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This page features information to help you clean just about anything. It also has stain remover recipes, cleaning recipes, and cleaning advice.

Picture of a red striped shirt in a washer. Clothing Stains 
Someone cleaning tile grout with a toothbrush. Advice 
Picture of a man holding up stinky shoes. Odors 
Primary Colored Shirts on Clothesline Laundry 
Woman Cleaning Appliances Appliances 
Cleaning eyeglasses with a cloth. Miscellaneous 
White French Chair on Wood Floor by Window Furniture 
Cleaning Urine Off Grout Bathroom 
Red wine spill on wood table Stains 
Removing Wine from Carpet, Wine Stain on Carpet Carpet 
Homemade Wood Floor Cleaner Recipes Floors 
photo of interior of burned stainless steel frying pan Dishes 
Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner Recipes Cleaning Supply Recipes 
Cleaning  Clothing 
Ostrich feather duster against a blue sky. Cleaning Tools 
Homemade Kitchen Cabinet Degreaser Recipe, Rag in hand cleaning dark kitchen cabinet Kitchen 
photo of brown leather couch Leather 
Removing Tea Stains on Fabric  Fabric 
Crayon marks on a wall. Walls 
Woman Polishing a Piece of Silver Metal 
Washing a Blue Car Auto 
Refill and spray bottles of Awesome cleaner Products 
White Folder Comforter Linens and Blankets 
Woman in Green Shirt Cleaning Glass with Squeege Windows 
A collection of antique glass bottles. Glass 
Moldy Tiles and Bathtub Mold 
Borax powder, with a measuring cup and spray bottle. Tips 
Rust and Peeling Blue Paint on Car Rust 
Cleaning mini blinds square Blinds and Curtains 
Someone dusting the corner of a room with a duster. Dusting 
Photo of a diamond ring set. Jewelry 
Rubber ducky floating in a bubble bath. Toys 
Post it note that says clean your room on it. Bedrooms 
Hand with rubber glove holding a DVD Electronics 
Getting Cigarette Smell Out of Books. A pile of old books. Books and Papers 
A person cleaning a flat screen monitor with a cloth. Computer 
Row of clothes hung up at a dry cleaners. Dry Cleaning 
Homemade Softscrub Cleaner Recipe, Photo of cleaning bucket and supplies. Spring Cleaning 
Red Wine in Crystal Glass on Black Crystal 
Cleaning Stainless Grill BBQ and Grill 
Saving Money on Web Hosting, Closeup of URL and Cursor Links 

Cleaning Burnt Dishes

We found some antique dishes in a trash pile. They have been in a fire and have thick black residue on them. I have soaked them in everything and scrubbed with the Magic Eraser, but I cannot get all of the black off, What else can I try?

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Cleaing Shower Doors

I live in an apartment and the previous tenants didn't ever clean the shower doors. They are extremely stained. I have tried lemon juice, vinegar, and Lime Away, but nothing seems to work. Please help!

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Cleaning Carpet With Ammonia

I have a dark carpet and want to use ammonia to clean it. Wll this discolor my carpet?

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Getting Rid of a Stale Smell in House

We purchased a home built in 2006 and it had been empty for over a year. There was a smoke/stale smell when we bought the house. The people who lived there prior were both smokers and had both passed away although not in the house.

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Removing Hair Dye from Bathroom Walls

I use black hair dye occasionally. Sometimes I see some splashes on the walls. How can I remove it?

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Removing Musty Odor on Wood

How do I get rid of a musty ordor in wood hatch?

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Removing Sharpie Marker on Suede Leather Couch

How do I get it off?

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White Sweater Turned Grey

My white sweater turned grey, but it has a black design on it. It says "Paris Darling" in black with the Eiffel Tower

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Basement Has a Musty Odor

Our basement is musty; I clean it often, but am not doing what needs to be done. What can we do to remove odor?

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Musty Odor on Clothes in Suitcase

Every time we go to visit our kids, we pack our suitcase and when we get there our clothes have musty smell. The suitcase and clothes don't have the odor when being packed.

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Removing Foot Odor from Shoes

How do I remove foot odor from shoes?

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Removing Mud Stains on Jacket

I was out side with my teacher; we were looking for rocks and I decided to stay at the first creek we passed.

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Removing Nail Polish from an Acrylic Sweater

How do you remove nail polish from a white acrylic sweater?

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Removing Stains from Formica

How can you remove stains from Formica tops?

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Removing a Yellow Pollen Stain from Carpet

What is isopropyl alcohol? I've never heard of it so I don't know what to buy. I tried a Rug Doctor and Vanish spray, but nothing works. I can't sit it in the sunlight, as it is a carpet.

