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This page features information to help you clean just about anything. It also has stain remover recipes, cleaning recipes, and cleaning advice.

Picture of a red striped shirt in a washer. Clothing Stains 
Someone cleaning tile grout with a toothbrush. Advice 
Picture of a man holding up stinky shoes. Odors 
Primary Colored Shirts on Clothesline Laundry 
Woman Cleaning Appliances Appliances 
Cleaning eyeglasses with a cloth. Miscellaneous 
White French Chair on Wood Floor by Window Furniture 
Cleaning Urine Off Grout Bathroom 
Red wine spill on wood table Stains 
Homemade Wood Floor Cleaner Recipes Floors 
Removing Wine from Carpet, Wine Stain on Carpet Carpet 
Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner Recipes Cleaning Supply Recipes 
photo of interior of burned stainless steel frying pan Dishes 
Cleaning  Clothing 
Ostrich feather duster against a blue sky. Cleaning Tools 
Homemade Kitchen Cabinet Degreaser Recipe, Rag in hand cleaning dark kitchen cabinet Kitchen 
photo of brown leather couch Leather 
Removing Tea Stains on Fabric  Fabric 
Crayon marks on a wall. Walls 
Woman Polishing a Piece of Silver Metal 
Washing a Blue Car Auto 
Refill and spray bottles of Awesome cleaner Products 
White Folder Comforter Linens and Blankets 
A collection of antique glass bottles. Glass 
Moldy Tiles and Bathtub Mold 
Woman in Green Shirt Cleaning Glass with Squeege Windows 
Rust and Peeling Blue Paint on Car Rust 
Borax powder, with a measuring cup and spray bottle. Tips 
Cleaning mini blinds square Blinds and Curtains 
Someone dusting the corner of a room with a duster. Dusting 
Photo of a diamond ring set. Jewelry 
Rubber ducky floating in a bubble bath. Toys 
Post it note that says clean your room on it. Bedrooms 
Hand with rubber glove holding a DVD Electronics 
Getting Cigarette Smell Out of Books. A pile of old books. Books and Papers 
A person cleaning a flat screen monitor with a cloth. Computer 
Row of clothes hung up at a dry cleaners. Dry Cleaning 
Homemade Softscrub Cleaner Recipe, Photo of cleaning bucket and supplies. Spring Cleaning 
Red Wine in Crystal Glass on Black Crystal 
Cleaning Stainless Grill BBQ and Grill 
Saving Money on Web Hosting, Closeup of URL and Cursor Links 

Removing Ink from Leather Wallet

How can I remove blue ink from a red Coach leather wallet?

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Removing Smoke Residue from Stainless Steel

We recently had a house fire and my stainless steel back splash and vent-a-hood have a dull, film on them. The cleaning people used industrial cleaner and stainless steel cleaner and it's still dull with no shine. I have recleaned both myself to no avail.

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Baking Soda for Cleaning Old Linoleum Floors

I bought an old house and could not afford new flooring. After scrubbing and scrubbing I found the solution! By far the most effective thing to do is wet the floor and sprinkle baking soda over it.

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Removing Petroleum Based Solvent Odor...
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Removing Urine Odor from Wood Floor

The toilet floor wood smells of urine. What do I use to remove odours?

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Sunlight as Free Bleach

Sunlight will remove tomato sauce type stains from plastics. Just place items in direct sunlight for a few hours around midday. It will bleach white laundry too.

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Black Fabric Dye Turned White Collar Grey

I wonder if some lovely lady is able to help me. I bought a dress which is black with white trim on the collar and on the leg of the dress. I used Colour Catcher sheets in the wash and the white parts have still turned grey. It is made from 90% polyester and 10% rayon.

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Removing Water Based Marker on Dry Erase Board

My three year old scribbled all over my dry erase board. I was clueless and used plain water to clean it. Big mistake. The water marker smeared and it would not come off. I tried so many things, alcohol, hand sanitizer, acetone, etc. I gave up.

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Removing Yellow Stain on White Pants

I have a pair of white pants that have been hanging in the closet forever and I wanted to wear them. I took them out and their was a yellow stain on the leg. How do I get the stain out?

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Keeping Formica Shining

How do I keep it looking very nice?

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Painting Wallpaper Stained With Nicotine

Can wallpaper be covered with paint and not be effected by the underlying nicotine? Is there any undercoat that can be used?

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Removing Stickers from a Wood Door
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Clothing Dye Transferred in the Wash

How do I get black dye out that ran in the wash on a mint colored shirt?

