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Doberman Smells Bad?My Doberman stinks. Is there anything I can spray on him to make him smell better?


Puppy Becomes Too Excited at Feeding Time?My puppy is 7 weeks old and every time I go to feed him and he sees me getting his food out he starts to go crazy. I have tried to calm him down, but that doesn't work. I have had a family member hold him, but he will go crazy in their arms.


A mother dog with one if her puppies.

Dog Became Aggressive After Having Puppies?It can be unsettling to see your dog become aggressive towards people, other dogs, or even her new puppies. This is a page about dog became aggressive after having puppies.


4 Week Old Puppy

Feeding a 4 Week Old Puppy?Very young puppies can be given goat's milk or special puppy formulas available at pet stores. As they mature these liquids can be mixed with puppy kibbles and blended or softened depending on their age. This is a page about feeding a 4 week old puppy.


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Will Play Fighting Make Puppy More Aggressive?I have 1 Pomchi 15 weeks old, male, and 1 chihuahua, 11 weeks old, female. The boy is very active and when we got the girl, 2 weeks ago, she was very cuddly. I am sure this was because she was new to the house. I am worried now because she "play" fights with the Pomchi all the time and really doesn't want to be cuddled. Will all this fighting make her more aggressive and not want as much contact with humans?


A dog in a crate

Dealing With a Dog That ChewsThis is a page about dealing with a dog that chews. It can be very frustrating when trying to find a solution for a puppy or grown dog that likes to chew on seemingly everything.


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Do Fleas Cause An Odor?My dog has an odor. I gave her a few flea bath and a week or two later, she still stinks. Plus she still has fleas. Would fleas have anything to do with her still having an odor?


tan and white puppy with dark muzzle

What Breed Is This Dog?What breed is this dog? I want a dog like this, but I don't know what breed it is?


Proving That a Dog is Not a Pit Bull?My dog is a mixed breed but I am being told that she is a Pit Bull and that I need vicious dog insurance. What can I do? She is not vicious, she plays with all of the neighborhood kids and is a wonderful dog.


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My Dog Likes Laying in Mulch?Does anyone know of anything that will work to deter a dog from laying in mulch? We have planted 3 lilac bushes and some hasta in our back yard. We mulched them and our collie decided to start laying in the mulch.


scared dog with tail between legs

Homemade Thundershirt for DogsThis is a page about homemade Thundershirt for dogs. The Thundershirt is designed to calm an anxious or fearful dog. If you find them too pricey you may want to try making your own.


Scared Dog

Rehabilitating a Former Bait Dog?This is a page about rehabilitating a former bait dog. A rescued former bait dog has experienced a horrific life prior to coming to your home.


Pekingese dog.

My Pekingese is Not Eating?This is a page about my Pekingese is not eating. Encouraging a picky dog to eat can be a challenge. Likewise getting a spoiled dog to eat pet food rather than your food is a process.


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Older Dog Frightened and Aggressive with New Puppy?I have an 8-year-old Yorkie who is very friendly with people, but terrified of the frisky 4-month-old puppy my adult daughter (who lives with us) recently acquired.


Chihuahua mix in a harness sitting on a big rock, sticking his tongue out.

Min Pin or Chihuahua Mix?It can often be difficult to differentiate between dog breeds due to similar colorations and features. Educated guesses may narrow the field, but the only sure way to know is by DNA testing. This is a page about, "Min Pin or Chihuahua mix?".



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Dog Depressed After Getting a New Puppy?We just got a toy poodle named Butchie, and my 3 year old miniature poodle seems depressed. He will not eat, play with toys, and just lays on the couch all day.


Chihuahua and skunk touching noses

Is Skunk Spray Harmful To Dogs?In addition to the obvious awful smell, pet owners sometimes wonder if skunk spray is otherwise harmful to their dog. This is a page about "Is skunk spray harmful to dogs?".


dog with parvo

Information About ParvoThis is a page about information about parvo. Parvo is a deadly canine virus that infects many dogs every year. There is a vaccine and treatments for dogs who have contracted the virus, as well as, instructions for cleaning up a house or yard after an infection.


