Value of a Vintage Console Stereo System

February 13, 2019

A Magnavox console stereo system.Could someone tell me about this Magnavox automatic 400 record player with am/fm radio? I am interested in how old it is maybe and what it's worth.


Please and thank you.


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From what I am seeing on eBay, they are from the mid-twentieth century and are worth in the $200 to $300 range

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I would say that this is from the 1960 era. I have seen them on E bay for $250 and up. This is a beautiful vintage record player and stereo. This brings back memories!




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This brings back lovely memories!! The console turntables were popular from the 50s-70s.

I think this one is from the very early 70s (if it is the original turntable) and based on the spool style decorations on the front) if the turntable is the original one. It is possible the cases is older and a newer turntable was dropped into it. Do you have any history on the piece?


They, sadly, fetch very little where I am. The most I have ever seen one sell for is $35 at a flea market. Most sell for much less. If you were in a place with a high demand and low supply for this, you may fetch much more.

The types that seem to fetch more money are those that are tricked out with the turntable, 8 track, and TV, where everything is in tip top working order. Those can fetch between $100 and $200.

Now, that said, some people take ones like yours apart and sell it off by the piece and get double or triple the "as is" value. This means the turntable, the arm, the motor, the needle, the case all pieced out, can fetch more on their own.

It is a strange dynamic, that frankly makes me sad since these are neat-o items!

Post back if you sell it and what you fetch for it!

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March 12, 2020

I am wondering if anyone could tell me the value of this Grundig Majestic radio/record player/recorder? Model #5012. The radio works. I am not sure about anything else. It's in beautiful condition. Value of a Grundig Majestic Vintage Stereo Console


Thank you!

Value of a Grundig Majestic Vintage Stereo Console
Value of a Grundig Majestic Vintage Stereo Console
Value of a Grundig Majestic Vintage Stereo Console
Value of a Grundig Majestic Vintage Stereo Console
Value of a Grundig Majestic Vintage Stereo Console


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I saw a few on eBay and the condition on them was not good at all. They did say the parts inside were in working condition. They were asking $599 for their units. The prices seem to range from $250 to $600 on these units in working condition.


Yours is in excellent condition so you should be able to ask a higher price for your. Start off higher and lower price if anyone is interested.


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No one can really give you very much information about a jukebox as most of the time the value will depend on the area the system is located.
You really need to check what might be selling in your area as there are many areas these (even in good condition) are very difficult to sell.
To realize any large sum of money the system will have to be in 'provable' working order and excellent condition or someone will just want to haul it off for you.


Your system is a good brand and looks to be in excellent condition so I would recommend you try to get an appraisal. There are some sites that offer free appraisals but not sure how they are with jukeboxes. It may be worth a try but it is a little trouble filling out the forms and posting good pictures. But if they answer, they will give you valuable information for your area and also possible auction sites.

This is a German brand and there are not very many listed for sale and I have only seen one Grundig sold (nothing like yours) and the only way to determine current value is with a sold item and you will most likely never find a system like yours in a sold category.

If you have any stores in your area that take items like this on consignment this may be something to think about.
Or you may list it on local venues like Craigslist, OfferUp, LetGo, Facebook Marketplace, etc and offer it as local pick up only.


You can start your price high (even several thousand) to see if anyone seems interested and just lower the price if necessary.
Sometimes jukebox enthusiasts check actions to see if anything interesting is available. You will need good pictures and true statement on what works and what may or may not work.

Some jukeboxes are listed on eBay and other sites but there is no way to compare these with yours - and - asking prices are not 'value' prices; just a price a seller would like to receive for their item.

You may be able to contact someone on this site for system information.


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In the right market you could expect to get as much as $900 for it.

There are old radio swaps, where people get together with all sorts of amazing radios to buy, sell, or trade. I am betting this would be a popular item there.


the right thing to do here is find antique radio shows or clubs. This is a very specialized item that needs the right buyer.

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July 14, 2021

So we've had this in our basement for a long, long time. Not sure about the history of it, but I do know it's a Montgomery Ward Record Player and it's old.

Any clue as to how much this would be worth if I was going to sell? Thanks

An open record player cabinet.
A record player cabinet closed.
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June 12, 2021

I have a Sansui G-971 receiver, JBL L-166 speakers n Technics SL-MC4 CD player. What are they worth?


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One seller is asking $1400 USD for the G-971 receiver; see

Another seller coincidentally is asking the same price (1400) for the speakers: see

The CD player prices I see are more varied, between about $50 and $100 USD.

So all together, without consideration of condition or shipping etc., the three sum to as high as almost $3000!

