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This page features information to help you clean just about anything. It also has stain remover recipes, cleaning recipes, and cleaning advice.

Picture of a red striped shirt in a washer. Clothing Stains 
Someone cleaning tile grout with a toothbrush. Advice 
Picture of a man holding up stinky shoes. Odors 
Primary Colored Shirts on Clothesline Laundry 
Woman Cleaning Appliances Appliances 
Cleaning eyeglasses with a cloth. Miscellaneous 
White French Chair on Wood Floor by Window Furniture 
Cleaning Urine Off Grout Bathroom 
Red wine spill on wood table Stains 
Removing Wine from Carpet, Wine Stain on Carpet Carpet 
Homemade Wood Floor Cleaner Recipes Floors 
Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner Recipes Cleaning Supply Recipes 
photo of interior of burned stainless steel frying pan Dishes 
Cleaning  Clothing 
Ostrich feather duster against a blue sky. Cleaning Tools 
Homemade Kitchen Cabinet Degreaser Recipe, Rag in hand cleaning dark kitchen cabinet Kitchen 
photo of brown leather couch Leather 
Removing Tea Stains on Fabric  Fabric 
Crayon marks on a wall. Walls 
Woman Polishing a Piece of Silver Metal 
Washing a Blue Car Auto 
Refill and spray bottles of Awesome cleaner Products 
White Folder Comforter Linens and Blankets 
Woman in Green Shirt Cleaning Glass with Squeege Windows 
A collection of antique glass bottles. Glass 
Moldy Tiles and Bathtub Mold 
Borax powder, with a measuring cup and spray bottle. Tips 
Rust and Peeling Blue Paint on Car Rust 
Cleaning mini blinds square Blinds and Curtains 
Someone dusting the corner of a room with a duster. Dusting 
Photo of a diamond ring set. Jewelry 
Rubber ducky floating in a bubble bath. Toys 
Post it note that says clean your room on it. Bedrooms 
Hand with rubber glove holding a DVD Electronics 
Getting Cigarette Smell Out of Books. A pile of old books. Books and Papers 
A person cleaning a flat screen monitor with a cloth. Computer 
Row of clothes hung up at a dry cleaners. Dry Cleaning 
Homemade Softscrub Cleaner Recipe, Photo of cleaning bucket and supplies. Spring Cleaning 
Red Wine in Crystal Glass on Black Crystal 
Cleaning Stainless Grill BBQ and Grill 
Saving Money on Web Hosting, Closeup of URL and Cursor Links 

Getting Rid of Mouse Odor in Car

The car sat for over a year and smells horrible inside. We tried baking soda, shampooing the interior and the trunk with a Rug Doctor machine, even added vinegar to the cleaning solution. Nothing worked. Then we found 3 different mouse nests - 2 in the back speakers, and 1 in the air vent blower below the dash board.

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Removing Gasoline Odor from Clothes

How do I get a gasoline odor removed from a sweatshirt?

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Reviving a Dull Laminate Floor

My laminate floor is dull. Please help? I've tried Bono cleaner for laminate floors to no avail. They are clean, but have dull spots. What can I do? I've heard vinegar and water is good, but afraid to try it.

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Removing Glue from Bathroom Tiles

I have sticky glue on my bathroom tiles that has been there for a long time. It has become very hard in texure. How can I remove it?

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Removing Rust from Refrigerator Door

How do I remove rust off the outside of a fridge door?

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Removing Burnt Taste From Thermos Drinking Spout

My husband has a flourishing thermos, but somehow the lid with spout now smells and tastes like burnt coffee. How do we get rid of it?

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Removing Cigarette Smoke Smell from Fabric Headboard

I just purchased a fabric headboard and frame. It looks perfect and I got it for a great price, but, when I got it home I realized just how it reeked of cigarette smoke! I sprayed diluted white vinegar a few times and that didn't help. I also put out bowls of activated charcoal, but that didn't help either.

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Removing Sweat Stains On Buckskin Couch

I have dark perspiration stains on my buckskin couch. How do I remove them?

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Using a Hoover Carpet Cleaner

Can you really put boiling water in the plastic tank on a cheap Hoover carpet cleaner without hurting it?

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Broom for Cleaning Bathtub

Now that I'm an Oldie but Goodie I have found an easier way to clean the bathtub. After my shower, I lightly sprinkle cleanser in tub. I got a broom from Dollar Tree, wet it and swish it all over, tub and walls.

