Regester, but no place where it was made nor model number. However, I am from the Phoenix, Arizona area and saw that there was a company based in Phoenix and Tucson, so the dresser could have been made here.


Value of a Brandt Card Table? - closed vintage mahogany finish card table

Value of a Brandt Card Table?Brandt pedestal card table.'


Age and Value of a Johnson Carper French Provincial Dresser -    six drawer dresser

Age and Value of a Johnson Carper French Provincial Dresser?Can anyone tell me when this Johnson Carper French provincial dresser was made and is it worth much? It looks to have been painted.


Age and Value of a Mersman Surfboard Coffee Table - table on blue rug in front of couch

Age and Value of a Mersman Surfboard Coffee Table?I have had this coffee table a few years, it is labeled Mersman 8179 on the bottom. It's not in great condition. When was it made and about how much would it be worth? It is a surfboard coffee table.


Value of Lane Legacy Love Chest

Value of Lane Legacy Love ChestHi there. Curious to know the value of this chest. It's in really nice condition. No scratches. I've tried to research the style and serial number but not having much luck. The serial number has a 7th digit and from what I've read that means it's the plant number. But there's probably not a plant numbered zero. Searched and searched but haven't seen any with the same cushion. Maybe it was reupholstered. I'm not sure.


Value of Imperial Cabinets?

Value of Imperial Cabinets?I would like to know the value in the history of this Imperial cabinet made in Grand Rapids.


True Grand Rapids Dining Set?

True Grand Rapids Dining Set?I inherited 6 chairs one with arms 4 regular and the one in the photo is the only one with a tag and a table with 4 leaves with drop down sides. All the chairs have that beautiful pheasant upholstery on them. I know they are older than me and I'm almost vintage (50) myself! What are they worth?


Value of Grand Rapids Imperial Table?

Value of Grand Rapids Imperial Table?Value of this 3 in one table from 'The Crowning Touch' Imperial Grand Rapids Michigan.


Value of Pristine MCM Bassett Hutch?

Value of Pristine MCM Bassett Hutch?I recently lucked upon a Facebook yard sale hutch. Initially I assumed it was a Broyhill Emphasis collection but indeed it is a Bassett piece and a real beauty, which I know nothing about. Any information or value would be so appreciated.


Identifying Chairs?

Identifying Chairs?I would like help identifying the maker of these arm chairs. The arms are unique. Thank you.


Value of Mersman End Tables?

Value of Mersman End Tables?I have these 2 Mersman end tables with the Embossed leather inlays, #7669. I'm pretty sure they're leather. They are both in good condition--only usual signs of wear--NO majors dings, scraps, scratches etc. (second pic shows the most "major" blemish) What do you think they're worth as a pair? Or what would be a good starting price to ask? (disregard the light/dark areas on the pics--sunlight creeping thru the tree leaves above)


Value and Age of Doll?

Value and Age of Doll?My Mother gave me this doll. It was my father's mother's doll. My father is almost 88. I was curious if you could tell me the age of the doll and if it has any value. It has a cloth body. Its left hand is missing two fingers.



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Mersman Coffee Table?I have a glass topped chrome legged coffee table from the early 60's. Could it be a Mersman?


Identifying Vintage Side Tables?

Identifying Vintage Side Tables?Anyone know what these tables may be called? No manufacturer markings. Wood with lots of detailing around table top and legs. Trying to ID age and value.


Age of Mersman Drum Table?

Age of Mersman Drum Table?I'm interested in knowing the date/vintage of my Mersman table. Underside markings are Mersman 7387 and inside of drawer has the Mersman stamp. There are no other markings. Interested in value range, if possible. It's my. understanding Mersman produced a lot of furniture.


Identifying A Table?

Identifying A Table?This small table is a mystery to me. I wonder what this small table was used for? It's bottom shelf flips straight up and down revealing the parrot. Under the first shelf is a label that is not clear. I believe it is vintage or antique. Maybe someone on this site has a similar one that can give me the information I am looking for. Thank you. Sheila


Value of Henredon Credenza?

Value of Henredon Credenza?I am interested to find out how much my credenza is likely worth.