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Skunk Smell Behind Bathroom Vanity

For the past three years when October arrives we experience a horrible skunk like smell coming from behind our bathroom vanity. I have called a plumber who said it was definitely not a mold or sewage smell. He said it smelled like skunk weed.

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Removing Cat Pee Smell and Black Stain on Floor

Over several years two male cats peed in a particular place in our living room. Will refinishing the floor ever get rid of the stain/odor? Or, should I use KILZ on the floor and put down new flooring?

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Cleaning a Glass Lined Thermos

I used baking soda and ice cubes to clean the coffee residue from inside my glass lined thermos. Within thirty seconds of swirling it exploded, what did I do to get that?

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Cleaning Yellowed Curtains
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Hairspray for Removing Nail Polish from Carpet

I knocked over a container of nail polishes onto my light blue bedroom carpet. Needless to say some of them broke; hot pinks, lime greens, etc. After I blotted up what I could with a napkin, I used a bottle of liquid hairspray, a brush, and after scrubbing a bit it came out in no time.

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Pilot Pen Ink Transferred to Clothes
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Plastic Dishes Flip Over in Dishwasher

How do I stop my plastic square bowls from flipping over?

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Removing Kleenex from Wet Clothes

A Kleenex was left in a pocket and was washed with the clothes and is everywhere! Can I go ahead and put them in the dryer? Shake out? Or wash again?

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Cleaning Bathroom Floor Tile Grout

How do I clean bathroom floor grout?

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Bleaching Colored Clothing
Read 5 Questions
Removing Ink From Leather Handbag

Help! I just found two black stains on my beautiful new(ish) soft red leather handbag. I got the bag as a gift. I cannot believe that I had a leaky pen that seeped right through from the inside of the bag to the outside.

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Removing Mold on Woven Basket

During a walk with my granddaughter, we happened upon a beautifully shaped wicker basket along side a busy road. We decided that it was too nice to leave there to decay.

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Washing Wool Clothing
Read 5 Questions
Cleaning With Hydrogen Peroxide
Read 12 Solutions
Getting Nail Polish Out of a Dress

how do I get gold nail polish out of a white dress?

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Moving a Stove
Read 1 Solution
Removing Gum From Carpet
Read 2 Questions
Removing Milk Odor from Carpet

What can I use to get the smell of dog milk out of my carpet? My dog had pups and leaked milk.

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Removing Red Refill Ink on Paper

How do remove red refill ink on a paper?

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Use Vaseline to Remove Paint from Leather

Iv just removed eggshell white paint from my leather sofa by rubbing in petroleum jelly (Vaseline). I left it for a few minutes, then gently rubbed with a wet nail brush and it started coming off! Happy me!

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Removing Plant Sap from Floor Tiles

One tile stuck to another floor tile. Plant was sitting on extra tile

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Cleaning a Wool Carpet

Can you use sudsy ammonia to clean a wool carpet?

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Removing Perspiration Stains on Velvet

I have a black velvet dress with perspiration stains under the arms. Does anyone know how to get them out?

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Bleaching Red Embroidery on Wedding Dress

My sister-in-law gave me her gorgeous wedding dress to wear and I love it, the only problem is it has dark red embroidery and my future hubby and I do not want red of any sort in the wedding. Can a dry cleaner bleach out the embroidery to make it white? The fabric is 100% polyester as is the lining.

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Cleaning Plastic Drop Cloth Residue on Table

How do you clean plastic drop cloth residue off a wooden table (sticky stuff)?

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Removing Hard Water Stains from Glass Carafe

I have a glass coffee pot and I can't get the hard water stains out. I soaked the pot in straight CLR for hours and it didn't touch it. Help!

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Cleaning a 1950 Magnalite skillet

Is it safe to clean it in a self cleaning oven? Do I have to remove the handle? Wagnerware Sidney -O- #4508-P and 4506 on bottom and outside.

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Cleaning Wax Buildup Off Vinyl Floor

To clean a very old square floor tiles people just moped, slapping wax along the wood trim and now I have bad wax and dirt buildup. How do I clean wax build up around the wall?

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Removing Olive Oil Stain on Concrete

A large bottle of extra virgin olive oil broke and leaked onto the concrete floor of the garage. It dried up as we were away for almost three months. Now the stain looks like a dark stain.

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Removing Mothball Smell from Chair Seats

How do I remove moth ball smell from my dinette set that is metal with cloth seats?

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Removing Hair Dye from Bathroom Walls
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Identifying a Foul Odour in House

I have lived here for 7 months with no smell. Now there is a cloying 'scent' in my house, mostly in the entry hall and upper bathroom. It is not a foul drain smell, sometimes I think it is a urine smell, but it has a sickly sweetness to it.