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Removing Sidewalk Chalk from Fabric
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UGGs Discoloured After Washing

Recently I was following a YouTube instruction on how to clean UGG boots by using Zero detergent and then rinsing off with cold water. After allowing it to dry naturally it is now discoloured with areas of darker dye sections throughout the boot. Is there a way to fix this discoloration?

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Cleaning a White Towel with Colored Appliques

I have a white towel with sewed on colored appliques. I can't use Clorox, and the towel looks grayish. How do I whiten?

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Removing Pet Urine Stains on Subfloor

Some of the stains are old and some are newer. My dog is old and decided this is her toilet. We have to remove the rug and get in on the stains. It is a big job coming up. I can't send the picture because the rug is still on down, it is wall to wall.

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WD-40 for Removing Adhesive

I had put the little self-adhesive plastic strips in my bathtub several years ago. They worked quite well, and they stayed useful for several years. They eventually began to peel around the edges and I decided to pull them off and go back to the rubber bath mat.

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Cleaning a Fiberglass Tub

How can I remove the dark ring around the sides of the tub?

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Cleaning an Above Ground Swimming Pool

My husband drained our above ground swimming pool for the winter. Now I'm trying to clean it. There is like dry mud and I have been brushing the bottom and it is coming off, but taking forever. Yes I know now that he should not have done that. It is very bad.

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Cleaning Healthy Choice Steamers Bowls

Are the bowls from Healthy Choice Steamers dishwasher safe?

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Removing Burnt Odor In Microwave

I set my micowave for 2-1/2 minutes and then ran to the hardware store. Upon returning I thought the house was on fire. I apparently set it for a far longer time. The food was charcoal and the plate it was on splintered into hundreds of pieces.

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Removing Dark Stain on Vinyl Floor

I have a dark stain on my kitchen floor that starts under my fridge and winds its way to the edge of my living room. We've checked under the fridge and found nothing. We've not spilled, dropped or splashed anything on the floor. It just appeared over night.

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Odor in Part of Living Room

There is an odor in the front part of my living room only in the evening and at night. It smells like broccoli water after cooking. I do not smell it at all in the daytime.

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Removing Tape Residue from Car Seat

I had a cardboard box with tape on it sitting on my car seat and it left marks on the seat. Can anybody help how to remove the tape residue?

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Cleaning Vintage Dolls

I have some Little Kiddles and Barbies packed up in the 70s. They were clean then. Now they have developed blue stains. Can they be removed? I want to sell them, but not with spots!

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Removing Fabric Dye from a Mattress

My cheetah print sheet has faded onto my mattress and it's blue so I was wondering how to get it off?

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Removing Ink from Vinyl Floors

How do you remove pen drawings off vinyl timber looking floors?

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Black Floor Tile Grout Has White Spots

My ceramic tile floor is over 20 years old and in great shape. The problem is with the grout, but only in certain places. It has white marks, but only in certain places. I have washed the grout with everything I can think of, Mr. Clean, white vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide.

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Cleaning an Old Christening Gown

The gown was in a cedar chest and now has rust looking spots in a few places.

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Getting Mildew Stains Off Wood Table
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Locating a Rotten Wood Smell

After a heavy rain I have a very bad smell of wet, rotten wood that takes about three to four days to go away. I have had a entire new roof put on the house and patio. The smell is in the patio and never in the house. I cannot locate source.

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Removing Urine Stains on Hardwood Floor

I have a old home and am trying to do work on the floor. It has a whole lot of pet stains. I want to keep the floor. How do I get it out? No work on them has been done for 25 years.

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Removing Soap Buildup in Laundry

How do I remove old soap which makes face flannels feel very stiff even after soaking in soda crystals and washing in the washing machine?

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Washing Walls

Can you use Murphy oil soap on walls?

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Cleaning Smoke Residue Off Inside of Microwave

I was baking potatoes and the Saran Wrap caught fire. I had an actual fire in my microwave. Needless to say after removing the charred potatoes and putting out the fire the walls and top were black. I was able to get the sides fairly clean, but the top is still black.

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Removing a Spot on a Cream Cashmere Sweater

I have a cream cashmere sweater with a very light yellowish-brown spot on it that didn't come out at the cleaners. Please suggest a way I can remove it.

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Siding Cleaner Left Streaks on Windows

After using a siding cleaner last summer I have noticed what appears to be window streaks. It looks like a trail of water has run down the window. Any ideas on how to remove these?

