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Gift Ideas for a Youth Minister


I need Christmas gift ideas for my daughter's youth minister. He already has 3 bibles with his name embossed. I was thinking maybe a nice pen set but thought that was boring. Great gift ideas needed. Help!

Cheryl from Peculiar, MO



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By txcatlover (Guest Post) 12/05/2006

Gift certificate for restaurant or movie!

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By Paula 14 328 12/05/2006

Cheryl, I love your town's name, Peculiar. And, I also like your idea of a nice pen set. I thought it was a pretty boring gift too; until I, myself, actually received a very nice pen. It is my favorite pen to use, and is so much nicer than the cheap, disposable pens. You may want to include the refill for the pen also, and maybe a nice bookmark for him to mark pages in his bible(s). Your daughter could make a bookmark, for a more personal touch, and cover it with clear shelf paper to make it more sturdy. The post from txcatlover is excellent, gift certificates are always a nice gift to receive.

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By Natalie (Guest Post) 12/06/2006

I'm a youth minister myself, and I love gift cards (I know, boring to give...but GREAT to receive) to the name-brand book stores. To actually buy a book that's not a "must-read" for my job is a treat. Another great idea is, if your youth worker is married, give her a little gift...$5 to the local coffee shop. I love it when my husband is remembered.

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By Glinda (Guest Post) 12/06/2006

A single or married Youth Minister, gift certificates to a nice resturant. My husband is a minister, and we always loved this. My favorite was one from Cracker Barrel.
Also, a thought, a artistic homemade gift certificate to jobs, and/or chores to help him out with his busy schedule.

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By LEONA LABINE 46 398 12/06/2006

Find out what kind of music he likes.
Maybe a nice classical CD

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By sandy 77 431 12/06/2006

how about inviting for a nice home cooked meal if he is single anyway. but yes a gift card is really wonderful.

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By Susan K. 6 14 12/06/2006

How about a donation to a worthy cause in his name?

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By LRP (Guest Post) 02/14/2007

i know it's to late for Christmas but maybe for another about searching for things that the youth group can do that's inexpensive and giving him a list with dates, phone numbers and websites already on them. i'm sure that would be great being an exassistant youth leader. new ideas come from new people.

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