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Stairway remodeled

Improving an Unfinished Stairway
beautiful looks wonderful. luv the wallpaper..hopefully will inspire some of us to pray and get some renovating done :0).


Elmo Cake and Tips
Wow........great job!!!


Renewal of Wedding Vows on the Beach in St. Thomas
Congratulations on your 40th anniversary (and many, many more)....what a beautiful place to renew your vows.....


Batrisyia Driving Her Car
Awwwwwwwwww........what a sweetie she is!! Enjoy!!


Ella B is Climbing Now
Aww........looks like shes making lunch for her auntie and herself.........she;s adorable


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Tiny Mice?
This sounds inhuman but once a long time ago I had left pots in the sink overnight soaking. When I woke up I drained the water and all kinds of small mice had drowned...mind you I screamed my head off cause I hate mice and I figured Id at least touched one...


Garden Tunnel for Kids - distant shot of boy inside the tunnel

Create a PVC Garden Tunnel
that is soooooooo 4 grandsons would really enjoy that.....thanx,


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Free Baby Samples?
Teresa~~Im from Canada so cant help you with the samples....but I wanted to say Congratulations on becoming a grandmaw.....My first grandson was born Mar. 3/05 and I love it.....watching him being born (which was great since I had mine c-section) and watching...


First Bite of Solid Food

First Bite of Solid Food
aww....what a sweetie...still not sure if she likes it or not LOL


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My Neighbors are Placing Dog Poop In My Yard?
I feel so sorry for you.....we had rotten neighbors too + it ended up with my 13 yr old daughter in jail over stupid lies they told (this was the parents) they finally moved but I know what your going makes a person disgusted and hates to leave...


Hocking Hills, Ohio

Hocking Hills, Ohio!
Those are beautiful pictures...thanx for sharing


An emergency diaper kit for babies.

Baby/Toddler "Emergency" Kit
Thanks thats a good dd and b/f forget to take extra clothes with maybe Grandma better make up an emergency kit for grandson to stash in her van for such emergencies (tee hee considering they use our vechiles all the time anyway) take care


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Make A Hooded Towel - Great Gift For Kids
Hey that would make great b/d, Christmas presents too when money is tight.......good idea thanks


John Hall and Goats

John Hall and his Kids (Goats) cute all the kids :0).......its nice to raise children with animals.....


A cake decorated with Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty Cake
What a lovely cake and daughter....Happy B/d to her.......what a talented mommy she has...good job


Wedding Cake for Pigs

Wedding Cake for Adorable Pigs
Aw....what a sweet cake..hope the married couple and their friends enjoyed it!! And oh yeah, congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Piggy....they make a lovely couple oink oink.......:0)


Little boy in his castle.

Make a Castle Bed for your Child
Wow.....congrats to both you, hubby and of course your son!!! You all did a good job on it and it looks so professional.........Give yourselves a pat on the back.........Ruth K. ;0)


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Indoor Grill Reviews?
I own a george foreman grill.....went from a small one to a family size one and I just luv it...wouldnt be without it. You can grill meat, veggies. and the fat runs out on a tray so it helps if you dont want to eat too much fat and my teenagers actually will...


Shelly Girl
She sounded like a wonderful family member. Sorry to hear about your loss. She will always be in your thoughts and heart.


Flowers from My Yard
Beautiful flowers.......thanx so much for sharing :0)


Sassy Richardson (Jack Russell Terrier X)

Sassy Richardson (Jack Russell Terrier X)
Awwwww.......what a sweetie.....luv the visor :0) cant be to lax in the sun



My Furry Friend - Braveheart
wow....that sure is special to make friends with a cute animal...hubby has been making friends with squirrels and rabbits in our backyard this year. its so adorable to watch


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Cork Gingerbread Man Christmas Ornaments?
that is such a kewl idea....thanx for sharing it with us :0)


A dog on a couch with an Amercian flag.

Jolee (Jack Russell Terrier)
Awwww.......what cute pets..luv the write up....good luck you guys :0)


Blackie (Toy Poodle?)
Hey he forgot to open the book.....LOL.....what a cutie


Buddy, Our New Found Friend
What a cutie!! Glad you found each other


Add Cartoon Characters To Children's Products
What a great idea........thanx for the idea


Star Gazer Lilies

Star Gazer Lilies
Theyre beautiful :0)


Beautiful Daughter and Niece
Youre rite they are beautiful.......lucky to have good looking girls in your family :0)


Lilies in July
Those are so beautiful..Im from Canada and most of my lilies are tiger lilies (orange & black) and I have some white & lite pink ones. Never seen this color before thanks for sharing


garden path

Beautiful Garden Path
so beautiful and looks so peaceful thanks for sharing and some great ideas :0)


Butterfly Napkin Rings

Butterfly Napkin Rings
Those are so cute and I just love butterflies...I wonder what they would look like on some some limbs???