Scared french bulldog.

My Dog is Scared of Sneezes?Sneezing can often times be quite loud and many dogs are afraid of loud noises. You can try to accustom them to the sound by slowing recreating a sneeze and increasing the volume. This is a page about my dog is scared of sneezes.


Skinny German Shepherd Laying Down

Skinny German ShepherdThis is a page about a skinny German Shepherd. Having a very thin dog can be disturbing. Trying to determine the reason your pet won't gain weight is an important step toward getting your pet up to a healthy weight.


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Do Dogs in Heat Gain Weight?I have a Staff cross Pitbull and she has come on heat; I am wondering if they gain a little bit o weight when they come on? She has got a little bit of a pot belly on her. I know she's not pregnant, because she is on and bleeding everywere. Can any one help? Please.


Feeding a small puppy with a bottle.

Feeding a 5 Week Old Puppy?Caring for and feeding puppies young puppies that typically would still be being fed by the mom may require purchasing some milk replacement and perhaps offering moistened puppy food. This is a page about feeding a five week old puppy.


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Older Dog Now Peeing in the House?My oldest dog has started peeing on my bedroom floor. He has never done this. He's 13yrs old, but you wouldn't know it in how he plays outside. I want to take him to the vet, but am a little strapped for cash. Any over the counter meds I could get him from Petsmart or Petco?


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Dog Will Only Go Potty When Taken for a Walk?I just got a new fence so that I won't have to walk my dog all the time. He used the bathroom within the fence a couple of times, however, he now refuses to go to the bathroom in the backyard at all. What am I supposed to do? Any advice will be very much appreciated.


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Dog is Greedy With Its Food How Do I Stop This?How can I stop my dog, that is a German Shepherd/Husky mix, from being so greedy about food?


Aggressive Dog

Dog is Aggressive Towards Other...This is a page about dog is aggressive towards other resident dogs. Dogs are pack animals that would normally establish a hierarchy of dominance and define a territory as their own. When introducing a new dog(s) into your home with a resident dog, patience and proper introduction techniques can help reduce or eliminate the potential aggressive behavior.


Chihuahua puppy with big floppy ears

Puppy's Ears Don't Stand UpThis is a page about puppy's ears don't stand up. Many pet owners with certain breed dogs are dismayed when their puppy's ears don't stand up as expected.


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My New Puppy Has Bugs?I have recently purchased a puppy. I am finding in the hair white bugs and the skin is flaking off the puppy. I have used the method of vinegar and water to spray this puppy with because he is only 5 weeks old. Is this fleas? I don't see any black spots or even black bugs of any sort. The bug is white with two little legs. Kind of like a white fly bug that you find on stems of carrots. The puppy has bumps all over its coat. Is this due to the bugs? I am wondering if I should take the dog back to were I bought it from to get my money back. He is a heathy dog otherwise. Can anyone help? Snowstress, Wisconsin


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Feeding a 5 Week Old Puppy?I have a 5week old dog at the moment that is having rice pudding. How old and when can he have puppy food, as I'm worried he is not getting any vitamins. I have tried mushy puppy food, but it made him have runny poo. So for now he is just on rice pudding. Please help.


A yoga mat piece lining the inside of a dog crate.

Prevent Blanket Slippage in Dog CratesIf you line your pet's crate with blankets, throws, or towels and find they constantly slide around on the slippery plastic tray that comes with the crate, I have an inexpensive solution. I found an old exercise/yoga mat that I was no longer using, which I cut with scissors to fit the crate's plastic tray. Since my dog is small, I still have enough of the mat left to cut two more pieces, which I can trade out when one needs to be cleaned.



A sad dog lying on a carpeted floor.

Helping a Grieving DogDogs have strong feelings and can experience grief when losing another pet or person in the family. This will pass over time but serious depression or anxiety should be cause for a vet visit.


A Husky/German Shepherd mix in the woods.

