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Shaving Cream In Hand

Other Uses for Shaving CreamIn addition to its intended use, shaving cream also has cleaning and craft uses as well. This is a page about other uses for shaving cream.


Colorful Drinking Straws

Uses for Drinking StrawsThis is a page about uses for drinking straws. Straws are handy not just for spill free drinking but for other jobs around the house.


Adding UV Coating to Glasses

Adding UV Coating to Glasses?This is a page about adding UV coating to glasses. The UV coating on eyeglasses helps protect your eyes from potential damage from the sun's ultraviolet rays.


Four different candlesticks with white taper candles.

Making Candles Fit into Candle HoldersIf your candle is too large to fit in the candle holder, you can shave it down to make the end smaller. This is a page about making candles fit into candle holders.


Several white mobile homes in storage.

Storing a Mobile Home?If you don't have room to park your mobile home on your own property, it may be necessary to rent from a storage facility or other space rental location. This is a page about storing a mobile home.


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Copper Bottomed Pans on a Glass Stove Top?Will I be able to use my copper-bottomed Revere Ware on my new glasstop stove?


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Uses for Spirit of Salts?I am looking for uses for spirit of salts.


A wooden spoon full of epsom salts.

Uses for Epsom SaltsMagnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts) can be used for a variety of reasons such as a bath salt for soaking sore muscles, an exfoliating body scrub. Epsom salts can be used in the garden to help amend soil by adding magnesium and it even deters slugs. Read further to find some other uses for epsom salts.


Pool Noodles

Uses for Pool NoodlesThis is a page about uses for pool noodles. Foam pool noodles can be put to other uses around the house.


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Allergic Reaction to Polyester Blanket from Walmart?I bought a $5.00 100%polyester blanket from Walmart to cut up and use for a lining as I normally use batting, but this was thicker. I had itchy burning eyes, runny nose, my head arms face and hands were itchy. I took a allergy pill and that didn't help.


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Softening Dry Glue Sticks?I work in the school system. The glue sticks dry out. How do I soften the glue, so they can be utilized and not thrown out?


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Size of Gas Tank in Full Sized Van?I am making a savings plan for our end of the home-school year field trip. I am guessing a full sized van takes $100 to fill up. I am not sure, maybe more or maybe less.


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Aquarium Air Stone Not Bubbling?I have 2 air stones in my aquarium. In one of them the bubbles are coming kind of intermittently, getting fewer and fewer. What can I do about this? The air stones are only about a week old.


Colorful Plastic Food Storage Containers

How Long Do Plastic Food Storage Containers Last?Plastic containers can last quite a long time depending on use. If they become distorted or pitted from heat, cracked, badly scratched, etc. it is probably time to discard them. This is a page about. "How long do plastic food storage containers last?".


Elmer's Glue Bottle

Alternative Uses for Elmer's GlueThis page contains alternative uses for Elmer's glue. A handy paper and wood glue that can be useful for other personal and household applications.



Plastic Container

Alternatives to Cascade Plastic BoosterThis is a page about alternatives to Cascade plastic booster. This product is especially designed to remove stains from plastic, but can be quite expensive.


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Keeping Light Bulbs From Vibrating Loose?Our outdoor light fixture bulbs become loose with vibrations from opening and closing the door. Is it safe to put something around the bulb's threads so the bulbs will not become loose?


Envelope sitting on pink and white flowers.

How to Make Scented EnvelopesA surprisingly easy way to scent envelopes is to store them in a drawer with scented candles. This is a page about how to make scented envelopes.


A bottle of peppermint oil surrounded by fresh mint.

Uses for Peppermint OilPeppermint oil has a variety of uses from mouse control to making a cooling spray for your skin. This page will link you to other pages on this site so that you can investigate such uses for peppermint oil.


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Manual for a Scunci Steamer?I need an instruction manual for a Scunci Steamer. I don't know why the floor attachment isn't working.