A simple homemade wedding cake.

Nice, Simple Wedding Cake
that is a beautiful cake.......hope your friend appreciated it.....good job Maria!!!


Personalized mugs.

Homemade Personalized Mugs
those are beautiful....would make great christmas presents for all....thanx for sharing your talent


Playing With Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper is the Best Toy
awwwwwwwww.......theyre so sweet!!! Its always the simple things that give them the most them the most expensive present and they luv to play with the box....LOL thanx for sharing such a cute picture


Up close photo of tuxedo strawberries.

Chocolate Strawberry Tuxedos
What a wonderful job she did with them.......hope all enjoyed them....I know I would have :0)


Butterfly baby quilt block.

Mamaw's Keepsake Comforter
What a beautiful quilt...the butterflies are lovely (there my favorites~~hubby keeps saying I have too many butterfly things around) Your granddaughter will cherish it as she grows.. :)


A Visitor to the Butterfly Bush

A Visitor to the Butterfly Bush
What a beautiful visitor...I have a purple coneflower and didnt realize it attracted butterflies till one day I went out and there was a whole bunch of monarchs on them much to my delight...Im crazy about butterflies....... :0)


Hanging beaded dream catcher.

Beaded Dreamcatcher
Thanks for the instructions....been wanting to do one but it looked so complicated but I think I can do this one :0)


Bamboo Good Luck Planter
This is my opinion....but I dont buy bamboo and have advised my dd not too either....guess I think of the pandas too much and their loss of their food so we are dead set against any bamboo lucky or not.....not lucky for the poor pandas ;0(


Photo of girls wearing homemade bridesmaid dresses.

Wedding and Bridesmaids Dresses on a Budget
Beautiful bride and the dresses for all is lovely. good job


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Baking With Baby Formula?
Thats what we did with our baby dd had to change her son to different formula and we just took the new can she had bought before (not knowing) and gave it to our local foodbank. They never have enough stuff for babies


Sugar (Rat Terrier)
What a special doggie..wish i had my own personal taxi driver ;)....we also have a rat terrier named Jackie 7 yrs old....part of the family. she is the greatest protector of the kids, even though they are now 18 and 17 and now is also protecting our 4 month...


Duke (German Shepherd?) Rest in Peace
So sorry to hear about your loss. Our pets are just like family and it hurts to lose thoughts are with you at this time...he was such a beautiful dog


Angel in Pink

Angel in Pink - Rewards of Babysitting
Awwwww.....such a sweetie!! Enjoy them while theyre little grandson is nearly 5 months old and he seems to be changing every day.... :0)


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Urn for a Pet?
Sorry to hear about your friend went out and bought a pretty cookie jar for his g/fs ashes when she passed away.


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Blood on White T-shirt?
Thank you all for ideas. Will try them all and hopefully one of them will work.. have a great day, Grammar


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Inexpensive Butterfly Garden
hi~~I have coneflowers (I think thats what theyre called) and the butterflies just love them and they come up every year. hope this helps.


All About Felix--A Tribute to a Dear Buddy
Sorry to hear about your loss~~we had to put down ours 5 yrs ago and still miss him~~but you have the lovely memories of him. Take care


Icing Beautiful Cakes - Scoobie Cake
Good job.......just luv scooby!!


Baby looking a toys on seat.

Karleigh's New Found Friends
Awwww.....what a little cutie!! thanx for sharing.


A Elephant ring toss game for kids.

Elephant Ring Toss Game
Awwww........that is so cute...have to round up all the stuff and try to make it for my 3 grandsons. Thanks


Tulle and Lights

Tulle and Lights Wedding Decor
That is so pretty. My nephew just got married on the 9th of July and they had the hall done up with black and pink tulle with the lights in it plus the backdrop behind the headtable. That was the first time Ive seen it done and it was so pretty. Thanks for...


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Recipe Cards for Bride and Groom
what a great ideas from you both Tonya and Sharon.


Photo of an Onion Field
That is so kewl.......never seen such a large field of onions but have seen onions in flowers in parents and hubbys veggie gardens. thanx for sharing


A sock monkey for a child.

Sock Monkey
I have a 4 1/2 month old grandson that is learning to hang onto things & dropping them (already learning that little game :0) }. This sounds good for him and easy for grandma to make LOL. Thanks for the idea and instructions.