Ideal Conditions for a Husky Cross Outside?What do you guys think is the coldest temperature that my Gerberian Shepsky can survive? And what is the hottest temperature that they can survive? (A Gerberian Shespsky is a dog with a Husky and German Shepherd parent.)


What Breed Is My Puppy? - tri colored puppy with blue eyes

What Breed Is My Puppy?My puppy is 4 months old. When we got him he was very skinny, but he's put on weight quickly over the past week and now is ~18 pounds. I'm not sure what kind of dog he is. (I'm guessing he's a mixed breed of some kind).


sketch of finished water bucket

Making Pet Drinking BucketsSome pets live outdoors so they need a water supply. The idea I came up with is a reasonable idea and takes less labour to keep water good. We bought a 5 gallon bucket made of plastic, with a lid to keep on at all times. We cut a house shaped hole in the side, this is access of the pet to drink. If you do this you will lessen objects falling in the water and less green forming in the bucket. The size is determined according to the pet you have. We have a large dog in a pen.


What Breed Is My Dog? - black dog with upright ears

What Breed Is My Dog?Please I need help with the name of my dog's breed.


Is My Chihuahua Full Bred? - black and tan fuzzy puppy

Is My Chihuahua Pure Bred?I've had Bert for a few months now. He is 4 1/2 months old. The lady I bought him from said he is a full pedigreed Chihuahua and even gave me his parentage back 4 generations. But anyone that sees him reckons he's mixed with a terrier. Can anyone help? Not that I'd love him any less, but I'd really like to know. (BTW his ears have finally gone up now after some serious teething.)


A German Shepherd puppy.

Does my German Shepherd Look Purebred?My little fur baby is 9 weeks old. I bought her from a breeder without any papers besides the vet examine paper. The mom and dad look purebred and the breeder claims she is. What do y'all think? I'll include mom and dad pic. Mom is black and tan and Dad is all black.


A small brown puppy on a bed.

What Breed Is My Puppy?We just got a new puppy! He was abandoned on the side of the road, so we have no idea what he is. The vet says he is almost 5 weeks old and possibly a Boxer mix.


A Belgian Malinois lying on a wood floor.

Is My Dog a Purebred Belgian Malinois?The Belgian Malinois originated in the Flemish city of Mechelen. They resemble the Belgian Shepherd. There are physical characteristics that might help make a rough guess, but determining if your pet is a purebred Malinois is best done via a DNA test.


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Dog Stopped Eating After Vaccinations?My Shih Tzu is 1-2 years old. He got his yearly vaccination (rabies and distemper shots) 4 days back. He was fine, ate a little and was active for the following three days after the vaccination. But on the fourth day, he didn't eat at all. He ate grass and puked foamy vomit. What's wrong with my dog? Is this because of the vaccination?


A fearful dog on a white background.

Dog Is Afraid of Men?Rescued dogs come with their own history. Sometimes you may find that your new pet is fearful around men. One possible reason for this fear could be due to past abuse by a man. Read on for some additional thoughts on this topic.


A mixed breed Belgian Malinois outside near trees.

Belgian Malinois Mix PhotosThe Belgian Malinois is a popular herding dog breed. It can resemble a German Shepherd, but is less stocky. Malinois mix dogs can be assumed based on appearance, but would need a genetic test to confirm.


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My Shih Tzu Is Teething and Not Eating?I have a 3.5 month old Shih Tzu puppy. She is very active and going through teething. All of her front teeth have been fallen out and she is losing her appetite as days go by. I took her to the vet, but they said it's normal for this age, but I'm worried that she is not eating anything, only drinking water. Her stools are also fine.


Two dogs interested in each other.

Keeping Dogs From Mating?If there are health or breeding reasons for not having your dogs spayed or neutered then you will need to use other methods to keep them from mating. Several suggestions are offered on this page.


A dog sitting in a car.

Remedies for Dogs with Car SicknessJust like their pet parents, dogs can suffer from car sickness. You can check with your vet for suggestions and/or give one of the tips below a try.



A puppy in a bed at night.

