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Toddler Tweezer Pick Up Game
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Felt Scraps for Toddler Play
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Toddler Water Play
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Remembering Your Baby in the Car
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Teach Children That Abuse Is Not A Sign Of Love

I am sure you will be able to picture this scene quite easily: Little Anna is playing with her friends during recess at school. Little Billy runs up to her and pushes her, and runs off laughing.

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Use Ladies Shirts as Girls Dresses
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Keeping the Monsters Away with Vanilla Spray

When my oldest son was little, he use to be scared to sleep in his room. He thought there were monsters under his bed, or in his closet.

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Wash Cloth for Phone Space Around Toddlers

To get space from my toddlers when I am on the phone, I sit with a wet facecloth and wipe their faces whenever they come near me. Now I can chat without them being right in my space.

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Sweaty Palms and Feet

My 12-year-old has a problem with sweaty palms and feet. This has been a problem since she was a baby. At 12 she is embarrassed by the problem. She constantly has to wipe her hands while writing, drawing, using the computer, etc.

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Word of the Day to Expand Vocabulary

To help my kids expand their vocabularies, I've chose a "word of the day" for several years now. They get it printed on a piece of paper at breakfast, along with the part of speech. Then at dinner, they each try to use the word during our family discussion.

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Packing Kids For Multi Day Trips

When my son (early teens) went away on a church mission trip, I was worried that he would wear mismatched clothes or wear the same pair of socks for several days. You know how young boys are.

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How Can Kids and Young Adults Make Money?
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15 Year Wants to Sleep at Her Boyfriend's House

Should you allow a 15 year old to sleep over her boyfriend's house? Her boyfriend is moving around an hour away and his friendly, trustworthy parents are willing to drive if daughter is allowed to sleepover. Also, they are constantly being watched and she sleeps in the boyfriend's sister's room at night and there is no privacy for the couple whatsoever.

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Daughter-In-Law Won't Accept Used Items

I need a little advice here. I have a daughter-in-law who is due with our first grandchild. She grew up more fortunate than our children. I bought several things in really good shape at a garage sale but was told by her that she only wants new stuff, she doesn't want anything used by someone else. How do i handle a situation like this?

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Leftover Cafe

Need a fun way to get your family to eat leftovers? We have a "Leftover Cafe" night once a week. We decorate the table with fake flowers and candles, and play some music in the background.

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Save Plastic Lids for Toddler Toys

I did this when my kids were small, the youngest is now 32. I did it for my older grandkids, and I am now doing it for the younger grandkids and great grandkids.

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Saving Money on School Supplies
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Random Drug Testing for Teens

When my kids were in high school I instituted random drug testing at my house. It was really cheap to set up and I feel like in the long run, I was saved an incalculably amount because one of my kids lived in the "gray".

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8 Year Old Is Now Afraid of Sleeping Alone

We have a challenge we can't seem to solve. About 4 months ago our 8yr became unable to sleep alone. He says he is scared. He started to try to get in our bed which we allowed for a few nights since it was a new problem. We realized we couldn't allow it permanently and refused to let him in, so then he started to sleep on the floor next to the bed and he continues to do so every night.

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Collecting Child Support
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Keeping Track of a Toddler at Disney World

We are going to Disney World in three weeks, and I am wondering if anybody has some suggestions on how to keep track of a wandering toddler. My son is 2 1/2 and is as fast as a rocket and inquisitive. (He just escaped out my front door - what a scare!). I have heard about wearing bright shirts.

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Dessert for Young Kids in Restaurant

When we would go out to eat with our kids when they were quite young, most of the time, they would fuss and not finish their meals. So we decided to let them eat their meal at home before we went to a restaurant.

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Use a Steam Iron to Remove Stickers

How many of you moms out there have spent entirely too much time trying to remove stickers that have been stuck on every surface in the entire house by your ornery toddler?

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Was Getting Married, Now I'm Expecting

I was planning for a wedding in March. But now found out we're having a baby due in April. I really think we should get married right away before the baby is born, but my fiance wants to wait since I'm on Medicade. What do you think is the best thing to do? Should we wait?

