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This page features information to help you clean just about anything. It also has stain remover recipes, cleaning recipes, and cleaning advice.

Picture of a red striped shirt in a washer. Clothing Stains 
Someone cleaning tile grout with a toothbrush. Advice 
Picture of a man holding up stinky shoes. Odors 
Primary Colored Shirts on Clothesline Laundry 
Woman Cleaning Appliances Appliances 
Cleaning eyeglasses with a cloth. Miscellaneous 
White French Chair on Wood Floor by Window Furniture 
Cleaning Urine Off Grout Bathroom 
Red wine spill on wood table Stains 
Homemade Wood Floor Cleaner Recipes Floors 
Removing Wine from Carpet, Wine Stain on Carpet Carpet 
photo of interior of burned stainless steel frying pan Dishes 
Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner Recipes Cleaning Supply Recipes 
Cleaning  Clothing 
Ostrich feather duster against a blue sky. Cleaning Tools 
Homemade Kitchen Cabinet Degreaser Recipe, Rag in hand cleaning dark kitchen cabinet Kitchen 
photo of brown leather couch Leather 
Removing Tea Stains on Fabric  Fabric 
Crayon marks on a wall. Walls 
Woman Polishing a Piece of Silver Metal 
Washing a Blue Car Auto 
Refill and spray bottles of Awesome cleaner Products 
White Folder Comforter Linens and Blankets 
A collection of antique glass bottles. Glass 
Woman in Green Shirt Cleaning Glass with Squeege Windows 
Moldy Tiles and Bathtub Mold 
Rust and Peeling Blue Paint on Car Rust 
Borax powder, with a measuring cup and spray bottle. Tips 
Cleaning mini blinds square Blinds and Curtains 
Someone dusting the corner of a room with a duster. Dusting 
Photo of a diamond ring set. Jewelry 
Rubber ducky floating in a bubble bath. Toys 
Post it note that says clean your room on it. Bedrooms 
Hand with rubber glove holding a DVD Electronics 
Getting Cigarette Smell Out of Books. A pile of old books. Books and Papers 
A person cleaning a flat screen monitor with a cloth. Computer 
Row of clothes hung up at a dry cleaners. Dry Cleaning 
Homemade Softscrub Cleaner Recipe, Photo of cleaning bucket and supplies. Spring Cleaning 
Red Wine in Crystal Glass on Black Crystal 
Cleaning Stainless Grill BBQ and Grill 
Saving Money on Web Hosting, Closeup of URL and Cursor Links 

Cleaning Ceramic Tile Grout
Read 1 Question
Identifying an Odor in Home

A few months ago I had a very bad odor in the attached garage. The smell appears to be gone. Now there is now an odor in the house. It is an odor I have difficulty describing. It doesn't smell like something dead, sour, or filth.

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Removing Rust From Inside Water Pipes
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Cleaning Tiled Floors

After cleaning my tiled floors with a steamer, I let them dry before walking on them. However they show shoe prints which I hate. What am I doing wrong?

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Removing Excess Adhesive From Floor...
Read 1 Question
Cleaning a Vintage Wedding Veil

I am getting married in October and am going to be wearing my mom's wedding veil. It has been in a box for 30+ years and has turned yellow. What are some ways I could get it white again without damaging the netting and lace?

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Cleaning A Well Water Filter
Read 1 Solution
Removing Green Dye on White Pants

How do I remove green dye from my white pants?

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Removing Paste from Wallpaper

I have just papered our sitting room with a black leather affected wall paper. There is wallpaper paste on the paper at the joints. I have tried to remove it with a lukewarm cloth. Can you help?

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Hard Water Stains on Glass

How can I remove hard water stains from glass?

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Dye Transferred in the Wash

I recently bought one of those Topshop blue denim jackets with cream borg, fleece, lining. This is my first time washing it and I followed the instructions. But the borg lining has still turned all blue. Any ideas on how to get this out?

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Getting Rid of Mould

Will household ammonia kill mould on anything?

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Removing Dye That Transferred in the Wash

I washed some colored clothes and I had a black scarf in them. So now my cream coloured dress has a black stain. I washed it with Surf Excel, but that did not remove it. How can I remove this colour?

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Removing Odours from Under Fridge

How can I get rid of the odours under the fridge? The odours resulted from various foods that went bad following a power failure to the kitchen and we were not at home for more than two weeks.

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Removing Urine Stains and Odor from Leather Furniture

How do I remove urine stains and odor from leather furniture?

