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This page features information to help you clean just about anything. It also has stain remover recipes, cleaning recipes, and cleaning advice.

Picture of a red striped shirt in a washer. Clothing Stains 
Someone cleaning tile grout with a toothbrush. Advice 
Picture of a man holding up stinky shoes. Odors 
Primary Colored Shirts on Clothesline Laundry 
Woman Cleaning Appliances Appliances 
Cleaning eyeglasses with a cloth. Miscellaneous 
White French Chair on Wood Floor by Window Furniture 
Cleaning Urine Off Grout Bathroom 
Red wine spill on wood table Stains 
Homemade Wood Floor Cleaner Recipes Floors 
Removing Wine from Carpet, Wine Stain on Carpet Carpet 
Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner Recipes Cleaning Supply Recipes 
photo of interior of burned stainless steel frying pan Dishes 
Cleaning  Clothing 
Ostrich feather duster against a blue sky. Cleaning Tools 
Homemade Kitchen Cabinet Degreaser Recipe, Rag in hand cleaning dark kitchen cabinet Kitchen 
photo of brown leather couch Leather 
Removing Tea Stains on Fabric  Fabric 
Crayon marks on a wall. Walls 
Woman Polishing a Piece of Silver Metal 
Washing a Blue Car Auto 
Refill and spray bottles of Awesome cleaner Products 
White Folder Comforter Linens and Blankets 
A collection of antique glass bottles. Glass 
Moldy Tiles and Bathtub Mold 
Woman in Green Shirt Cleaning Glass with Squeege Windows 
Rust and Peeling Blue Paint on Car Rust 
Borax powder, with a measuring cup and spray bottle. Tips 
Cleaning mini blinds square Blinds and Curtains 
Photo of a diamond ring set. Jewelry 
Someone dusting the corner of a room with a duster. Dusting 
Rubber ducky floating in a bubble bath. Toys 
Post it note that says clean your room on it. Bedrooms 
Hand with rubber glove holding a DVD Electronics 
Getting Cigarette Smell Out of Books. A pile of old books. Books and Papers 
A person cleaning a flat screen monitor with a cloth. Computer 
Row of clothes hung up at a dry cleaners. Dry Cleaning 
Homemade Softscrub Cleaner Recipe, Photo of cleaning bucket and supplies. Spring Cleaning 
Red Wine in Crystal Glass on Black Crystal 
Cleaning Stainless Grill BBQ and Grill 
Saving Money on Web Hosting, Closeup of URL and Cursor Links 

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Dry Erase Marker Removes Permanent Marker

Just take a dry erase marker and rub it over the permanent marker and wipe off. This only works on shiny surfaces.

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Removing Red Clay Stains on Clothing

What is the best way to remove red clay stains from washable clothing?

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Clothing Dye Stain on Faux Leather

So I sat down on my new white, faux leather bar stool and the dye from my clothing stained the seat. I tried alcohol, Magic Eraser, and WD-40. Nothing has worked. Anything else that might work? I seriously need some help.

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Making Homemade Detergent

I would like to try the homemade detergent that I have read about on this site, with the ingredients, washing soda, borax, and Fels. What is the amount for each one to do a full load? What is Fels?

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Dog Urine Smell on Wood Laminate Floor

I have a new puppy that has had a few accidents on my wood laminate flooring. I try to catch it, but there were a few times that it has happened while at work. I clean my floor everyday about 2x to 3x a day. I've tried the pet store products, but nothing has worked.

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Rain-X to Remove Ink from Dryer

Use Rain-X X-treme Clean for baked on ink. Put some on a dry cloth and rub for 10 seconds. It removes it easily and without damage to the dryer surface. Clean after with a wet cloth. Soft Scrub may work too, but may be overly abrasive. You can remove the dryer door for easier access.

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Silver Jewelry Left in Cleaner Too Long
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Washing Silk Christening Outfit

My mum has washed my daughter's 100% silk, handmade christening outfit. It now looks like a screwed up crisp bag! Can it be saved?

