Cleaning Filter
Use Second Curtain to Keep Shower Wall Clean
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Old Sweater Mophead
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Cleaning Neglected Spots in Your Home
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Streak Free Hardwood Floors
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Use Furniture Spray To Keep Shower Clean

After years of trying every product advertised, I still couldn't find a way to keep the shower clean and mildew free. Nothing worked well except for me scrubbing every week.

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Removing Dye Transfers from Clothing
Read 5 Solutions
Tips for Cleaning Floors
Read 9 Solutions
Laundry Tips and Tricks
Read 53 Solutions
Removing Paint Stains from Clothing
Read 1 Solution
Locating the Source of a Foul Smell in House
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Cleaning Stubborn Tub Stains

I don't like to use chemicals that have an odor. I found using a laundry soap powder works great! Fill the tub with hot water. Leave it in for about 10-15 minutes. Then drain.

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Natural Cleaning for Spring

It's that time of the year to spring clean. It's better to make your own cleaners; no harsh chemicals, cheaper, and it's better for the environment.

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Removing Tree Sap
Read 3 Solutions
Tiny Holes In Clothing

I didn't know where to post this, but have read many comments about the tiny holes in the front of thin tee shirts, mostly by the bottom of the shirt. None of my kids' or hubby's clothes are affected.

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Using Fels Naptha Soap
Read 15 Solutions
Dusting a Popcorn Ceiling

About a year ago we bought an older home that had popcorn ceilings throughout. I didn't notice until after moving in that there was dust stuck to every one of those stupid ridges; dust and years of what appeared to be cobwebs.

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Homemade Eyeglass Cleaner

Save money and help the environment by making your own eyeglass cleaner. Just use 3 parts rubbing alcohol and 1 part water. Add a couple of drops of dish soap. Pour into spray bottle, shake to mix well and you're done!

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Cleaning with Rubbing Alcohol

I bought a large mirror at the Goodwill several months ago. No matter what I tried to clean it with, it still had streaks and spots that would not come off. Several family members tried to clean it for me, but nothing worked.

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Citrus and Salt to Keep Garbage Disposal Fresh

I cut up a lemon or orange and drop in the disposal along with some salt. This keeps it odor free. I was told by a friend a couple years ago that the salt keeps things from building up in the disposal.

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Getting Rid of Urine Odors
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Removing Cat Pee Smell From Sweatshirt

I have a sweatshirt that cats peed on and after washing it, the smell is still there. Is there anything I can use to remove the smell?

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Using Any Vacuum Cleaner Bag
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Cleaning a Coach Purse
Read 4 Solutions
Getting Rid of Bad Odors in the Fridge

Clear out everything, throw away any left overs, wash any containers that hold odor, all fruit, opened packages will and have absorbed the odor you want to get rid of.

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Curry Smell In Apartment

I moved into an apartment. This apartment smells of curry. I was told the previous tenant cooked with it regularly. I would like to know how I can get rid of this smell.

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Removing Grease (Oil) Stains from Clothing
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Removing Permanent Marker
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Aluminum Foil as Alternative to Fabric...
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Smelly Mouth Guard

I have to wear a night guard on my upper teeth every night to prevent damage to my teeth because I grind my teeth during the night. Mine has gotten stained and smells terrible. I don't care about the staining, but don't like the smell.