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Removing Cooking Oil Stains from Clothing

How do I get cooking oil stains out of a 100% viscose mesh look jersey?

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Vinyl Flooring in Bathroom

My navy blue bath mats in my bathroom have stained my white vinyl floor. I have tried bleach, Mr Clean Eraser pads, alcohol, peroxide, lemons, salt, baking soda, and scouring powder. If anyone has any other suggestions feel free.

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Removing Salt Stains on Ugg Boots

I just bought a pair of chocolate brown Ugg boots. I wore them out in the snow once, and now they have huge salt stains on them. I don't want to use vinegar or black coffee because I don't want to change the colour. Any ideas?

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Buying HE Detergents

I can no longer find any detergents marked HE for front loading washers in my grocery stores. Is it no longer made? What do I use in place of it?

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Changing the Batteries on a Swiffer WetJet

Can anyone tell me how to change the batteries on the old style Swiffer WetJet? It is green, but not with the big bottle holder attached. You can push the purple button to release the bottle, but the green "switch" underneath that does not move.

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Detergent Spill Left Spot on Coat

While using liquid Tide detergent to rub a stain on some clothes before putting them in the washer, I got a splash of Tide detergent on my London Fog brown coat. Now I have a dark brown, almost black spot on the sleeve. How can I get it out?

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Removing Paper Stuck to CDs

I had my CDs in storage and they got wet. Now some of the paper from the covers is sticking to the CDs. How do I remove the paper that is now stuck to the CDs?

Read 2 Answers
Cleaning and Storing Small Appliances
Read This Tip
Removing Body Odor from Laundry

Some people do not change clothes and linens very often. Body oils and what not get into the fibers. Shampoo in the washer seems to work, but only if washed again all the time. Sheets, long sleeve shirts, and pillowcases stored awhile in rotation seem to retain the odor.

Read 1 Answer
Cleaning Yellowed Antique Baby Clothes

How do I clean yellowing and brownish age spots from 63 year old handmade baby dresses? I want to display them in a shadowbox.

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Dead Rat Odor in the Wall

It recently started smelling like dead rat in my living room. We moved and cleaned everything. I think the smell is coming from inside the wall.

Read 1 Answer
Laundry Detergent Left Stains on Floor

I placed containers of laundry detergent - All, Oxiclean, Woolite, Clorox, and Shout on the floor in my laundry room. I now have some orange, almost rust colored, stains that I can't find a way to remove. I used ordinary soap and water, bleach, and Comet and nothing worked.

Read 1 Answer
Making a Lint Collecting Dryer Ball

Does anyone know how to make a dryer ball to collect hair and lint in the dryer?

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Removing Dried Paste from New Wallpaper

How can I remove dried on wallpaper paste from my newly papered walls, without damaging the paper?

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Removing Dye that Transferred in the Wash

I accidentally put my husband's white bowls shirt in the wash with a new black pair of pants. So now the white shirt is a nice shade of blue. How do I get it white again?

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Removing Gum Stains from Clothing

My son got gum on his basketball warm up shirt, he's picked the bulk of it off. Now it's set in the fabric. Exactly how, if even possible, am I to get it out? The quickest way please.

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Removing Ink Stains from your Coach Purse
Read This Tip
Removing Musty Smell from Leather Jacket

What is the best way to get rid of the musty smell from a Koolah leather jacket that has been in storage for awhile?

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Removing Pine Sap from Silk

I have a brand new silk bedspread and my dog jumped on it with pine pitch on his feet. How do I remove it without spoiling the fabric?

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Removing Rust in Cast Iron Tub

How do I remove rust from my cast iron tub?

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Removing Super Glue from Jeans

How do I remove super glue from jeans?

Answer This Question
Washing Ugg Shoes

Can I put Ugg shoes in the washing machine?

Answer This Question
Removing Blood on Carpet

How do I remove blood from carpet?

Answer This Question
Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

How do I remove white spots from microfiber chairs?

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Dye Transferred in the Wash

A few of my husband's tall white socks and white under tees were accidentally mixed in with a load of denim. This load contained at least 4 pairs of new dark-wash jeans. He is embarrassed at work for people to see them. They are brand new, so I cannot just trash them.

Read 1 Answer
Removing Gasoline from Diving Gear

I had a petrol spill on a diving buoyancy compensation device. How do I get rid of the petrol contamination on my diving equipment?