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Cleaning Oil Smell from Glass Bottle

One of my daughters accidentally put oil in my vinegar bottle, and now it smells like old oil. How can I get that smell out? I don't have a brush that small to go into it.

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Clothing Dye Transferred in the Wash

I washed a load of laundry with mostly lighter colors and accidentally had a pair of blue jeans in there. Unfortunately, they had already been dried before I noticed. Is there any way to get my clothes back to their normal color?

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Homemade Cleaning Products
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Removing Nail Varnish on Favourite Coat

I have a beautiful long black coat that has a 100% polyester exterior and I spilt clear nail varnish down the front. It is Sally Hanson triple strong strengthener to be exact and I can't get it out. I've tried using remover, but it just won't work. Does anyone know of anyway I can remove it?

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Storing Homemade Fabric Softener Sponges

Can the softener/water/sponge solution be stored at room temperature? I've been told that it should be refrigerated. Yes or no?

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Cleaning a Drip Pan

I would like to get all the black burnt on crud off my drip pans. I have tried ammonia and bleach but not together. I tried soaking the pans, but nothing is working. Any advice would help me please. I also live in an apartment complex, too.

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Removing Hair Dye from a Painted Wall

How do you remove hair dye from a painted wall?

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Removing Jet Fuel Smell from Clothes

I am trying to remove jet fuel smell from clothing. Normally I am limited to a laundromat so presoaking would be difficult. I have presoaked in Coke, used borax, baking soda, lemon juice, hanging in the sun, that worked when I had three sunny days, but did not remove it from rubberized material - waist band of underwear, and Lestoil.

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Removing Permanent Marker from Clothing

I got permanent marker on a sweatshirt that is 50% polyester and 50% cotton. I tried hairspray, but it didn't work. Any other suggestions?

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Removing Water Marks from a Washer
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Removing Labels from Medicine Bottles

Can you remove direction labels from a medicine bottle after you are finished with the meds?

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Removing Paint from Canvas Shoes

I got matte paint on my canvas trainers. Would any one know how I would get it out?

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Removing Salt Stains from Faux Suede Boots

How should I clean salt stains from boots that are not suede, but look like suede? It is a manmade product that's not named.

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Alternative to Fels Naptha Soap

My husband brought home a Fels Naptha bar yesterday because he heard good things about the stain-removing qualities. He gets stains on his work shirts and they don't come out in the wash with our homemade detergent. However, I'm concerned about quite a few of the ingredients in that bar!

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Cleaning Oven Racks

What is the best way to clean oven racks?

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Curry Odor in Apartment

How do you get rid of the curry smell in an apartment?

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Removing Chocolate Stain from Wool Christening Shawl

I have a beautiful, fine christening shawl hand knitted in a lacy pattern in 2 ply wool some 40 years ago by my mother. Unfortuntely somehow it was stored away without anyone noticing the chocolate. What would be the best way to try and remove the chocolate? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Shirt Bled Onto Itself

I have a top with red and green colors, but after washing the green color bled onto the red color. Now I can't wear it. Is there any solution to remove the green color from red color?

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Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

I have white cabinets in my kitchen that need cleaning. Can I clean my wood cabinets in the kitchen with ammonia mixed with water using a micro cloth and then drying them immediately?

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Cleaning Floor Tiles With Ammonia

I have grey floor tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. They are looking dull. Is ammonia good to clean floor tiles?

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Removing Super Glue from Clothing

My husband is a fan of Super Glue, he flipping uses it for just about everything. He got some on his suit trousers, grrrrr. I'm afraid if I use acetone it will take the color out. Any suggestions? I would be very grateful.

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Cleaning Silk Plants

I don't understand what ya'll are saying about using salt to clean artificial plants.

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Cleaning Soap Out of Plastic Containers

There are a lot of great ideas for reusing the plastic soap containers, but how do you get the sudsy soap, like liquid laundry soap, rinsed out completely from the plastic container? I have tried hot and cold water and did this several times and there is always still suds.

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Getting Rid of Musty Smell in Basement

How do you get rid of a musty smell in the basement?

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Removing Digital Printing from Jar Tops

So how does everyone remove the digital writing, sell-by dates, etc. from the tops of jars? It's fairly easy to get if off the glass with a dry brush scrub. What I'm talking about is the caps. I have tried lots of things. Alcohol did not work.

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Removing Hair Dye from Carpet and Chair

My daughter got her hair dyed dark red and there is some that has gotten on the carpet and a wooden chair. Can you tell me what to use to remove the stain if it's possible? Many thanks.