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Removing Nicotine Smell from Walls

We painted the yellow nicotine stained walls. To take the smell away do I have to clean and repaint again?

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Bikini Dingy After Being Washed With Darks

I accidentally washed my brand new multicolored bikini with hot water and new black shorts in the washer. Not only did the shorts bleed, obviously, but my new swimsuit is not stained, but the whole thing has a much darker obviously dingy color to it.

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Toothpaste to Clean Diamond Earrings

Take some toothpaste and use your hand or a brush of sorts and brush the jewel. Then rinse and by then you have a sparkling piece of jewlery.

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Dress Dye Bled Onto Itself
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All Natural Copper/Brass Polish
Check Out This Craft
Cleaning Fire Damaged Sterling Silver

What is the best way to clean?

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Salt Water for Tarnished Silver Ring

After using household bleach for cleaning I realized my favorite silver ring had been tarnished and I was freaking out! I had the impulse to rub it with salt as it is an alkaline and submerge my ring in salted boiling water. It worked in about 25-30 mins!

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Dry Clothing on Hangers
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Dye Transferred in the Wash

I washed a pair of yellow shorts after washing dark cloths. Now my yellow shorts have blue dye on them. I did not put them in the dryer and have been trying many things to get the stain out. The stain is still on my yellow shorts. Any advice?

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Homemade Clothes Wringer

I wash my own laundry in a do it your self bucket and plunger which works well, but I need instructions on how to make a clothes wringer.

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Homemade Soft Scrub
Check Out This Craft
Tana Leather Cleaning Lotion

I used the Tana leather shampoo for the rear seat of my BMW. No signs of residual rust yet several other products had failed before. Tana is made in Australia but should be available elsewhere.

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Cleaning a Laundry Sink/Tub

I have moved into a home with a dirty laundry tub. It is light in weight, so I am thinking it is fiberglass. Does any one in this community of very wise people know how to clean it? It is white if it was clean. This will need a powerful cleaner. Any ideas?

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Removing Hair from Bath Towels

I've been sick and my hair has been coming out a lot everywhere, but the most frustrating is the way my hair, it's long for now, gets into towels. I do brush before I wash, but it still comes out in the drain and towel etc. I've tried using tape, but the hair just breaks.

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Removing Tree Sap from Clothing

Since the question is how to remove tree sap from clothing, wouldn't it make sense not to use peanut butter, lotions, or other "oily" substances? It seems like that is replacing one kind of difficult stain with another.

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Sharpie Stain on Leather Couch

How do I get a Sharpie stain off of my white leather couch?

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Cleaning Stains in a Porcelain Tub

I have an old, big, solid tub with blue and green stains where the water pours out. It is not rust and I do not know how or what to use to clean it. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Cleaning Nicotine Off Walls

Our apartment has been smoked in for 15 years. All walls were originally painted white, but now are a lovely shade of yellow/brown. We decided to stop smoking so now I have begun the arduous task of cleaning walls.

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Removing Adhesive Residue from Fabric

How do I remove adhesive residue remaining on fabric?

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Removing Bathtub Stains for Under $20
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Removing Fabric Dye from Shirt
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Removing Glue from Shoe Insole

I glued a paper insole in my shoe and it wasn't straight so I tried to removed it and now I can not seem to get the glue off! Any answers would be great.

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Pine Tree Sap on Lanai Screens

How do I remove pine tree sap on the overhead screens on my lanai? The pine tree always drips sap and I can't remove the pine tree.

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White Marks on Laundry
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Removing Urine Stains and Odor from Furniture

I am the caregiver for my father with dementia. He is now in diapers. However he still, at times. pees thru. The smell of his urine is extremely concentrated since it is hard to get him to drink.

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Fabric Dye Transferred in the Wash

I washed "hand wash only" dresses on the gentle cycle and tossed in a new dress, black and white tie-dyed, that was never washed before. It bled on all the dresses and a pair of gauze pants. How do I get the black/grey streaks out? They are currently soaking in cool water with laundry detergent and vinegar.