Identifying Lane Chest?

Identifying Lane Chest?Lane Chest style 40102 (or 40I02?) This chest has passed among family members for decades. Unfortunately I don't know where in the family it originated. I would like to know how to translate the style to date manufactured. Also, what it might be worth? Thank you.


Value of Henredon Sofa/Console Table?

Value of Henredon Sofa/Console Table?Henredon sofa/console table. Serial 1328994 (?), Thomas Millwork (?) Inspector.


A Mersman end table with cabinets.

Value of Mersman Table?Was wondering how much something like this goes for? I'm new to this and don't know what all to look for. Thank you!


A wooden bed frame.

Bed Identification?Wondering what this bed is worth and if anyone can provide more info on the sticker on the back? It's difficult to see but there seems to be a faded manufacturer stamp.


A wooden dressing table.

Information on Wooden Dressing Table?I recently got this and was wondering if anyone had more info about it?


A wooden chifforobe.

Value of Chifferobe?I have my grandmother's Sears ordered chifferobe. It has original parts except for possibly mirrors. The following is on the back: CHIFF-10120-M-100. There is some water damage to the small door. Thank you for any info you can give me.


A small wooden bed frame.

Identifying Vintage Beds?Hi, just found two Beds. Can anyone tell me what that are and how much they are worth?


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Value of Murphy Dresser?Anyone know what this could be worth? I'm in Texas, if that matters. Both items seem to be in solid condition. On the back of the dresser, it says Murphy 4201.


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Age of Cedar Chest?Age of cedar chest. Lane cedar chest, serial number 112128.


An old wooden bed set.

Value of Vintage Bedroom Set?I inherited this set from my grandmother who passed last year. It is a 60s or 70s bedroom set. I do not really care for this style and am wondering what a good asking price would be? One of the small bedside tables has a crack on the top since the cedar is soft.



Value of Pie Crust Table?

Value of Pie Crust Table?Any idea what we have here? Cannot find any info on this pie crust table and can't find any matching images. Any idea of its value?


A vintage white dresser with mirror.

Information About Bedroom Set?Can anyone help me identify the maker of this bedroom set? When it was made? And it's value? The only marks I can find are numbers stamped on the back of the dresser and the back of the nightstand. I have looked in, on, and around every drawer. I have pulled out all of the drawers and looked inside both the dresser and the nightstand. And again the only markings are the numbers stamped on back, which I have shown in the pictures.


A small wooden end table.

Value of Lexington Furniture?I am getting ready to redo this piece of furniture. It is a Lexington Sweet Dreams commode and I know Lexington is one of the top furniture producers. I don't want to paint this if it is a value. Does anybody know how much it's worth or how I could find out?


The keyhole in an old cedar chest.

Missing Key for Lane Cedar Chest?I am missing the key to my Lane Chest. Any ideas where I can find a replacement? The serial # is 239090 and the style # is 44472x. Thank you.


A wooden end table.

Value of End Tables?What is this worth, and what year are they? I do have two.


An old fashioned pie safe.

Information About Pie Safe?Any information on my pie safe would be appreciated. It has a dovetail drawer and is mortise and tenon. I think the hives have been replaced. Not sure. Knobs might be bake light.


A heavy wooden desk with drawers.

Value of Imperial Desk?Hi, would know the approx. value and age of this Imperial Desk? I acquired this desk about 15 years ago. It was being used in an Attorney's office. It is very large and heavy. The lower drawers offer built in storage for hanging file folders. The drawers are very deep (the length of the desk) and each have built in dividers etc. It has not been refinished and is in its original state. Thank you!


Three trays on a stand.

What Is The Age and Value of These Trays?These hand painted wooden trays were in my grandmother's 'stuff' and I have no idea the age or worth of these trays. Everything is wooden except the metal handles on each tray. There is glass on top of each tray. There are two sets of these, making six trays. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A wooden dresser with a tall mirror.

Information About Wooden Dresser?Can anyone tell me about this dresser? The first picture has a sticker in drawer that says Berkey & Gay.


An old red colored humidor.

Value of Cushman Humidor?Has anyone bought, sold or know the value of this Cushman copper lined humidor #539?


