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Decorating a Picnic Pavilion


I need ideas to help turn a 40 x 30 picnic pavilion into a beautiful place for a wedding reception. The hall is a Lions club in a somewhat rural community. Her colors are lavender and off white. I have purchased 12 12" tall clear vases for 1.00 each and off white 6" candles. Purchased 12 off white and 12 lavender table covers. I'm thinking some lavender tulle and white lights (Christmas type). I need help to pull it together.

Pat J. from Dowagaic, MI



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By Kelly 20 512 06/12/2006

Wow, sounds nice already! Don't forget the Tie downs for the primary table covers! You can pick those up at dollar stores or walmart by the picnic stuff. The Lavender tulle is nice, or maybe some off white "lace" It would be machine made, but elegant from afar. I had a thought, do you have a lot of friends with flower gardens? Or wild flowers in your area? Since it is out side, maybe just pick them and use them, instead of asking a florist (or pick up bunches at Walmart/Grocery store, usually about $3.) I think the Wild flowers/local gardens would be great, sentimental and homegrown ;)

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By Peg Ward 5 26 06/13/2006

Last year my friend got married out by our pond in our gazebo. She didn't spend a lot of money and it was absolutely beautiful. Her colors were red and white. We used white tulle and red bows (made by a local florist). If you are using some Christmas lights a nice touch is getting dead brances off of trees in maybe a woods nearby. Spray paint them white (or in your case off white) and put them in a buckets of sand. Decorate with your clear lights. You can set just a couple or several of these around. You may want to jazz up the buckets a bit too or buy something suitable. Congratulations and Best Wishes to you!

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