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Borax Substitute for Cleaning Mold

I recently saw your video on youtube about cleaning mold with borax. The problem is I live in Holland and I can't find it at local stores.Is bicarbonate sodium a good subtitute for cleaning mold out of my bedroom?

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Cleaning Motor Oil Off Winter Jacket

I got oil or grease on a winter jacket. Any ideas?

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Long Lasting Laundry Freshener Spray

I have a small laundry shop business and I use only Downy for making clothes smell good, but the problem is the smell of the clothes lasts only 2 to 3 hours.

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Removing a Marker Stain on a Backpack

So my orange highlighter was left opened inside my backpack and has stained it inside and out. My backpack is blue on the outside and I don't want to ruin the outside trying something that won't work. Help!

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Homemade Dry Foam Carpet Cleaner

Can I make a cleaner that will emit dry foam?

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Removing Grease from Kitchen Cabinets

How do I remove years of grease from cabinets above the stove and also the microwave door above the stove?

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Removing Perfume Smell from Clothes

How do I remove perfume smell from clothes?

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Removing Sap From Wool

I have a spot of holly sap on a 100 percent Merino wool jumper. I have tried removing it with soap, but it hasn't budged.

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Cleaners Turn Floor Tile Bluish Color

I'm pretty sure I have linoleum tiles in my bathroom (though they may be vinyl, not sure how to tell the difference). They're an off white color and probably from about the 70s or 80s. Every time I try to clean or scrub them, they start to turn a blue grey color and no matter what I use.

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Cleaning a Fabric Sofa with Alcohol

Can I use rubbing alcohol on a fabric sofa and how do I do it? Thank you.

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Removing Tape Residue from Curtains

Sticky web tape has been used for shortening the curtains. Now I want to take them down, but it has left part of the tape on them.

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Locating a Musty Smell in My House

My house is part of a duplex in a neighborhood that was built in 2005 in north Florida. I moved into it in 2009 and there was no smell. This past May or so (2014), I started noticing a very musty foul stale smell in my kitchen and living room (they're both basically the same space, the kitchen is see-through).

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Removing Wall Paint from a Canvas Art Print

Whilst painting my walls with emulsion paint I noticed that paint spots appeared on my printed canvas painting. I tried to remove the paint with a cloth, but I made a horrible white smudge mark. Can you tell me how I can remove the smudge mark without ruining the printed picture underneath?

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Safe Homemade Computer Screen...
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SOS Pad Stained Bathroom Fixtures
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Cleaning Highlighter on Backpack

I got a new blue and white backpack for school this year. I let a friend borrow a highlighter. When they were finished with it, they put it in the front pocket of my new backpack. The next morning I noticed the highlighter bled through.

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Problems with Fabric Dryer Sheets

He changed the sensor in the dryer and told us those "dryer sheets" had coated it, causing a false signal that turned off the dryer. He told us to stop using them. Now we only use liquid with our wash and no more trouble.

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Removing Green Nail Polish from Leather Boots

I have tried nail polish remover, but only a little bit came off. The big stains won't come out. They are nice boots and still new, I don't want to give up and just give rid of them. I need help to save my boots.

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Removing Insect Stains on Roller Blinds

I have stiff roller blinds and want to remove squashed insects that look like rust stains.

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Removing Sap from Pelts

How do I remove tree sap from pelts without damaging the fur?

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Washing Delicate Fabrics in Woolite

Can you hand wash velvet in Woolite? I have a black velvet dress (100% rayon velvet bodice, 100% polyester crepe skirt) that I bought at a consignment shop. There are no obvious spots, but I would like to"freshen" it up.

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Cleaning a Burned Iron

I was ironing my uniform, when I adjusted the heat capacity of the iron. I set it on level 2, but the clothes had no reaction to its heat so I adjusted it again to level 4 and unfortunately it burned a part of the uniform. My concern is not the burned uniform, but the mess it got to the surface of the iron. It looks like plastic got burned into it, but it was actually cloth.

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Foul Smell Coming Under House

It just started 3 days ago. At first I just smelled it a little bit in the bathroom in my room. Then it was gone the following morning. The next day I didn't smell it except underneath the sink. Now the 3rd day it's just a overwhelming foul smell.