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November 21, 2022

What's a 1965 Curtis Mathes stereo console model 40M122 serial no 98304

The console stereo cabinet.
The top of the console stereo.
A tag on the back of the stereo.
Value of Curtis Mathes Stereo Console?

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October 28, 2022

What it's worth? Is it rare? Any extra information on it will help can't find any like mine and with the porta fi wireless speakers? It's in excellent condition and everything works

A speaker for the stereo.
A wooden stereo cabinet with speakers.
The record player and controls.
The markings on the back.

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November 26, 2021

I am wondering how much this unit is worth. Record player and radio combination.

Model AR241COA
Serial No. KB 3354

An old wooden phonograph case.
Worth of a Phonograph?
The control panel of an old phonograph.

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May 6, 2021

What is the value of a 1960s Webcore President high fidelity stereo?


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Sorry, but you will have to supply more information and several pictures if you wish to receive any useful information about this item.
Using only the information provided - here is what turns up when trying to do research:
eBay for sale listings:

eBay sold listings:

Is any of this information useful to answering your question? You may be able to find your stereo in these listings but I have no idea what to look for.
I know it can be difficult to know what information is needed when asking for help with an item but here are some questions that need to be answered for anyone to provide useful information:
Pictures - full front view of item, top view of item (open & closed), back of item showing all labels/tags/writing.
Condition: overall condition of cabinet - inside and outside.
Does it work? Does it sound great or? Does it need work/parts?
Any information on the history of your item?
Area - very important if this is a large/heavy item as your area will dictate final value if you have to sell it as 'local pick up only'.
Areas are entirely different in all parts of the US and yours may be 'into' this type of item or do they go for free on curbside.

Webcor seems to be a well liked name so please provide more information so someone can help you find a value.
here is unit listed for sale but may not be anything like yours:

This link shows several units so one of these may be like your unit:

"It appears the original company was Webster and Webcor name became existent in 1956 but the name 'Webcor' had already been used for several years..
The company name was officially changed from Webster-Chicago to Webcor Inc. in 1956, after Webcor was used as a brand for a few years already.
"Webcor Electronics, Consolidated Merchandising, Division of U.S. Industries
Long Island, NY
The trade name 'Webcor' that belonged to Webster-Chicago up to 1967 was acquired by 'Consolidated Merchandising', part of U.S. Industries Inc."


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Webster-Chicago Corporation of Chicago, Illinois, also later known as Webcor, was a leader in the manufacture of electronics from 1914 to the late 1960s. The Webster Company operated in the same time as the Racine WI based Webster Electrical Co. They were referred to as Webster (Chicago) and Webster (Racine) respectively. The company name was officially changed from Webster-Chicago to Webcor Inc. in 1956. Webcor stuff tends to be pretty well built.

Unfortunately, you have not added photos of your console, did not specify the model. Most likely you have a model 1450 or its modifications. Here is an advertisement for this model from 1963 (see attached screenshot): This model has the same name as your Webcor President Stereo Hi-Fi (high fidelity), or like this So you don't have a console.

The price of course depends on the condition of the player. Webcor President 60's in working order was sold for $ 75, if you have a Webcor President portable model EP1150-1 released in 1960, then the price is $ 135,49,112408,Vintage-Webcor-President...

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August 11, 2019

Does anyone know more about this sterogram, such as value, etc. I'm in South Africa.

Value of a Pyre Sterogram -
Console System - open cabinet
A vintage console stereo system.


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It is a really neat piece!

I hope you have someone on this site from South Africa who can help you. It would be very hard for someone like me, in the US, to give you a value for the item.

We have pieces like this here by brands like Phillips and Capeheart, but every market is very unique and these pieces in particular some can be quite valuable and some are worthless. It is very sensitive to where you are located and what buyers want, I would hate to guesstimate for a market with which I am not familiar.

I can tell you generally, what works in the US is if you have consignment stores or better yet, stores that specialize in vintage Hi Fi equipment in your town to talk to them. Shop around and ask what it would cost to buy one like what you have and they would give you the retail value in your area.

Then if you are trying to sell it privately, you would have to deduct at least 25% off of retail to sell OR offer to have it consigned by one of the places you talked to.

I am going to follow this post so I can learn more about sales in other places!! Best wishes in your venture!!!

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August 28, 2021

What is this worth? Great condition.

A console stereo system.
A console stereo system with records inside.
Markings on the back of record player.

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September 1, 2020

I'm hoping to sell this beautiful piece in Arizona. It's a Motorola SK11B. How much should I ask for it?

A Motorola console.
The back of a Motorola.


