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Three girls wearing prom dresses.

Saving Money on Prom DressesThis is a page about saving money on prom dresses. You want to look your best for prom, but don't always have an unlimited clothing budget.


Used Bed

Buying a Used Bed?This is a page about buying a used bed. A new bed is often expensive. An option is to purchase a used one and save money.


New Bed

Buying a New Bed?This is a page about buying a new bed. It is time to buy a new bed. This is an expensive purchase, so you will want to find the best, most comfortable one for the money.


A woman eating a frugal bowl or ramen noodles.

Eating on a Tight Monthly BudgetThis is a page about eating on a tight monthly budget. When money is short, it can have a serious effect on meal planning and choices.


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Buying Marie Calendar Cherry Pies?When groceries have her pies on sale it always excludes cherry pie. Why is that?



Starting a Coupon SwapThis page is about starting a coupon swap. The more people that participate in a coupon exchange, make it more likely you will be able to get the products you need.


Organic Flour

Buying Organic Flour?This is a page about buying organic flour. Organic food products are becoming more and more popular.


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Buying Cheap Good Quality Furniture in Nashville?Where in Nashville can I buy cheap, but good quality furniture?


Cookie Cutters

Saving Money on Cookie CuttersThis is a page about saving money on cookie cutters. If you bake a lot of rolled cookies, you know how expensive it can be to buy the cutters you want.


Generic and Name Brand Tomato Sauce

Choosing Between Generic and Name BrandThis is a page about choosing between generic and name brand. We have all been there, standing in a store aisle comparing the name brand product to a generic, usually less expensive, version.


Buying Narrow Shoes

Buying Narrow Shoes?This is a page about buying narrow shoes. Trying to buy shoes in widths other than medium can be frustrating.


Buying Clothes Online

Tips for Buying Clothes Online?This page contains tips for buying clothes online. Making sure you get the right size and quality you expect, can be a challenge when purchasing clothing through the internet.


Catalog Shopping

Catalog Shopping TipsThis is a page about catalog shopping tips. If you do a lot of catalog shopping, perhaps there are some tips that can make the process even easier.


Buying souvenirs in a Turkish shop.

Buying Souvenirs While TravelingThis page contains tips for buying souvenirs while traveling. It is always nice to come home with a remembrance from your travel adventures.


Beautiful drapes.

Saving Money on Drapes, Blinds and Window...This is a page about saving money on drapes, blinds, and window treatments. Window treatments are not just a decorating essential, they also offer privacy, and sometimes help with insulation, but they can be expensive.



Blue striped socks.

Saving Money on SocksThis is a page about saving money on socks. As the cost of clothing continues to rise, the thrifty shopper is always looking for ways to save money.


Girl On Outdoor Play Equipment

Saving Money On Outdoor Play Equipment?This is a page about saving money on outdoor play equipment. Outdoor play equipment can be very expensive to buy.


Shampoo Bottle

Saving Money on ShampooThis is a page about saving money on shampoo. Staying within your budget means looking for ways to save money wherever possible.


Maternity Clothes

Saving Money on Maternity ClothesThis is a page about saving money on maternity clothes. Maternity clothing, like any specialty item, can be more costly than regular clothes.


Woman Shopping For Clothing

Shopping For ClothingThis is a page about shopping for clothing. Make clothing shopping a bit easier and more economical by following a few simple tips.


Boxed Rice Meal with Chicken

Saving Money on Boxed Rice MealsThis is a page about saving money on boxed rice meals. Boxed rice mixes while tasty may be too much for your budget.


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Coupons for Shopping at ABC Distributing?I am looking to do some shopping from ABC and don't know what its prices are. So, I need coupons for shopping to keep the things within my budget. Or if anyone has coupons for some other US stores then he can also share.


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Special Deals for January 2013?I am looking for the things that I can find cheaply in 2013. Where I can find deals for this year?


A bag full of fresh produce.

Saving Money on ProduceThis is a page about saving money on produce. A trip to the grocery store may leave you with sticker shock when buying produce.


bottles of body soap

Saving Money on Body SoapThis is a page about saving money on body soap. Body soaps and washes can be quite pricey to buy.