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Ceiling Fan for Getting Rid of Mold

How to get rid of mold on your ceiling? I'm going to use a round hole saw and make an opening where I will mount what is called a muffin fan.

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Foul Smell in Home

My home is clean, the trash is taken out, no dirty dishes, and I haven't cooked anything today. About a hour ago this foul smell filled up the entire house. I've checked all bathrooms and sinks to make sure that nothing was backed up and everything looked OK.

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Removing Fabric Dye From Clothes

My kids recently tie dyed some clothes at school and got unwanted dye on their regular clothes. How do I safely remove it?

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Warm Leather to Remove Smoke Odor

I put the leather item into the oven at the lowest setting for about an hour and a half. I opened the doors several times along the way to let the newly-evaporated tobacco tars and oils escape.

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Spray Deodorant for Removing Ink Stains

Spray deodorant on the stain, then rub with a cloth. It should come off. If it doesn't come off straight away, but instead only fades after you have rubbed it, then spray more deodorant on the stain.

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Cleaning a Stovetop
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Liquid Dishwasher Detergent
Check Out This Craft
Cleaning the Interior of a Copper Bottle
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Furniture Polish for Removing Labels
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Locating Cat Urine Stains
Read 2 Questions
Removing Windex Stain on Linoleum Floor

I recently noticed a bottle of Windex had spilled onto my linoleum floor. I tried a combination of bleach and then vinegar and baking soda and I cannot get it out. Any suggestions?

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Removing Dog Urine Smell from Hardwood

I recently babysat my mother's puppy and he peed all over my hardwood floors during the night. I have used vinegar, Lysol, Febreze, baking soda, and standard hardwood floor cleaners, but the smell is not going away and since I rent I can't really afford to use bleach.

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Cleaning a Bathtub Ring

I always have consoled myself that the ring was not from me, but from the soaking of basket weave reeds in the tub. Whether that is true or not I have no idea. Is that a possibility? I would not mind getting rid of it if anyone has a suggestion. It has been there for years and I have scrubbed it as though it were a regular ring, but to no avail.

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Clothing Dye Transferred in the Wash

I washed my curtains and forgot I had a pair of black jeans in the washing machine. Now they have gone like a grey colour. How can I get them back to the right colour?

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Removing Acrylic Paint From Clothing
Read 5 Questions
Removing Calcium Deposits on Pool Tile

I have read tips about using sandpaper to clean calcium deposits on swimming pool tiles. I've used pumice stone and didn't like the mess it made. The sandpaper idea sounds great. What brand and what grit do you use?

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Disinfecting Sponges and Dish Towels

Once a week, sometimes more often, I gather all my cleaning cloths, dish towels, and sponges and do a small load of laundry with hot water, clothes soap, and bleach. The sponges get disinfected, smell wonderful, and I know they are clean.

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Washing Soda for Cleaning Sponges

Washing soda is best for cleaning sponges and cleaning cloths. It will remove soap, dirt, or anything else remaining within. Things caught in the sponge will cause odors as well as give germs a place to fester. I even clean my micro cloths this way. It is safe enough to clean Enjo mops and cloths.

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Swiffer Wet Jet Isn't Working

After trying all of the other suggestions to get my Swiffer Wet Jet working again I watched a YouTube video. It said to take acetone based nail polish remover to the battery connectors inside the casing and let dry completely. Re-install the batteries. This worked for me!

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Hand Cleaner for Cooking Oil Stains

First, "do not" get clothing wet! Go to a Walmart and purchase Permatex Hand Cleaner. It says on the top of the cap, "Toughest on Laundry Stains".

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Black Mark on White Refrigerator
Read 9 Answers
Dishwasher Cubes
Check Out This Craft
Removing Asphalt Stains on Carpet

I have an asphalt driveway and very light carpet. I have awful trails on the carpet and it is a little sticky. I have had it professionally cleaned several times, but the spot returns almost as soon as it is dried. What can I use to clean it?

