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Shopping on a Low-Income Budget
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Game Shows Imitate Life
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A Fortnight's Lost Income
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Take Time To Enjoy Your World
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My Frugal Life: One Size Doesn't Always Fit All
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My Frugal Life: A Winter Miracle

I wanted to share with you all what our "stay at home married ladies" group at church did several years ago at Christmas. We were a Wednesday night group of about 15 women who met weekly for Bible Study and grew rather close.

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My Frugal Wife!
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Going Public After Cosmetic Surgery (For...
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Hoarding: Too Much Stuff
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When Are You Being Too Frugal?
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Remembering Granny Rollins
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Think Before Throwing Out
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My Frugal Life: Our Little Trailer On the Prairie

In the early days of our marriage, Jim and I had six teenagers and a weekly food budget of $35.00. I am grateful that Jim is such a fine gardener, and that he thoughtfully included the children in that hobby.

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Shop Other Thrift Stores Before Goodwill

I agree with the poster who said that Goodwill is getting "expensive"! There was a bigger, nicer Goodwill building built here in my city a few years ago, but on recent trips there, I've noticed that the prices are rather high.

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Frugal Living Advice
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Choosing Where To Be Frugal

Being frugal does not mean one should not enjoy life, just that we should examine our way of life to see if what we are doing is bringing us pleasure for the cost associated.

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My Frugal Life: Find Out How Great You Are

I grew up with the message that I was fat and worthless. A couple of years ago, I looked at the few pictures that exist of me over the years (I always avoided being photographed). Me at age 4 - not a bit fat, though my teenage sisters had me convinced that I was.

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A Snake In My Garden!
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My Frugal Life: Starting Over
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Blessing Bags
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My Frugal Life: Adopted Angels

I love to be frugal and love to entertain. What I have been doing for several years now, is serve a single food, cookies, and simple beverage and ask for gifts. But, the gifts are not for me, they are for others.

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My Frugal Life: ThriftyFun Family

<img src="/images/articles/winner.jpg" width="72" height="77" align="right">In 2007, I lost my entire family. We grew up in San Diego. As the kids became adults, we found that even with decent jobs (I am a school teacher) we could not afford to live in SD. My mom helped my siblings buy houses, but not me.

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Spending Money to Save Money
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Add To Gift Box All Year Long
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Dealing With a Verbally Abusive Spouse
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Living a Frugal Lifestyle
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New Year's Resolution: Be A Better Person

My New Years resolution is to practice daily (365), even on a bad day, to work harder to do the best humanly possible to think and act kindly and thoughtfully in every single little aspect of life towards all others in every single situation.

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Ten Things to Do Instead of Black Friday
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Avoid The Advertisements
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A Tribute To Bertie Jane
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Acknowledging the Anniversary of a Loved One's Passing

It seems like I've attended a few too many funerals lately and by that I mean too many people I know have passed away. After all is said and done and the loved one is buried, the relatives are still left hurting.

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Old Fashioned White Laundry

I remember the days when we used a big black 3-legged wash pot over an open fire to wash clothes. If there's anything I learned and remember best, is how to get and keep white clothes clean and the whitest possible.

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My Frugal Life: Oddball Of The Family

<img src="/images/articles/winner.jpg" width="72" height="77" align="right">I am considered the odd ball in our family as I am frugal. My family cannot believe that I do not take elaborate vacations, that I have not traded in my eight year old car, that I do not buy things from the mall.

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My Frugal Bathroom
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Solar Lights For Indoor Lighting
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Reusing Food Packaging
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My Frugal Life: Finding Peace in the Valley

My husband and I had very different childhoods. He grew up in inner city St. Louis while I was raised deep in a rural Alabama valley. We do, however, share one common thread. We both grew up poor.

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Say "No" to Pizza Delivery
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Ten Lessons from the Blind Side
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Balancing Thrifty And Fun
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My Frugal Life: How I Save Money By Keeping a Clean House

I save money a number of different ways by keeping a clean house. This may seem like "too much work" to some people or you may say it "takes too long", however I have not found that to be the case.

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My Frugal Life: Food On Hand

I am dependent on a small monthly check for all my outgoings. Recently, I realized that I had absolutely no money left AT ALL and ten days to go before that check arrived. At first I wondered how I would eat.

