Snowmen Made from Creamer Bottles


I am wondering if you can still use Coffeemate creamer bottles to make snowmen since they are now clear under the label? I don't want to have a bunch of kids painting them. Any ideas?

By Pam from Knoxville, TN


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By Paulette Gulakowski 7 178 11/10/2010

I don't use Coffeemate, but if the only thing keeping you from using the container is that it's clear, then fill the container with cotton balls or pillow stuffing. They will be white then.

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By Pixiedust7 7 814 11/10/2010

You could stuff the bottles with the "cotton" stuffing from pill bottles, scraps of polyester pillow stuffing, white rags (old t-shirts, etc.), or even foam packing peanuts. If the bottles are translucent (frosty looking) and not actually transparent, the packing peanuts shouldn't even show. You could also just put in a rolled piece of copy paper, tissue paper, or sheet batting, such as the kind used at Christmas time to set figures and miniature villages in the "snow".

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By gem 154 261 11/11/2010

Why don't you just line some up and paint them. Only takes one can of paint and many Coffee Mate containers. They'd be dry overnight.
Good luck.

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By Sue Hinely 20 36 11/11/2010

How about coating the inside of the bottle with tempera art paint? Pour from one to the other until all bottles are coated and then back into the paint container. Leave bottles open until they are completely dry.

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By gem 154 261 10/13/2011

Here is a great site to use for the snowman creamer bottle. I just adore it.

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By Tammy K. 1 08/13/2015

fill with mini marshmallows, keep the snowmen in the kitchen where you make your hot chocolate

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Use a creamer bottle, self-sticking craft foam, felt, a pipe cleaner, a pom-pom and other embellishments to create a unique snowy friend!

Snowmen made from Creamer Bottles

By Renee from Friendsville, PA

RE: Snowmen Made from Creamer Bottles

I love snowmen and I use liquid creamer in my coffee-what a great idea! (01/21/2006)

By Susan

RE: Snowmen Made from Creamer Bottles

As a Girl Scout leader I am always looking for new ways to stay green. I have 100s of these bottles because I knew someday there would be a craft for them. (07/26/2009)

By Karen-scoutlady

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