Buying Shower Power Cleaner?

November 23, 2019

Where can I buy Shower Power near Albany NY? I was upset when it was not sold in stores anymore. I always used it because of having well water. I would love to use this again.



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This product is no longer made.
The rumor on some business sites is the company was sued but I cannot find proof of this but the company closed in 2014.
There are products here and in Australia using this name but it is NOT the same product (although their products may be good) so I'm afraid you will have to find another product to use.
There have been several questions on ThriftyFun in the past that you may find interesting.


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I know that everyone keeps posting the Shower Power that is listed on Amazon and some may like that product but it is NOT the original Power Shower and does not have anything like the same ingredients so do not be fooled unless you want to try the newer product that is listed on Amazon.


I was given a bottle of this (from Amazon) because the person buying it thought it was the one I liked but I, personally, like my homemade or even Dollar Tree brand better.

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August 19, 2014

Where can I buy Shower Power in my town, Hemet, CA?

By Christine


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What is Shower Power?

Editor's Note: Bathroom cleaner and soap scum remover.


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I bought some online. Just google it. I am so glad it is still available. There is nothing quite like it.

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January 14, 2020

I am looking for the original Shower Power in the blue bottle.


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January 14, 20200 found this helpful
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Is no longer being made. There are products being called with the old name, but they are not the original and most people say the new stuff is totally worthless.


Scroll down on this link to the November 2019 details:


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January 14, 20200 found this helpful
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They quit making this product some time ago. I do believe the company went out of business. I know they have some other products they sell online with the same name. These are not the same product. You will need to find a new product to clean the shower with.


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January 22, 20200 found this helpful
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They no longer make the original Shower Power and the original company has released the copyright to the name so anyone can use it.
The products named Shower Power at Walmart and other stores does not have the same ingredients and many people have stated that it does not do a good job.


The original Shower Power had some ingredients (probably the ones that worked so well) that were rumored to maybe cause some serious health problems if not handled correctly and it is rumored the company may have been sued and decided to close the factory. I have not been able to find actual proof of this other than they no longer make Shower Power.

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September 30, 2006

My store where I shop stopped carrying shower power, where can I buy it here in arizona. I shop at Fry's Food store. Why did they stop selling it? I use this to clean my shower, It works really well.

Theresa from Mesa Arizona


By Brian Bacon (Guest Post)
December 3, 20064 found this helpful

as found at

News Flash!


Ok, We've made a lot of progress now and are getting close to producing and shipping this great product to you. Please fill out the below form to be notified when it is ready. Thanks!





Dear Shower Power Customers,

We apologize for our products not being on your store shelves. The company was planning on closing its doors and stopped production on Shower Power and this is why it has been unavailable lately. Because we have received such a positive response to our product we are now looking at alternative ways to continue producing Shower Power in a cost efficient manner.

At the moment we are sold out of our entire inventory. We are planning on going back into production and selling Shower Power exclusively over the internet and we will notify you as soon as it's ready.

Please enter your email address above so we can notify you when it's ready.

Thank you all for your support and positive comments.

P.s. on the website, you can look up your state and it tells you where it used/might still be available




By bestl2048 @ (Guest Post)
July 6, 20073 found this helpful

Please let me know where and when I can buy shower power again. I have bought numerous replacement products but nothing works like shower power. Thank you

By Laura Middlebrook (Guest Post)
August 17, 20070 found this helpful

I would like to be notified when you have shower power available for purchase. I have a friend that is looking for it as well, and over the weekend when we were at her house...I saw the bottle in her bathroom - and said "where'd you get that!" I've been looking. She said it was her last one, and she is trying to find as well.

This product was other in the market stands up to it!

Editor's Note: It is available online:

By Rebecca Jindra (Guest Post)
January 17, 20081 found this helpful

I did buy Shower Power in Arizona and brought a case back to Crivitz, WI
I shared this remarkable product with my friends and they also LOVED it.
We would like to know if there is anywhere we can purchase it here.

By Carmen mNeilson (Guest Post)
May 28, 20080 found this helpful

I live in Hawaii and have been looking for this remarkable product. It is the only one that removes all the stains on my bath tub.

Please let me know when it will be available in Hawaii. My c-mail address is: carmenneilson AT

By robert (Guest Post)
February 10, 20090 found this helpful

I had moved to Washington and couldn't find shower power in any of the stores up here. so I went to the internet, if you don't mind paying for shipping and handling or have a friend to share the cost and buy bulk you can go to there web site "" it cost about $65.00 for 12 bottles, this includes shipping and handling. Not a bad price for a product that really works!

June 11, 20180 found this helpful

I clicked on the of which I have used in years past. It now is blocked by Firefox or gives a warning of unsecure website. Is there a store in the San Jose, CA (95131) area that carries the Shower Power in the original blue/red spray bottles

June 14, 20182 found this helpful

Love this product hope it comes back.

November 1, 20182 found this helpful

Let me know when shower power cleaner is avalable. THANKS!

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July 17, 2018

Where can I buy Shower Power bathroom cleaner? I use to purchase it all the time online and get emails for discounts. I haven't received any emails lately and I can't find a website for them any more.


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July 17, 20180 found this helpful

It is on amazon. (Affiliate Link)


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July 17, 20180 found this helpful

I found a shower power on ebay here

also I found an Australian company that seems to produce it


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July 18, 20180 found this helpful

The original Shower Power is not sold in the US (right now) but you may have been buying a "knock off" brand that is being sold by Amazon. Be sure to check the ad to make sure this is what you are looking for.