Soothing a Whining Puppy at NightPuppies may be lonely and whine at night, unable to sleep. To help soothe your pup you can try an old ticking clock, a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel, or even a blanket that smells like you. More suggestions can be found on this page.


A sad dog lying down.

Grieving Dog Pooping and Peeing InsideDogs can have strong emotional responses to the death of another pet or one of their people. Sometimes this grief can result in a well trained dog beginning to poop and/or pee inside. Read on for some helpful suggestions to assist your pet in moving through their grief.


A dog ignoring his food bowl.

Causes of Weight Loss in Dogs?There are a number or reasons that your dog may be losing weight. If your dog is acting normally you can try troubleshooting the reason yourself. Perhaps the pet food needs to be changed, if you make your own, confirm that it contains the proper nutrients, finally eliminate other possibilities. Then it may be time to see your vet.


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Dog Is Eating Wooden Throwing Sticks?I have a 5 yr. old Shepherd Lab mix who has eaten sticks all of her weaned life. She gradually eats her oak throwing sticks in noticeable amounts a day. I'm wondering how safe it is for her to do.


What Breed Is My Dog? - black and grey mixed breed dog

What Breed Is My Dog?When we bought my puppy the owner said she was a pure bred German Shepherd?


Dog Potty Spot Made from Sod Squares - sod in a pool

Dog Potty Spot Made from Sod SquaresThis creative dog potty spot is intended to be used on a porch or patio in bad weather. Using a child's pool and sod from a nursery gives your dog a dry place to go.


A dog biting his hindquarters due to fleas.

Using Advantix on DogsAdvantix is an over the counter medication that treats fleas, ticks, and other pests. When applied properly it is effective and generally safe to use. Some pets have been known to have an allergic reaction to this product.


A dog at a shelter, hoping for adoption.

Returning a Dog to the Shelter?Considering returning a dog to the shelter can be distressing. There are good reasons that require rehoming a pet. If you must take your dog back, check to find a "no kill" shelter. Perhaps as an alternative, a good friend may be looking for a loving pet.


Expected Size of a Mixed Breed Dog - black and brown puppy

Expected Size of a Mixed Breed Dog?Her mom has Beagle and Hound dog cross. And her dad has Pit and Boxer. I wanna know which features she has the most of, Pit, boxer, hound dog, or Beagle. Her mom and dad where both big dogs. I'm just curious to find more information an other people's opinions. I am trying to figure out if she will be a big or a small dog.


What Breed Is My Dog? - Pit puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?What is his breed? He is going to be 6 months old on the 20th. His dad is blue and his mom is red. The first pic is Haus the second is dad. Mom is built low like dad with thick bull head.


Miniature Pincher

What is My Miniature Pincher Mixed With?Without a DNA test you can only guess what mix your dog may be. Some physical characteristics might help narrow the possibilities. This page contains discussions regarding "What is My Miniature Pinscher Mixed With?".


Is My Dog a Purebred German Shepherd? -closeup of a Shepherd

Is My Dog a Purebred German Shepherd?I bought this dog as puppy with no papers and was told it was a purebred German Shepherd. The mom and dad were on site and they both look purebred so I wanted to get other people's opinion.


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Finding Free Pet Euthanasia Services?I have a 15 year old Pit Bull that is suffering and I can't afford any vet care at this moment. I was wondering if there was anywhere I can take him to have him put down for free. I can't handle it anymore he is suffering.


A scared dog hiding under a blanket.

My Dog Is Afraid of EverythingMany dogs exhibit fear in a variety of situations. Sometimes this behavior is the result of previous abuse, the breed, or often a lack of socialization and confidence. As there are a number of causes, there are also a few different things you can try if you dog is afraid of everything. This page contains several suggestions for helping your dog to feel calm and safe.


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Older Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside?Our family dog, Annie, is a Jack Russell and is 12 years of age. She used to have great bladder control, but over the past couple of months she has been frequently urinating inside the house, on any bed she gets to, or the hallway. Just prior to this she did her business (number 2) in the hallway quite frequently.