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Poem: Ode to ThriftyFun

This is a celebration of ThriftyFun and our ThriftyFun Family. I've been working on it, off and on, for a couple of months and am finally happy enough with it to share. I hope you enjoy!

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Use Vinegar Instead of Dryer Sheets

Actually this has to do with laundry, I have been told this before, but I tried this last weekend. I was not happy with my dryer sheets; I would rather not use them. Our sons use them so we have lots of them.

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Keep Your Purse Safe When Dining Out
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Selling Pop Tabs
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Finding Free Craft Supplies for Charity...
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Uses for Plastic Grocery Bags
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My Frugal Life: Beverly Hills on $30 a Day
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My Frugal Life: Lessons From My Mother

<img src="/images/articles/winner.jpg" width="72" height="77" align="right">I first learned frugality from my Mother. who had a motto for just about everything. "Use it up, wear it out, 'cause if you waste, you'll do without." I'll bet I've heard that old rhyme a million times.

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I Longed For A Simpler Lifestyle
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Greeting Card Bookmarks Lift Spirits

This is just a small tip, but I hope it will be helpful.

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Donating Clothes And Household Items To Charities

Charities should be a no-brainier, it seems everyone who reads ThriftyFun shops or has shopped at thrift stores. It makes you wonder if as many people give back to these charities.

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Be an Encourager

Do you want to be remembered with love everywhere? Learn to be an encourager. It isn't hard to do: it's as simple as smiling and saying something nice to at least one person, every day.

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My Frugal Life: Rebuilding Our House

When we got married, Jim and I had only one thing in large numbers: children. We decided to purchase some land in the country where the six of them could have room to grow. We had $5,000 saved, and used it to put a down payment on an 11-acre piece of marginally useful land.

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Making Things Easier for the Disabled

This is by no means a medical advice story or something that anyone else has to do. It's simply tips I have used to make my life easier and it might work for anyone who is interested in trying them.

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My Frugal Life: Healing on the Oregon Coast

In 2008, I was in a car accident in Tennessee. A month in a trauma care unit was not enough to heal from injuries like mine. After a year of healing, we bought an RV and moved to the Oregon Coast, leaving everything behind.

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My Frugal Life: Clothing Is Fabric

I was raised in an area that was a long drive to the town, and we went in to town only two times a month - once for paying bills and another for shopping and visiting friends.

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My Frugal Life: Appreciate What You Have

My entire life I have lived with not having an over-abundance of anything. My mother was a single mom of 3 during the 70's when the state did not bother going after deadbeat dads who did not pay child support.

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Turn Microwave Plate and Turntable Into A Lazy Susan

I recently saw a tip about recycling a microwave plate. Besides keeping the glass microwave plate when replacing your microwave; be sure to also keep the plastic piece the plate sits on that works as the microwave turntable.

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Write Down Blessings To Change Your Mood

When you're feeling sad or overwhelmed take a breather and sit down with pen and paper, set a timer for four or five minutes, and write down all the things you can think of that make you feel happy and relaxed.

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My Frugal Life: ThriftyFun Tips
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Dealing with a Verbally Abusive Spouse

I'm a 27 year old, stay at home mom. I have three young girls that I love very much. I spend all day, everyday cleaning and taking care of my kids, but I also have a husband that can act like a child himself.

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Saving One Step at a Time
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Saving Water is Important

I lived where saving water was very important. The city had only one source of water. If the lake from which it came was low, no water. So yes, I learned of the water police; they watch, fine, and can even put a lien on your property.

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My Frugal Holiday: The Old Family Bible

It had a place of honor on the long table in the living room along with a pretty old lamp which had colored glass all around the shade part of it, and little crystal dangly things that hung down around the bottom edge.

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Ten More Lessons from the Blind Side
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Home Safety Tips

With the sad economy and people losing their homes, jobs, cars, etc., we need to rethink our own home safety. Here are some tips for home safety that I have researched and compiled and feel this will be helpful to most.

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Buckle Your Purse in Your Seat Belt

To guard against purse snatching, when I buckle my seat belt I also buckle at least one handle of my purse into it. This also comes in handy when I need something out of my purse while I'm driving.

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Lick Your Fingers to Open Plastic Bags

My disabled husband watched me trying to open a trash bag. He told me to lick my thumb and finger and try to open the bag. LOL it worked. Be sure your fingers are clean before licking.

