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This page contains parenting tips and advice about pregnancy, babies, toddlers, school age, tweens and teens. General parenting about health, nutrition, school, activities, homeschooling, summer fun, winter fun and more.

Daughters Horse Riding Daddy General Parenting 
Baby Bottle Feeding Baby 
Toddler Won't Play Alone Toddler and Preschooler 
back to school School 
Father teaching his son to drive Teen 
Girl Leaving For First Day Of School Grade Schooler 
A child blowing bubbles Summer Fun 
Pregnant woman Pregnancy 
Cleaning Bathroom Mirrors, Reflection in a mirror of boy drying his hair with a blow dryer. Tween 
Mother Homeschooling her Children Homeschooling 
newborn Newborn and New Mothers 
Three kids laying in the grass. Adoption 
foster kids Foster Parenting 
 Winter Fun 

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Finding Jobs for a 13 Year Old

I'm 13 and I need a job. I live in Liberty, Missouri. All I can think of, is mowing lawns and babysitting. But there aren't any kids to babysit in my neighborhood, and mowing lawns isn't really ''my thing''.

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Dealing with a Troubled Teen

I have gone through these upsets. If the doctor has checked for drugs and depression, then go into how the youth feels. Some people have been bullied in to doing things that are life changing ,so tell your youth how much you love them and how worried you are and how not one thing in this life could stop your love and understanding.

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Welcome Containers for Teachers

Many years ago, I put together welcome containers for the teachers on the first day school. I put in a tea bag, instant coffee, pack of sugar, candies and little notes of encouragement. At that time, we were able to add single dose packs of Tylenol (for those extra stressful days). Now you can't add those, of course.

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Adult Daughter Is a Mess

My adult daughter has been going in a downhill spiral for a long time now. She has been in a loveless marriage for at least ten years. She has been in and out of alcohol treatment for at least that long. She has had several jobs and has been let go from the last three due to her alcoholism.

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Jobs for 13 Year Olds

I'm 13 and my friend and I are looking for fun and easy ways to earn money. Any ideas?

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Teaching Grandchildren Gratitude
Read 2 Questions
Collecting Ideas for Children
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Pots and Kitchen Utensils as Toys
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Rejuvenating Polly Pocket Dresses

My granddaughters have several Polly Pocket dolls with extra dresses and skirts. The skirts got flattened, so I used the medicine cups that come on bottles of over the counter meds (like cough syrup) to fix them.

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Tooth Fairy Ideas
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Babysitting Activities

I have babysat these kids before, they are 4 and 9. They want to play house, Barbies, etc. constantly. I mean all day long literally. I need something that they will like just as much and be time consuming so they can have a variety of things to do.

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Babysitting Tips

Can somebody give me good baby sitting tips for 9 year olds and 5 year olds please?

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Adult Son is Argumentative

I could use a bit of help. My son is 35. He is spending Christmas with his wife's family which is only right, we take turn. He is demanding that I hand over the Christmas gifts for the children as they are not allowed to open them before.

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Cloud Dough
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Babysitting Activity Ideas

I need help thinking of ideas for babysitting 5 younger kids.

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Cloud Dough
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Concerns About Unsupervised Activities for Young Teens

I have concerns about a 13 year old girl and her 14 year old friend being dropped off at concerts/theme parks with no adult supervision. Are her dad and I overreacting or is this neglect?

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Containing Messy Kids
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Entertaining a Sick Child
Read 2 Solutions
Teaching Children Personal Hygiene
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Eating Breakfast Before School
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Baby Shadow Play
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Helping Your Child Succeed in School
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E-Mail for Newborns

When you have your baby, set up an email address for him/her and add pictures throughout the years, as well as special events such as first day of school, first birthday, and any other special events.

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Decorating Your School Locker
Read 3 Solutions
Getting Children to Take Naps
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Hope Chest

I started a hope chest for each of my sons when they were twelve. Now if they don't marry immediately upon leaving home,they will have a lot of things they will need for their home.

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Chicken and Dumplings Surprise
Make This Recipe
Using Baby Bibs
Read 2 Solutions
Keeping a Toddler Out of the Pantry
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Starting a Hope Chest
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Fun Babysitting Activities

I am babysitting a 4 year old boy and a 7 year old girl tomorrow for 13 hours. They are tired of my ideas, please help. We have done Play Doh, painting, face paint, bear caves (decorating paper cups), forts, movies, baking, water fights, pretend ....

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School Bus Safety
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Environmentally Friendly Parenting Tips
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Don't Let Kids Educationally Slide This Summer

Research shows many kids "slide" up to 30% during the summer months. Don't let that happen to you.

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Wall "Painting" as Rainy Day Activity

It's raining. It's been a long, long day. The kids are bored. Get a bucket of warm water and a couple of paint brushes - the big kind that the kids see on the movies. Put them in the bathroom and ask them to 'paint the walls'.

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Making Temporary Tattoos
Read 1 Solution
Kids' Tattoos

Fun craft all year! I used it for Memorial Day, parents will love how easily the tattoos wash off!

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Adult Child Distancing Himself from Mother

I have a very loving relationship with my adult son. However there are times when he distances himself from me for no apparent reason. He doesn't answer my calls or texts even after I've tried him several times. This makes my heart heavy.

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Monsters Be Gone Kit

Made about a thousand of these, LOL!

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Jumpstarting Your Family's Creativity
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Infant Cereal Tips
Read 1 Solution
Child Doesn't Like New School
Read 1 Question
Bedtime Tips and Tricks
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10 Ways for Kids to Earn Money
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Planning a Car Wash

How do you do a car wash?

Answer This Question
Advice for Making Money

I am a 13 year old girl and I need money. My mom and dad don't believe in giving me money for doing chores, because it is my responsibility. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Aggressive 3 Year Old Step Daughter

My 3 year old step daughter is very aggressive with her younger sister, who is 22 months old. She is always hitting, biting, kicking, pushing and pinching her. There have been multiple times when the little one has even shed blood at the hands of her sister with scratches and bites.

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Tips for the Stay at Home Mom
Read 3 Questions
Advice for Teenagers
Read 9 Questions
Babysitting Activities for 5 and 7 Year Old Girls

I'm 15 and I'm watching a 5 year old girl and a 7 year old girl from 4pm to 11pm. What fun activities should I do with them?

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Answering an Adopted Child's Questions

My adopted granddaughter (now 7 years old) is obsessed with seeing her birth mother. She was adopted at the age of 6 months. It is an open adoption, but the birth mother has never tried to contact her or be involved in any way.

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Bottle Feeding At Night

To bottle feed at room temperature early in the morning before baby is awake or at night before when baby is asleep, boil a gallon of water at bedtime. This way, the germs are boiled out and, by the time your child wakes up, it'll be at room temperature.

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Tween Parenting Advice
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Babysitting Activity Ideas

I'm babysitting tomorrow and I need some ideas for some activities i can do. There are 4 kids, 3 boys and a girl, (youngest to oldest boys ages- 3,6,8, girl- 11).If you have any suggestions, that would be great!

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Extend the Life of Child's Water Bottle
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Let Children Get Dirty
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Take Monthly Photos of Baby
Check Out This Craft
Use a Handkerchief as a Bib
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Mirrored Door Kids Checklist

My daughter has mirrored closet doors, we use them to keep a daily check list of things to be done. She loves putting the check by the item, or sometimes a mini artwork flower. At the end of the day, we wipe off the checks and she's ready for the next day.