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Dry Eraser to Remove Permanent Marker

My name is Shannon and I have found an amazing, magical, cleaning assistant. You see, I have an almost 3 year old at home who loves to get his hands on permanent markers and color on things he shouldn't.

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The Benefits of Wearing Uniforms to School

Wearing Uniforms to School. Here 'down under' we are in the middle of the school year so the tips will have to be kept for January. LOL. . .

Toddler Cries Excessively

I am a mother of two. I have a 4 year old and a three year old. My 4 year old Zoey is no problem and is very well behaved, but my 3 year old Ashlyn cries over everything way more than a 3 year old should. She is very clingy to me and will not ask her dad for anything. She always asks me and she cries over everything from her sister playing with a toy she wants to not being able to put on her shoes by herself. When we try to tell her that everything is OK and to stop crying and use her words she somewhat calms down, but is still upset over the situation and continues to whine.

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Set Up a Kid Friendly Guest Room

We have an 11 year old coming for the weekend soon with her grandfather. They will be staying in a hotel but the weatherman says it'll be raining and storming all weekend so she won't be able to go outside and play with my dogs like I had planned for her.

Curfews for College Age Children

I set a curfew of 3:30am on the weekends, and 12:00 on week nights for my 20 year old son who is attending community college but living with us. He thinks this is unfair.

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Is 12 Old Enough to Go Places Alone?

Do you think a child is too young to start going to the movies alone or anywhere alone at age 12 and a half in 7th grade? Should I wait till she gets older?

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Unique Name Instead of Gramma

I am going to be a first time gramma any day. I am only 38 yrs. old and gramma sounds just old. I never really had a nick name and I want to find a unique, different name for my grandchild to call me. My real name is Monica Lynn if that helps.

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Diet and Vitamin Advice for ADD and ADHD

I am at my wit's end and so ready for school to begin. I have a six year old boy whom I'm thinking has ADD or ADHD just by his behavior. I don't want to put him on drugs. Does anyone know what I could do for him as far as his diet or vitamins goes?

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Problems Getting Pregnant

I am trying to get pregnant and having a really hard time. I do not have a menstrual cycle like a normal woman. Looking for people out there that have gotten pregnant after having the same issues as me.

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Morning Sickness Remedies

Does anyone have a remedy for morning sickness? The kind of morning sickness I have thinks the morning is from 2am until about 8pm.

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Save $5 a Week for College

All kids should go to college or trade school, but it can be outrageously expensive. I recommend setting up a savings account for your child and depositing five dollars a week their whole life. This adds up very quickly without taking a tremendous toll on your financial situation.

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Baby Powder For Sandy Kids

This tip is great for this time of year, when people are going to the beach. Bring baby powder for the kids. When you are ready to go home, sprinkle it on feet or wherever sand is stuck to them.

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Teaching Your Children About Money
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ADHD Worse on the Same Days Every Week

My 8-year old has ADHD. Wednesdays and Thursdays of EVERY week he is just impossible to deal with. However, he maintains the same schedule every single day and everything is always fine every other day. It's just those 2 days out of the week.

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Warning: Never Give Small Child Keys

This is in response to things to do with old keys - never give a small child keys to play with! When our second daughter was about 15 months old, I let her play with my keys and she proceeded to stick one in the plug outlet.

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Attach Child's Picture to Gift

We have young grandchildren who live out of state so to make their Christmas gifts seem even more special, we attach a picture of each child to their gift.

Pay Your Child Support

Win the war in the end! Pay your child support. Non custodial parents: when your children are grown they will respect you so much more if they know you paid your part to get them raised.

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Bedwetting Help

My son is now 7 and we are having a hard time with the bed wetting. I will take his drinks away at 6 PM and wake him up to let him go to the restroom but he still happens wets his bed. He has been prescribed medicine and it isn't working either.

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Monitoring Your Child's Texting
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Staying Connected with Your Kids

Many parents have issues staying connected with their teenagers. The best way to prevent this is to start at a young age.