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Goof Off to Remove Permanent Marker

Use a product called Goof Off. I spayed this on the marker spot and it ran off. Be sure to have a dry rag to wipe it up quickly. It's the only thing that takes it all off.

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Murphy's Oil Soap to Remove Chocolate Stains

If you have a chocolate stain on clothes, try Murphy's Oil Soap. Dab it on the stain and rub. Note of caution, on loose weaves use care and be gentle. Once the stain is gone, rinse with cool water til soap is removed and launder as usual.

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Cleaning Wax From Brass Table

How can I clean wax from a brass table?

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Magic Eraser Left Marks
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Removing Candle Wax Stain from Carpet

I split red candle wax all over my brownish/multicolored carpet, and there is a huge stain from the wax. I have no idea how to get it off, and I don't have an iron. So that method won't work. Any other suggestions?

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Removing Dye From the Dryer

A new pair of teal blue jeans were washed then put in my new dryer. The inside of the washer is stainless, but the dryer is white. It is now teal blue, does anyone know how to get it off?

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Removing Stains From Crocheted Christening Gown

How do your remove the yellowing stains from a 31 year old christening gown? This gown is crocheted with white yarn, and has a white satin slip.

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Unclogging a Swiffer Wet Jet
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Cleaning Cat Urine Smell Off Floors

I have laminate flooring in 2 rooms, hardwood floor in one, and rubber tile flooring in 2 rooms. We are smelling cat urine as soon as we come in the house, but can't find the exact location of the where she did it. So I need some advice as to what to use on each of these floorings.

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Painted Kitchen Cabinets Giving off Odor

We had our kitchen cabinets painted about 2 month ago and everything was fine. Since we have had the furnace on, the cabinets give off a smell that makes me sick to my stomach.

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Removing a Grape Juice Stain

What is the best cleaner to use to get out a grape juice stain?

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Removing Duct Tape Residue on Jacket

I have a pink winter jacket. I took off the duct tape, but I noticed a lot of residue. How do I remove it?

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Cleaning a Stain on Velvet Blazer

I've got a small dried on food stain, on the front of my blue velvet blazer. The stain is only the size of a grain of rice, but it is on the front centre, so in full view. I have not tried cleaning it yet, as I would surely make it worse not knowing the correct trick.

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Hot Water Stained Porcelain Sink

My hot water heater makes my hot water yellow which has in turn yellowed my white kitchen sink that's only 3 years old. Bleach, vinegar, and baking soda did nothing.

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Kool-Aid Stained Bath Tub

I was dyeing my hair with Kool Aid and when I washed it out it staned my bathtub. How do I get it out; it's dark red.

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Burn Stains On Electric Stove

How do I remove yellowish discolored burn stains from an electric stove that are around the drip pan?

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Easily Remove Coffee Stains From Mugs
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Removing Cat Spray from Vinyl Siding

What can I use to remove cat spray from vinyl siding? What can I do to have it not happen again?

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Removing Motor Oil on Fabric

Can anyone advise me on how to remove motor oil, from a chainsaw, that has leaked onto my outside couch fabric which is tapestry?

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Removing Naphthalene Smell in Furniture

I had to get rid of a completely finished wood storage chest that had wools and moth balls in it because of lingering odor, 2 years after emptying it. The clothes put in it afterward got smelly after a month.

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Cleaning a Suede Jacket

My suede jacket has a dark ring around the collar. I don't know how long it's been there as it was given to me by a friend.

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Removing Dried Acrylic Paint on Jeans

So, I accidentally washed and dried my grey skinny jeans with acrylic paint on them and didn't realize it was on till after. How do I get it off?

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Cleaning a Coffee Pot
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Removing New Paint Odor

How to get rid of paint odor in a newly painted house?

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Removing Wax from Clothing

I got wax on a pair of pants and it dried before I found it. I put stain removal product on it and washed in cold water. After washing it is still there. What do I do? How do I get this out?

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Salt Stains on Suede Boots

How do I get rid of the salt stains on my suede boots?

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Cleaning a Coffee Pot

My coffee pot is thick with coffee residue. What can I use around my house to clean my coffee maker?

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Cleaning Leather Car Seats

How to best clean beige leather car seats?

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Cleaning Stained Porcelain Butter Dish

It looks like someone put the butter dish on the stove and burned into the porcelain.