Reading Glasses

Should I Buy Prescription Reading Glasses or Drugstore Reading Glasses?Depending on your vision needs, you may be able to save some money, at least for a while, by purchasing reading glasses from a drugstore. This is a page about, "Should I buy prescription reading glasses or drugstore reading glasses?".


lost package

Post Office Lost a PackageThis is a page about post office lost a package. Sometimes a package or letter sent via the post office doesn't reach its destination. When this happens, there are some steps you can take to try and get help tracking it down.


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Using a Wen 909 Allsaw?My husband recently came home with a Wen Allsaw 909. It looks really well made and it's in great shape, but I don't know how to use it or what blades to use in it or what exactly it does.


Colorful bottles of bubble bath

Uses for Bubble BathBubble bath can be used as an alternative all purpose cleaner or as hand soap. So if you find a good sale or have leftovers use them up.


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Junk Mail from Globe Life Insurance?I made the mistake of writing to Globe Life and Accident insurance Co. to find quotes on their product. I decided against using their product and canceled mailings. But I am getting mail from them about every two weeks.


payphone handset

Will "Magic Jack" Work for Collect Calls from Jail?This page contains tips for 'Magic Jack' to accept collect calls from jail. Magic Jack is a telephone serve that uses the internet without having a traditional phone service. Here are some tips so that you can receive collect calls from a jail.


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Looking for Information on Dishes Stamped: F. Winkle and Co. England?I have a set of dishes that I am trying to find info on and do not know where to look. They have a stamp on the back that says F. Winkle and Co , England. It is a green stamp with a design in the middle. They also have a stamp that is brown and says Whieldon Ware in a circle, then below it has an emblem that says F. Winkle and Co below that England.


Dishwashing liquid being squeezed onto a sponge.

Uses for Dawn Dish DetergentThis is a page about using Dawn dish detergent. Dawn dish soap is recommended for a wide variety of tasks in addition to cleaning dishes.


Garbage Disposal

Putting Ice Cubes in Garbage DisposalRunning ice cubes through your garbage disposal will help clean off the blades. This is a page about putting ice cubes in garbage disposal.


Two kids standing in the rain wearing colorful rain boots.

Making Fabric Water Repellent?This is a page about making fabric water repellent. You can not always find water repellent fabric for craft projects or you may want to treat a piece of clothing. Perhaps the fabric or garment you have chosen can be treated and made water repellent.



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Chickens Eating Tomato Plant Leaves?Does anybody know if chickens like tomato leaves? I have free-range chickens and they roam without me watching them. The plants leaves got taken off but the stem is in perfect condition! It happened in a matter of two days. Thanks.


A red hot ceramic burner.

Using CorningWare on Ceramic Burners?While not recommended on high heat, it is possible to put CorningWare on a ceramic stovetop burner. Using CorningWare on ceramic burners is fine on low heat.


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Stainless Steel Vs. Black Cooktop?I have to make a decision on what color cooktop, with sealed burners, to buy. I know stainless steel scratches and looks old before it's time. I'm leaning toward black (thinking it's easier to clean and will keep it's appearance), then I heard black leaves spots/blotches, this after cleaning.


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Turning Bar Soap Into Powder?I tried making clothes detergent using a bar of Ivory soap, Borax and washing soda. The recipe said to put pieces of the bar soap into a food processor and process until I get a powder. I never got a powder just tiny balls. How do I get the powder consistency?


Sealed Envelope

Opening a Sealed EnvelopeThis is a page about opening a sealed envelope. You have just licked the envelope and attached a stamp only to realize that you forgot to include something.


Corn Starch

Uses for Corn StarchThis is a page about uses for corn starch. Corn starch is not just for use in cooking, there are many ways you can use it around the house.


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Buying a Bread Machine New vs. Used?I would like to buy a bread machine and see many at the thrift store. Should I try one of those first or get a new one? Any recommendations on the brand? I don't want to spend a lot of money on it. Thanks!