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Removing Stains on Vinyl and Linoleum Flooring
Read 33 Questions
Cleaning Stainless Steel Cookware
Read 4 Solutions
Cleaning Hardwood Floors
Read 6 Solutions
Pack Clutter Into Trash Bags and Organize Later

Do you feel overwhelmed that your home is a big mess? Just looking at it, you do not know where to begin? Try this:

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Shirts With Stinky Underarms After Washing

This is kinda embarrassing but... My husband's shirts in the armpits are very stinky even after I wash them (he's not, just the armpits of the shirts) and I've tried numerous laundry tips to try and get them clean. I've tried spraying vinegar on them, soaking them in vinegar, shout, baking soda, etc etc. I've tried different laundry soaps, sunlight, tide, costco brand, cheer, no name etc etc etc. We've even tried many different types of deoderant. The rest of the shirt comes clean it's just the armpits in the inside it has deodorant residue and it still stinks. Any suggestions would be gratefully welcome... Candace

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Removing Mold/Mildew from Baby Clothes

I have a keepsake outfit that has molded when baby's clothing was spit up on in daycare and placed in a plastic bag. The bag was forgotten about and the mold took over.

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Best Way to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

Use Windex and coffee filters. The fibers in the coffee filters help get handprints and other things off stainless steel much better than a paper towel and dries clean without leaving smudges.

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Cleaning Windows (Inside and Outside)
Read 17 Solutions
Remedies for Stinky Shoes
Read 11 Solutions
Homemade Fabric Freshener (Febreze)

I find that Febreze will freshen but the smell only lasts a few hours and with our very humid environment, Febreze does not dry. So I came up with this great home-made Febreze. It really works.

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Homemade Air Freshener
Read 22 Solutions
A Drinking Straw for Dust Bunnies

When those dust bunnies got ahead of me under my refrigerator I could never get to them back behind the grates. Well no more, I taped about one inch of a large drinking straw to the inside of the long slender attachment for my vacuum leaving the rest of the straw sticking out.

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Panty Hose to Keep Ceiling Fan Clean

An easy way to keep ceiling fans clean. Cut the legs off old pantyhose and put one on each blade, stretching them until the whole blade is covered.

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Clothes Smell Sour

My clothes smell real bad. I have tried washing them twice each time I visit the laundromat. I followed your instructions regarding vinegar and today when I on the train everyone started sniffing around me. When my fellow employees past my desk the smell themselves. I am desperate and need advice asap.

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Nicotine Stains on a Purse

How can I clean my white Dooney Bourke purse which has turned yellow with what looks like nicotine stains?

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Cleaning Bleach Stain On An Old Claw Tub

We have an old claw tub (50+ years old) in our apartment. In an attempt to clean and brighten it up we used Bleach! I know now this was a huge mistake! Does anyone know to to remove brownish bleach stains?

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Chain Clothes Drying Line

I use lengths of painted, rustproof chain instead of cotton or nylon cord on my clothesline poles. Then I hang the clothing on hangers and put on the line. When they're dry, all I have to do is hang them in the closet! Towels can be hung the usual way, with clips.

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Getting Your Whites Really White
Read 8 Solutions
Cleaning a Silver Chain

How do I clean a sterling silver chain that has gone black?

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Using Boric Acid or Borax for Pest Control and Cleaning

Does anyone have a success story about using Boric Acid or Borax for pest control and or cleaning tips with it?

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Melted Plastic on Chrome

Trying to remove a melted stain off my wife's chrome plated exhaust pipes on her motorcycle. She touched her hot exhaust pipes with her nylon motorcycle rain pants and it melted right to the exhaust pipes. I have tried everything I know to clean this up with no luck at all. Don't want to use anything abrasive that will damage the chrome exhaust pipes. Any ideas or suggest would be helpful.

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Ink Out of a Load of Laundry

I was wondering how to get ink out of a load of lights. It is on every piece of clothing. Thanks, Sasha

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Squeegee Your Countertops
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Using Homemade Lye Soap in Laundry Soap

Can I use homemade lye soap instead of the Fels Naptha? I have been making lye soap for years, and I love it. I know most store bought bar soaps are not made with real lye. They use a mixture with potassium instead of sodium. Will this make a chemical reaction I should be aware of?

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New Cleaning Use For An Old Toothbrush

Don't through away that old toothbrush. Carefully heat the toothbrush handle with a lighter for about 10 seconds and bend into a curved L shape. Dip in cold water to cool it down.