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September 2, 20200 found this helpful
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I have found some Motorola stereo until listed on eBay for sale but not the complete console as you have here. One person is asking $60 for his stereo and he says that it is not working and is selling this for parts only. I did find a Zenith console that a person is asking $1300 for it. Your stereo is not listed and I can not find one that has sold recently. You can start your asking price at around 1000 to 1200 dollars and see if anyone is interested. Just keep in mind if you want to sell this online you will need to deal with boxing this up and shipping it off to the buyer. That does increase the price the buyer is willing to pay for such a unit. I would check around your local area and on Craigslist and see if any type of stereo units like this are being sold. See what a person is willing to ask for their unit and compare it to prices in your area. This way you will receive the best price for the area you live in when selling this off.

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January 16, 2020

This is my grandmother's console player. It includes a record player, radio, and 8 track player. It is still in good condition and everything works except possibly the 8 track player.

What year is this and what would it be worth? It is probably from the 1960s.

Value of a Magnavox Console Stereo - stereo cabinet with the top open


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January 16, 20201 found this helpful
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They have several listed on eBay and a few other sites that are selling for around $250. Back in the late 60s early 70s my parents had one similar to the one you are showing here. I do believe this is the correct time period for this model.


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January 18, 20201 found this helpful
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It really depends where you are, how much you can get for it.

These are a hard sell in many places because there a glut of them.

I am an experienced eBay seller and I would never recommend selling it there, even for local pickup. Just not worth the time and energy.

My best suggestion is to take it to a reseller in your town (a brick and mortar store--ideally one that specializes in things like stereos or amusements) and have them sell it for you--either by consignment or buy it outright.

People who want these are very picky and want it all tested, so if you can't test the 8 track that will be a strike against you.

Going this route will get you the best value for your area.

I can tell you generally I have seen them sell (not asking prices, but sold prices) from $25 to $300. They are all over the place because the sales are from different parts of the country.

Some of the higher values were in Arkansas and Maryland. The lower prices are Pennsylvania, Ohio, and California.

I can also share with you that if you were game to it, there is good money to be made by taking it all apart and selling it for parts. It is a lot of work, but tested and working parts fetch the most money for these pieces.

People often have their own and want to keep theirs going with authentic parts. This is not for the faint of heart, but it is lucrative if you are game!! Search Magnavox parts on eBay's sold section and you can see what things get.

Best wishes! Post back how your sale goes!

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November 6, 2019

This is a RCA model VST 320S, 1974, Serial 31281 0659. We are looking for a price it would sell for today.

Value of a RCA Console Stereo - open console, turntable, radio, and 8 track player
Value of a RCA Console Stereo


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November 7, 20190 found this helpful
Best Answer

The price people as on eBay vary between $249 to $399. Just keep in mind if you are selling online you must include the cost of shipping for this item. Items this size and weight will cost a great deal of money to ship to the buyer. Therefore, I would recommend selling this in your area. Also keep in mind the prices in your area are different than the prices I have listed for eBay.


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November 7, 20190 found this helpful
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Thanks for asking! There are a huge number of variables with the two biggest being does it all work and where are you located.

Other variables are the condition of the case, does it have any smells, are you including the 8 tracks, is it all original (no repairs/no replacement parts).

The market for resale for these systems is for the working audio pieces (not the item as a whole).

What handy sellers do is test to make sure each piece works, then take it apart and sell it off for parts. That is where the money is in today's market because people want the original parts to keep their own pieces going. Very few people want to buy these as a whole.

In small towns I have seen these sell for as low as $1.00. In bigger cities where there is a glut of them (like where I am), they sell for $10.00 to $25.00. I also see a lot of them by the curb on trash night, which makes me very sad. If you are in a market where these are scarce, you could fetch more for it. These are truly a supply and demand sale and you hope for low supply, high demand to fetch the most money.

I see 8 tracks in the photo and some of those have value (check those out on eBay's sold section). They can ship media mail and I have made some nice money selling those over the years (depending on titles). Right now the Beatles, the Monkees, and Billy Idol are hot sellers for 8 tracks. Check out the sold values for those!!

If you have a bunch with low value, list them as one bulk lot in a 7 day auction starting at the lowest you would want to get (maybe 9.99) and the market will dictate the final price.

Post back how your sales go!!

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May 17, 2022

I have a 1958 Grinding Majestic Stereo Console with record player, pull open radio and reel to reel. Everything is in good working condition. Console is in great shape.

Only exception is wire have came loose from speakers, which is an easy fix. What is the value of it?

A vintage console value.
A vintage console value.
A vintage console value.
A vintage console value.
The label on a vintage stereo.
The label on a vintage stereo.
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