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This page contains tips and ideas on how to keep your bathroom sink, toilet, tub, shower, floor, and more clean.

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Woman Cleaning Bathtub

Cleaning a Fiberglass TubWhen cleaning your fiberglass tub, it is important to not scratch the surface. Finding the right cleaning methods will help you keep your tub looking nice. This is a page about cleaning a fiberglass tub.


Photo of a woman cleaning a toilet.

Cleaning and Preventing Toilet RingsGetting toilets clean can be a challenge. A ring around the bowl is unsightly and is sometimes tough to get rid of. This is a page about cleaning and preventing toiletbowl rings.


White toilet against blue tile floor and wall

Repairing a Toilet Scratched by a Plumber's SnakeThe use of a plumber's snake is common for removing clogs in a toilet. Unfortunately, the metal snake can leave unsightly marks in the bowl. This is a page about repairing a toilet scratched by a plumber's snake.


Bathroom toilet with the seat up.

Removing Urine Odors from a BathroomThis page is about removing urine odors from a bathroom. Although the lavatory looks clean, it doesn't always smell fresh.



Preventing Mineral Deposits in a ToiletMineral deposits in the toilet not only create an unsightly ring in the bowl, they can also cause problems if they disrupt normal flow of water into and out of the tank. This is a page about preventing mineral deposits in a toilet.


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Rain-X For The ShowerOne of the best things to use in the shower to help keep away the soap scum build up and mold, is Rain X. Yes, you would normally use it on your windshield, but if you use it in your shower, it has the same effect.


bathroom drain

How to Get Rid of Gnats in a Bathroom?Gnats can sometimes find a home in bathroom drains. This is a page about getting rid of gnats in bathroom.


Luxury bathroom with jetted tub.

Cleaning Bath Tub JetsJust cleaning the surface of your jetted tub is not enough. To ensure that your next bath is enjoyable, the jets themselves must be cleaned regularly to remove the bacteria and mold that can grow inside. This is a page about cleaning bath tub jets.


Shower Power Cleaner

Buying Shower Power Cleaner?This is a page about buying Shower Power cleaner. Shower Power cleaner is a popular cleaner for removing soap scum in your shower. Find where to buy Shower Power near you.


White built in Bath tub

Cleaning a Textured Bathtub FloorA textured bathtub can pose some trouble when cleaning it. Mildew and soap buildup can get trapped in the texture, requiring some extra scrubbing. This is a page about cleaning a textured bathtub floor.


A stain above the water line in a toilet.

Removing Stains Above Toilet Water Line?To remove stains above the water line in a toilet there are a couple of good methods to try. Using a pumice stone may work. Also, shut off the water and fill the bowl to just below the rim and add a cleaner or vinegar, soak, and then scrub. This is a page about removing stains above the toilet water line.


Toilet in a bathroom.

Removing Dried Urine in the Bathroom?This is a page about removing dried urine in the bathroom. Unfortunately urine does not always end up in the toilet bowl where it belongs.



Person wearing pink rubber gloves cleaning a toilet with a sponge and a brush.

Removing Toilet Bowl StainsWhatever kind of stains you may have in your porcelain toilet bowl, they can be difficult to remove. This page is about removing toilet bowl stains.


Someone cleaning a toilet seat with a large sponge.

Removing Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner Stains from a Toilet Seat?This is a page about removing liquid toilet bowl cleaner stains from a toilet seat. Liquid toilet bowl cleaner often is bright blue in color. The dye in the cleaner can easily stain non-porcelain parts of the toilet, such as the seat. Here are some tips for removing the stains.


black sink

Cleaning a Black SinkThis is a page about cleaning a black sink. A black sink can show water spots, white powdery stains or start to look look dull.


Woman dying her hair at home looking into a mirror.

Removing Hair Dye from a Bathroom SinkMany people that dye their own hair have had the challenging task of removing hair dye from their sink. Hair dye stains in your sink can be difficult to remove. This is a page about removing hair dye from a bathroom sink.


A porcelain sink in a bathroom.

Removing Stains from a Porcelain SinkSometimes your sink may have stains that are difficult to remove. This is a page about removing stains from a porcelain sink.


Old tub with yellow stains.

