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Washington Christmas Charities

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Where can I find free Christmas gifts for low income families?

By Rose from Kent, WA


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Redhatterb gave good advice. Also, having a low income does not necessarily equate to being entitled to 'free gifts' for Christmas. There's a difference between low income and being truly 'needy'.

By Joan [13]12/03/2010

Look in the phone book, there are all kinds of different places that do things like that. If you are talking about for kids, some of them have age limits. There is the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, etc. Also call 211, it is a nationwide organization, called HELPLINE that keeps a listing of different charities. There was a time more than 20 years ago that I needed that type of help, but I found these organizations on my own. You could also call the Department of Social Services. A lot of these organizations do have income guidelines, and just because somebody thinks they are low income, doesn't mean that they are low enough income. Most families can afford to get small inexpensive gifts from dollar stores. It is supposed to be the thought that counts.

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