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Removing Pet Urine Odor from Carpet

I recently moved into a new place. The previous tenants didn't clean up after their dogs. I have a 9 month old and am pregnant.

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Whitening Dyed Shirts

I dyed white cotton shirts a pale green. How do I get them back to pure white?

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Add Essential Oil to Dish Soap

I add a few drops of essential oil to Free and Clear (hypoallergenic) dish soap to mimic the expensive all-natural soaps without the possible allergens, since even all-natural soaps can have natural ingredients I'm allergic to.

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Awful Smell in One Room

There is an awful smell in one of the bedrooms. This year it started to stink right after we turned off the swamp cooler for the year. (One of the swamp cooler's "dumps" is between the bedroom and the adjoining bathroom.)

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Moving a Stove Without Damaging Floor

Pull your stove out from the wall and clean floor, etc. When ready to push stove back into place, spray Pledge or an equal where the feet of the stove will slide. This will keep your floor from ripping or scratching.

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Removing a Stubborn Stain on Dress

I have a cream Karen Millen dress which appears to have a red coloured stain on it. The dry cleaners have tried, but it won't lift. Any ideas?

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Removing Deck Stain From Vinyl Siding

The former owner of our cottage splashed deck stain all over the lower row of off white vinyl siding on two sides of the cottage.

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Removing Human Urine Smell from Couch

There is a urine smell on my couch which I am unable to get rid of. I would really appreciate any tips. Thanks.

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Removing a Stain from a Jacket

I need a homemade spot remover to get a red stain out of a white jacket.

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Removing Pine Pitch on Driveway

Pine pitch has left white spots on the new asphalt coating on the driveway.

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Burnt Teakettle Left Mark on Glass Top Stove

How can I get the burnt bottom of the tea kettle off my glass top stove?

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Cleaning Vinyl Siding

Can you mix ammonia and water as a solution to clean outside vinyl siding? If so, what mixture?

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Clothing Turned Grey in Wash

I had a bright/light yellow tank and washed it with colors, but after washing it, my tank was grey toned. How can I fix this?

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Keep Baking Soda Handy And Dry
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Old Kitchen Cabinets Leave Odor on Dishes

I moved into an old house and I washed my cabinets out and lined the shelf and add the dishes. When I get out a bowl or cup it smells like old wood. I can't stand to drink from a cup.

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Removing Sap

How do I remove sap from blue stone?

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Removing Super Glue On Countertop

What can I use to remove super glue from my granite composite countertop?

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Cleaning Photographs
Read 2 Questions
Removing Hair Dye from Carpet
Read 2 Questions
Removing Tree Sap

How do I remove tree say from my RV and walls?

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Thrifty Cleaning Ideas
Read 7 Solutions
Nail Polish Remover for Ink on Vinyl Couch

I got ball point pen on a beige vinyl couch. I tried everything to get it out but none of them worked. I read that nail polish remover works, but I was afraid to use it. I did a test on the underneath and, sure enough, it did not hurt the vinyl and took most of the ink out.

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Cleaning Fabric Softener Dispenser

My washer has a fabric softener dispenser that does not come off. How do I clean it?

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Clothing Bled Onto Itself

I have a black and orange top, the black has gone onto the orange when I washed it. How can I get it out?

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Getting Rid of Smoke Odors From Cooking
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Removing Painted Wallpaper Glue
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Removing Stain on Wedding Gown

How do you get tire marks out of a satin wedding gown?

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Shower Has an Onion Smell
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Eliminating Urine Odor for Catheter Usage

My dad is 92 y/o and lives in assisted living. He has a Supra pubic catheter. He has been instructed in emptying his bag into a urinal to minimize splashing.

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Oil Based Wood Stain on Khaki Pants
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Red Wine Stain on Memory Foam

How do I get it out of my memory foam mattress?

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Cleaning Stained CorningWare

I have some old plates with yellowing on the bottoms. I soaked in denture tabs it helped, but the stains are still there. Any ideas?

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Cleaning Scotch Brite Pads
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Removing Stains on Corian

I have a stain of my white Corian top from a wood cabinet that was on it for a few years. How can I remove it?

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Cleaning a Laundry Line
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Cleaning Window Caulk
Read 1 Solution
Removing a Musty Odor from Furniture

How do I remove a very strong musty odor from a wooden hutch?

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Removing Bleach Smell

How to I remove the smell of bleach in my sink?

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Removing Stains on Micro Suede Furniture
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Removing Tree Sap From Leather

How can I remove cottonwood sap from leather boat seats?