Cleaning Yellow Stains on an Old Porcelain Tub?If your porcelain tub has yellow stains in it, a strong cleaner and some elbow grease may be what is needed to get it cleaned up. Cleaning yellow stains on an old porcelain tub can be a tough job, but it is worth it to have a nice clean tub to use.


Porcelain bathtub.

Removing Paint from a Porcelain Bathtub?This is a page about removing paint from a porcelain bathtub. Painting the walls near your porcelain bathtub can result in paint getting on it. It is important to avoid scratching the porcelain when trying to remove the paint.


Long black hair near shower drain

Cleaning Up Hair in the Bathroom?This is a page about cleaning up hair in the bathroom. The damp surfaces in the bathroom often act like a hair magnet.


Cleaning Tub

Cleaning Yellow Bleach Stains in a Plastic...Sometimes using bleach on plastic can result in yellow stains. If this has happened to your bathtub it can be difficult if not impossible to remove the stains. This is a page about removing yellow bleach stains in a plastic bathtub.


A woman wearing cleaning gloves.

Removing Stains from a Composite Granite Sink?This is a page about removing stains from a composite granite sink. Cleaning stone sinks often requires specific methods and products to prevent damage.


Rust stains around tub faucet.

Cleaning Well Water Stains from a BathtubThis is a page about cleaning well water stains from a bathtub. Minerals from well water can leave stains that are tough to remove. Removing them as they occur will help keep them from building up.


A man using a plunger in a toilet.

Removing Plunger Marks in a Toilet?This is a page about removing plunger marks in a toilet. An old plunger may leave marks on your toilet bowl when it is used.


Toilet being scrubbed with a toilet brush by someone wearing pink rubber gloves

Cleaning Hard Water Stains from a ToiletThis is a page about cleaning hard water stains from a toilet. Hard water leaves mineral deposits on many surfaces.


young man using hairspray in front of mirror

Cleaning Hairspray Off Bathroom SurfacesHairspray is great for keeping your hair in place. However, it is very sticky and can be difficult to remove from surfaces it lands on. This is a page about cleaning hairspray off bathroom surfaces.


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Yellow Stains on Bathroom Walls and Floor?What are the yellow stains I get around one bathroom commode? They are also on the walls and floor. It is made worse with Clorox. Alcohol seems to work. It has yellowed the tub (fake marble) which is never used.



Cleaning Urine Off Grout

Cleaning Urine Off Grout?If left too long urine can stain grout and will smell bad as well. This is a page about cleaning urine off grout.


Wet, sudsy bar of soap on a shower soap shelf

Preventing Soap ScumThis is a page about preventing soap scum. One way to reduce your time scrubbing off soap scum buildup in your shower is to find ways to prevent it.


Remove Soap Scum

Remove Soap Scum from FiberglassFiberglass bathroom fixtures are common in our homes. Care needs to be taken when cleaning them to avoid scratching the finish. This is a page about how to remove soap scum from fiberglass.


Someone cleaning a tub with rubber gloves on.

Removing Hard Water Stains from a TubHard water can leave a ringlike deposit in your tub just as it does in the toilet. This is a page about removing hard water stains from a tub.


pictures of shower walls

Cleaning and Removing Mold from Shower WallsMold growing anywhere in your house can be dangerous and should be removed. Given the humidity in your bathroom it's an easy place for mold to grow and spread. This page is about cleaning and removing mold from your shower walls.


A toddler sitting on a plastic portable potty.

Removing Calcium on a Plastic Portable Potty?Hard water can leave deposits on a child's porta-potty. Vinegar or lemon juice with a plummer's cloth can be helpful for cleaning them. This is a page about removing calcium on plastic portable potty.


cleaning a tub

Cleaning Soap Scum from a BathtubThis is a page about cleaning soap scum from a bathtub. Removing soap scum on bathtubs is waking nightmare for us all.


Cleaning a Very Dirty Toilet

Cleaning a Very Dirty ToiletSometimes a toilet needs some extra work to get it clean. This is a page about cleaning a very dirty toilet.


Antique faucet with green stains.

Green Stains in Tub and Around FixturesGreen stains in your tub and around the fixtures are usually the result of corroded copper fittings. While difficult to remove it can be done. This is a page about green stains in tub and around fixtures.