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Monitoring Your Child's Texting

My daughter's friend recently got invited to the park by a boy two years older than her and asked my daughter to go with her. I read all of her texts after getting a call from her friend's mother, and the fact that they were using occasional profanity astonished me.

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Being Organized for School Mornings
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Designate an Out Of State Emergency Contact

Ever since my kids were small, we have designated my mother, who lives in another state, as the family emergency contact. All school forms had her name and phone number in the emergency contact section, as did any of the wallet emergency cards we all carried.

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Picking a Baby's Name

Help! Baby boy due in a month, but no name has been picked yet. His sister's name is Summer Grace. Would like a name that goes with sister's name.

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Helping Child Get Ready in the Morning

My seven year old daughter hates mornings! My DH and I battle with her everyday just to get up and eat breakfast. She goes to bed by 8PM every night and gets up at 6:45, so she is getting a good chunk of sleep.

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Chores for a 9 Year Old

I used to have my 9 year old son clean the kitty litter, vacuum and take the trash out but we got rid of the cat and he still cleans his room. Does anybody have ideas on any more chores he could do? He wants me to give him money but I can't figure out things he can do to earn it. How much should I give him?

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5 Year Old Having Bowel Movement in Pants

I seem to be having a sudden problem with my 5 year old moving her bowels in her pants. When asked why she does this she says she isn't getting there in time or she was playing and didn't stop.

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Help With 7 Year Old Picky Eater

My child is a very picky eater. Over the top. He will only eat a certain type of chicken nuggets from a certain store. That was for a few months, now he won't eat them.

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When Are You Ready For Your First Child?

Yes, me and my husband want to have our first baby and nobody in our family's think we are ready and everybody wants us to wait...what should we do?

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10 Year Old With A "Fresh" Mouth

I have a 10 year old daughter who is starting to have a fresh mouth. I have tried punishing her and taking away privileges but nothing seems to be working. My babysitter is starting to complain. I am afraid I might lose her. What should I do?

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10 Month Old Won't Hold His Own Bottle

My son is 10 months old and still will not hold his bottle on his own or a cup. He does everything else any 10 month old does. I'm a new mother so I don't know when they start doing this. Does anyone know?

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Keep Kids From Using Too Many Bandages
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Email Time Capsule

When your kids are in high school, they will most likely have no recollection of their younger years. To help them remember their lives, set up an email account for them when they are born. Send them pictures, videos, funny stuff, letters, cute memos, ideas, advice, etc.

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Educational Activities for Preschoolers
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Safe Bathing for Babies

When my babies were able to sit up on their own (6 months), they enjoyed sitting in a laundry basket inside a regular tub. This kept their bath toys within reach and allowed them to hold onto the sides to keep their balance.

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Buying Boys Clothes For Girls

As a mom to a bunch of daughters, I have learned a few clothing tips. Most of my daughters are tall. I have found that I get the best buy in the men's department. The men's and boy's shirt sleeves and torsos are longer.

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Young Girl's Hair Styles

My 8 year old daughter has never had long hair. It's a short type cut, just about middle of the ear, and is cute. I would like to see her grow long hair just once.

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Young Child Has Started Hitting Parents and Pets

My 22 month old has done a drastic personality change! The lovely little darling has been hitting us and our pets. And not just when he is angry. He beats on our cat and dog for just recreational fun and I've tried scolding and taking him away from the pet and he just keeps going back to hit more.

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Boy-Girl Birthday Party

My son says he would like to have a boy-girl party this year. I'm wondering if he's old enough. He's 13 going on 14. And I think he wants to have a mature party. With intimate games (7 minutes in heaven). I am a little uneasy if that is what he is going for. So please give me your opinions.

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Babysitting Advice For 13 Year Old

My daughter (13 years old) is babysitting for the first time this Sat. for our next door neighbor. I have given her the usual "do's & don't's", i.e. play games with the child, don't spend your time talking to your friends on the phone, and of course the safety issues.

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Quick Lunch Ideas

We live close to the High school in our town. Since some of my daughter's friends have the same lunch period, they want to come to our house and have lunch. I work, so am not at home. I need ideas for "quick" lunches for them.