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Homemade Disinfectant Spray Cleaner
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Polishing Tarnished Jewelry

To bring the shine back to tarnished silver jewlery, pour hot water into a mug, add three tablespoons of salt (to make an electrolyte), put in some aluminum tin foil and the tarnished silver jewelery.

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Cleaning With Baking Soda
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Use Less Than the Recommended Laundry Detergent

I've been reading the comments from the ThriftyFun community. Many of us have had problems due to the new liquid laundry detergents, since there's been an excessive amount of soap left in the final rinse cycle.

I'll Never Buy Commercial Fabric Softener Again!

I save an old fabric softener or detergent bottled (rinsed well). Using a funnel I carefully pour the following into the bottle:

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Removing Ink from Dryer

How do I get pink pen ink off my dryer drum?

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WD40 Stain on Brass Plaque

While working on a brass USMC plaque I managed to spray some WD40 on the surface. How, pray tell, can I remove the stain it left?

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Cleaning a Scented Oil Bottle

I found a gorgeous glass bottle at a thrift store. It's round with a small opening and a wick. The inside smells like cinnamon, so I think it was a scented oil lamp. I it because it reminded me of a magic potion bottle or something. Is there a way to clean it thoroughly enough to safely drink out of it?

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Cleaning Marble Tile

When I got my home I was told I had marble tile. Is there a homemade remedy I could use to clean it safely?

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Dry Laundry Soap for Twenty Dollars a Year
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Cleaning Microfiber Furniture
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Homemade Stain Remover Recipes
Read 18 Solutions
Homemade Laundry Detergent

This is a super simple way to save a ton of money that goes down the drain for everyone. This also reduces some of the chemical toxicity in the water. For a little work, you can make 20 gallons for less than $5!

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Warning: Don't Use Bleach To Clean Up Mold

I have posted this many times when I see the request for mold or mildew clean up but I continue to see the question asked so I felt this would be a better way to get the message across.

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Homemade Draino

I would like to know if there is a homemade way to clear drains instead of having to buy Draino or another name-brand clog remover?

Read 28 Answers
Saving Money on Laundry

Tips for saving money on laundry. Post your ideas!

Read 28 Answers
Sewer Smell Coming from Garbage Disposal

I would like to know how to get rid of the awful odor that comes up through the garbage disposal... it smells like the sewer. I asked a plumber about it, and he said to grind up a quarter of a lime without using water every so often in the disposal--didn't work for me. Any suggestions? Carolyn from Kansas

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Removing Cigarette Smoke Film from Glasses

Does anyone know of a way to clean the cigarette film and better yet keep it off eyeglass lens?

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Removing Cat Urine and Odor from Laminate Flooring

What household product can I use to remove cat urine and odor from a laminated floor? My cat had a stroke, per the vet, this is the 1st time it peed since Saturday.

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Removing a Tea Stain on Upholstery

I'm a truck driver and had a cup of tea in the sleeper. I forgot about it and drove. When I stopped I found the tea cup on the bed with a tea stain on top of the bed and a bigger one underneath the mattress. How do I get the stain out?

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Clothing is Bleeding Onto Itself
Read 27 Questions
Removing Labels from Glass Jars
Read 15 Solutions
Cleaning Your Silver

It is always a good idea to wipe your silver off as soon as you are finished with it. For instance, my silver omega chain gets wiped after every use. The oils on your fingers and skin cause silver to tarnish.

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Cleaning an Above Ground Pool
Read 1 Solution
Uses Of 3 % Hydrogen Peroxide

You can purchase 3% hydrogen peroxide over the counter just about everywhere, and it's inexpensive and much safer for all of us and our environment than using chlorine bleach! Here is a list of a few of my tried and true uses.