July 5, 20190 found this helpful

I do not find shower power on Amazon; i will order it i can find it.


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July 5, 20190 found this helpful

If you type Shower Power into google and select images, you can find two different versions of it. I think the one in the blue bottle is the one I remember from years Empire, I think. Not sure where you are located, but in the US you can buy several versions. Blessings!

April 9, 20200 found this helpful

I bought this off Amazon it did'nt work I would like to buy the original Shower Power in the blue bottle.

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October 19, 2019

Where do I get Shower Power in Michigan?

Buying Shower Power Cleaner - hand holding a bottle of Shower Power Cleaner


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October 19, 20190 found this helpful

Can you show the back label? I think they stopped making this product and the original company closed. I am going to hunt for my notes on this...because I had researched this a long time ago.

You can put the phrase "shower power" in Google and a bunch of listings come up, but it is not the same product from what I can see. Add to that, many of them say "out of stock" or "unavailable".

We started using I think it was called Awesome? The store brand from Dollar General and it worked, but I found it was really bothering my allergies, so we use no sprays now and just clean with vinegar and baking soda.


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October 19, 20191 found this helpful

You can order through Amazon!!!


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October 19, 20190 found this helpful

It is available on Amazon from time to time.


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October 20, 20190 found this helpful

The product sold on Amazon under the name of Shower Power is NOT the same product and reviews say it is nothing like the original product.

This product is no longer available and probably never will be again.
I say this because the original company no longer has the name 'Shower Power' and it has been released it to the public. That is the reason the company selling on Amazon can legally use this same name.
Also, the name can be legally used in Australia.

This is the second time this company has stopped making this product - first time was in 2006 but reopened with only selling on line - no product sold to stores. Stores still had their inventory to sell. The last time was in 2014 and they do not have a website or any usable phone service.
Apparently the company has decided not to give out any information about the company because no matter how much is mentioned on the Internet there is no response from any of the management and also no comments from any former employees (or none that I have been able to find).
Their company is no longer a registered company doing business.

I now know (from a protected source) that several law suits may have been filed against the company (causing this 'no comment' from anyone that ever had anything to do with the company) due to a problem with one of the chemicals used in this product that over exposure could cause possible lung damage. I have not been able to confirm this but it seems plausible after reading several comments and complaints about the product.

In an earlier article I mentioned that Power Shower was sold in Australia but could not be sent to the US but have since learned this is NOT the same original formula and is made by OzKleen IN Australia by an Australian company that has nothing to do with the US original brand although they use a play on words to confuse people but further in their ad you will find the statement "this is a new generation" and is environmentally friendly.

There is plenty of available reading material for anyone interested:


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As far as I know the company was officially closed back in 2014. The name of the product is sold on Amazon but this is not the same product as the one you are looking for. You will need to try and find a new product to use now because you can no longer buy this one.

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June 2, 2019

Is this still available anywhere, either in stores or online?


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June 2, 20190 found this helpful

You can get it on amazon. (Affiliate Link)


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June 2, 20190 found this helpful

This question comes up on ThriftyFun quite often.
Check this link for previous answers:

It appears the original Shower Power Bathroom Cleaner (in the blue container) is no longer produced and all of the other products using this names are really 'knock offs' and may or may not be the same formula/product.

These cleaners may work but then you need to remember that you are just buying another brand of bathroom cleaner so give this some thought before paying big bucks for an 'unknown' brand.

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April 30, 2018

I have been a Shower Power user for many years. When and where will I be able to purchase it again?


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May 1, 20180 found this helpful

You can get it here:


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May 14, 20180 found this helpful

you can also buy it on amazon (Affiliate Link)

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October 9, 2009

Where can I buy Shower Power in my area? I live in San Jose, CA area.

By Donna Lynch from San Jose, CA


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October 10, 20090 found this helpful

I don't know how to paste sites but I did Google your product and came up with this:

Shower Power Bathroom Cleaner
Shower Power is the best bathroom cleaner for soap scum, mineral deposits, rust & hard water stains. It penetrates and dissolves soap scum, ground-in dirt and grime,

I just copied what Google gave me. Hope this helps! And if this is an absolutely wonderful product, I hope you'll post all of the wonderful things it does and the price!


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October 11, 20090 found this helpful

I went to Home Depot yesterday and found Industrial Strength 409. It is in a white bottle with bright blue lettering. It works great on soap scum if you can't find your other product. It's not vile smelling like a lot of powerful cleaning agents.

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April 6, 2019

I can't seem to find a phone number or contact information for this company any more!

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January 6, 2010

Where can I buy Shower Power bathroom cleaner in bulk?

By DanaT from Cape May, NJ


February 1, 20100 found this helpful

This is the Shower Power web site:
You can ask them there. You can email or telephone them.

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July 12, 2005

Please ask Price Chopper (Watertown N.Y.) to carry Shower Power. We in Canada are eager to find this marvelous cleaner again.

Helen Thomlison


July 13, 20050 found this helpful

I don't know if you are a BJ's member or know someone who is, but BJ's carries it in two packs. Assuming there is a BJ's Wholesale Culb close to you. HTH

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June 24, 2014

Where can I buy Shower Power in the Provo Utah area?

By Pataricia

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April 25, 2005

Can someone please tell me who makes Shower Power Cleaner? It comes in a blue spray bottle, has a minty smell? Thank you very much.


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