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Babysitters Rules vs. Grandma's Rights

I am in a predicament that I really need advice on. I babysit my 6 month old Granddaughter and her brother (age 6) who is home-schooled. I don't agree with the home schooling situation but he is my grandson by marriage and therefore I try to keep my opinion to myself.

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Make Roads with Tape For Bored Kids
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Photo: Brotherly Love
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Set A Routine for Your Toddler
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Photo: Message to Mum

I felt like the luckiest mum in the world, when I came home from visiting a friend to find this message! My 2 boys made it out of their Magnetics for me while I was away!

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Ideas for Activities When Babysitting 7 Year Old Girl

My mom and her friend Lisa are having a girls night out and I am watching Lisa's daughter. I am eleven years old and we live with my grandparents and they would be right downstairs along with my three other siblings. The little girl's name is Gabriella. I was wondering if you had any tips on what kind of games and activities I could do with her?

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How Should I Pay For My Child's College?

My daughter is now a senior in high school. She has a 4.0 plus average (honors, AP classes) and has a 75% tuition scholarship so far and will be probably be able to attend the closest university for free if she continues to apply for scholarships.

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Preparing for a Baby

I have found myself to be VERY unexpectedly pregnant at age 38. My husband and I have two sons, ages 16 and 10. I work but have no benefits and my husband is on Social Security Disability.

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Buying a Bathing Suit for a Pre-Teen

I am raising my grand daughter and this season she is into Jr. sizes. I have looked and looked and CANNOT find a decent bathing suit in her size! I know it is early in the season, however, none of the places I have looked even showed a one-piece suit and all the two pieces are too skimpy for an 11 year old.

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Preserving Children's Artwork

What do I do with all of my children's school artwork? I don't want to just throw them out in the trash! I do hang them for a while on the kitchen cupboards, or fridge, etc.

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My 5 Month Old Fights Going To Sleep

My 5 month old daughter fights going to sleep. She also cries for what seems to me no reason. I feed her, change her, rock her, give her kisses and hugs and still she cries. Can anyone help with these two problems.

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Wetting the Bed

My son is about to be 7 and has wet the bed on average of about 3 times a week all of his life. We have tried EVERYTHING. The only thing we haven't yet tried is prescription meds. That would be my last resort. I don't know anything about them and was wondering if any parents here have any experience with them?

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Back to School Clothes

I am a mother of a 16 year daughter. She is in need of new school clothes. We live on an income of $585 per month for the three of us. This includes my husband, also.

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Wear Cotton Gloves When Washing Baby

Bathing a baby can be a slippery time. To get a better hold on the baby get a pair of cotton gloves. Sometimes you can get them at the Dollar Tree. They are very lightweight and you can use as a washcloth.

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Reuse Backpack and School Supplies

In most areas of the US, school will be over soon. The last thing on everyone's mind right now is the next school year. But this is a relatively painless tip that doesn't take much time and will surely save you money.

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Balancing Life's Demands

I am a young stay at home mom. I moved in with my fiance, got married, then pregnant all with in a year. Don't get me wrong I love my husband and my baby girl to death and wouldn't trade them for the world, but some days (more than others) I feel constantly overwhelmed and unhappy.

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Weaning a Child Off a Pacifier

How can you wean a 2 1/2 yr. old off the pacifier when you have tried everything that you can think of?

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Help with 4 Year Old Behavior

I have a 4 year old granddaughter that seems as sweet as pie, until she get angry. She hits, bites, and just yesterday, scratched and pinched me in the arms. When she is in a bad mood - watch out. One minute she is cute and the next minute - terrible. When I babysit for her alone she is wonderful. The minute her parents walk in, she starts acting up.

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Dealing With A Picky Eater

My 8 year old son is getting pickier and pickier with food. He used to eat Chicken Nuggets, Grilled Cheese, Mac N Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Burgers and Hot dogs. Now all he wants is pizza.

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My Child Keeps Getting Head Lice

When a child gets head lice often, what can I do?

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Can I Save Money Making My Own Baby Food?

I am thinking about making baby food for our second child so at the store today I checked out the frozen fruit choices. I was amazed that 2 pounds of peaches were $4. Am I missing something?