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Creating an Enclosed Outdoor Dog Area Off the Deck?I'm getting a puppy (small dog) who will be indoors most of the time, but outdoors too. I'm going to make an area off the deck fenced so he can have shade and place to potty. Our ground is hard with stickers. I'm thinking of putting pea gravel/or something out there so he can be on the deck, but go there to potty.


What Is My German Shepherd Mixed With? - black and tan puppy

What Is My German Shepherd Mixed With?First mistake, never trust every Craig's List seller! But, other than that, the breeder said she was a pure German Shepherd. But I just visited the vet for a little puppy visit on her belly, and she said there's no way she is a purebred because of her pointy nose and her short hair and how rough it is.


Is Ampitrexyl Safe for Dogs? - white Poodle

Is Ampitrexyl Safe for Dogs?Is ampitrexyl safe for dogs?


What Breed Is My Dog? - girl and black and white puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?The owner told me it's a Pit Bull, but I need opinions on what she looks like?


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3 Week Old Puppy Not Pooping?I have a 3 week old puppy and it keeps crying and not pooing what can I do?


An aggressive dog on a leash.

Causes of Aggression in DogsPatience and proper introduction techniques can help reduce or eliminate the potential aggressive behavior of dogs. Determining the cause of aggression in dogs can be a challenge.


Dog Not Eating After Being Sick - small brown dog

Dog Not Eating After Being Sick?My dog's been very sick and throwing up badly for about a week. He's a small dog and he's better except now, I can not get him to eat anything at all. He's now only drinking water. He needs to eat. What can I do? How long do I have before he dies of malnutrition? I love my dog and he's only a year old. I do not want him dying.


What Breed Is My Pit Bull Puppy? - closeup of a tan and white puppy

What Breed Is My Pit Bull Puppy ?I got my Kernal when he was 4 weeks old. He is now 5 months old and very energetic. I was told he's a Pit Bull Bully, but I'm not sure and the vets here in the Caribbean are not equipped for DNA testing. Can someone tell me what breed he is?


What Type of Husky Do I Have? - person's hands holding a puppy

What Type of Husky Do I Have?I just bought 2 Huskies, but don't know what type Husky they are. They have siblings with more red in them and a brother that is same color, but a little more fluffy.


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Traveling by Car a Dog and Her Puppies?I have 7 two old week puppies, but I need to travel in 3 weeks. My puppies will be 5 weeks old. They are German Shepherds. What is best way to travel with the mother in the car? I don't have choice.


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Dog Has Stopped Eating Her Food After Being Spayed?My dog has been spade for over 5 days now. She was on wheat free food as other food give her a bad stomach, but she refuses to eat it now and is not really interested in dry food? any ideas why?


Using a towel to help the dog with the fear of the gap between boat and dock.

Getting Your Dog to Cross a Gap onto a BoatThe gap between the dock and your boat may cause concern for you dog when she is asked to climb aboard. This page offers a simple solution to getting your dog to cross a gap onto a boat.


Feeding a small puppy with a bottle.

Feeding a 2 Week Old Puppy?There are a number of reasons you may find yourself feeding and caring for a very young puppy. This page contains recommendations for how and what to feed a two week old puppy.


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?We've had our dog for a few months now. She came from a shelter. We were told she's part Whippet and part Cattle Dog, but I've seen photos of similar dogs and they are Pit Bull Terrier mixes.


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Pit Bull Color Variations?Can two brown Pits have white puppies?


Determining the Age of a Red Nose Pit Bull Puppy

Determining the Age of a Red Nose Pit Bull Puppy?I feel like my puppy is acting younger than the owners said she was. Mocha has no control over her pee when excited which suggests to me she's younger than 3-4 months yet she has molar teeth already. What age do you think she might be? The people I got her from said that sheis 4 months, but idk.