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Removing Painted Designs from Glass Light Shade

I have glass globes for my ceiling fan that have ducks painted on them. I like the globes, just not the ducks. I tried razor blades and polish remover and don't want to scratch the glass. What should I try?

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Cleaning a Glass Shower Enclosure

What do I use to clean frosted glass shower walls?

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Removing Rust Stain on Corian

How do I remove a rust stain from my Corian countertop sink? I sat a can on my sink and now have rust ring.

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Sour Smelling Clothes

Recently I discovered my clothes have started to smell sour like vinegar. I use Gain detergent and fabric softener along with baking soda. What else can I do?

Read 1 Answer
Paint Stain in Corian Sink

I washed my brushes in a bowl then tipped it down a Corian sink, not knowing it was a Corian sink. It was a black gloss I was cleaning and now an unsightly grey mark has collected on the sink.

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Removing Ink from Evening Clothing

I bought a storage unit that had 15 really nice new gowns, but they all are stamped on the back with the brand name along with a small hole. The gowns are silk, chiffon, and taffeta. Is there anything that can take the ink stamp off or should I try bringing it to a cleaners.

Read 2 Answers
Removing Permanent Marker on Clothing

I first used rubbing alcohol then I rinsed the warm water, nothing. Should I still try hairspray and rinse with warm water?

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Cleaning Dog Vomit on Leather Couch

The dog vomited liquid which has left terrible stains on an expensive leather couch. What to do?

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Cleaning Outdoor Lights

I am looking for a solution for cleaning the outside lights that have become pitted and yucky looking. They look like brass. They aren't the really expensive kind.

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Cleaning Yellow Stains Off Wall Oven

How do I get yellow stains off a wall oven? Some seem to be white plastic.

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Drain Cleaner Stained Bathtub

How do I remove stains left behind by drain cleaners such as Draino or Liquid Fire?

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Dye Transferred in the Wash

How do I get dye out of white pants that are now pink? It transferred from a red shirt.

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Removing Heat Stains on White Enamel Stove

Unfortunately my oven vents are located direcly under the backsplash of my glass top stove, and the white enamel is beginning to discolour badly. The glass top cleaner does nothing, but I fear perhaps making it worse by trying other things.

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Removing Set In Stains from Cotton Comforter

My daughter has a white cotton comforter that has some odd set-in stains. I am not even sure what they are. The comforter has been washed and dried several times, so the stains are set in stone. I can't use bleach because there is some lovely light gold embroidery on the end of it.

Read 1 Answer
Chair Smells Smokey After Fire

I acquired a brand new cuddle chair which had been stored in a warehouse that had a fire. It really smells of smoke! I've tried Febreze, and air fresheners to no avail. Does anyone have any tips to get rid of the smokey smell please?

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Cleaning a Stuffed Bear

How do you remove hardened toffee in the short hair of a stuffed bear? Is there a safe way to heat it and remove with a fine tooth comb?

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Cleaning Mold on Porcelain Doll's Clothes

Is there any way to get mold out of clothes and the under garments around their legs? It's not on the porcelain itself just the clothes.

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Keeping Cigarettes Smells Out of My Bedroom?

I have asthma really bad and get headaches when I smell cigarette smoke coming into my bedroom, even with my bedroom door closed. The AC/heat vents are blocked.

Read 2 Answers
Using Liquid Softener on Cloth to Replace Dyer Sheets

In using wash cloths as dryer sheets, how do you prevent lint from getting on clothes that are drying?

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Whitening Satin Brocade

Can satin brocade be whitened after 50 years of storage? It has yellowed quite a lot.

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Cleaning Ceramic Shower Wall Tile

How do I clean very dirty bathroom wall tiles? I have arthritis and can't clean it but have someone who will. What can be used to make this job not so tough but will clean and make the tile shine again? It is ceramic tile.

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Cleaning Tarmac

How do you remove cement and paint from a tarmac drive left on after building repairs?

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Removing Musty Smell in Basement

How do I get rid of basement musty smell?

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Removing Nail Polish from Synthetic Fabric

How do I remove nail polish from a pair of 68% rayon, 30% polyester, and 2% spandex dress pants?

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Removing Tissue From Laundry

Sometimes we leave a tissue in a pocket of our pants and wash them. Then, the clothes will be covered in lint. There's no need to rewash the load, just put a fabric softener sheet in the dryer and tumble for a while.

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Removing Wood Stain from a Sweatshirt

Is there a way I can remove dark wood stain from my cotton sweatshirt after it has set? I have washed it, not dried it, and tried acetone, the stain set before I could try to remove it immediately :( It was MinWax woodstain that unfortunately hit my sweatshirt.