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Adult Child in a Toxic Relationship is Very Demanding of Time

I need advice. I have raised my niece since she was 5 years old. She is the daughter of my heart. She is 32 years old, has two college degrees, and always has a job. She is in many ways a charming and delightful young woman, but she is in a very toxic relationship.

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4 Year Old Won't Behave

I have a 4yr old son who will not mind or listen to me or his sister at all. He knows he will get in trouble, but just doesn't seem to care. It is getting to where everyday is a struggle with him. Please does anyone out there know anything I can do?

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Picking up the Tab at Lunch

I just need a little input on what's proper! I'm meeting my 3 adult daughters for lunch in the near future and 2 of them live close by and one lives out of town. It's a treat for all of us to be in the same place at one time. My granddaughter will be included in this get together. She's 15 and belongs to one of my daughters that lives close by.

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How Old Should a Girl Be To Go Places On Her Own?

My mom is smothering me and I feel like I can't grow up because I am the last baby. I would really like some freedom. How can I ask for freedom? She has already turned me down more than once. All my friends parents are allowing them more freedom, but my parents just don't understand. I need to grow up, I am 13 and in 8th grade please tell me your opinions. Thanks

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Keeping Kids Entertained During Summer Break
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Family Fun Without Spending Much Money

Spending less on entertainment had become a way of life. Being a single mom, working with "hungry" football players, homeschooling; and all of that before the economy went crazy.

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Make Box Building Blocks

When some of us were young we played with "brick' blocks that were made of cardboard. They were large, sturdy, and stack-able and took a lot of abuse. The boxes from juice pouches that are popular now, such as Capri-Sun are just the same size and about as strong.

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Summer Fun Box
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7 Year Old Won't Eat Healthy Food

I have a 7 year old son that will not eat any healthy food. He does not eat any kinds of meats or seafood, no veggies or fruits. The only thing he likes to eat is dry oatmeal, granola, and chips. He does not like mushy foods or any kind of condiments.

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Taste Of Home Kids Coloring Cookbook

I just came across this link at Taste of Home and it would be such a wonderful project for children and parents to work on together! Not only would there be a cookbook colored by the child to cherish but it's a wonderful way to teach children to cook.

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Very Young Kids Can Write Books

<img src="/images/articles/winner.jpg" align="left" width="72" height="77">I was totally surprised when my granddaughter, who is 6, showed me a stack of six books she'd written. She came up with the idea herself to write and illustrate her own series of books. She uses only computer paper, colored pens and a paperclip to hold each book together.

Make Children's Chore Cards

We made chore cards. I listed the chore, and they decorated the front. On the back we described the chore. We included feeding and watering animals, making dessert, vacuum, take out garbage, etc.

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Six Year Old Keeps Peeing on the Floor

My six year old step son won't stop peeing on the floor in his room. I have tried everything that I can think of and nothing works. What should I do?

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14 Month Old Does Not Want to Stop Nursing

My 14 month old son does not want to stop nursing. I really need to go back to work. He nurses with the gusto of a newborn, every 3-4 hours plus some table food. Please don't say to take a feeding that he isn't interested in and try to eliminate that one because he's interested in all of them.

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Save Wrappers To Placate Toddlers

I was a single mom with a baby that was 2. Some days, he would only eat McDonald's cheeseburgers. Being a mom, if that worked and I felt he had to eat; I was not about to be the bad person, I would get him that cheeseburger.

Teaching Toddlers

Teaching Toddlers. I am a mother of a 21 month old boy and feel we need more structured learning, his language and other skills seem behind his peers. Any tips for teaching or websites, etc.

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Picky Eaters

My 3 year old son with autism won't eat anything but McDonald's fries, pancakes, and PB & J sandwiches. I have tried every trick in the book.

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Sore Cracked Nipples from Breastfeeding

Just wondering if using vaseline petroleum jelly is ok to use on cracked sore nipples when breastfeeding?

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Using Jenga Pieces as Building Blocks
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Saving Money on School Supplies and Clothing

Sending a child to school is so expensive! At the beginning of the school year the school sends you a list of things the child will need. Parents rush out with this list, piling their baskets high.