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Cleaning Stains on Shower Floor
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Musty Smell in Cellar

Our walk out basement has a cellar smell. The floor is fully carpeted over cement and has been there for about 25 years. The cellar smell/concrete smell appeared about 2 years ago.

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Red Ink on White Microfiber Chair

How to get red ink stain out of my white microfiber chair?

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Removing Stains from Wool Pants

A bowl of chili loaded with sour cream was dropped in my lap. Any suggestions for removing chili and sour cream from wool pants that say "dry clean only"?

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Cleaning a Coffee Maker
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Removing Wrinkles from Sheer Curtains

How do I remove wrinkles from sheers after washing them?

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Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean Mattress Stains

What volume of hydrogen peroxide should I use?

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Cleaning a Dry Clean Only Down Coat

I have a nylon jacket that's dry clean only, oh and it's down. I thought I'd wash it with gentle soap and hang dry and then after put it in dryer to fluff.

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Cleaning a Vera Bradley Bag
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Clothing Bled on Itself

Help! I made my daughter's pink and white uniform tie-dye on the white. She has 2 tournaments this weekend. It cost $200 and no way can I buy one as it can take weeks. What can I do?

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Removing a Coke Stain From a Raincoat

How do I remove a Coke stain from a white raincoat?

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Removing Odor from Microwave

My microwave smells like old milk, but it's only 6 weeks old and I clean it every day.

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Changing the Batteries on a Swiffer WetJet

I have an older Wetjet and don't know how to change the batteries. They're at the bottom of the Swiffer WetJet.

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Cleaning Fingerprints Off Glossy Furniture

I just bought a used large desk (very shiny, nice cherry veneer) which has what looks like many oily fingerprints. I tried to use just a soft, dry rag but it didn't help a lot.

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Opening Machine During Cycle

What is rE5 code?

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Cleaning Hazy Headlights

How do you get hazed over looking headlights on a used car to look clear again? Thanks.

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Cleaning Salt Off Suede Boots

How to clean road salt from suede boots?

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Homemade Laundry Soap

How do I use Boraxo hand soap to wash clothes in my machine? and do I mix it with regular washing detergent?

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Lint on Dark Clothes After Washing

After washing my clothes small particles like cotton appear on the clothes mainly on dark colour clothes like dark blue or black.

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Removing Candle Wax from a Wall

Any suggestions on how to remove candle wax from a wall would be appreciated.

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Removing Pet Urine Smell From Leather Love Seat

I have a leather love seat that my cat peed on and I can't get the smell out. The cushions are not removeable and the urine got down in the seams. Any solutions to getting rid of the smell?

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Smell In My Linen Closet

We have lived in our house for 1 year now. When we moved in our linen closet smelled like a dead animal had just died. We could smell it all over the house. Over time the smell dissipated in the house....

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Getting Diesel Smell Out of Clothes

How do I get diesel smell out of clothes?

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Removing Glue On Chenille Sofa

I have recently got a lot of PVA glue on my dark yellow chenille sofa and it has dried now. I need help fast!

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Bleach Smell in Carpet

I cleaned the carpeting in an outdoor cat shelter with a strong solution of bleach, water, and a little laundry soap. The bleach smell is still very strong and the carpet doesn't seem to be drying even though I blotted it dry.

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Cover a Nicotine Stain on Blouse

I have a white cotton blouse that I tried to get nicotine stains out of. A lot of the stain was removed, but you can still see yellow. Can I dye the blouse black to cover it?

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Getting Gum Residue Out of Clothes

I accidently washed and dried a pack of gum with my clothes and now there are streaks and spots of gum all over them. Help!

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Cleaning Cat Vomit Off Carpet
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Fabric Dye Bled Onto Dress

On a night out I managed to ruin my favourite white tee. Long story short, I had a wristband on that bleeds when it gets wet; the wristband bled bright red dye all over my white shirt.

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Removing Dead Animal Odor from a Car

We found a dead mouse in the frame under the back seat of our BMW x5. It is in a very small hole. How do we get it out and how do we get rid of the smell?

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Cleaning Dye Off a Leather Purse

I have an orange leather purse and a black leather purse faded on it. Is there anything that will take this out?

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Removing Gasoline Smell from Car Carpet

How do I remove the smell of spilled gasoline from my car carpet?