A wooden dining table with a white colored base.

Information About Karges Dining Table?We had to gut out a 1920s house. This was left behind. It weighs a lot! Just wondering if anyone knows approximate value, age or type of wood? Thank you!


A vintage dresser with mirror.

Selling Vintage Furniture?I am looking for any suggestions or input on this dresser. I no longer have room for it, and would hate to sell it under or overpriced! I am thinking it is around 1920-1930s but I have never dealt with anything antique before so I could be pretty far off from that. I am not aware of any antique dealers or stores near me (Waterloo, IA) where I could go to get some I could gather some insight.


An old Red Cross trunk.

Value of Red Cross WW2 Trunk?This was my husband's mother's trunk as she was a nurse during the war and believed to have been in Europe with this. Everything is intact, including the key. We would like to sell it but would like to know what the value is, so we have something to go on. The trunk measures 32" w x 19" h x 19" D Nothing has been painted to destroy the original condition.


Information stamped on the underside of a table.

Meaning Behind Furniture Markings?What does this mean when it is stamped on an antique furniture drop leaf table.


A cream colored lamp with red decorations.

Information About Metal Lamp?I found this lamp at a yard sale years ago. I liked that it was a metal so I couldn't destroy it. Now I don't need it and am thinking of selling it but I don't know how to describe it as I don't know much about lamps in general.


Information About Brass Table?

Information About Brass Table?I inherited this table and don't know if it's antique or of any value. It appears to be brushed brass with inset glass and ram's head legs. Does anyone know anything about these tables or where to find info? There don't appear to be any markings of brand or anything for that matter.


Value of American of Martinsville Bedroom Furniture - dresser with two mirrors and 3 drawer sets

Value of American of Martinsville Bedroom Furniture?I am curious to see if anyone knows the value of several pieces of furniture. I'm also interested in the style and time of this furniture. The brand is American of Martinsville. I have had no luck looking them up.


Value of Vintage Ritts Tropitan Bamboo Furniture
- furniture partially covered with plastic tarp

Value of Vintage Ritts Tropitan Bamboo Furniture?I have 17 pieces of Ritts Tropitan bamboo furniture. My wife has passed, she was 71 years old. She acquired these in the 1950s, what could they be worth?


Value of Vintage Chairs with Moldy Upholstery?

Value of Vintage Chairs with Moldy Upholstery?These chairs have been stored in a moist basement. The wood is in excellent condition, but the upholstery shows some sign of possible mildew/mold. Are they still worth money even with damaged upholstery?


Identifying a Vintage Chest of Drawers?

Identifying a Vintage Chest of Drawers?My mother passed in May and I'm just cleaning the garage and found this very heavy chest on chest that was my grandmother's. She was born in 1920.


A wooden dresser with two drawers.

Value of Conant Ball Bedroom Furniture?I have a bedroom set in very good condition that my parents owned and each piece is stamped with Conant Ball Furniture Makers. They owned it for possibly 30-40 years or longer. We are planning to start selling their estate and I would like an idea on how much this might be worth. It has a dresser, queen headboard, two night stands, and an armoire.


A table and chairs in a shop.

Value and Age of a Vintage Folding Camp Table?I bought this folding camp table and chairs at a shop in northern Kansas this week. I think it is super cool. I was hoping to get more information about it, possibly age, value, and more info on the manufacturer. I tried Googling and didn't find much of anything.


A long sectioned dresser with a mirror.

Value of Vintage Bedroom Furniture?I do not know the maker of this furniture. It might be Johnson Carper, but there are no identifying tags. I do not believe it is Mersman. I do know it is well-made, dovetailed, and in perfect condition. I know it comes from the 1950s. There are two complete bedroom sets including chairs, nightstand, or bureaus, and two full-sized beds. Where can I go with this?


Light wood finish set, perhaps maple.

Value of a Vintage Conant Ball Dining Room Set?Do you know how much my dining room set is worth? It has two leafs with padded protective cover, a glass top, and 4 chairs. It was manufactured in 1948 or earlier.