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Removing Mold in Sink Drain

I have moldy and bad odors coming from my drains. I can see the mold on the inside of the PVC pipe in one side of the kitchen drain. I have tried bleach, and baking soda and white vinegar.

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Nail Polish Remover for Wet Erase Marker Stain

While studying for an exam, I was using a green wet erase pen for my practice questions and I wrote on my new couch cover.

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Cleaning with Vinegar and Brown Paper Bags

Momma swears by this, but due to being struck by a car she is unable to remember parts and pieces of many things, such as the recipe/how to/what for is one of these things. Please give the above info if you or an elderly family member has ever used vinegar and brown paper bags for cleaning anything.

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Powdery Residue on Resin Lawn Chairs

I have a white powdery residue on my green resin lawn chairs, even though I have cleaned them it still stays powdery. Is there anything I can do for this?

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Removing Cigarette Smoke Smell

How can I eleminate cigarette smoke smells from my home when someone smokes in his room daily?

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Fabric Dye Transferred in Wash

I have a top that has sleeves that are white and the main part is pink. I accidentally washed the top with a pair of tie dye pants and now the white sleeves have tie dye in spots. Is there any way to get the dye out that isn't expensive? Can I still use bleach with this top even though there is pink?

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Removing Dried Paint from Clothes

How do you remove paint from light colored denim after it has been in the washer and dryer?

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Cleaning Shower Head

My shower head is on a flexible hose. How can I clean it? No, I can not remove the shower head.

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Cleaning Smoke Off Kitchen Walls

How do I clean smoke from walls after a kitchen fire?

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Fabric Dye Transferred to Jacket

I wore a black shirt under a white linen jacket and now there are black stains in the armpit area. How do I get this out?

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Ethanoic Acid as Fabric Softener

I found that vinegar 'softens' fabrics as well as any commercial fabric softener I've ever used. So now, I use vinegar, instead. Right? In a word, No! As it turns out, that nice, fresh smell, smells just like the vinegar it is. I refuse to 'go around' with my clothes smelling like a jar of Del Monte gherkins.

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Rosemary Dish Soap
Check Out This Craft
Making Lens Wipes Last Longer

I've found that paper lens wipes don't have to be used only once. So I keep a small air tight "film can" in the box with the lens wipes. When I tear open a new one and use it to clean my eyeglass lens, I can then just wad it up and stuff it into the little film can.

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Sterilising Tablets For Removing Printer Ink

Milton sterilising tablets dilute with water!

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Turn Off Water Heater To Save Electricity
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Use Broom to Clean Popcorn Ceiling

I dust my popcorn ceiling by using a broom. Yes, it does cause some particles to fall but not if you dust/broom it lightly.

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Removing Permanet Marker On Shoes

I drew with Sharpie on my shoes, but decided I didn't like it. I tried the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser thing and it didn't work. Any suggestions?

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Homemade Powdered Laundry Soap
Check Out This Craft
Chemical Smell Under Sink

What can the smell come from? We took everything out from under the kitchen sink, but the smell is still there somewhere. It smells like freshly sprayed Raid, but we didn't spray any.

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Removing Nail Polish from Clothes
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Getting Nail Polish Off Car Paint

Can anyone tell me how to remove the slightest dark red nail polish scuff mark off my car's exterior? My car is white and I'm worried that if I try to use a chemical to remove the nail polish that a worse mark will be left in its place.

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Cleaning a Smelly Freezer

I am currently a freshman in college and my roommate put ice cream in our freezer about five months ago. While we were on break, the ice cream somehow melted in our freezer. The melted ice cream has now frozen to the freezer and no one can open the freezer without it smelling terribly!

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Cleaning Bath Fixtures After a Fire

I had a fire in my apartment, and the smoke was so thick, the bathtub and the toilets are stained with smoke. I tried many things to scrub them with, but it won't go away. Can you help?

