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Beginners Crochet Christmas Ornaments


Does anyone have directions for a beginner to crochet Christmas ornaments? I would love hearing from you with ideas. I can single and double crochet.

Deb816 from Hampton, Tenn.



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By Leah Lynch, WA (Guest Post) 11/12/2007 Flag

I found Crochet Christmas Wreath Ornament pattern. It's good for beginner. I had so many crochet books! I thought you might interesting this Crochet Christmas Ornament pattern. Also, this pattern can make a Christmas Wreath Napkin Holder.

Yarns:Green worsted weigh yarn, less than 1 skein makes 1 dozen
Hook size:F
Other: 2" clear plastic rings (use shower curtain rings); red ribbon, approx. 1/4"; gold bow; small red holly berry and gold leaf decorations

Rnd 1: Sc onto ring. Sc around ring, making sure to cover ring, approximately 42 times. Sl st to first sc to join.

Rnd 2: Ch 4, sk 2 sc, sc in 3rd st, *ch 4, sk 2, sc in 3rd st. Repeat from * all the way around circle.

Rnd 3: In each ch 4, work the following: sc, hdc, dc, sc. After last ch 4, join with sl st to first sc.

Weave red ribbon in and out of holes made by ch-4 gaps, leaving adequate ribbon in the beginning so that you can use the end of the ribbon to join to it, creating an ornament string.

Next, tie a gold bow on top (I used the pre-tied bows with the wire string on back)

Glue gold leaf decorations to each side using hot glue gun.

Finish off by gluing a red holly berry to the middle of the wreath under the bow.

Hope you enjoy with your crocheting Christmas Ornament!

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By DEB816 (Guest Post) 11/12/2007 Flag

Thanks so much for this pattern.This is great! You have been A big help! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOURS!

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By Karen 12 33 11/24/2007 Flag

I made this for my kids teachers years ago. Very easy.
Get a canning jar ring. All you do is double crochet around the ring,crocheting until the stitches are tight together. the stitches when tight will ruffle very prettily. Then all you have to do is add beads,bells,ribbon what ever you want to decorate this little wreath with. put a loop on the back. Which is the back you choose. you can also put a picture on the jar lid that goes in the ring and snap it in ontop of the yarn. Let me know if you try it. I know you'll love how easy it is once you do the first one.

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By Pam Stitsworth 1 2 04/22/2014 Flag

1Bell-Leave 10" yarn. S crochet chain 4. Join together at 1st stitch. S crochet in circle. It's like your wrapping the chain 4 15 xs. *Chain 2 then dbl c in each chain around, join together. Increase 2 st in each row (not together) for the next 4 rows*.

At the beg chain * 3 go in the next st sc chain 3 all around the bottom. It makes it look like a lacy trim. I took the 10"yarn looped it so you had enough to hang it on a tree (5") Inter twine in the top st. The left over yarn, string through the bell on the inside. I worked it in the top st and worked it so it does not come out.

After you have made a few you will develop your own pattern and shortcuts. I made over 600 in 2013.It took less then 10 min to make one. I gave them to my elementary school for Christmas gifts. 2 You can also make granny stockings Instead of 4 corners make 5. 3 rows fold in half sew together insert a sm candy cane. Leave enough yarn to hang on the tree. I'm making about 650 for 2014 Christmas.

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