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Living With Less

I quit my job 13 months ago and started traveling with my husband. We are living on about $30,000 less a year, and are loving it! We own a 3,000 sq foot home, but have reduced my needs to what will fit into Rubbermaid bins and the back of the truck.

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Insulate Windows With Bubble-wrap Year Round

Instead of expensive window insulation kits that are hard to install and can be used only one year, try this: buy bubble wrap. Cut it to fit each window.

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My Frugal Life: Toys Made From Nothing

<img src="/images/articles/winner.jpg" width="72" height="77" align="right">When I was a small child, I lived in my grandparents' home. I loved it because there were always many people there, my grandparents, my great-grandmother, my aunt, my parents and often relatives or friends who came "to visit a bit".

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Hand Out Snack Bags to the Homeless

Many of us are moved to reach out to those "homeless and hungry" people by the roadside, but are reluctant to offer money because of not wanting to support drug or alcohol abuse.

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Make Wiping Squares to Save on TP
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Big Family on The Farm
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Recycling Old Trophies
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A Simple Way To Conserve Water

I used a pitcher to catch the water while I waited on it to change to hot water to use. I was wasting almost a gallon every time I was waiting on the water to get hot. Now I keep a pitcher nearby, and I save the water to use during the day.

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My Frugal Life: Influencing Grandchildren's Character

My husband and I live in a 29 foot travel trailer. We recently sold almost all of our possessions and decided to live with less stuff and more happiness. Part of the reason that we now live in a travel trailer is for the opportunity to spend more time with our two beautiful granddaughters.

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Surviving Family Thanksgiving

My husband and I invited both of our families over this year at our place. His mother has a problem with this because she is allergic to our two cats.

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Upcycle What You Have
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Finding Wool and Yarn Donations for Charity Project

Two students from Lincoln University are wanting to set up a project for making hats and gloves for the homeless. We need as much wool as we can to make this happen, does anyone have any suggestions of where we can get donations?

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My Frugal Life: Thinking About Thriftiness

I've been thinking a lot about the world and the terrible state we are in. One thing I've been thinking is that we would all be a lot better off if we didn't say "someone ought to do something" and said "I'm going to do something" instead.

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Observations from the Blind Side
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My Frugal Life: Surviving After A Loss

While people everywhere were preparing for the holidays, my children and I were preparing for a funeral. My husband of thirty years had a heart attack on December 14, 2008, passed away on December 23rd, and was buried on the 31st. It was indeed an indelible holiday.

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Lessons Learned From My Grandmother
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Uses for Fan Parts

I hate to throw stuff away. I always try to find a secondary use for it. Today, throwing out an electric table fan that was no longer functional, it dawned on me that the face cover was a very versatile item. Glue a flanged base to the "nose" and you have a footed bowl.

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Reuse Disposable Vacuum Bags

I have an expensive vacuum cleaner that takes expensive bags. To save on buying new bags for my vacuum, I simply cut the bottom off the bag, empty it, and duct tape the bottom shut.

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Repurposing Containers

Save the containers that grocery and consumable items come in and repurpose them!

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My Frugal Life: Advice From a Stay at Home Mom

I've always been pretty smart with money, but three very special little boys have taught me that simplifying all areas of our lives is one of life's sweetest lessons learned.

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Something from Nothing
Check Out This Craft
Pinch Those Pennies When You're Young
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Prove it's Your Child's Bike

We just bought some new bikes for the kids. We put a picture of each child inside the handle bar grips before putting them on. If a bike is stolen and later recovered, you have proof it is your child's bike.

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Honor Veterans on 11/11/11

Whichever allied country we live in, I am hoping we will all collectively observe two minutes of silence together in memory and in thanks to all of our soldiers past and present. Let us also remember the loved ones at home who have or continue to sacrifice.

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My Frugal Life: Planning Ahead

I used to be proud of being spontaneous, of living on a whim. Now that I can no longer afford to have anything I want at the moment that I want it, I have come to savor the far deeper pleasure of expectation, of waiting for something and looking forward to it.

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Keeping a Journal

My solution for sanity, organizing, and shuffling through the many thoughts that go on in my mind is using my journal. I have very close friends who journal all the time. Until last year, I had never really given it a chance.

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My Frugal Life: Beating Diabetes

<img src="/images/articles/winner.jpg" width="72" height="77" align="right">We are beating diabetes the frugal way! Last year my husband was diagnosed with diabetes after numerous health problems. I, too, am diabetic. We decided to change our life.