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Permanent Marker On Cabinets

My husband and I are remodeling our kitchen. While I was out he thought it would be a good idea to get a head start. He measured and measured and now we have a line on our brand new cabinets. Did I tell you this line is BRIGHT RED. If any of you know how to get permanent marker off of Wood Cabinets please let me know. MR Clean Eraser will just ruin the finish.

Read 27 Answers
Removing Diesel Fuel Smell From Hands and Clothing

Does anyone know how to remove the smell of diesel fuel from hands and clothing? Michelle from PA

Read 23 Answers
Cleaning Mildew on Boat Rub Rails

I have mildew on the rubber rub rails on my pontoon boat that I can not get off. I have tried a lot of commercial mildew removers to no avail. Any ideas?

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Getting Rid of Odor in RV Cabinets

I bought a brand new RV this summer and I noticed a weird smell in the cabinets. I thought it would go away, but it stayed. I moved some food from the RV to my kitchen cupboard which now smells the same as the RV. I cleaned with vinegar, baking soda, and Mr. Clean. The smell is still there.

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Removing Grease Stain on Upholstery
Read 2 Solutions
Ammonia To Whiten Clothes

I found a way to whiten and brighten my clothes without bleach or Oxyclean, which I am allergic to. I take a bucket of approximately 1/2 gallon of very warm to hot water and 1 cup of lemon ammonia.

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Removing Cigarette Smoke Odors
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Epsom Salts For Fabric Softener

If you are out of fabric softener, add 1 Tbsp. of Epsom salts to your rinse cycle to make your towels fluffy.

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Caring For Hair Appliances And Accessories

Taking care of hair appliances is important considering how much we pay for things some use daily. When the occasion arises and I need mine, nothing is more frustrating than if it is not working properly.

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Use Pet Stain Products For Urine Stains

You know how hard it can be to remove urine stains on underwear, bed sheets or other items if you don't get to them soon enough before they dry and set in. The spray you buy for 'pet stains and odors' works miracles to remove those stains!

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Camel Leather Smell

How do I get rid of smell of a camel leather handbag and slippers I bought from Jaiselmir (India).

Read 26 Answers
Ink on a Flat Panel Monitor

How do I get ink off a flat computer screen?

Read 25 Answers
Rust Stains From My Washing Machine

I have a washing machine that is probably 6 or 7 years old. Every once in awhile I find a rusty residue on the laundry when I do a load. I have checked the inside of the drum and haven't found any rust.

Read 26 Answers
Cleaning Flip Flops

Has anyone has any tried washing flip flops in the washing machine? Did it work? Was it a tragedy? I am too lazy to wash them by hand and I've always wondered if the washing machine works?

Read 25 Answers
Tide ColdWater Detergent Reviews

I was wondering if anyone has any comments on the new Tide Cold Water detergent. Does it really clean the clothes as well (especially whites) by using only cold water? Or is it just a marketing ploy?

Read 26 Answers
Knife Marks on Corelle Plates

How do you remove gray metal marks made by knives while cutting meat on Corelle plates during meals?

Read 11 Answers
Removing Rotten Food Odors From a Car
Read 25 Questions
Removing Hard Water Spots on Windows
Read 9 Solutions
Cleaning Nicotine (Cigarette Smoke) Off...
Read 2 Solutions
Cleaning Ink Out of a Dryer
Read 13 Solutions
Cleaning Laminate Flooring
Read 2 Solutions
Removing Black Price Marks from Goodwill Items

I shop at Goodwill regularly. I have problems removing the price off of non-clothing items like dishes, etc. The price is written in black directly on the item. I have tried soap, bleach, etc. and nothing works. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

Read 24 Answers
Swiffer Socks

In 10th grade, we chose to do an invention using Swiffers. I want you to take a minute and think about this... Swiffer Socks. It is an invention to take the original dust cloth to the next level.

Read 22 Feedback
Lestoil For Stains

After trying a few of the suggested solutions and still having a visible stain, I remembered that my mom used to use Lestoil heavy-duty cleaner to remove tough stains from clothes when I was a kid.