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Removing Stains from Uggs

I spilled Scope like mouthwash on my Uggs. There's a big green stain on the front. I'm using Ugg cleaner, but that still doesn't work. How do I get it off? I just brought these Uggs.

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Cleaning Stains on a Leather Jacket
Read 7 Questions
Getting Cup Rings Off a Fabric Footstool
Answer This Question
Removing Water Marks on Windows

How do you remove water marks on the exterior side of house windows?

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Using Disinfecting Wipes
Read 2 Solutions
Tiny Holes in T-shirts

What are the causes of the tiny holes in my shirt?

Read 3 Answers
Work Clothes Smell Bad After Washing

My work clothes get washed regularly by themselves. The smells don't go even after they've been washed. Shall I hand wash it? Any recommendations would be helpful.

Read 2 Answers
Fabric is Stuck to the Carpet

My daughter used an iron on transfer and did it on the carpet. The t-shirt has now stuck onto her floor. After pulling it up there is a patch that ripped off, and is still stuck on the floor. How do I get the T-shirt patch off the carpet?

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Other Uses for Dishwasher Detergent
Read 1 Question
Removing Diesel Fuel Odour from Jacket

How do I remove diesel fuel odour from a safety jacket?

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Removing Musty Smell from Porcelain Doll

How do I get rid of the smell of damp from the doll and box?

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Cleaning a Cloudy Glass Bowl

I have a very plain clear glass serving bowl, very sturdy. It needs to be cleaned, as it has that 'older foggy' look. What is the best solution to soak this in?

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Household Mold Problem
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Removing Musty Smells from Dolls
Read 4 Questions
Cleaning a Sticky Cookie Sheet

I have a very good quality cookie sheet. Southern Living sold these I believe at home shows years ago. I used it to cook Texas toast and it is now sticky, even after several washings with dish soap. Can I get rid of the "sticky?"

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Clothing Dye Transferred to White...
Answer This Question
Removing Hard Water Residue from Pot

I simmered water in a saucepan and now I have mineral residue crusted on the pan. Any suggestions on how to get it off?

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Removing the Fabric Softener Dispenser

How do I remove the fabric softener dispenser to clean it? I'm afraid I may not get it back in correctly?

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Stained PVC Shopping Bags

How can I get stains out of Ted Backer PVC shopping bags? It seems to be ingrained.

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Removing Grease Stains from Work Coveralls

My husband was given a really nice heavy pair of coveralls, but they are covered everywhere with stains. I'm not sure what kind, but it looks like grease and oil. Is there a product that I can soak them in to get rid of some of the stains? Thanks.

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Removing Grease in a Dishwasher
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Removing Nicotine Stains on Skin
Read 1 Question
Removing Odors From a Plastic Container
Read 1 Answer
Removing Permanent Marker from Dryer

How do I remove marker from a dryer drum?

Answer This Question
Dye Transferred in the Wash

I washed my daughter's purple duvet cover and it's dyed 2 white t-shirts. How can I get the dye out? I have tried bleach stain remover and still nothing.

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Grease Stain on Satin Wedding Dress

I got a light grease mark my wedding dress and two small yellow spots. How do I remove them?

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Removing Mold and Musty Odor from Furniture

I have an antique mahogany table and an antique chest; I am not sure what type of wood it is. These items were stored for several years in an area that became damp and moldy. The table has what looks like mold spots trying to bleed through. The chest has a bad odor, but I don't notice any mold spots.

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Cleaning Yellowed Antique Shirts

I recently received three dress shirts. As nearly as we can determine they are from the late 1800s or very early 1900s. They have removable collars and cuffs, bibbed fronts, etc. The problem is that they are stained with orange spots and what isn't orange is very yellowed.

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Removing Coffee Odor from Luggage

My travel mug, filled with flavored coffee, opened in the outside pocket of my new nylon luggage. How can I remove the flavored coffee smell?

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Extend Solid Air Freshener
Read This Tip
Furniture Polish to Keep Shower Walls Clean

After I clean my shower, I take furniture polish and shine my shower walls all nice and pretty. I I then shine the walls with the furniture wax. This will keep your shower clean with no soap scum residue at all.

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Melted Plastic Stuck to Dryer Vent

Some plastic is stuck to the stainless steel vent inside the dryer. What can I use to remove the plastic?