Woman Cleaning Bathtub

Cleaning Bathtub RingsThis is a page about cleaning bathtub rings. A well used tub will often develop rings over time. If they are allowed to build up it can be quite a chore to get rid of these unsightly rings.


Scrubbing toilet with a sponge

Cleaning Calcium Deposits in a ToiletThis is a page about cleaning calcium deposits in a toilet. The calcium in your water can leave a ring inside the toilet bowl that can be difficult to clean.


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Has Anyone Used Rain X on Shower Doors?What do you use to clean the glass shower doors, before using the Rain X?


Shower Mildew

Preventing Mildew Around the Shower?A damp shower in the bathroom can easily grow mildew, especially on tile grout. This is a page about preventing mildew around shower.


black toilet illustration

Cleaning Water Spots in a Black Toilet?White hard water spots are unsightly on black fixtures. This is a page about cleaning water spots in a black toilet.


A drain with a rusty stain around it.

Cleaning Stains Around a Bathtub DrainThe color of the stain around your tub drain may give a hint as to the cause and thus to the best cleaner for the job. This page offers suggestions for cleaning stains around a bathtub drain.



Photo of decals stuck to the bottom of a bathtub.

Removing Bathtub DecalsThis is a page about removing bathtub decals. Over time bathtub decals can begin to come off. Removing them completely can make it easier to clean your tub or to apply new decals.


Dirty Bathtub and Fixtures

Cleaning a Stained BathtubIf your bathtub is stained it stands out and can be embarrassing, especially if you are having guests over. Getting the tub clean will help make your whole bathroom look better. This is a page about cleaning a stained bathtub.


Cleaning Mirrors

Cleaning MirrorsThis is a page about cleaning mirrors. There is nothing worse than cleaning a mirror and leaving unsightly streaks. There are a lot of different products and many techniques for cleaning mirrors.


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Yellow Bleach Stain on White Counter?I have a white laminate counter top in my kitchen. I used bleach and water to clean it and something happened. The spots on the counter turned brow. I can't get them out. Does anyone have any ideas?



Removing Urine Stain From a Bathtub?This is a page about removing urine stain from a bathtub. If urine is allowed to sit on your tub, especially fiberglass tubs, for an extended period of time it can leave a nasty yellow stain.


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Makeup Stains on a Countertop?How do you remove makeup stains off a white countertop?


A toilet being cleaned with blue water.

Cleaning Blue Stains in a ToiletThis page is about cleaning blue stains in a toilet. Determining what is causing blue cleaner stains to develop in your toilet bowl can be a mystery.


Hand washing shower wall

Removing Soap Scum from Shower DoorsSoap scum is a white film that builds up in showers and bathtubs. It can be extremely frustrating when your trying to have a sparkling clean bathroom and the soap scum just won't go away. This is a page about removing soap scum from shower doors.


A clean white toilet in a home.

Keeping Toilets Clean at a Vacation Home?Your vacation home sit empty for long periods of time and sometimes the moisture from the toilet can cause mildew issues. This is a page about keeping toilets clean at a vacation home.


Person wearing rubber gloves cleaning a bathtub.

Using Alcohol for Cleaning a Fiberglass TubAlcohol can be safely used to clean stains and soap scum off of your fiberglass tubs. This is a page about using alcohol for cleaning a fiberglass tub.


A yellow broom with white handle being held by a hand wearing a rubber cleaning glove.

Use Your Broom to Clean The BathtubUsing a broom to clean your tub eliminates the bending and kneeling associated with more traditional methods. This is a page about use your broom to clean the bathtub.


Bottle of cheap shampoo.

Clean Your Shower with Cheap ShampooInexpensive shampoo can be used to clean shower walls with good effect. This is a page about clean your shower with cheap shampoo.


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Fabuloso Multi Purpose Cleaner ReviewFabuloso All Purpose Cleaner is all you need to clean your tub when you get out, provided you wipe out the rubbery residue of dirt with your hands every time you bathe before you get out.


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Wipe Down Shower After UsingThere are all sorts of products (purchased and homemade) for cleaning showers, but I don't use anything on my ceramic tile shower walls except for an old towel. When I finish my shower, I wipe down the walls with a small, old towel. It takes less than a minute.


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Removing Dye from a Fiberglass Tub?I just finished dying slip covers in my fiberglass tub. The directions on the dye said not to do this, but...