Hand scooping kitty litter.

Neighbor Dumping Dirty Cat Litter?Dealing with a neighbor who improperly disposes of used cat litter in an alley or elsewhere can be tricky. You can try speaking with them directly, but that may not go well. The other common resolution to such problems is to contact the appropriate agency in you city or county and see if they can communicate or deal with your complaint anonymously. This is a page about neighbor dumping dirty cat litter.


A person dispensing lotion from a bottle.

Alternative Uses for LotionHand and body lotion can be used for a number of other things, such as removing a too tight ring, styling your hair, or as shaving cream. Read on for more uses for lotion.


Close up leaf pattern detail of a piece of antique wooden furniture.

Finding the Value of a Murphy Wardrobes and Armoires?This is a page about finding the value of a Murphy wardrobes and armoires. These clothes storage cabinets can be a nice piece of bedroom furniture, and valuable to the right person.


A white metal footboard.

Attaching a Metal Footboard to Bedframe?I bought a queen size bed and a metal headboard and footboard. The problem is that there isn't anything to attach the footboard to the frame. Can you help?


A freezer with packages of food.

Buying a Freezer?Many people purchase a stand alone freezer to store excess food. Newer freezers are energy efficient and can come in a variety of sizes and styles.


Check Receipts for Discounts - discount offer on back side of receipt

Check Receipts for DiscountsNot all receipts are trash! Some actually have potential discounts that could help you save on future purchases.


Paper Bottle Opener - opening a bottle with a folded paper bag

DIY Paper Bottle OpenerOpening a bottle can be so hard without a bottle opener. Last night my partner solved it with a piece of paper. It was shocking! I never thought a piece of paper could become a bottle opener.



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Keeping a George Foreman Grill from Sliding?I'm looking for a suggestion to keep a George Foreman grill from sliding on the countertop. The old one was heavier and had a gripping bottom (maybe rubber), but the brand new 4 person grill is lightweight and slides anytime you try to use it. An older person this was given to cannot use it and I'm trying to figure out how to keep it in place....silicone mat for example.


A chainsaw cutting of a plank from a log.

Selling Wood for Crafts?When you remove trees on you property you might wish to try and sell the lumber or rounds to crafters. There are a number of ways to do this, typically involving posting to an on-line site such as Craigslist, Etsy, Facebook Market, or even which could save shipping. More suggestions can be found below.


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Pine Tree Removal in Ohio?I would like to sell my mature pine trees. I have a min. of 30 and could take out as many as 50. Do you know of any loggers who want pine?


A gratuity left behind at a table.

Tipping AdviceTo tip or not to tip, that is a common question, followed by how much. There are recommendations for the percentages when dining out, sometimes even on the bill. Deciding on an appropriate tip in other situations can be confusing. There is some good advise offered on this page.


Using a Straw in a Soda Can - insert straw

Using a Straw in a Soda CanIf you prefer to drink your soda out of the can through a straw, check out these two methods for keeping the straw from moving around in the opening. Try both and see which way you prefer.


A metal mailbox in front of a house.

Painting an Aluminum Mailbox?When painting a new aluminum mailbox it is best to use a primer and a paint especially made for metal.


A collection of different types of light bulbs.

Saving Money On Light BulbsAs the preferred type of light bulb has been changing over the last several years the types of bulbs available has shifted. The newer LED bulbs are not only longer lasting their cost has dropped. Finding the right bulb for your fixture and how it is used is one way to save money on light bulbs.


An expiration date stamped on the top of a food can.

Checking Expiration DatesBe sure to check expiration dates before purchasing all food or even gift cards as some do expire.


A collection of alkaline batteries.

Saving Money on BatteriesBatteries are used in a wide range of household items. They can be somewhat expensive depending on the number of remotes, toys, etc. you own and the frequency of use. This page offers a range of suggestions for saving money on batteries.