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Removing Body Odor from Leather Couch

Our black leather sofa has body odor. I have washed it already and even put disinfectant like Lysol on it, but still the odor is there. What we are going to do? Please help.

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Removing Musty Odors

How do I remove a musty smell from items stored in the basement? I am trying to remove the musty smell from my daughter's dolls which have been in the basement in a Rubbermaid container for 25 years.

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Removing Oil Base Primer from Clothing

How do I get oil base paint out of my cotton pants?

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Removing Poplar Sap From Vinyl Floor

The sap from the little poplar buds has been tracked inside onto my bathroom floor. It is not sticky anymore and I have tried everything I can think of to remove the yellow stains, but I fear they have permanently stained the light colored vinyl.

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Removing Sharpie from Old Tin Lunchbox

How should I go about removing Sharpie from an old tin lunch box without removing the paint?

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Rubbing Alcohol to Remove Stains

A Capri Sun got put on my brand new recliner. My daughter told me to put equal amounts of water and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, spray it on the stain, scrub it, and let it dry. The stain is almost gone now!

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Homemade Carpet Shampoo That Works
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Cleaning Gold Jewelry

I put my gold rings in a jewelry cleaner just for 15 minutes and they're not gold anymore, hardly at all. Why? How can I fix it or can I? I have 19 of them.

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Cleaning Silk Flowers

I have some beautiful longstem and 5 inch Victorian silk flowers. I've had them for a long time and they're not only beautiful to look at, but they are soft to the touch also. Well, they used to be! They looked so dusty that without thinking I took them to the kitchen sink and pulled out my sprayer and sprayed them with some warm water.

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Dog Urine Stain on Hardwood Floors

I had a black garbage bag full of clothes on my hardwood floor and I had it there for about a week, while it was there my two dogs were lifting their leg on it and I didn't realize this until I picked the bag up and behold a pretty big dark spot on my hardwood floor.

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Red Rug Dye Stained Vinyl Flooring

I spilled a 64oz bottle of diet Coke on my small kitchen red rug. In the process of cleaning up the mess, the rug dye bled onto the white vinyl floor and stained it. I have tried bleach, a Magic Eraser, and Comet. Any suggestions to remove it?

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Removing Hairspray from Door Handles

How do you remove hair spray from bathroom door handles?

Read 1 Answer
Cleaning a Stinky Fridge

I had my fridge off last Wednesday before bed time planning to turn it on the next morning before leaving for work. Unfortunately, I missed out and got back home only in time for bed, and had totally forgotten.

Read 2 Answers
Cleaning a Suede Look Polyester Vest

I have a vest that looks like it is suede, but the shell says 100% polyester. The inside looks like sheep skin, but tag says 60% polyester, 40% acrylic. The dry cleaner did not want to clean it. Do you think I can wash the vest in Woolite only and hang dry it without damaging it?

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Cleaning Ceramic Tile Grout

How do you get the yellowish color out of grout in between ceramic tile?

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Removing Hard Water Spots From Glass

To remove hard water spots from glass, you need glass cooktop cleaner, a non-scratch scrubbing sponge, a wet rag, and a microfiber towel.

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Removing Odors from a Couch

My wife and I recently bought a nice sectional, but I think it was sitting in the furniture warehouse for too long. It had this weird odor that wasn't too bad, but you could tell there was some kind of lingering smell that wasn't to our liking.

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Removing Paint Stains From Black Pants

How do I get white paint stains out of black dress pants.

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Cleaning Suede Shoes

Will using a toothbrush with toothpaste remove stains from my suede shoes?

Read 1 Answer
Removing Stains on Suede Boots

I spilled some rice vinegar on my boyfriend's Timberland boots. Any advice on how to remove the spots?

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Cleaning Carpet Stains

I found a tip on your site re getting out stains from my light carpet. I have tried the apple cider vinegar + baking soda, but I'm finding it has made the carpet worse than it was. There are now big stains on the carpet. I am now on my 3rd application to see if it will lift the stain.

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Cleaning Christmas Ornaments
Read 4 Questions
Removing Diesel Smell From Clothing

How do you get diesel smells out of clothes?

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Removing Dye That Transferred in Wash

I washed a pair of my hubby's jeans with a burgundy cotton twill chair cover. The dye ran out of the cover unto the jeans; what a mess! I pulled the cover out and washed the jeans separately and they seemed OK so I put them in the dryer. When I removed them, his jeans are pinky blue.

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Removing Pet Urine Odor from Leather Couch

How do I get the smell off the leather couch without hurting the material?

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