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Look For the "Silver" Lining at Thrift Stores
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The Lessons of Less
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Using Leftover Candle Wax
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Be Grateful for What You Have

The recession has taught me the difference between wants and needs, and how grateful I am to have a warm home, loving family and friends. Some things money just can't buy!

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What Do You Splurge On?

I would like to know what others on this board do or buy that they consider to be a "splurge". My weakness is for Diet Dr. Pepper. I love this stuff and have to have it in the house or I feel "deprived". What do others treat themselves to?

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Reusing Grocery Bags for Garbage

I recycle my grocery plastic bags, by filling them up with trash as they hang by the sink. When full, I close them and put them in my trash can. That way I recycle two ways. After I take out the trash from kitchen to the trash can I get to reuse my trash bag if it's still in immaculate condition.

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Dealing With a Verbally Abusive Husband

I am in this position right now that is horrible and very sad. I am 26 years old with one two year old and am a stay home mom, as well. My husband is a nice guy, but when we disagree on a topic, it is just not a pretty picture.

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Uses for Baby Wipes Containers

I always buy 13 gallon kitchen garbage bags in the economy rolls. The roll fits perfectly in a baby wipe container, and I just fed the first bag up through the opening at the top.

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My Frugal Life: Making It Through a Little Longer

My husband and I moved here to CO to be close to our kids and grand-kids. We had lived in KY to be close to our oldest son, but we had to move away because of my arthritis, allergies, and asthma. Since we've lived here, we've both had to work and we're on Social Security.

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Reuse Junk Mail Envelopes

To save money on buying envelopes, take any pre-addressed envelopes that come in the mail that aren't going to be used and put white labels over the address. Make sure not to use envelopes that are obviously not suited to your purpose.

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The Old Country Telephone
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Tools That Help The Blind Today
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Tried and True Ways To Save

I am naturally frugal by nature and often complain that there are NO new frugal tips and hints. These are not new or difficult ideas BUT they do work for me and are tried and true ways to save money!

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Hiding Places for Cash at Home

I don't like carrying cash every day but want it hidden in a safe spot in my home. I came up with a few good hiding places so the cash isn't all in one spot:

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Store Detergent in Name Brand Box

I have a kind of sneaky trick to share. My husband insists on my using Gain laundry detergent and nothing else, but I want to buy what is on sale.

Check Receipt Before Leaving Store
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Make Sure Ebay is Actually Making You Money

Just a word of advice: I see a lot of articles and feedback on many thrifty websites suggesting that a great way to make extra money is to sell on Ebay. PLEASE PLEASE be careful that you are actually MAKING money in the long run!

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Recycle Old Coffee Cans

I have many 3 lb. coffee cans that I hate to throw away. Does anyone have any clever and practical uses for them?

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Finding Free Laptops for Students
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Amazing Uses for Plastic Bags
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My Frugal Life: Coupon Class

I recently went to a couple of Coupon Classes locally, my brother's wife was very interested. I wrote down a few things that I learned and then after reading it a few times decided I should share what I learned.

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God's Best Cake

I framed this cake recipe. Mix these ingredients well with clean air, sunshine, laughter, and a little rain. Add good sifted earth. Bake at even temperature with wind and music for a wonderful life.

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My Frugal New Year

It is now 2011, and what more can we do to be frugal and save in this New Year? Here in Australia, prices are on the up and up - food, electricity, other utility bills, my rent.

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Laundry Detergent Caps For Bathroom Organizing
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Ten More Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Blind Person
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I Can't Afford School Clothes

I am a single father with 2 kids, a boy 15 and a girl 14. They will be starting school this next mouth and I do not have the money to buy them school clothes. Do you know of anything I could do. God bless.

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My Frugal Life: Common Sense About Money

My immigrant non-schooled Mom and jack-of-all-trades Dad supported a family of 5 with no-nonsense and common sense when it came to money.

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Paper Or Plastic Bags?
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My Frugal Life - Getting By

My frugal life began when I married young against my parent's wishes. I dropped out of high school and made my way in life without a lot of help from anyone so learning to do without or making it myself became a life-long thing.

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Small Spatula to Get Every Bit of Lotion

I recently found this little spatula that gets in almost any lotion bottle you can think of. Check the link if you want to buy it. This will get all of the lotion out of the bottle.

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Fundraiser Ideas
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