Using Epoxy on Stone - stone with white mesh backing

Using Epoxy on Stone?Epoxy is used to adhere mesh on stone tiles, to give a surface for the mortar to attach to. Sometimes, there can be issues which are addressed here.


Identifying Pieces of Broken Plastic - piece of black plastic

Identifying Pieces of Broken Plastic?It can be maddening trying to identify mystery bits of broken plastic found in your home. Here are some suggestions for trying to locate the source.


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Selling Vintage Garrard Turntable Parts?I have a Garrard Synchro Lab turntable in disrepair. Does anyone know of a location(s) that might be interested in parts?


Two U.S. Dollar bills on a white background.

Dollar Bill for MeasuringKeep in mind that all US paper currency is approximately 6.25 inches long. This bit of information can come in quite handy if you need to take a quick measurement when out shopping or simply are not near a tape measure or ruler.


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How Much Does It Cost to Accept a Collect Call from Jail?How much does it cost to accept collect calls from prison?


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Advice for Finding a Local Gardener?I have always loved gardening, but due to illness my garden has been neglected this year. Any advice on finding a local gardener?


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Rehydrating Rain-X Wipes?My Rain-X wipes are dried out. What can I do to use them?


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Removing Bag of Food Frozen to the Bottom of a Deep Freezer?I have a deep freezer. I need to pull out chicken, unfortunately, the chicken is frozen to the bottom of the deep freezer and also has bags of chicken frozen to the sides. When I pulled on the bag to get it out, I ripped the top of it off. I tried grabbing the chicken out of the bag, since there are bags frozen to the sides, this did not work. I tried a boiling hot rag.


Identifying the Brand on a Pair of Sunglasses - gray or silver logo near the hinge

Identifying the Brand on a Pair of Sunglasses?Does anyone recognize these sunglasses brand? I can't quite pinpoint this logo. Maybe it's just a cheapy one, but thought I would ask.


Painting a Clear PVC Backpack  - clear pack

Painting a Clear PVC Backpack?I am looking to paint this clear Dickies backpack, white. On Amazon where I purchased it from says the material is PVC.


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Washing Haviland China in a Dishwasher?Can Johann Haviland china be washed in a dishwasher?


A bottle of mineral oil.

Using Mineral OilThe most common use for mineral oil is as a laxative. However, there are a number of other great uses for this type of oil, including cosmetics, lubrication for stuck levers on appliances, restoring the appearance of plastic patio furniture, and more. This page discusses using mineral oil.


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Using a Straight Talk Phone with Other Providers?I bought a Straight Talk phone from Walmart. Can I use the phone with other service providers besides Straight Talk?


A bottle of liquid paper correction fluid.

Thinning Liquid Paper?Over time liquid paper products can thicken and become difficult to use. This page offers some suggestions for thinning liquid paper.


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Low Income Homeowner Pest Control Help?I'm a divorced lady who is on disability and barely gets by as it is, but my house is in desperate need of an exterminator due to an infestation of roaches. I have tried just about everything available to regular consumers with no real results! I live in Anderson, South Carolina. Please tell me that there is assistance available for someone in my position.


A person reading through a magazine.

Not Receiving a Magazine Subscription?It can be disappointing to not receive your monthly subscription to a favorite magazine. Usually contacting the company directly is the best first step, to ensure there are no errors or payment issues with your account.


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Refreshing Kids' Clear Ink Markers?Is there any way to refresh those markers that kids use on magic books where the pictures turn colour when you use this marker?


A wrinkled bill from the Philippines, being ironed.

Ironing MoneyIf you prefer your paper money to be nice and wrinkle free, try ironing it. This page contains a tip about ironing money and some thoughts about the desirability of this practice.


Advice for Choosing a Vintage Sewing Machine

Choosing a Vintage Sewing Machine?There are a number of reasons to purchase a vintage sewing machine even if you already have a newer model. The older machines were typically built to last for generations. Check the machine for broken or missing parts and run down a list of typical functions, such as does the wheel turn, before deciding. This page contains advice for choosing a vintage sewing machine.