Cute and Cheap Online Shopping Stores for Women?Any one have some suggestions for cute and cheap online shopping stores for women? I want to buy some clothes and winter boots.


Grocery List

Creating A Grocery ListThis is a page about creating a grocery list. Creating a grocery list can save time at the market and ensure that you don't forget anything while shopping.


Variety of Baked Goods

Saving Money On Baked GoodsThis is a page about saving money on baked goods. There are ways to save money when doing your grocery shopping and still feed your sweet tooth or resupply the bread box.


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Buying a Side of Beef in Nebraska?I live in Lincoln, Nebraska. I am a military wife and we have traveled all over. I have purchased half cows before, but never here in Nebraska.


A sign pointing to a farmers market.

Alternative Places to Shop for GroceriesThis page is about alternatives places to shop for groceries. Food products are available in a number of places you may not have visited yet.



Saving Money on Toiletries

Saving Money on ToiletriesThis is a page about saving money on toiletries. Toiletries can be expensive to buy and may be overused by family members.


Stack of napkins.

Saving Money on NapkinsThis page is about saving money on napkins. Putting napkins on the table does not have to be expensive.


A bowl of oatmeal.

Saving Money On OatmealOatmeal is an inexpensive, wholesome grain that keeps well. This page is about saving money on oatmeal.


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Getting Produce Coupons in Pennsylvania?Where do I get the coupons for produce in Pennsylvania? I believe they are state issued.


Saving Money on Audio Books

Saving Money on Audio BooksThis page is about saving money on audio books. Audio books can be expensive to purchase, but there are ways to cut the costs of listening to books.


Saving Money on Video Games

Saving Money on Video GamesThis is a page about saving money on video games. Video games are a favorite pastime for many of us, but can be quite expensive to buy.


Saving Money on a TV

Saving Money on a TVThis is a page about saving money on a TV. Buying a TV may shock your wallet.


Daily Facial Cloths

Saving Money on Olay Daily Facial ClothsThis is a page about saving money on Olay Daily Facial Cloths. Olay Daily Facial Cloths are convenient but can seem pricey.


Classic Combo Pizza

Saving Money On PizzaThis is a page about saving money on pizza. Whether you make your own, buy frozen, or take out there are ways to save money on pizza.


woman Putting Groceries in Her Car

Tips for Transporting FoodMaintaining the proper food temperatures is most important when carrying groceries. This page contains tips for transporting food.


Mother and Daughter Shopping at Supermarket

Shopping Tips and TricksThis page contains shopping tips and tricks. Whatever shopping you have to accomplish, there are many ways to save time and money.


Woman Grocery Shopping

Saving Money on FoodThis page is about saving money on food. There are many creative ways to trim your grocery bill.


Milk Being Poured in Cereal

Saving Money on CerealThis is a page about saving money on cereal. It seems like the price of cereal just keeps going up.


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Superchill Foods Upon Return from Grocery StoreUse a timer and freezer to superchill foods to retard spoilage. Place milk, juices, non-frozen meats, and half and half in the freezer for 1/2 hour upon returning from the grocery store to get the temperature down to a fresh 35-degrees.


Unnecessary Purchases

Avoiding Unnecessary PurchasesThis is a page about avoiding unnecessary purchases. When out shopping we are often tempted to buy something not on our list.



Close-up of Little Chocolate Bells

Saving Money On CandyThis is a page about saving money on candy. Avid thrifty shoppers have developed ways to save on almost everything, including candy.


A girl in a striped shirt holding a camera to her eye.

Buying a Camera?This is a page about buying a camera. When choosing a camera there are a number of considerations to keep in mind.


Saving Money on Ice Cream

Saving Money on Ice CreamThis is a page about saving money on ice cream. The price of ice cream has been escalating for the past few years.


Clear plastic wrap

Saving Money on Plastic WrapThis is a page about saving money on plastic wrap. We all look for ways to save on kitchen supplies.