Value of an Vintage Sideboard

Value of a Vintage Sideboard?Sideboards, also known as buffets, are pieces of furniture designed to be used in a dining room to store, linens and flatware. Trying to determine the value of a piece that you either inherited or purchased will require some research. Markings on the back of the piece or knowing the history will help. It may require a professional for a valid appraisal.


A vintage dining table and chairs.

Identifying a Vintage Table?Identifying vintage tables is aided if your table has a maker's mark or label on the underside. That will help you begin. Otherwise internet research or the advice of a vintage furniture appraiser may be required.


Value of a Vintage Kling Table - rectangular table with pedestal and base with four squashed ball legs

Value of a Vintage Kling Table?I bought this table at an estate sale. It measures 20'x20'x16'tall.


Value of a Jack Brandt Chair - wooden cane back chair with upholstered headrest, part of the arms, and a cushion

Value of a Vintage Brandt Chair?Determining the manufacturer can help you determine an approximate value of a vintage furniture piece. There are a number of furniture makers with the name Brandt.


Identifying a Vintage Cane Back Chair - chair with tall cane back

Identifying a Vintage Cane Back Chair?I have this chair. It is possibly vintage. I'm having trouble identifying this chair and it has no serial numbers or company names or who is it made by.


A midcentury modern wooden coffee table.

Value of a Coffee TableHere is some helpful information if you are looking to find the value of a coffee table. The more information you can gather such as manufacturer and style will be useful in your search.


A room filled with midcentury modern furniture.

Identifying Vintage FurnitureVintage furniture is technically furniture that is less than 100 years old. Determining the age of the piece if possible is a good first step. Check the underside for markings identifying a manufacturer, if none are found, more research on-line or via a vintage and antique dealer might be next. This page contains tips for identifying vintage furniture.


A woman repairing a vintage dining chair.

Identifying a Vintage Chair?The best way to identify a chair is to find the manufacturer's markings on the bottom or legs. Short of that you can research on-line or contact a vintage furniture specialist for an appraisal.


Information on a Vintage Vinyl Covered Cedar Chest

Information on a Vintage Vinyl Covered Cedar Chest?Gathering information on vintage furniture, such as this vinyl covered cedar chest can be fun. It also requires careful examination of the piece and sometimes time consuming research. If you can identify the manufacturer that helps to move your task along.


Value of a Brandt Cabinet - dark wood two door cabinet with a bottom shallow drawer

Value of a Brandt Cabinet?I am trying to get a value for this beautiful cabinet. Much like everyone else I have looked up Brandt stuff and came up with very little. I did call the current company and they asked me for a four digit model number, but the bottom of the cabinet does not have a four digit one (see pic).


Identifying a Vintage Curio Cabinet

Identifying a Vintage Curio Cabinet?I am looking for any and all info on my vintage curio cabinet. I have found one almost just like it, but mine has another piece on the top. It's Victorian, early 1900s lions head and claw feet.


A vintage wooden dresser on display in a store.

Finding the Value of a Vintage Dresser?Finding the value of a a vintage dresser can depend on several things. Knowing the era and manufacturer definitely can help. Then the condition of the piece and its appeal will also play a part.


Value of a Brandt Desk

Value of a Brandt Desk?I have an old desk that came with my home when I purchased it. It has a Brandt label and numbers stamped on the underside. It looks as though it may have had glass or wood panels on the top sides that are no longer there. Otherwise it's in great shape. I would like to sell it because I have no real use for it, but have no clue on what it may be worth.


Value of a Vintage Record Player Stand

Value of a Vintage Record Player Stand?Is this mid-century record player worth anything? I've been looking around and can't seem to find anything similar for sale online. I am looking to sell my grandma's record player cabinet. I am just wondering what you think I should list it for? Is it a sought after piece?


Identifying a Desk or Sewing Caddy - antique finished roll top small caddy with storage and 8 holes on the bottom front

Identifying a Desk or Sewing Caddy?I have a portable desk or sewing caddy with handles. It looks vintage. It has small 1" holes (about 10) across the bottom above the two small drawers. The holes are about 1" in depth. What are these used for?