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Cooktop Cleaner for Bathtub Stains
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Removing Cigarette Odor from Coach Purse

How do I get the smell of cigarette smoke out of a Coach bag?

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Removing Ink from Wood Furniture

How do I get green Biro ink off an oak wood dressing table?

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Cleaning Rusty Metal Shelves
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Removing Duct Tape from Tablecloth

I have duct tape on my tablecloth and I want to remove the tape without tearing my tablecloth.

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Silk and Elastane Clothing Turned Yellow in Wash

I have a garment made of silk and elastane and I don't know how I managed to put it into the wash and take it out yellow. It was originally pink. The max temperature is 40 Celsius. Does anyone know if I can fix it and how? I just wore it once so I'm pretty sad.

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Sour Smell from Kitchen Drain

My kitchen still has a "sour smell" emanating from the kitchen drain. I cleaned the garbage disposal with lots of ice cubes and lots of running water. I have a septic tank which was pumped 3 months ago and I was told I should never use bleach because it deteriorates the seals?

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Cleaning Foggy or Dingy Headlights

My husband and I recently purchased a Turtle Wax headlight cleaning kit and cleaned them as directed and now our headlights have a foggy film on them. What's the best way to remove the film?

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Cleaning With Ammonia

I would like to mix ammonia and water for general cleaning in the kitchen, such as table, counter tops, and stove top. What ratio should I use for this mixture?

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Removing Nail Polish Stains from a Leather Couch

My kid was painting her nails in the living room and got some polish on the couch. The couch is black and the nail polish is pink. Please help. I don't know what to do and I don't want to make it any worse.

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Getting Whites Really White

I put my white tops in with coloured clothes and then into the dryer. They came out discoloured and one top went slightly blue. How can I restore the colour without ruinning my tops?

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Hair Removal Cream Stain on Sink
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Removing Furniture Polish Buildup

How do you remove furniture polish build up naturally?

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Shirt Bleeding Onto Itself
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Cleaning Ceramic Tile Grout
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Identifying an Odor in Home

A few months ago I had a very bad odor in the attached garage. The smell appears to be gone. Now there is now an odor in the house. It is an odor I have difficulty describing. It doesn't smell like something dead, sour, or filth.

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Removing Rust From Inside Water Pipes
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Cleaning Tiled Floors

After cleaning my tiled floors with a steamer, I let them dry before walking on them. However they show shoe prints which I hate. What am I doing wrong?

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Removing Excess Adhesive From Floor...
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Cleaning a Vintage Wedding Veil

I am getting married in October and am going to be wearing my mom's wedding veil. It has been in a box for 30+ years and has turned yellow. What are some ways I could get it white again without damaging the netting and lace?

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Cleaning A Well Water Filter
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Removing Green Dye on White Pants

How do I remove green dye from my white pants?

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Removing Paste from Wallpaper

I have just papered our sitting room with a black leather affected wall paper. There is wallpaper paste on the paper at the joints. I have tried to remove it with a lukewarm cloth. Can you help?

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Hard Water Stains on Glass

How can I remove hard water stains from glass?

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Dye Transferred in the Wash

I recently bought one of those Topshop blue denim jackets with cream borg, fleece, lining. This is my first time washing it and I followed the instructions. But the borg lining has still turned all blue. Any ideas on how to get this out?

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Getting Rid of Mould

Will household ammonia kill mould on anything?

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Removing Dye That Transferred in the Wash

I washed some colored clothes and I had a black scarf in them. So now my cream coloured dress has a black stain. I washed it with Surf Excel, but that did not remove it. How can I remove this colour?

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Removing Odours from Under Fridge

How can I get rid of the odours under the fridge? The odours resulted from various foods that went bad following a power failure to the kitchen and we were not at home for more than two weeks.

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Removing Urine Stains and Odor from Leather Furniture

How do I remove urine stains and odor from leather furniture?

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Removing Cooking Oil Stains from Clothing

How do I get cooking oil stains out of a 100% viscose mesh look jersey?

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Vinyl Flooring in Bathroom

My navy blue bath mats in my bathroom have stained my white vinyl floor. I have tried bleach, Mr Clean Eraser pads, alcohol, peroxide, lemons, salt, baking soda, and scouring powder. If anyone has any other suggestions feel free.

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Removing Salt Stains on Ugg Boots

I just bought a pair of chocolate brown Ugg boots. I wore them out in the snow once, and now they have huge salt stains on them. I don't want to use vinegar or black coffee because I don't want to change the colour. Any ideas?