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Cleaning Laminate Countertops with Magic Eraser

I recently had to deal with a stained white laminate counter top, due to a tea spill that wasn't cleaned up right away. I tried everything to clean it: thick bleach, baking soda (left on for two 24 hour periods), dish soap, all-purpose cleaners, and Vim powder; nothing worked!

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Getting Rid of Bleach Smell

I just dropped a bottle of bleach, probably less than a cup spilled, but it left a really powerful smell. It's in my basement right next to the washer, so there's not really a way to circulate air though the room. I know you shouldn't use vinegar, how else can I get rid of the smell?

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Mothball Smell in Plastic Purse

I bought the most adorable purse and it arrived reeking of mothballs! The purse is made of plastic. All suggestions are appreciated!

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Homemade Stain Remover
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Removing Scratches in White Porcelain Sink

I use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with Comet which helps, but you really have to scrub. Think I will try that Bartender's Secret.

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Remedy for Streaky Floor Tile

Washing my kitchen tile floor always leaves it streaky. How can I stop this and make it shiny?

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Denture Cleaning Tablets to Keep Bottles Clean

Some of my cups and bottles are expensive to just replace but these tend to get cloudy after a time. I have found that denture cleaning tablets keep these clean and cloud free.

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Morning Dew Car Wash
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Nail Polish Remover for Removing Hair Dye

I just did this and it worked perfectly! Use nail polish remover, a brillo pad and makeup remover wipes. After you are done, go over the area with wood floor cleaner to make it shine.

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Cleaning a Burnt Stainless Steel Pot

How do I get burned on popcorn out of my pot?

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Cleaning Newsprint off Hummels

10 years ago I packed my entire household for a cross-country move. Unknowingly, I wrapped my Hummels in newspaper. I do not have time for the repeated cleanings with a toothbrush and am very afraid to damage them. Will the same process used for removing fire smoke resolve this problem?

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Cleaning Old Cookie Sheets

I put my old cookie sheets in the self cleaning oven to clean them. Now I have black spots all over them. What do I do to get rid of them?

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Removing a Stain from Wool

I've got a pullover with a bolognese sauce stain. I already tried to use a stain-remover, but it's not working. What can I do?

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Heat Candlesticks to Remove Wax

To remove wax from a metal or glass candlestick, turn on oven and place item on tray lined with baking paper.

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Removing Fabric Dye from Skin

How might I clean my skin of both black and green fabric dyes which bled from new bed sheets and now cover about 65% of me? They seem insoluble in water and only slightly so in 70% alcohol. My nearest alternative would seem to be some 320 grit emery paper. Anyone?

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Removing Nicotine Stains from Plugs and Switches

I am cleaning out the home of a dear friend who smoked for many years. I am now trying to figure out how to clean the wall plugs and light switches. I bought new plates to go around them, but don't want to have to hire an electrician to come in and replace the actual plugs and light switches.

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Cleaning a White Sofa

I have a white three seater sofa made out of cloth. Over time it has dust deposits and looks discoloured. Should I call a drycleaner or clean at home? At home how can I clean?

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Cleaning Smelly Sandals

I purchased some sandals from JCPenney a few months ago. The brand is Yuu & says they are made from "man made materials". After wearing them quite a bit they have become smelly and there is a dark imprint of my feet on them. How do I get rid of both the smell & the footprints?

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Repairing Faded Spots on Clothes

I wanted to wash my tracksuit so I put it in the washing machine, added some detergent and when I was going to switch on the machine, I found that electricity was not there. So I left my clothing undisturbed till the light came.

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Hairspray for Creased Jeans
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Citrus and Salt to Keep Garbage Disposal Fresh

I cut up a lemon or orange and drop in the disposal along with some salt. This keeps it odor free. I was told by a friend a couple years ago that the salt keeps things from building up in the disposal.

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Dye Transferred in the Wash

My shirt is semi white and has blue stains from dye in it, it has already been dried. What do I do, is there any hope?

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Using a Blacklight to Find Pet Urine Spots

What ia a blacklight? How do you use it to find urine markings by a tomcat?