Value of a Brandt Furniture Drop Leaf Table - brass footed drop leaf table

Value of a Brandt Furniture Drop Leaf Table?How old and what is the value of this drop leaf Brandt Furniture table?


Identifying a Brunswick Drum Table Radio - drum style table with built in radio

Identifying a Brunswick Drum Table Radio?Can anyone identify this table radio, or have any info about it at all? Is it a Mersman or Duncan Phyfe Brunswick drum table radio.


Identifying Vintage Dining Chairs - orange upholstered chair

Identifying Vintage Dining Chairs?Can anyone tell me anything about, what I presume is, a mid-century dining chair? There is no separation from seat to back. What year are these dining chairs from?


Background Information on an Antique Table Set - two leather topped tables, one round one half round

Background Information on an Antique Table Set?This table belonged to my husband's grandmother. There is the round pedestal table and this other half round piece that goes in front. I have not been able to find anything about it or the company that made it, Ashley- Rhodes out of Louisville, KY (is this the same as Ashley furniture).


Value of a Vintage Rattan Backed Couch - vintage couch with peach colored cushions

Value of a Vintage Rattan Backed Couch?I was wondering about the value of this rattan backed couch. I believe it is from the early 1960s. I'm not sure, but would love to find out the history and value.


Value of an Aseptible Furniture Company Vintage Medical Cabinet - white metal cabinet with glass door and pull out bin

Value of an Aseptible Furniture Company Vintage Medical Cabinet?I have a beautiful Aseptible Furniture Company metal medical cabinet. It is in very good condition for its age. It has one cabinet door with beveled glass door and then a hamper type pull out drawer. I am thinking about selling it. Can you tell me its value?


Value of Milling Road Baker Furniture Dresser - vintage 7 drawer dresser

Value of Milling Road Baker Furniture Dresser?I have a Milling Road Baker Furniture dresser/credenza/server and I'm not sure of it's worth. Is has some superficial scratches, but no major structural damage. All of the drawers and pulls are in great condition. I'd like to sell it. Does anyone have some advice on where and how much?


Value of a Mersman 89-62 Endtable - table with a woodtone top and cream base with door and storage

Value of a Mersman 89-62 Endtable?I recently got this end table and it's really cute. I found a name under it, but I can't find anything online about it. Does anyone one know how much it is worth or what year is was made?


Value of a Danish Style Mid-Mod Rocking Chair - wood rocker with cushions

Value of a Danish Style Mid-Mod Rocking Chair?Ran across a fun Danish style mid-mod rocker in a friend's garage and we're now ISO an approximate value or a path to start finding one.


Determining the Age of This Curio Cabinet - curio cabinet with glass front and sides

Determining the Age of This Curio Cabinet?I purchased this curio cabinet and have never seen one with the material going down the center back on an arch. It has a mirror on either side of it and 2 glass shelves that arch to fit around the backing. Anybody know what period this could be from?


Value of a Mersman 7336 Side Table

Value of a Mersman 7336 Side Table?I would like to know the date made and what it would sell for?


Identifying and Finding the Value of a Cedar Chest - serial number

Identifying and Finding the Value of a Cedar Chest?What kind of cedar chests have the serial number on the lid?


Identifying White Dining Table Chairs - white dining chair with arms and sort of a lattice back

Identifying White Dining Table Chairs?I have a dining table with these chairs and would love to find two more, but I don't have any idea what style it is.


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Type of Wood Used to Make a Mersman Table?I bought a Merman end table today from a thrift store and I want to know what type of wood it is. How can I find out?


Value of a Mersman Desk - desk with computer on it

Value of a Mersman Desk?I have a small Mersman desk #7457. I have only found 1 similar to it which is a 7092 on e-Bay. I would appreciate any info you have on it and want to know approximate value of mine.


Value of a Tea and Pie Brandt Table

Value of a Tea and Pie Brandt Table?This dessert tea pie table has a leather top, but does not have the usual pie crust edges. It has a Brandt sticker and Mahogany Association Inc. 156 label on it. It was left to me by my aunt.


Value of Mersman Tables - end and coffee tables

Value of Mersman Tables?I am looking to sell these tables, but I have no idea what I should ask for them.