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Buying HE Detergents

I can no longer find any detergents marked HE for front loading washers in my grocery stores. Is it no longer made? What do I use in place of it?

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Changing the Batteries on a Swiffer WetJet

Can anyone tell me how to change the batteries on the old style Swiffer WetJet? It is green, but not with the big bottle holder attached. You can push the purple button to release the bottle, but the green "switch" underneath that does not move.

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Detergent Spill Left Spot on Coat

While using liquid Tide detergent to rub a stain on some clothes before putting them in the washer, I got a splash of Tide detergent on my London Fog brown coat. Now I have a dark brown, almost black spot on the sleeve. How can I get it out?

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Removing Paper Stuck to CDs

I had my CDs in storage and they got wet. Now some of the paper from the covers is sticking to the CDs. How do I remove the paper that is now stuck to the CDs?

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Cleaning and Storing Small Appliances
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Removing Body Odor from Laundry

Some people do not change clothes and linens very often. Body oils and what not get into the fibers. Shampoo in the washer seems to work, but only if washed again all the time. Sheets, long sleeve shirts, and pillowcases stored awhile in rotation seem to retain the odor.

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Cleaning Yellowed Antique Baby Clothes

How do I clean yellowing and brownish age spots from 63 year old handmade baby dresses? I want to display them in a shadowbox.

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Dead Rat Odor in the Wall

It recently started smelling like dead rat in my living room. We moved and cleaned everything. I think the smell is coming from inside the wall.

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Laundry Detergent Left Stains on Floor

I placed containers of laundry detergent - All, Oxiclean, Woolite, Clorox, and Shout on the floor in my laundry room. I now have some orange, almost rust colored, stains that I can't find a way to remove. I used ordinary soap and water, bleach, and Comet and nothing worked.

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Making a Lint Collecting Dryer Ball

Does anyone know how to make a dryer ball to collect hair and lint in the dryer?

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Removing Dried Paste from New Wallpaper

How can I remove dried on wallpaper paste from my newly papered walls, without damaging the paper?

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Removing Dye that Transferred in the Wash

I accidentally put my husband's white bowls shirt in the wash with a new black pair of pants. So now the white shirt is a nice shade of blue. How do I get it white again?

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Removing Gum Stains from Clothing

My son got gum on his basketball warm up shirt, he's picked the bulk of it off. Now it's set in the fabric. Exactly how, if even possible, am I to get it out? The quickest way please.

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Removing Ink Stains from Your Coach Purse
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Removing Musty Smell from Leather Jacket

What is the best way to get rid of the musty smell from a Koolah leather jacket that has been in storage for awhile?

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Removing Pine Sap from Silk

I have a brand new silk bedspread and my dog jumped on it with pine pitch on his feet. How do I remove it without spoiling the fabric?

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Removing Rust in Cast Iron Tub

How do I remove rust from my cast iron tub?

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Removing Super Glue from Jeans

How do I remove super glue from jeans?

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Washing Ugg Shoes

Can I put Ugg shoes in the washing machine?

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Removing Blood on Carpet

How do I remove blood from carpet?

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Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

How do I remove white spots from microfiber chairs?

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Dye Transferred in the Wash

A few of my husband's tall white socks and white under tees were accidentally mixed in with a load of denim. This load contained at least 4 pairs of new dark-wash jeans. He is embarrassed at work for people to see them. They are brand new, so I cannot just trash them.

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Removing Gasoline from Diving Gear

I had a petrol spill on a diving buoyancy compensation device. How do I get rid of the petrol contamination on my diving equipment?

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Removing Painted Designs from Glass Light Shade

I have glass globes for my ceiling fan that have ducks painted on them. I like the globes, just not the ducks. I tried razor blades and polish remover and don't want to scratch the glass. What should I try?

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Cleaning a Glass Shower Enclosure

What do I use to clean frosted glass shower walls?

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Removing Rust Stain on Corian

How do I remove a rust stain from my Corian countertop sink? I sat a can on my sink and now have rust ring.

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Sour Smelling Clothes

Recently I discovered my clothes have started to smell sour like vinegar. I use Gain detergent and fabric softener along with baking soda. What else can I do?

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Paint Stain in Corian Sink

I washed my brushes in a bowl then tipped it down a Corian sink, not knowing it was a Corian sink. It was a black gloss I was cleaning and now an unsightly grey mark has collected on the sink.

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