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Dry Cleaning

This page contains tips and ideas on how to save time and money with dry cleaning your clothes.


I have never taken anything to the dry cleaners since they came out with Dryel. It is simple and easy to use and works wonderfully. If you have a stain normally Dawn dish

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How do I remove underarm odor on a black, dry clean only, suit?

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Does anyone know of an at-home method of cleaning men's dress suits? I remember reading books that mentioned "sponging" and other ways to clean wool suits prior to dry

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I am looking for an inexpensive cleaner. I have over 15 suits that I want cleaned so I can donate them to Dress for Success. Do you know of an inexpensive cleaner near Huntingt

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For clothes that are to be dry cleaned, pin a note to stains to alert the cleaner. It will help if you can specify the source of the stain.

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MY husband's shirts used to come back from the cleaners with a foul underarm odor, then I read a tip somewhere about spraying underarms of shirts with vinegar water before washing.


I had a bright white, dry clean only, dress dry cleaned. It is now off-white. The dry cleaners would not claim any responsibility or help with the dress.

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Uderarm Odor On Dry Clean Only Clothes. I have a very expensive, dry clean only suit that has underarm odor. I took it to the cleaners but the odor is still there.

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My Husband wears dress shirts quite regularly throughout the week, and I always take them to the dry cleaners. but the dry cleaner hasn't been able to get out the ring around

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Here's something I just learned, if you have plastic that has like an onion smell or something, wad up newspaper and put it into the container. Then close it up for a day and

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It is costly to ruin an expensive piece of clothing by cleaning it improperly. If you have tried to remove a spot before taking the garment to a dry cleaner, make sure

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Here are some tips for saving money on dry cleaning.

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Dear ThriftyFun,

I have a ton of clothing that requires dry cleaning. Do you or 

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