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Homemade Diaper Rash Ointment

To treat diaper rash without having to pay a lot for ointments that can be expensive, it's easy and inexpensive to make your own. Mix 1/2 cup petroleum jelly with 2 tablespoons cornstarch.

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How Many Hours Of Work Does It Cost?

We have a family of 8, including 4 teenagers who love stuff. Whenever we or they want to buy something, we have one simple rule: Never think of an item's price! Instead we think of how many hours we will have to work to pay for the item.

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Practice "Stranger Danger" With Your Children

When I was visiting, I was asked to walk my granddaughter to her school bus stop one morning. As we were walking, my daughter drove by and slowed down, rolled down her window and said "Hey little girl, I sure do like those pink shoes."

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Creating a School Year Folder

Years ago when my kids started school every year I took a picture of each of them the first day of school. I taped the picture to a large manila folder. I wrote on the outside the teachers name, school and who were the friends at that time.

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Keep a Wet Washcloth for Emergency Cleaning

Instead of wasting all the baby wipes, cleaning messy faces and sticky fingers. I wet a washcloth, fold it and put it in a zip-lock bag. Carry one in your purse, diaper bag, car, wherever.

Baby is Not Crawling

My son is 9 months old today, and he is still not crawling. It worries me. He has three older brothers (ages 1, 2, and 4) and none of them took this long.

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Dealing with Adult Children at Home

I am under a lot of stress at my house right now. I have a son-in-law, his girlfriend and their 7 month old baby living here. They refuse to take any of my suggestions to heart in caring for the baby. It is driving me nuts and I am at my wits end.

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5 Year Old Misbehaving at School

What to do about a talkative 5 yr. old? My daughter won't stop talking in school that the teacher says she's not listening at all and keeps talking and won't raise her hand.

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Dealing With 3 Year Old's Tantrums

I have a 3 year old that has huge temper tantrums! How can I stop this?

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Can Only One Child Have Head Lice?

My boyfriend has a two year old daughter he gets on weekends and he brings her over to my house with my two young children. Every time he brings his daughter back to her mother, her mother claims she has head lice.

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Saving Too Many School Papers

My 6 year old DD thinks she needs to keep every scrap of paper that the school sends home. How can I get her to realize that this is way too much to keep and help her minimize her paper stack?

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Cloth Diaper Advice

I am thinking of using cloth diapers for our second child. I really am overwhemled when I go online and look at choices. There are velco options, liners, make your own, some to wash and other parts to throw away... etc. so I don't know where to start.

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Advice for My 16 Year Old Daughter's Party

My daughter will be 16 soon and she wants a boy/girl party for the first time. Any and all ideas are welcome. I haven't a clue what to do with them. She is inviting 9 people so including her there will be 10 teenagers in my small apartment.

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Let Children Get Dirty
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Bake Bread With Your Grandchildren
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Bedtime Shopping Game

If you are having trouble getting your young children to bed without a fight, try this bedtime shopping game to solve nightly struggles. Half an hour before bedtime, set a timer for 30 minutes and bring out the toy shopping cart.

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Games to Play With Kids While Driving

We had several games the kids enjoyed playing when they were younger and we were traveling. Most included winning money!

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Use Old Clothes for Camp and Outdoors

If your child is getting ready to go to summer camp, don't buy them nice new things to wear, it's not going to come home that way! Pack their oldest socks and underwear for them to take, so that when it comes home, you just throw it in the trash.

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Kids Have Too Many Toys

OK, I am realizing that my kids have too many toys. When I was a kid, my toys would fit in one cardboard box and I was content with that. I never had as much stuff as everyone else, but was a happy kid.

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Young Teens Dating

My 13 year old daughter wants a boyfriend. Should I let her?

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Summer Library Programs

Most local Libraries have great summer reading programs. It's free, it's fun and it's educational! Our local libraries have a wonderful program for kids.

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Weaning a Breast Fed Baby Who Refuses Formula

What is the best way to wean a 10 month old baby from breastfeeding, when she refuses to take to formula?

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