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Use Gravel for Cleaning Bottles

I shake a small amount of rough cut small gravel with some detergent and water to clean our bottles that have stuff stuck to the inside. Just strain off and rinse the gravel, let dry, and it is ready for next time.

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Wine Stains on Old Crocheted Tablecloth

How can I remove wine stains from a really old crocheted table cloth? Grandma made it, probably 60 years ago and it has lain in my aunt's dresser drawer for at least 40 years. I've soaked it regular laundry soap.

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Cleaning Bathroom Cabinet Handles

How do I get the green stuff off of my bathroom cabinet handles?

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Cleaning Tar from Gold Jewelry

While roofing, I got tar on my gold chain and the medallions hanging from it. What is the safest way to remove the tar without harming the jewelry?

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Saving Money on Stain Treatment
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Airing Out the Washing Machine
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Cleaning Chemical Stains in an Oven
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Cleaning a Dooney and Bourke Backpack

How can I wash this bag? I tried to wash it with soap and water in the sink and the bright pink fabric on the inside faded to the grey exterior. I cannot get the color bleed out of the grey exterior.

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Cleaning a Velveteen Horse Blanket
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Diluting Laundry Detergent

I've tried cheaper detergents and homemade laundry detergent but I always go back to Tide Coldwater. I love the smell it leaves my clothes. I've discovered that if I diluted the Tide by 50% water, my clothes are just as clean and smell just as good.

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Free Pot Scrapers

I lost my pot scrapers recently. It struck me that I knew exactly how to get my hands on more without spending a dime! Cut them from those sturdy, empty shampoo and conditioner bottles. I've always thought it was such a shame to just toss them.

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Removing Onion Smell
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Use Microfiber for Swiffer WetJet Pads

I used the hair towels made of microfiber material, from $1 Dollar Tree. Just trim to size. They attach wonderfully. When one side is dirty, I flip it over before washing. An especially cheap alternative to the WetJet pads!

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Removing Stains on Red Suede Couch
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Removing Tape Residue from Clothing

How do I remove tape residue from a sport shirt? The paper towel/iron method did not remove the stickiness. What else can I do?

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Double up on Drainer Space
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Polishing Furniture
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Removing Sticky Residue from Name...
Read 2 Questions
Cleaning Melted Balloon Off a Painted Wall
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Removing Dye Transfer on Football Jersey

I washed my son's white football jersey last night with a few other items (that have been washed hundreds of times). My bright pink tank top decided to bleed for the first time ever and it bleed onto my son's white football jersey...

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Softening Clumped Dishwasher Detergent
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Removing Sap From a Hammock
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Cleaning Taco Sauce Stain on Plastic Shelf

I had taco sauce stain the plastic on a refrigerator door. Its a big stain. Any solutions for this?

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Getting Rid of Bad Old House Smell

We just moved into a 75 yr old house, it was recently sold to a new owner (we're leasing) so it was thoroughly inspected and has new plumbing. When we first walked it in was very noticeable but it's old and all hardwood floors. We've painted all the walls and trim.

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Black Jeans Dye Bled on White Blouse

How do you remove dye from black Levi jeans which has discolored a white blouse?

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Cleaning With Sugarsoap

Can I use sugarsoap on outside walls to clean green mildew off the house wall?

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Cleaning a Hammock
Read 1 Solution
Removing Cooking Grease Smell from Clothes

My husband's work clothes always reek of old nasty cooking oil. I wash them in solution of dish washing detergent, lemon scented ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, in hot water.

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Cleaning Hairspray Off Bathroom Surfaces
Read 8 Questions
Cloudy White Spots on Laminate Countertop
Read 3 Questions
Getting Rid of Mothball Odor in the House

We have a serious problem with a mothball smell which has been an issue for selling our home. We painted the whole inside of the house along with an entire carpet shampoo. I mop the floor with Pine Sol everyday, but no luck.

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Melted Plastic on Car Seat

I bought an air freshener from Bath and Body Works that is a clip for your visor and it melted right over my carseat. How can I remove it?

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Removing Cement Dust on Red Stepping Stones

Our contractor got cement dust on the neighbor's red stepping stones. How do I remove it?

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Removing Fruit and Vegetable Juice Stains...
Read 1 Solution
Cleaning a Stained Toilet

I have a toilet in a vacant rental house that was used many times (by someone who broke in) after the water was turned off, so basically it was never flushed and full of nasty. I have cleaned it numerous times.

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Removing Pine Sap from an Aluminum Railing

How do I remove pine sap from an aluminum railing?

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Removing Pine Sap from Composite Decking

How do I remove pine sap from Timbertech composite decking?

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