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Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

I am getting married in September 2005 and it is an afternoon

wedding. We have opted to pay for it ourselves and my colors are

wine and champagne, the accent color is gold. I want to use

roses as my flower and candles for my centerpieces for the

reception. Do you have any suggestions on how to make something

elegant, but cheap?



Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

Decorate the candles with inexpensive stretchy bracelets already

made or buy fringe and beads by the yard and hot glue on. You

can sit the candle in glass rocks inside a glass bowl. You could

just sit them on a doily and sprinkle confetti around.



By suzi homemaker

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

I am not sure where you are from, but here we have Aldi grocery

stores. You can buy 6 roses any day of the week for $2.99. If

you let them know ahead of time, they will even order extra of

just what you need. As far as table decorations, at my sister's

wedding, my mom collected wine goblets in various shapes and

sizes from the local St. Vincent de Paul's and Goodwill. We put

5 of them on each table with candles in them and then sprinkled

confetti and real ivy (cut from a friends yard) around the base.

We made sure that each table had a variety of glasses, so there

were different heights and looks. Very pretty and elegant. It

would match your wine and champagne theme. (05/10/2005)

By kelly

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

You can buy 2 dozen roses from Sam's or Costco for around $14.

They will order your color if you ask ahead. You could pick up

tea cups at thrift stores or borrow from friends and put small

arrangements on each table. I have also seen candles in wine

glasses, which looks nice. Another nice centerpiece is a glass

bowl with floating candles and rose petals sprinkled in. Again,

you could borrow some bowls. (05/10/2005)

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations


We bought 4 inch white ribbon and a gold paint pen. Three strips

of ribbon, full length of table. Lay them crossing each other in

the center. With gold paint pen write in cursive on both ends

"Love is Patient Love is Kind Love Never Fails". Something in

the center. Tulle bunched together, held with white wire,

flowers, artificial around the base of a wine glass with a

votive. Tulle is cheap and goes far, very fairy tale-like.

Photos on tables of you and hubby to be, child photos, dating

photos, etc.

You can also fill bowls or whatever with that plant gel, just

add water. It is crystal looking holds candles, pretty. (05/10/2005)

By guest

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

Get yourself a copy of Martha Stewart Weddings. In it she has a

centerpiece where she took some small bowls (you could probably

get similar ones at the dollar store) and floated the head of a

rose (or another flower) in each one. It looked beautiful. If

this idea doesn't work for you check out her book anyway she has

some great ideas that would be easy to replicate, even on a

budget. (05/12/2005)

By Amy

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

If candles are your centerpieces for reception tables, ask

around for mirror tiles. If you can't find them to borrow, some

place like Home Depot would have them and they're not really

expensive. Use candles of different heights on the mirror tiles

and since you mentioned roses, lay one long stemmed single rose

on it with the candles. The light from candles shows up so

pretty on mirror tiles. One way to "dress up" a simply decorated

table is to have your table already set with plates, napkins,

and cutlery. It fills out an otherwise empty table. (05/15/2005)

By Sharon from KY

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

These were basically my colors! I used a rose red color and

white. All of my real flowers were roses and my artificial

flowers were all white. I bought white tablecloths at Sam's and

found some plain cotton material at Wal-Mart in the right color

to make table runners. I then used mirror tiles (Lowe's) in the

middle of each table. I bought tall pillar candle holders at

Hobby Lobby for about $1.25 each and candles at a local dollar

store. I also used lots of votive candles around the tables.

Check out Wal-Mart for these. They have them in 12-packs with

candles already with them for about $6.00. I bought 6-foot

white rose garlands from for 99 cents

each and used them running down the tables. We also used these

on the rails outside of the church and on our arch. Everything

was very elegant looking, but it didn't break our budget.


By Brandy

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

In wine glasses, place colored or clear stones/marbles. Fill

half the glass then add a votive candle on top. For the bottom,

wrap with a piece of tulle and tie with a ribbon. (05/31/2005)

By Sarah

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

I am also getting married in September 05. Congrats!
Anyways, our colors are cranberry, diamond white, and silver for

an accent color. I am making my centerpieces/table decorations

with the cake plate size Chinet plates (Chinet is more durable

than standard paper plates). I am going to decorate the edges of

the plates with silk flowers (using a glue gun to attach the

flowers to the plate). My flowers are red and white roses and

other red and white flowers I found at the dollar store.
I'm going to leave enough room in the middle of the plate to fit

a 4" tall pillar candle. I purchased white ones at the dollar

store for $1.00 each.

I am having a destination wedding. So this is going to be

perfect for traveling. I'll do all of the plates ahead of time

and then assemble them at the hall the night before the wedding.

Also, check into renting a helium tank or purchasing one at


Walmart. Then you can do a lot of your decorations with

balloons. That's a relatively cheap idea, too. You could get

more fancy with it by using a decorative glass or weight of some

sort to hold the balloons down on the tables.

I just thought I would share my ideas with you.
I am looking for an easy way to make my church pew bows. I cannot

tie a bow. Anyone have a suggestion?
Good luck. (06/08/2005)

By Val

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

My centerpieces are going to be balloon bouquets. Party City and

Card Factory outlet recently ran sales on balloons. I was able

to place my order for silver heart Mylar balloons for 99 cents

each (reg. $2.49) for Sept and pearlized latex balloons for

$2.99/dz (reg $4.99/dz).
They also had their weights on sale for 59 cents ea.(reg $1.19).