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Removing Sticky Tape Residue on Carpets

How do you remove sticky tape residue from carpets?

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Removing Wax Buildup on Floors

For removing wax build up, can I use a mop or a scrper to remove it? Will ammonia work without the machine?

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Cleaning Burnt Dishes

We found some antique dishes in a trash pile. They have been in a fire and have thick black residue on them. I have soaked them in everything and scrubbed with the Magic Eraser, but I cannot get all of the black off.

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Cleaing Shower Doors

I live in an apartment and the previous tenants didn't ever clean the shower doors. They are extremely stained. I have tried lemon juice, vinegar, and Lime Away, but nothing seems to work.

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Cleaning Carpet With Ammonia

I have a dark carpet and want to use ammonia to clean it. Wll this discolor my carpet?

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Getting Rid of a Stale Smell in House

We purchased a home built in 2006 and it had been empty for over a year. There was a smoke/stale smell when we bought the house. The people who lived there prior were both smokers...

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Removing Hair Dye from Bathroom Walls

I use black hair dye occasionally. Sometimes I see some splashes on the walls. How can I remove it?

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Removing Musty Odor on Wood

How do I get rid of a musty ordor in wood hatch?

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Removing Sharpie Marker on Suede Leather Couch

How do I get it off?

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White Sweater Turned Grey

My white sweater turned grey, but it has a black design on it. It says "Paris Darling" in black with the Eiffel Tower

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Basement Has a Musty Odor

Our basement is musty; I clean it often, but am not doing what needs to be done. What can we do to remove odor?

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Musty Odor on Clothes in Suitcase

Every time we go to visit our kids, we pack our suitcase and when we get there our clothes have musty smell. The suitcase and clothes don't have the odor when being packed.

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Removing Foot Odor from Shoes

How do I remove foot odor from shoes?

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Removing Mud Stains on Jacket

I was out side with my teacher; we were looking for rocks and I decided to stay at the first creek we passed.

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Removing Nail Polish from an Acrylic Sweater

How do you remove nail polish from a white acrylic sweater?

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Removing Stains from Formica

How can you remove stains from Formica tops?

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Removing a Yellow Pollen Stain from Carpet

What is isopropyl alcohol? I've never heard of it so I don't know what to buy. I tried a Rug Doctor and Vanish spray, but nothing works. I can't sit it in the sunlight, as it is a carpet.

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Skunk Smell Behind Bathroom Vanity

For the past three years when October arrives we experience a horrible skunk like smell coming from behind our bathroom vanity. I have called a plumber who said it was definitely not a mold or sewage smell.

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Removing Cat Pee Smell and Black Stain on Floor

Over several years two male cats peed in a particular place in our living room. Will refinishing the floor ever get rid of the stain/odor? Or, should I use KILZ on the floor and put down new flooring?

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Cleaning a Glass Lined Thermos

I used baking soda and ice cubes to clean the coffee residue from inside my glass lined thermos. Within thirty seconds of swirling it exploded, what did I do to get that?

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Cleaning Yellowed Curtains
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Hairspray for Removing Nail Polish from Carpet

I knocked over a container of nail polishes onto my light blue bedroom carpet. Needless to say some of them broke; hot pinks, lime greens, etc. After I blotted up what I could with a napkin, I used a bottle of liquid hairspray, a brush, and after scrubbing a bit it came out in no time.

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Pilot Pen Ink Transferred to Clothes
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Plastic Dishes Flip Over in Dishwasher

How do I stop my plastic square bowls from flipping over?

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Removing Kleenex from Wet Clothes

A Kleenex was left in a pocket and was washed with the clothes and is everywhere! Can I go ahead and put them in the dryer? Shake out? Or wash again?

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Cleaning Bathroom Floor Tile Grout

How do I clean bathroom floor grout?

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Bleaching Colored Clothing
Read 5 Questions
Removing Ink From Leather Handbag

Help! I just found two black stains on my beautiful new(ish) soft red leather handbag. I got the bag as a gift. I cannot believe that I had a leaky pen that seeped right through from the inside of the bag to the outside.

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Removing Mold on Woven Basket

During a walk with my granddaughter, we happened upon a beautifully shaped wicker basket along side a busy road. We decided that it was too nice to leave there to decay.

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Washing Wool Clothing
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