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Ball Point Pen Marks on Imitation Leather (vinyl?)

I have recently started cleaning a doctors office which has ink marks on the examining tables. I have tried alcohol, simple green, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and cannot seem to find anything to remove the marks. Can anyone give me some suggestions?

Read 25 Answers
Avon Bath Powder for Refreshing Your Mattress

30 years ago, I started sprinkling Avon bath powder on my rugs to keep them fresh. After a few minutes, I vacuumed it up. I use it on top of my mattress cover rubbing in the powder before putting on the sheets. There is now a spray for on your covers, couch, etc. However, it left a wet film. The powder doesn't.

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Vinegar to Remove Burned Cooking Smells

I recently burned a pot of beans badly. My solution takes a long time, but it gets your house clean and removes the smell from all the small things that add up to that pervasive smell that seems to be everywhere (because it is).

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Removing Pet Urine Odors on Floors
Read 1 Solution
Cleaning Silk
Read 24 Questions
Removing Permanent Marker from Clothing
Read 1 Solution
Removing Sticker Residue
Read 11 Solutions
Hand Washing Dishes
Read 17 Solutions
Easy Homemade Stain Remover

If you mix 1 part Dawn dish washing liquid with 2 parts hydrogen peroxide you have the best spot remover! This is probably the only cleaner you will ever need. Either spray or pour on the spot and watch it disappear.

Read 5 Feedback
Removing Stains on Clothing
Read 11 Solutions
Cleaning Suede
Read 4 Solutions
Removing Candle Wax from Carpet
Read 2 Solutions
Use Placemats in Refrigerator

My mum taught me the advantages of lining the glass shelves in a refrigerator. Most refrigerators could benefit from this. You just place a large plastic or cloth place mat on each shelf.

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Removing Paint From Vinyl Siding

I need to know what is the easiest and cheapest way to remove paint from vinyl siding. My husband and I stained the deck 3 years ago and since then have not been able to remove the paint. It is a deep cherry color and our siding is beige!

Read 24 Answers
Cleaning a Diamond Ring

I need help cleaning my 3 carat diamond ring which is looking smokey due to the fact that I never take it off. I need to find something to clean it up while I am wearing it.

Read 24 Answers
Cleaning Window Tips

Tips for washing windows. Post your ideas.

Read 24 Answers
Smelly Kitchen Problem!

I have a nice large kitchen and it's where i spend most of my day on the computer. (Yes, the computer is in my kitchen!) The problem is that when I cook fish or Prawns(Shrimp) the kitchen smells for days.

Read 24 Answers
Permanent Marker on Plastic Bumper

Some kids on my street decided to get a permanent marker and have some fun on my plastic bumper. Anyone know how to get it off without ruining my brand new custom paint job?

Read 24 Answers
Jacket Dye Bled on Itself

I have a white jacket with black trimmings. It's my absolute favorite! I have hand washed it before and it has been fine although I accidentally used hotwater this time and it has come out yellow.

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Removing Labels from Glass Jars

Try this to get labels off of glass jars. Fill a pot or bucket with very hot water, a few squeezes of Dawn dish soap, and a scoop or two of an "OxiClean-like" powder. LA's Totally Awesome Oxygen Base Cleaner is what I use. Then submerge the glass jar in the mixture and let soak for a considerable amount of time.

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Removing Water Stains from Suede Upholstery

How do I remove water stains from suede dining room chair covers?

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Protective Blue Film Stuck to Dishwasher

I never removed the blue film from the front of my new stainless steel dishwasher. I was trying to keep it clean! I started to remove it today and it has glued itself to the stainless steel. I am very slowly pulling little pieces away, but this might take weeks.

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Cleaning With Ammonia
Read 8 Solutions
Dishwasher Tips and Tricks
Read 16 Solutions
Line Drying Clothing Tips and Tricks
Read 20 Solutions
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