Value of a Folding Rocking Chair

Value of a Folding Rocking Chair?I have a folding rocking chair. It is leather. I've never seen anything like it. Can anyone tell me its value?


Value of an Antique Theater Seat - folding wooden chair

Value of an Antique Theater Seat?I was told in the early 80's this 'theater chair 'was very old and valuable. I can't find anything remotely similar. This is doweled together. Upholstery is original with brass tacks. The seat flips up. Hinges still working. Help?


An antique wooden mantlepiece.

Value of a Wooden Mantle Piece?This is a page about value of a wooden mantle piece. Do you have a mantle piece you are trying to find the value of? Or maybe you have some input for the mantles featured in this page. We would love to have your contributions to this page about determining the value of a wooden mantle piece.


Value of Mersman Nesting Tables - nesting tables with damaged finish

Value of Mersman Nesting Tables?I have a pair of wood Mersman nesting tables. I'm considering selling them, but am unsure of a price to ask.


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Value of a Mersman End Table?We have a Mersman end table, number 7461 and would like to know what it is worth. It is in very good condition.


Value of Tiered Mersman Tables - tables with drawers open

Value of Tiered Mersman Tables?I have this two tables labeled Mersman 8604. I would like to know the value please.


Value of a Mersman Table - ornate small wall table

Value of a Mersman Table?What do you think the value of this Mersman table would be?


Information on a Pair of Tilt Top Tables  - three legged mahogany finish somewhat oval table with rail edging

Information on a Pair of Tilt Top Tables?I recently purchased a pair of tilt top tables at auction, however the auctioneer did not have any information on them. I am interested in learning their approximate age and value.


Identifying the Style and Age of a Table - rectangle table with pie crust edge and two drawers

Identifying the Style and Age of a Table?Any information would be appreciated. I know it has pie crust edging, but I'm not finding much more.


A pair of Mersman dough box tables.

Value of Mersman Dough Box Tables?Vintage furniture dealers and online auction sites can help you determine the value of some older wood furniture. This is a page about the value of mersman dough box tables.


Information on Heywood-Wakefield Chair - blue upholstered armchair

Information on Heywood-Wakefield Chair?I purchased this piece from the Salvation Army a few days ago to be placed either in my craft room or in my basement. When loading it into my vehicle I noticed the mark on the bottom. I tried their website and they no longer identify older pieces of their furniture.


Determining the Value of a Mahogany Bedroom Set

Determining the Value of a Mahogany Bedroom Set?Would like to sell a mahogany bedroom set of a dresser, ornate mirror, chest, and 2 night stands. The only markings I can find are 897 MHG 93. How do I determine a selling price?



Brandt Coffee Table?

Brandt Coffee Table?Not really interested in selling our family heirloom but researched Brandt furniture and was surprised to learn what high quality it is. Anyone know any history or value?


Value and Line of Imperial Table?

Value and Line of Imperial Table?I inherited this Imperial marble coffee table. I believe it may be from the 50's judging by the logo, but not entirely sure. I was wondering what it might be worth and if there was a particular name for this line. I've seen a few Imperial coffee tables, but none that were marble. I also haven't seen any with this style of supports/legs.


A rocking chair, from the side.

Value of Platform Rocker?This chair belonged to my grandmother and I would like to know the value and if there is a market to sell. It was reupholstered in the 1980's. It is in very good condition.


A small side table, painted white.

Dixie Furniture Identification?I would like some help identifying this small Dixie bedside table/nightstand. I am sure it's been painted and probably a new drawer pull on the bottom there is a stamped 150 coming through the paint. Any help is appreciated such as period, style, value if possible. Thanks!


Value of  Vintage Steamer Trunk?

Value of Vintage Steamer Trunk?Can anybody tell me how much this vintage steamers trunk is worth?


Value of Conant Ball Dropleaf?

Value of Conant Ball Dropleaf?I've hung onto this table for many years. I bought it at a Flea market post divorce and it served me well for a few years. Then it got stored and moved and its time to find it a good home. I know enough to know it's a great brand and built well. Where do I start with it's value given the stains? Is it worth trying to restore before selling?


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