Homemade Drain Cleaners

Homemade Drain CleanersThis page is about homemade drain cleaners. There are common household products that can make a safe drain cleaner.


Bathroom sink and cabinet.

Removing Musty Smell in Bathroom Cabinets?It's very damp where I live. How can I keep the moldy smell out of my bathroom cabinets? And is there a way to prevent mold from growing on my walls, behind dressers, in closets, etc.?


cleaning a tub

Removing Soap Scum from a Plastic TubSoap scum build up on a tub can be very difficult to remove. This is a page about removing soap scum build up from a plastic tub.


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Removing Shampoo Buildup on the Bottom of Bath Tub?My daughter is moving out of an apartment, so she has to clean it. She cannot get the stuck on shampoo off the bottom of the tub, it had a slow drain, it is almost like wax. We have used every bathtub cleaning product. Any suggestions?


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Cleaning an Onyx Sink?I have onyx sinks and tub walls. What homemade cleaners would be safe on these? Has anyone used this for a sufficient amount of time to ensure there is no long term damage? Thanks!


Ceramic Tile

Removing Soap Scum from Ceramic TileThis page is about removing soap scum from ceramic tile. Soap film can be difficult to remove from bathroom and kitchen tiles.


Woman's hand holding blue cloth cleaning the tub spout.

Cleaning My BathtubFrom difficult rings from soap and hard water to rust around the drain, cleaning the bathtub is one of the more difficult household chores. Sometimes more specialized cleaning solutions may be needed to get the desired result. This guide features tips and solutions for cleaning your bathtub.


Girl putting on hairspray.

Removing Hairspray from a MirrorThis page is about removing hairspray from a mirror. This hair product can easily end up on surfaces in your bathroom.


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Motor Grease Stains in Bathtub?My husband is a mechanic and gets very greasy at times. When he showers the tub gets so nasty and I clean it constantly. However, I still have black places in the tub from grease and oil stains. I have tried a number of things but just can't figure it out.


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How Soon Can I Use the Tub After Cleaning?How long should I wait before taking a bath after using a solvent like Shower Power? (contains phosphoric acid)


Cedar Shower Walls

Cleaning Cedar Shower Walls?This page is about cleaning cedar shower walls. Knowing the proper maintenance for a wood shower walls will keep them looking beautiful.


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Removing Paint and Grout from a Bathtub?How can I remove dried on grout from a porcelain bathtub?


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Making Old Marble Shine?I have marble tiles in my bathroom, and those in the shower have lost their shine. How can I clean and restore them so that they match the shiny tiles in the rest of the bathroom? I suspect that hard water was the cause of the problem, but cleaning them gently has not resulted in bringing them to their original appearance.


A clean bathroom faucet.

Cleaning Bathroom FixturesThis is a page about cleaning bathroom fixtures. A faucet's polished surface looks best when it is clean. Everything from water spots to toothpaste can make your bathroom fixtures look unsightly.


Shiney faucets and clean tub.

Cleaning Lime Stains from a Bathtub?This is a page about cleaning lime stains from a bathtub. Bathroom fixtures need periodic cleaning to remove the mineral deposits left by hard water. These calcium and magnesium scales can be difficult to remove and can make your tub look dull and chalky.


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Removing Bathmat Adhesive from Tub?How to get the adhesive left in the bath tub, when you remove a bath mat, off?


cleaning tub without hurting back

Cleaning a Tub/Shower Without Straining Your BackThere are many reasons that a person may have trouble kneeling down and leaning into a bathtub for cleaning. There are some clever ways to clean a tub or shower without straining your back.


Photo of a shower enclosure.

Removing Hard Water Stains in the Shower?This is a page about removing hard water stains in the shower. Cleaning and preventing mineral deposits in a shower enclosure can be a challenge.


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Grout Smell After Toilet Overflow?My young daughter clogged the toilet, when using the bathroom, with too much toilet paper. She flushed the toilet and *everything* overflowed on to the floor. Our floors are 12" x 12" ceramic tile with 1/2" grout lines between each tile. I have tried everything I can possibly think of short of replacing all the grout to remove the foul smell in the bathroom, but to no avail. Any suggestions??? Thank you, Jeni G.