What Breed Is My Dog? - black dog with white chest and belly

What Breed Is My Dog?I was wondering what breed my dog is? I was told deer head Chihuahua, but I'm not completely sure. I think she might be a mix breed of some sort. Her name is Ruby and she is 4 months old, almost 5 months.


tricolour Havanese pup

Feeding a 3 Week Old Puppy?There are a number of legitimate reasons you may need to feed a very young puppy. Check with a vet or pet supply store to purchase products intended to replace mother's milk. Goat's milk is also recommended. This page contains helpful suggestions for feeding a 3 week old puppy.


Reasons a Dog May Become Scared of the Dark

Reasons a Dog May Become Scared of the Dark?Dogs can see better than we can in the dark. Unless a dog is having vision issues, what we perceive to be fear of darkness is more likely separation anxiety. Read on to see some other reasons a dog may become scared of the dark, including possible predator concerns.


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Can a Dog Still Have Pink Gums After Being Euthanized?I just had a 13 yr old GSP euthanized. We stayed through the entire process of the sedation injection. During our 10 mins afterwards of saying goodbye, I was bothered that his gums were still very pink and had quick capillary refill even though the vet heard no heartbeat nor lung sounds. He remained warm till we left.


What Breed Is My Dog? - grey dog

What Breed Is My Dog?I got my Rocky out of a friend's backyard that breeds Pits. I am not sure if he's mixed or not. I can't afford a test.


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?I saved this little guy from a bad home when he was 3 months old. He's 7 months now I believe and I'm still unaware on his breed. I do know he has Husky or Siberian in him, but am unsure of what else.


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Feeding a Puppy Homemade Food?I have a new puppy. I started out making her food and was told by my veterinarian that homemade food is not a good idea for puppies because they need more vitamins and such for growing.


What Breed Is My Dog? - white dog on car seat behind a larger dog

What Breed Is My Dog?I got a pup, he's all white with a little black eye liner around one eye. He has black lipstick on, and a couple of really light gray spots on one ear and right above his tail. His hair is so thin that you see the pink skin through the fur. Is he a Dogo or a Pit Bull?


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Dog Pees While Sitting Down and in His Crate?I adopted a 1.9 year old Siberian Husky. They told me he was house broken, but he keeps soiling in the house when sitting and in his crate. I keep him on a schedule, control his food intake, and take him for long walks to ease his anxiety. He will still come in and pee. Vet is checking for a UTI.


What Breed Is My Dog? - Shepherd looking dog with short hair all over

What Breed Is My Dog?I have a female and she is 8 months old. When I bought her she was 6 weeks old and I was told she was a full blooded German Shepherd.


Four puppies eating from four separate colorful bowls.

When Can I Start Feeding a Puppy Solid Food?Checking with your vet is a good way to determine when to begin offering solid food to your puppy. Many pet owners suggest beginning solids, in addition to nursing, at around 4-6 weeks. This is a page about, "When can I start feeding a puppy solid food?".


What Breed Is My Dog? - brown dog lying down

What Breed Is My Dog?I was told our dog was a German Shepherd and McNab mix. But no one knows.


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Puppy Aggressive When Disciplined?What should I do about my Australian Shepherd puppy who aggressively barks at me after my disciplining him?


What Type of Pit Bull Is My Dog?

What Type of Pit Bull Is My Dog?What type of Pit Bull is this?


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Rescued Puppy Mill Dog Is Reluctant to Poop?I recently adopted a male 5 year old Pom/Corgi mix, Owen, who was rescued from a puppy mill. Owen was rescued 8 months ago and has been in a foster home. He is very sweet, but has some issues around pooping. He only poops on a hard surface (like the street or sidewalk) while being walked on a leash.


What Breed Is My Dog? - black, tan, and white dog

What Breed Is My Dog?What is my dog crossed with? I was told she was a Jack Russel pure bred. She is a great dog that listens to every command I give to her. I think she would be a great ratting dog as shes so small.


Information on Shih Tzu and Doberman Mix

Shih Tzu and Doberman Mix Information?It is hard to predict what a mixed breed puppy will look like when it is fully grown. How big it might get and its temperament are also attributes that will unfold over time. Enjoy the mystery. This page contains Shih Tzu and Doberman mix information.