Wind chimes that are made from a clay pot.

Clay Pot Wind Chime
Hi~~luv your idea...I have so many clay pots around and couldnt find anything to do with them. So will have to dig them out and do some crafting. I also luv the sound of windchimes. Happy crafting, Ruth


Fish Theme Bathroom in blues with primary colors

Fish Theme Bathroom
Nice bathroom.......I have the fish theme too....went to walmart and got some remmants of fish themed cloth (dolphins too!! to tease dd :0) } for curtains. Makes you seem to be in another world!!


Rubber Ducky Baby Shower

Frugal Rubber Duck Baby Shower Idea
That is so are so thoughtful and money saving..wish I could be that way. thanks for sharing


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Cordless Phone Reviews?
I agree with tiffany. We have a VTECH also with an answering machine and just love it. We have had no problems.


young boy & bluerog

Elijah and Fred (Bullfrog)
Awwwwwwww.....thats a sweet picture!! Even bullfrogs need to be loved :0)


Bride in the Car
Congratulations to you and your groom....looks like it was a beautiful day for a wedding


Decorated Baby Cake For Shower

Decorated Baby Cake For Shower
Thats adorable!!! Quite an imagination you have. Congrats on new grandson!! :0)


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Keeping Baking Soda from Clogging Pipes?
Hi used this once too~~soda and vinegar and it fizzed up and then went solid. It scared me cause I didnt want to call a plumber so I used something to dig as much as I could and rinsed it with very hot water and swore Id never do it again. Im not sure how other...


Palm Fronds for Cheap Wall Covering
That is soooo kewl.......betcha your son just luvs his room....


A Small Plot of Tulips
those are a beautiful sea of colors....especially luv the purple ones....thanx for sharing


The Best Times are Priceless - Jaylan (7 months)
Awwwww....what a sweetie!! You are so rite....I am enjoying my little 2 month old grandson rite now and every little smile (even if gas ones) make me smile and forget the rest of the world even for brief moments. Thanx for sharing :)


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Relieving Headaches
Hi!! also heard if you take your pain relievers with an orange or orange juice this helps out too..something in the orange. Also with migraine, I have tried this and it does work too. Jump into the shower and turn hot water on as warm as you can handle it unto...


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Recipe For A Happy Marriage
That is so nice and true. I have a bridal shower to go to later this month and have to write one out for the bride. We are suppose to bring words of wisdom for the bride and this sounds like good wisdom. Thank you so much for sharing, hagd, Ruth


The Best Two Hours A Day I've Ever Spent
Awwwwwwwwww.......what a sweetie!! Know what ya mean. Have a new grandson (Mar.3/05) and just luv to cuddle him when were together. take care, Ruth


Blue Anemones, Daffodils and Primulas
They are so beautiful.....also from Ontario. Daffodils are coming up here. Cant wait for them to open up and the weather to get warmer so get get into flowerbeds. Thanks for sharing the spring flowers. Ruth


Daffodils in Bloom on Vancouver Island
They are sooo beautiful. Im from Ontario, Canada and just cant wait to get into my flowerbeds!! :0). Thanks so much for sharing it gives me hope-- good weather is just around the corner.... LOL


Tub with dog standing next to it.

Water Feature - Old Pump And Washtub as Frosty's...
Awwwww...what a sweet Frosty~~the fountain is so pretty too. I luv the sound of running water. I have a sound machine that I put on running water to make myself go to sleep!! Thanx for sharing


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Baby Wash as Body Wash
Have to buy some for 18 yr old son he seems to be allergic to most soaps. Thanx


rat terrier

Corkey (Rat Terrier)
Awwwwww.......what a cutie!! I have a rat terrier to named Jackie. She is so lovable, they seem to know when youre not feeling well or upset and stick by your side. She is also very protective of the kids even if theyre 16 and 18. We have a new grandson 3 wks...


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Poem for Mommies - When Mommy's Your Name
Hi that is so true and touching. My daughter has just had her first little boy 2 wks. ago and am having her shower tomorrow. I made a few copies to give to her and some other mommies. Thanks for sharing. take care :0)


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Coupons in Canada?
Hi Karen~~Im also from Canada and have joined a group of people who do trains of coupons. If interested you can look into it at Hope this helps you. Ruth


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A Sweet Gift - A Photo Calendar
First of all, congradulations on your pregnancy and I do believe this is a wonderful present. Im waiting for one for my husband to get back for Christmas. He has been diagnosed with lung cancer and thought this would cheer him up looking at pics of the family


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