Saving Money on Rice, Rice Spilling out of Burlap Sack

Saving Money on RiceThis is a page about saving money on rice. Rice is a staple in many homes, so saving money when buying it can help the grocery budget.



Saving Money on CarrotsThis is a page about saving money on carrots. We are always looking for ways to save on our grocery budget.


Saving Money on Tomatoes

Saving Money on TomatoesThis is a page about saving money on tomatoes. Fresh produce can often be quite expensive, tomatoes are no exception.


Saving on Bacon

Saving Money on Bacon This is a page about saving money on bacon. Bacon can be quite expensive at the market.


Closeup of drawer pull.

Saving Money On FurnitureThis is a page about saving money on furniture. Furniture can be very expensive, try some frugal alternatives to spending a lot on furniture.


saving money on tofu

Saving Money on TofuThis is a page about saving money on tofu. Tofu is a healthy addition to your diet, as well as, a staple in many vegetarian dishes.


saving money on bread

Saving Money on BreadThis is a page about saving money on bread. There are many different ways to spend less on bread.


Stack of Cheeses

Saving Money on CheeseThis is a page about saving money on cheese. Cheese is a favorite ingredient in many recipes and a great snack food.


Fresh vegetables.

Saving Money on VegetablesThis is a page about saving money on vegetables. Fresh vegetables are often less expensive than buying their canned or otherwise processed counterparts. However, their cost can still add up if you don't look for good bargains.


Stack of Colored Towels

Saving Money on TowelsThis is a page about saving money on towels. We all appreciate a bargain, and shopping of towels is no exception.


A glass of orange juice.

Saving Money on JuiceThis is a page about saving money on juice. If you have children you probably go through a lot of juice.


Homemade Dish Soap Recipes, Man Washing Dishes

Saving Money on Dishwashing LiquidThere are numerous brands of dishwashing liquids at the store. This is a page about saving money on dishwashing liquid.


Grilled Boneless Chicken Breast

Saving Money On ChickenThis is a page about saving money on chicken. Many families use chicken in their cooking on a regular basis.


Two heads of broccoli.

Saving Money on BroccoliThis is a page about saving money on broccoli. Serve nutritious versatile broccoli more often.


Saving Money on Celery

Saving Money on CeleryThis is a page about saving money on celery. In addition to being a great snack with peanut butter celery is used in many recipes.


Dishwasher full of dishes.

Saving Money on Rinse AgentThis is a page about saving money on rinse agents. Many dishwashers require the use of rinse agents.


Photo of a stick of Sure deodorant.

Saving Money on DeodorantThis is a page about saving money on deodorant. Everyone needs deodorant, so it is helpful to find good deals.


A snack bucket with chips on the outside.

Saving Money on SnacksThis is a page about saving money on snacks. Snacks are a great item to have around to tide you over between meals, especially for children.


Photo of tools hung a peg board.

Saving Money On ToolsThis is a page about saving money on tools. Having the tool for the job and save time and money.


A paper bag of groceries.

Saving Money on GroceriesThis is a page about saving money on groceries. A large part of your budget is probably spent on food. There are several ways you can cut those grocery shopping expenses.


Putting on Jeans

Saving Money on Clothes While DietingThis is a page about saving money on clothes while dieting. If you are like many people you have your skinny clothes and your not so skinny clothes. Then there are all the sizes in between as you are dieting. The changing clothing size needs can be expensive.


Jar of peanut butter surrounded by peanuts.

Saving Money on Peanut ButterThis is a page about saving money on peanut butter. Peanut butter is a staple in many households. Over the years the price has been rising, so many families are looking for a way to save money on it.


Pile of new shoes.

Saving Money on ShoesThis page is about saving money on shoes. Buying shoes doesn't have to break the bank.


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Buying Bulk Dried Beans?Where to I buy dried beans in bulk, cheaper than at the grocery store?


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Ammonia Soda for Baking?Where can I purchase ammonia soda for baking? I have a recipe that calls for ammonia soda, but I can't find it. A small jar was given to me with the cookie recipe, but now I can't find the ammonia soda. Can you help?