What Is this Enclosure Used For? - nylon and mesh enclosure

What Is this Enclosure Used For?I know I probably sound not so smart, but here it goes. I recently moved into my new apartment and I found this thing used for I'm guessing a pet right because I certainly wouldn't put my children in this thing. But seriously what exactly is this called and what type of pet is it used for? My guess is gerbils or guinea pigs or something, but I am not sure.


Vacuumed sealed bags of meats in a kitchen.

Instructions for Oster Vacuum Sealers?Oster has been making small kitchen appliances for years, including vacuum sealers. This page discusses instructions for Oster vacuum bag sealers.


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Removing the Shiny Finish on a Silk Pillowcase?I was wondering how to remove the shine from a silk pillowcase, since I like the texture of silk pillowcase, but not the shiny look of it.


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Finding a Dish Detergent That Suds?I buy staples in bulk. If I find a good bargain, I might buy a year's supply at a time. I've found that this practice can lead to some surprises. I am having trouble finding a dish detergent that will suds up, even a little. Any thoughts?


Tumeric Root on white background

Using TurmericIn addition to its long term use as a dye for clothing and foods, such as mustard, turmeric is used by many people for its health benefits. This page contains tips for using turmeric.


Opening a Necklace Clasp - cylindrical clasp - perhaps a pop clasp

Opening a Necklace Clasp?Does anyone know how to open this clasp? It's on a necklace.


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Unable to Dial 911 from Apartment?I have a cell phone and a good carrier. I just moved to a dead cell zone, no carriers can reach this two mile stretch. I invested in a Vonage system and got a landline phone which is supposed to work on it, but it requires good ethernet which my apartment building has only once in awhile.


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Finding Someone to Repair a Fire Damaged Figurine?Where can I find a company to repair a valuable figurine? The paint burned off in a fire. It is one of three figurines.


A collection of antique rings displayed on a pink display.

Buying Vintage Jewelry Instead Of NewJewelry can be quite expensive to buy new. Searching for vintage jewelry at thrift stores and resale shops may lead you to finding a lovely piece for much less. Minor repairs can often bring it back to like new appearance. This is a page about buying vintage jewelry instead of new.


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Who Makes IGA Bread?Who makes the bread distributed by IGA stores?


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Getting Eyeglasses Tinted?I have some glasses that I'm wanting to have tinted. Any suggestions on the cheapest place to take them, or the cheapest place to mail them to if it's an online place?


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Returning Ground Coffee to Walmart?I found pieces of rubber in the Great Value ground decaffeinated coffee. We like the coffee. This is the first time this happened. What should I do?


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Can I Remove the Photochromic Treatment from My Glasses?I got glasses from the optician after doing an eye test. They then offered to make my lenses photochromic. I decided to add on that extra feature so it could turn into, kind of like sunglasses in the outdoors. Now that I'm using it I don't really like it and want to know if I can get rid of it or I have to keep it.


Thirstystone Coasters Have Stopped Absorbing Condensate

Thirstystone Coasters Have Stopped Absorbing Condensate?Made from sandstone, these coasters are naturally absorbent. Over time the pores of the stone can become clogged. A quick wash with warm water and a bit of dish soap should return them to their original absorbent selves. This is a page about Thirstystone coasters have stopped absorbing condensate.


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Meaning of Walmart Merchandise Codes?What does xxx x and BD stand for at Walmart?


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Using Oxygen Tubing as a Drinking Straw?Can I use oxygen tubing for a drinking straw?


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Thinning Acrylic Paint?What can I mix with acrylic paint to make it thinner?


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Finding the End of a Roll of Plastic Wrap?I buy good plastic wrap. I never buy the cheap stuff. Even the good stuff, which costs a bit more, can be aggravating to me as heck! It seems inevitable that after I've used it for a while, I lose the end of it and once I do that, I find it very, very frustrating to find the end again.