Toilet with lime deposits being cleaned with toilet brush

Cleaning Lime Deposits Off a ToiletThe minerals in your home water supply may leave what are called, lime deposits, in your toilet, the beginning of the infamous ring. This is a page about cleaning lime deposits off a toilet.


three pink soap steel wool cleaning pads

SOS Pad Stained Bathroom Fixtures?This is a page about SOS pad stained bathroom fixtures. Generally not the best cleaning tool for porcelain sinks, toilets or tubs. These steel pads can leave gray marks that are a challenge to remove.


bathroom mirror

Keeping Mirrors from Fogging UpThis is a page about keeping mirrors from fogging up. Rather than having to wipe your bathroom mirror with a towel to remove the fog from your shower, you can prevent this from happening.


Shower Enclosure

Cleaning a Shower EnclosureThis is a page about cleaning a shower enclosure. Shower enclosures can easily get soap scum build up, mold, and grime. Cleaning the shower can take some elbow grease, but with proper techniques you can get your shower enclosure sparkling in no time.


Glass bottle of Vinegar next to a jar of baking soda.

Cleaning Your Tub with Vinegar and Baking SodaThis is a page about cleaning your tub with vinegar and baking soda. Instead of using expensive and sometimes harsh chemicals try this method of cleaning your bathtub.


A clean tub after stains have been removed.

Cooktop Cleaner for Bathtub StainsThe cleaner used for ceramic cooktops works very well for other cleaning jobs such as a dirty bathtub. This is a page about cooktop cleaner for bathtub stains.


An antique porcelain tub

Cleaning Porcelain BathtubsWhether new or vintage, porcelain can look very dingy if not cleaned and cared for properly. Here are tips to help you keep your tub looking and feeling squeaky clean. This is a page to cleaning porcelain bathtubs.


A woman cleaning a toilet.

Using Toilet Bowl CleanersFinding the most effective cleaner makes this job easier. This page has tips and reviews for toilet bowl cleaners.


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Use A Mop To Clean Shower TilesTo clean those hard to reach bathroom tiles inside the shower stall, use your sponge mop. Fill the tub or a bucket with water and a your choice of cleaners, dip the mop in the solution and scrub those walls.


Photo of a toilet bowl.

Magnetic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Reviews?This page is about Magnetic Toilet Bowl cleaner reviews. This chemical free, magnet cleaner is said to be safe and effective.


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Pee Stains Around Toilet?What can I use to clean the pee stain around my comode? I have tried everything.


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Burn Marks In Kitchen Sink?Some paper work caught fire while doing the bills in the kitchen (yes stupid i know!) and the nearest place to move the flame safely was the kitchen sink.


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Cleaning Old Bathroom Tiles?Hi there. I live in an old brownstone and have those small white hexagonal tiles in my bathroom (like most other old brownstones in Boston). They are quite old and are now pretty dingy. I have tried cleaning them with bleach, to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas for getting the tiles white again? Melane from Boston


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Sharpie on Porcelain?My 4 year old wrote on my porcelain toilet seat with a black sharpie marker and it won't come off with bleach or acetone, any more suggestions?


walkin shower drain

Shower Has an Onion Smell?This is a page about cleaning a shower that has an onion smell. Sometimes a shower can have an onion-like odor. A bit of sleuthing can help you determine the cause and remedy.


Cleaning Shower Grout With Toothbrush

Bathroom Cleaning TipsThis page contains bathroom cleaning tips. Having your cleaning supplies and tools organized can help you get the job done.


pictures of shower walls

Keeping Your Shower CleanNo one enjoys cleaning their shower. You can make this task less overwhelming by following a few tips for keeping your shower clean. This will help make that periodic cleaning easier. This is a page about keeping your shower clean.


A bathtub.

Cleaning a Plastic BathtubThis is a page about cleaning a plastic bathtub. It is important to use the proper cleaning methods when cleaning your plastic bathtub. Abrasive materials and cleaners could damage the surface.


Shaving Cream Cans

How to Avoid Rust Rings from Shaving Cream CansThere are some easy ways you can prevent rust rings on your tub from the can of shaving cream. This is a page about how to avoid rust rings from shaving cream cans.


A soap dispenser and a water glass inside terra cotta planter bases.