Saving Money On Books, Stacks of old books at a flea market or used book sale.

Saving Money On BooksThis is a page about saving money on books. There are many ways to get free or cheap books for hardcover, paperback, children's, educational or even e-books.


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Locating Discount Food Stores in Texas?I am looking for a scratch and dent can store around Tomball Texas, without having to drive all the way to Houston. Any help?


A person washing their hands with soap.

Saving Money on Hand SoapThis is a page about saving money on hand soap. With numerous bathrooms or large families, hand soap can be expensive. Although it is a necessity, there are ways you can save money on it.


Raspberries on White Background

Selecting Good RaspberriesThis is a page about selecting good raspberries. Good ripe raspberries are a treat that almost no one can pass up. Whether you are picking them fresh or buying them at the market, be sure to get good flavorful raspberries that are ready to eat.


Freezing Bell Peppers, Canning Bell Peppers, Peeling Bell Peppers, Drying Bell Peppers, Storing Bell Peppers, Growing Bell Peppers, Selecting Good Bell Peppers, Red, Green and Yellow Bell Peppers

Selecting Good Bell PeppersWhether you are stuffing them, making fajitas, or just roasting them bell peppers can add color and flavor to many dishes. Get the most out of your meal by selecting good peppers to use.


Freshly baked white dinner rolls.

Saving Money on Dinner RollsThis is a page about saving money on dinner rolls. Dinner rolls are a common side dish. Finding ways to save money on dinner rolls is helpful if you eat them often or are feeding a lot of people.


A slice of pumpkin pie.

Baking Pumpkin PieThis is a page about baking pumpkin pie. Many people love pumpkin pie and it is a staple at Thanksgiving. Whether you are making the pie from scratch or following the instructions on the can, these tips can help.


Photo of lots of potatoes.

Saving Money on PotatoesThis is a page about saving money on potatoes. Potatoes are a staple for many households. While they may not seem too pricey on a per pound basis, if you have a large family and go through many potatoes the cost can really add up.


Saving Money on Summer Travel, A travel trailer at a campsite.

Saving Money on Summer TravelThis is a page about saving money on summer travel. Many people look forward to traveling in the summer. Travel costs can add up quickly, but you don't have to spend a fortune to have fun.


Saving Money on Hotels, A lit hotel sign.

Saving Money on HotelsThis is a page about saving money on hotels. Staying at a hotel can be a huge expense on a trip. Saving money on your hotel room leaves more money to spend on other parts of your trip.


Saving Money at Disneyland, Entrance to Disneyland Park

Saving Money on Disneyland TicketsThis is a page to saving money on Disneyland tickets. Visiting Disneyland for a family can be an expensive endeavor. Disneyland is a place where priceless family memories can be created. The ticket to those memories has a price though, and it's not cheap.


People Getting off Cruise Ship in Mexico

Saving Money on a CruiseThis is a page about saving money on a cruise. A cruise is a fabulous way to get away on vacation. However, it is not cheap and the expenses can add up quick if you don't keep an eye on how much you are spending.


New Open Dishwasher

Saving Money on a DishwasherThis is a page about saving money on a dishwasher. The dishwasher is an appliance that be a real time saver and can be found in almost every home. They are expensive to purchase and install though.


An aerial photo of Disneyland.

Saving Money on a Disney Vacation?This is a page about saving money on a Disney vacation. Going on a Disney vacation is a lot of fun, but it can be quite expensive. There are many ways to cut your costs on everything from tickets to food and lodging.


Strawberry Yogurt

Saving Money on YogurtThis is a page about saving money on yogurt. Yogurt is a delicious and nutritious snack. Whether you love to have it for breakfast or a midnight snack it doesn't always come cheap.


Orange camping tent pitched near a mountain lake.

Saving Money on CampingThis is a page about saving money on camping. Camping is a fantastic family activity that can also be very frugal. However, if you don't keep an eye out for bargains, you will soon find yourself spending more than you planned.