I took advantage of a May sale. (06/14/2005)

By Katie

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

I am getting married in August 05 and one of my best friends was

just married in June. The best advice I can give you is to buy

your roses from Marisol blooms they have a package of 250 fresh

roses for $155 you can not beat that. Then buy some vases from

the dollar store; they have a great selection. If you want add

some fake gems in the colors of your wedding it gives it a

little extra umph! I hope your wedding day is perfect. Just

remember it's all about you and the love of your life and no one

else. (06/28/2005)

By Alexandria

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

I made decorations for the aisles: artificial flowers stuck into

Styrofoam balls (one color, no green) hung them with

organza/satin ribbon, attached by florists' pins. After the

ceremony and before the reception, we had someone take off the

ribbon, and place these on the table for centerpieces with

candles on either side. It worked out very well, very cheap too!


By Tracy

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

Buy ivy or springeriei ferns in 6" or 8" pots, cover pots with

moss or metallic paper, tuck real roses, ribbons, etc. in the

dirt or water vials till you get the look you want. (07/29/2005)

By Donna

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

I have a wonderful idea for you; find some glass bowls at either

Ikea or check with dollar stores. Fill them a quarter full with

water, 1-3 gold floater candles and put either plums or grapes

in there. I have seen it done at a very rich elegant wedding.

Everyone talked about the centerpieces. Let me know how it goes.


By Alexia

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

I had a silver and crystal wedding and found a place to get some

decorations (they are beaded curtains and they are so beautiful)

at Everything came in time and

the price was right. I am not really one to plug online stores,

but the reception walls sparkled and everyone freaked out over

the beaded curtains. They have bubble crystal beaded curtains

and silver bubble crystal curtains and that's what we used.
( (09/16/2005)

By Sandy

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

I have actually seen Eiffel vases at one of the Dollar stores.

White ones too! Can't get much cheaper than a buck! If you

check around you may find what you are looking for. (12/13/2005)

By profile=thr314054">Cathy184

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

Try this website, they have some really nice unique designs, I

used them for my wedding. Really cheap prices too because we

bought so many of them for the wedding. Check it out at (02/13/2006)

By Linda

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

If you are looking for cheap wedding decorations try the site You can find a lot of cool things, for a

really good price. (02/14/2006)

By Lauren

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

Check out for cheap vases. We added brown ribbon to

the Tiffany blue boxes for all our centerpieces and then the

guest took them home. They looked amazing! (05/05/2006)

By Dayna

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

I am about to have a tropical wedding, and here are somethings I

have done.
First of all I went to to find my

wineglasses, and other decorations. (Tikki torches for like

Then I went to a beach store where they sell real seashells for

really cheap and bought up a bunch of those.

Michael's is a life saver because they have a bunch of

reasonably priced things there. I got my lighted arch there for


My centerpieces are candles and seashells. I am going to get

a glass bowl and fill it about 1/3 of the way with sand and then

put a big conch shell in the middle. It is very simple, but

elegant. I also bought floating hibiscus candles from and I will use those as centerpieces also.

My advice is to just shop around and buy up any tropical

flowers you like, and keep your eyes open for good deals. My

wedding is in July and I still have some more things to do.
Does anyone know where to get reasonably priced pew bows?
Thanks, and good luck with the planning! (05/08/2006)

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

You could buy some glass paints from a craft shop and decorate

them. Not too expensive (about 99p a pot) and decorate some

glass votives. (08/09/2006)

By Lauren

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

I had the same problem with pew bows and I decided to just get

some white tulle and make my own my tying them into the shape

of bows. It sounds kinda tacky, but trust me, its cute. I'm also

gonna tie them onto the backs of all the guests chairs at the

reception. (07/03/2007)

By Heather

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

Find tulle for cheap at it was the only

place I could find my color for cheap (02/28/2008)

By Karina

center pieces

This is for the crafty bride. And I hope this will help you.

First you need two different size plastic champagne glasses from

the party store. One is the large Margarita glass w/base and the

other is the champagne glass. You can leave the larger glass

plain or use acrylic paint and paint the inside stem of the

glass. And maybe the bottom half, using your colors. I would

suggest using gold. You'll also need the green flora form, (you

can find it at the dollar store to save money) cut the form

block in half cover the top and sides of the form with moss, and

hot glue the form to the inside bottom of the glass.

Arrange your silk flowers in the form, (trailing greenery is

a nice touch). Leave the center for the smaller champagne glass.

First make a hole in the center of your arrangement with the

stem of the smaller glass. Then with a low temp glue glue pull

the glass out and put glue around the stem bottom. Insert the

glass back in the center. Add water and a floating candle. I

hope this helps. Take care and many blessings. (02/28/2008)

By lovescreations


Beatriz, you can Google website Koyal and buy the

Eiffel tower vases by the case you can get all different sizes

and colors they are very reasonable prices check them out! I

will be ordering my vases from them I hope this helps.

By Crystal

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

To:Amanda re:Texas Country Theme

I made "cowboy boot" centerpieces, they were quite a hit!
I bought children's boots, girls (size 5, they are small enough

to set on a table so you can see over them). I'm sure you could

use any size that suits your table. When you buy a pair you get

two centerpieces out of them. I filled them with some rocks (to

weigh them down) put in a block of florist foam and added

artificial flowers. You could find vases to fit inside and use

real flowers. If you got red boots with white flowers, and maybe

some blue accent flowers, I think that would look great. Or

maybe white boots with red /blue flowers? (01/08/2009)

By Rose

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

My wedding is set for April 16th and we were able to pickup our

centerpieces at pretty

affordable. I think we may have used a coupon code too, maybe

Google that. (03/04/2009)

By profile=thr910267">kasullivan

Elegant, but Cheap, Wedding Decorations

Oh, I found the coupon, it was BLOGSAVER and it gave us 7% off.


By profile=thr910267">kasullivan


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