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Cookie Cutter Poem and Gift

Buy several cookie cutters and attach the following poem to them:

I made a plate of cookies;
And ate just 1 or 2;
But I started feeling guilty;
Because they were for you;
I went into a panic,
and ordered on the phone
This brand new cookie cutter
So you can make your very own!

Merry Christmas

By marg44 from Lipscomb, Tx

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By Renee [2]12/09/2007

I love this idea and will be making one for all the teachers and staff at my son's school I work at. THANKS!

By Firefly from California (Guest Post)12/23/2005

I wish I had read your posting earlier. I loved this idea and cute for co-workers. Thanks for sharing

By Sarah Massey12/20/2005

Cute Cute!!

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