Artichokes on a Table

Selecting Good Artichokes?This is a page about selecting good artichokes. Artichokes are a tasty side dish whether by themselves or combined with other ingredients. Selecting a good artichoke is the first step in making your recipes successful.


Baking ingredients on a wood bread board.

Saving Money on Baking SuppliesThis is a page about saving money on baking supplies. If you like to bake from scratch you will need a well stocked pantry. All of the necessary ingredients needed for baking can become quite costly.


A box of Goldfish pretzels snacks.

Saving Money on Diet SnacksThis is a page about saving money on diet snacks. Eating diet snacks can help with your weight loss. However, snacks marketed for dieting can be quite expensive.


Chocolate pudding in a bowl with a spoon.

Saving Money on PuddingThis is a page about saving money on pudding. Pudding is a yummy snack for both kids and adults. Whether you buy it at the store or make your own, there are ways to save money on it.


5 varieties of soda

Saving Money on Soda PopThis is a page about saving money on soda pop. Whether you call it soda, pop, tonic, or Coke, we spend a lot of money on this sparkling beverage. Finding ways to save money on this delicious treat will free your budget up for other expenses.


Stack of Jeans

Saving Money on JeansThis is a page about saving money on jeans. Jeans are a staple in most wardrobes. Finding a pair of jeans that have the right fit, good quality, and a thrifty price tag, can be challenge. See what our readers have to say about getting a good deal on jeans.


A blank grocery list ready to be filled out.

Thrifty Grocery ShoppingI have found over the years that if I use a shopping list, I tend to spend less money. Depending on the layout of the store that you shop in, make up a form such as this one on your computer and save it so you can print one out any time you need it.


Three kids in snorkel gear.

Saving Money to Go on VacationIt's important to find time and money to go on a vacation, even if it's an inexpensive one. In today's economy finding the room in our budgets for vacations is getting more and more difficult. This is a page about saving money to go on a vacation.


Young guy moving a white sofa

Furnishing Your First ApartmentThis is a page about furnishing your first apartment. Moving out is an exciting time. Furnishing your new home, can be expensive, but, if you know the right places to look you can get some great deals.


Satelite dish against a tree in background.

Saving Money on DirectTVThis is a page about saving money on DirectTV. Watching television is a longtime favorite family past time. However, greater access comes with a higher cost. Keeping the cost of home entertainment within our budget is important.


Large picture frame.

Saving Money on Poster FramingThis is a page about saving money on poster framing. Framing is a great way to protect and preserve your favorite posters. However, it can be costly to frame posters because of their size.


Closeup of HDMI Cable

Saving Money on HDMI CablesThis is a page to saving money on HDMI cable. If you own an HDTV, then you want to get the best picture possible when you are watching TV or movies. HDMI cable offer superior picture quality, but the price of some of the cable on the market can really give you sticker shock.


Three school age girls wearing backpacks.

Saving Money on School ClothesThis is a page about saving money on school clothes. Kids want to look good and have the trendiest clothes for school. It can be hard to satisfy their needs with clothes being so expensive.


Passport ontop of a travel newspaper page

Saving Money on TravelThis is a page about saving money on travel. Traveling is expensive. Saving money on travel can allow you to travel more frequently or to spend your money on other things during your trip.


Up close photo of the front of a baking soda box

Saving Money on Baking SodaThis is a page about saving money on baking soda. Baking soda can be used in everything from cooking to cleaning. Because of this baking soda is a staple product in most households.


Toys on White Background

Saving Money on ToysThis is a page about saving money on toys. Kids need toys to play with for both entertainment and development. There is no end to the stream of new, innovative and expensive toys available on the market.


Stacks of board game boxes

Saving Money on Board GamesThis is a page about saving money on board games. Board games are a great source of frugal entertainment for the whole family. Finding ways to save money when you buy them is even better.


Pile of split firewood.

Saving Money on FirewoodThis is a page about saving money on firewood. Finding a good deal on firewood is helpful, especially if you use a lot of it to warm your home.


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