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Lavender Scented All-Purpose Cleaner
Make This Recipe
Cleaning Pool Water

We just took the cover off our above ground pool to get it ready for the summer. The pool water looks black. How do we clear it up to use it?

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Removing Quick Shine from Hardwood Floors

My floors were looking dull so I applied Quick Shine to them. They looked great at first. My son decided to surprise me while I was out of town and applied 5 coats of Quick Shine to "restore them". They were left with streaks. I've tried everything I can think to of to remove this product from my floors.

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Preventing Lint in the Wash

My husband has a company shirt with an iron-on logo. Behind the logo is a white fabric where it's stitched. I wash it with the proper colors, however the shirt is always covered with white lint. How can I wash it without the white lint getting all over the shirt?

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Removing Tree Sap from Patio Furniture

I have a nasty tree that drops sap all the time. It gets on my cloth furniture, my glass table, and the tile on my patio. I don't know how to get it up. Some of it is dried, but ugly. Suggestions?

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"Gumption" Paste Cleanser for Shower

I had some very intractable marks on the window that forms part of the shower in the bathroom (it's very private here!). These seemed to be marks and residue left by water evaporating to leave the calcium and magnesium salts behind, rather than soap scum from the shower.

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Dishwasher Detergent for Hard Stains

I use a small amount of dishwasher powder or liquid with hot water and let the item soak for a bit then scrub. This method works on great to remove the hard layer of oil my big pot gets from making popcorn on the stove.

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Getting Rid of a Foul Smell in House

I have a terrible smell coming from in or around my daughter's room. I air out the room and it goes away. But as soon as I close the window the smell comes back.

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Kitchen Cabinets Have a Sickening Smell

We moved into a condo about 12 years ago that was built in the 80s. All of the kitchen cabinets were cleaned and papered top to bottom twice. When I open the drawers especially the silverware drawer, there is a sickening odor.

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Removing Olive Oil Stains on Brick
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Cleaning Carpet Without a Machine

Does anyone have a carpet cleaning recipe that I can spray from a bottle?

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Recycled Incense Burner
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Use Wet and Dry Mop for Floors

I worked for a cleaning company. We used a flat mop by O-Cedar and just water. Go over it with a wet one, then a dry one in small sections.

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Vinegar Makes a Wonderful Cleaner

If you don't have any cleaner in the house, you can always use vinegar. It makes your floors shine and cuts the grime off your floor. It makes your house smell cleaner than regular cleaner.

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Central Air Freshening

If you've got a central air heating/cooling unit, you've got a great way to freshen up the whole house with one solid or bead type air freshener unit.

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Homemade Febreze

Febreze can cost up to 8.00 a bottle. Try this homemade fabric refresher. It works great on pet smells too. Just use an empty spray bottle, add a cup of water, 1 tsp baking soda, and one tablespoon of fabric softener. Shake well. Spray clothes, furniture, and carpets. It works wonders. I love the stuff.

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Microwave Smelly Books

Put the book into a microwave oven along with a cup of water. Microwave for few seconds. Fan the book. Repeat until the book is very warm. This will remove a lot of moisture and smell.

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Removing Burnt Rubber Smell from a Bra

I recently bought a really good bra from VS. It's one of those sports bras with padding. When I came home with it, I noticed it smelled like burnt rubber! The smell is so overpowering.

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Removing Cat Urine Odor from Rug

I left a new rug in the garden to air, big mistake. A friendly cat decided to leave its calling card. The rug is long pile and a bright red colour. What would be best product to use to get rid if the smell?

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Vinegar to Clean Shower Head

Get a baggy and fill with vinegar. Tie it around the shower head, leave on overnight. Wipe grime off in morning. It works well.

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Removing Toothpaste Stains from Laminate

What can I use to remove toothpaste stains from a laminate bathroom counter top? Thus far I've used peroxide, bleach, various bathroom cleansers, ammonia, and CLR. Any one with experience with this stain problem?

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