Say Good-bye to Wet Bathroom Counters and FloorsI store my soap dispenser, bathroom cup, and toilet plunger on clay plant pot bottoms. They contain the drips and the water evaporates fast. To clean, I use soap and water and rinse with vinegar or rubbing alcohol to sanitize.


Employees celebrating at work.

Cleaning Stains on a Toilet SeatNo toilet looks clean if there are stains on the seat. Before replacing it with a shiny new one, try these tips for cleaning off any unsightly stains.


Pumice Stone for Removing Calcium Buildup

Use a Pumice Stone for Removing Calcium BuildupThese mildly abrasive stones are the perfect cleaning tool to remove calcium deposits from tubs and toilets. This page talks about using a pumice stone for removing calcium buildup.


A porcelain sink in a bathroom.

Cleaning a Porcelain SinkPorcelain sinks are common in bathrooms and older kitchens. With regular care and cleaning, they can look great for years. This is a page about cleaning a porcelain sink.


Closeup of a marble shower.

How to Clean Buildup on a Marble ShowerThis is a page about how to clean buildup on a marble shower. Marble tiles and other surfaces need to be cleaned with products that are especially made for marble or approved for use on it, to avoid damage to the stone's surface.


One piece marble bathroom sink.

How to Clean a Marble SinkIf your sink is actual marble and not cultured marble, one recommenced cleaner is D2 Biological Solutions. This is a page about how to clean a marble sink.


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Pumice Stone for Removing Calcium Buildup

Pumice Stone for Removing Calcium BuildupOur cast iron bathtub is 50 years old and I have no plans of parting with it. When the water drains out of the tub, there is a spot near the drain where a little water settles and over the years, a brown circle developed in that area and I could not scrub it off. It was hard calcium buildup.


Clearing a Clogged Sink Drain

Clearing a Clogged Sink DrainMy bathroom sink had been draining slowing for a while and it was finally time to figure it out. I found a recipe on ThriftyFun for homemade Drano, using salt, baking soda, vinegar and water. It didn't go quite as planned but we were successful in the end.


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Save Money On Toilet Bowl CleanerIn a recent post, I gave Dollar Tree's brand of household bleach a thumbs down. I'm back with a thumbs up for another of their products, toilet bowl cleaner.


Cleaning Chrome Faucet

Cleaning Chrome FixturesChrome fixtures can easily become spotted or show finger prints. This is a page about cleaning chrome fixtures.


toilet brush suspended under toilet seat over bowl

Drying a Toilet BrushThis tip was at the end of a video on how to clean the toilet in 3 minutes. Being that I use the brush to clean the toilet bowl most every day, which takes only a few seconds, I found this part to be very helpful and it will make the toilet brush last much longer.


White Vinegar to Remove Calcium Deposits

White Vinegar to Remove Calcium...I saw this tip in a video on the internet and had a chance to try it out on an old faucet that had years of calcium buildup on it.


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Removing a Grey Mark in My Bathroom Sink? - grey stain near sink drain

Removing a Grey Mark in My Bathroom Sink?I've used all kinds of products to get rid of this. Nothing has worked. When I used the bathroom there was no mark. Within a few hours this mark has come!


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Poop and Urine Odor Coming from Toilet?I am smelling poop and urine coming from the toilet stool. I have cleaned repeatedly and changed the bowl wax. The smell is still there! I have used Liquid Fire, baking soda, ammonia, and other cleaners and chemicals to remove the odor, but I can still smell the odor in the hallway and the next room.


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Removing Gray Marks Left by Toilet Cleaning Screen?I used the screen that is on a handle that's made to use to clean off the hard water ring in my toilet, but now I have gray marks. How do I remove them? I also have a gray mark in the toilet that is stained from where a cleaning person used a pumice stone.


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Cleaning Non-skid Strips in Tubs?How do you clean the grip or non-skid strips that seem embedded on the bottom of the newer tubs, so they remain white?


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Clumping Cat Litter Stuck to Inside of Toilet Bowl?How do I remove clumping cat litter that is stuck like cement to the inside of the toilet bowl?


Removing Blue Streaks in Bathtub - several blue spots and streaks in bathtub

Removing Blue Streaks in Bathtub?I have several blue streaks in my bathtub that suddenly appeared. Any suggestions on how to get rid of them and the cause?


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