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Puppy in Heat Not Peeing or Pooping?My little female pup is 7 months old and she just went into heat. She is doing great in diapers, but this morning she got up and has not peed or pooped all day. Is there something wrong with her?


Dog opening a door with nose.

Keeping a Dog from Opening Doors?Some canines are quite adept at opening doors. This can be dangerous if they are able to get loose without you being home or immediately aware of their Houdini act. This is a page about keeping a dog from opening doors.


What Breed Is My Dog? - brown and white dog

What Breed Is My Dog?My puppy is 6 months old. I was told he's Shih Tzu and Yorki. I don't believe I was told right. What do you think? The vet says Shih Tzu and terrier, but didn't say which terrier.


Cute dog laying on a pet bed.

Using a Foam Mattress Pad as a Pet BedDog beds can be made from many recycled materials, including old bedding. This is a page about using a foam mattress pad as a pet bed.


Harness Buckles Caused Sores and Hair Loss - bald spots

Harness Buckles Caused Sores and Hair Loss?We have been on vacation for over a week with our Lab. We had a harness on her the entire time. When I took it off she had hair loss where each of the buckles were. The top 2 spots even broke the skin a little bit. Is there anything I can give her or put on her to help her grow her hair back?


Cause and Treatment of Blisters on a Puppy - closeup of blister

Cause and Treatment of Blisters on a Puppy?My puppy is getting over being sick from getting her parvo shot. I just noticed 3 blisters that are different sizes, but are all around her butt and hip area. They have a yellowish color on the top or head of them. What could this be caused by and how do I treat it?


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Average Weight of a 6-Week Old Kelpie Cross Bull Arab Puppy?Since we have got our new puppy, I have been wondering if our puppy is in good shape. So here is my question to the Thiftyfun community: how much should my 6-week old Kelpie cross Bull Arab puppy weigh?


Naming a Mixed Breed Puppy - mostly white puppy with mottled brown head and ears

Naming a Mixed Breed Puppy?I am getting a new baby girl puppy Friday. I'm driving myself batty trying to think of a name for her! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated The person I'm getting her from, doesn't know anything about her ancestry, which is frustrating. I think she looks like a Dachshund/Beagle mix?


What Breed Is My Lab Mixed With? - black dog with white on chest

What Breed Is My Lab Mixed With?My dog is a Lab, but we don't know what he is mixed with. He is a full grown and weighs 38 pounds.


Bull dog in diaper.

Dog in Heat Peeing a Lot?It is normal for a dog in heat to pee frequently, including spotting. She is leaving a calling card to attract male dogs. This behavior usually stops with the end of her cycle. This is a page about a dog in heat peeing a lot.


Golden Retriever and German Shepherd Mix tied to a tree

Golden Retriever and German Shepherd Mix PhotosThese two popular large dog breeds are often found in mixed breed pets. This page contains Golden Retriever and German Shepherd mix photos.


Dog Won't Eat - white puppy

Dog Won't Eat?I have a little poodle (1 and a half months old). Since it was brought to me it has been refusing to eat. It only takes in water. What should I do to make it eat? It refuses to drink it's milk and pellets too. What can I do to make this puppy eat? It hasn't eaten for the pass three days.


Staffordshire Terrier laying on the floor.

Name Ideas for a Staffordshire Terrier?Whether you are searching for a registrable name or simply a unique one that suits your dog's appearance and personality it can be an adventure coming up with just the right one. This is a page about name ideas for a Staffordshire Terrier.


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Grass or Dirt Yard for Dogs?I have a dirt back yard with no grass. Is this going to be a problem with the Lab going to the bathroom?


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Dog Growls and Snaps When Taking Off Its Sweater?I have a Yorkie/Shih Tzu mix. He likes wearing sweaters and gives me no issues putting them on. But as soon as I try to take it off, he freaks out. He starts growling and trying to bite which he never does at any other time. This is completely out of character for him. Does anyone know why?


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