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Apartment Building Turns Off Hot Water at Night?Lately the building l live in has been turning off the hot water at night. Although on Sunday at 2pm there still was no hot water. The poor doggy had a cold bath. What are they doing?


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How Does an Inkjet Printhead Work?Can anybody advise what the technology of inkjet printhead, its specifications, and how does it work?


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Making a Fragrance Purchase On-line?You thrifty ladies and gents may have an answer for me and I hope that you do. Have any of you ever bought your favorite fragrance via online purchase?


Closeup of apps on an iPhone.

What Determines the Cost of a Mobile App?This is a page about what determines the cost of a mobile app. Have you ever wondered why some mobile apps costs less than a $1, but others are much more expensive. Here is some information about how mobile app prices are determined.


Contacting a Company About an Account Credit

Contacting Uppercase Living About an Account Credit?How can I find out about the credit that I had with Uppercase Living. My friend use to be a consultant and no longer has her login information. I purchased a photo of my husband and me to stick on the wall. Well that never worked so I had it framed, but I still had credit with them.


An illustration of a computer screen showing a Facebook profile.

Buy and Sell Locally on FacebookMost regions have a Facebook page for ads to buy, sell and share stuff. This is a page about buy and sell locally on Facebook.


Close up of weed eater cutting grass.

How Much Should Lawn Maintenance Cost?The cost of services such as lawn maintenance are usually fairly consistent in local areas. The range will obviously depend on the level of service you require and the size of your property. Tasks in addition to mowing the lawn are typically added to a base fee. This is a page about, "How much should lawn maintenance cost?".


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Wall Paint Smells Like Pickles?I purchased a gallon of Clark and Kensington paint and primer in one from Ace Hardware. The color my daughter picked out is lemon grass. Since day one of painting it has a very pronounced smell similar to pickles. I know it's green paint, but really. Is there a chemical reaction going on with the mixes to prepare it.


Shelves full of towels for sale.

Buying Bath Towels?Having a nice soft bath towel to dry off with is a wonderful comfort to have for yourself and guests alike. This is a page about buying bath towels.


Outside of a post office.

Using Informed Delivery from USPSAvoid the stress of knowing where your mail is and if it has been delivered with Informed Delivery from the USPS. This is a page about using informed delivery from USPS.


Avoid Lightning Strikes with Plastic Tipped Umbrella

Avoid Lightning Strikes with a Plastic Tipped UmbrellaThis is a page about avoiding lightning strikes with plastic tipped umbrella. An umbrella with a metal tip at the top can attract lightning if you are out in a storm. By choosing one with a plastic tip, you can help avoid getting hurt.


Save on ThermaCare Heat Wraps - for smaller areas cut in half

Saving Money on ThermaCare Heat WrapsThis is a page about saving money on ThermaCare heat wraps. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your ThermaCare heat wraps. They can be cut down to a smaller size and proper storage helps them last longer.


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Looking for a Body Solid MH-30 Hip Flexor Attachment?I live in Nebraska and I am specifically looking for the MH-30 attachment that was made for the Body Solid 3000LPS exm home. That station was an option that could be purchased and added on to the 3000 home gym. It was discontinued sometime around 2007.


Adding Nano to Epoxy - car driving on a slab of stone

Adding Nano to Epoxy?I saw a film in which the car was driven out of a stone sheet and that stone was not broken. I think that they added nano to the epoxy and changed the stone. Is it possible? What materials have been added to the stone that the stone was not broken?


Determining Cause of Synthetic Rug Damage

Determining Cause of Synthetic Rug Damage?I bought a brand new synthetic nylon rug. I didn't notice these empty dots until I saw it under the white light. So is this infestation of a moth, beetles, or their larva or any other kind of bug that eats fibers or is it just a badly manufactured rug?


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Using Blue Dawn Dish Soap?Blue Dawn dishwasher soap is recommended in all the helpful hints I read, but is there really a difference between the blue and the other colors of Dawn?


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