January 21, 2015

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King Of The Road Dinner

King Of The Road DinnerSlice your vegetables, add your sausage, and let your oven do the rest! This made our house smell so good! It is a tasty, comforting, winter dinner. The combination of cabbage, potatoes, carrots and mushroom sauce is just so yummy! I never realized how good cabbage was. :)


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Stopping An ItchTo stop an itch, crush many aspirin, put in apple cider vinegar and shake. Apply and itch subsides quickly.


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Dealing with Dust MitesTo prevent dust mites, I've had great success with putting 1 cup white vinegar with several drops of tea tree essential oil in the rinse cycle. Wash on hot and dry on hot....


Spot (Holstein Cow)

Spot (Holstein)Spot (Holstein)


Peach Apple Juice

Extended Apple Juice By Making Peach Apple...Juice can get pricey. Our juice was running low, and instead of buying more, I simply added 2 free ingredients and our juice bottle was suddenly full again! One of these is all that yummy but syrupy sweet juice left in the bottom of a can of peaches. It's a shame to just throw it away, now you don't have to.



small black and white dog

Border Collie and ?We just adopted this sweet girl who is a rescue. They estimated her age at four to six months, but she is really small. Do you think she is really a Border Collie or a mix? Either is fine with us. Just curious as to what her size will be.


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Resetting the Clock on a Microwave Oven?I have a Quasar Super Wave microwave oven, MO9995YW. The power flicked off and now I need to reset the clock. How do I reset it so the microwave will function?


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My Cockatiel Screeches Loudly All Day?My cockatiel screeches the whole day, when not everyone is at home or even when everyone is. Sometimes it because of the weather. He can be quiet all day then he starts screeching. Can someone please give me a tip to stop it?


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Ford Truck Heater Not Getting Hot?What procedure do I use to diagnose the heater on a 2000 Ford series truck? It is not getting hot; it is only blowing warm air.


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Other Foods for Cockatiel?My cockatiel always likes to eat seeds, parsley, celery and watermelon, but what other foods can he eat? I would like it if you could help me with a list of foods that are very nutritious for cockatiels.


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15th Birthday Ideas?I will be 15 this weekend and I don't know what to do. Does anybody have any ideas of what I can do?


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Removing Paint Stains From Black Pants?How do I get white paint stains out of black dress pants.


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Value of Vintage Porcelain Doll?I wanted to ask what is the value of this particular porcelain doll. Her name is Eliza and the model number is (AW-44). Thank you so much for your time.


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Dog Chews Bed and Blankets?My 3 year old Yorkie chews his bed and blankets. He does not do this when left in the house alone, but will start when I return home, especially if I am on the phone.


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Caring for Baby Zebra Finches?My finch's eggs are just about to hatch. Is there anything the parent finches need to feed or care for the babies?


brown and white dog with dark coloration around eyes

What Breed Is Our Dog?We added a new addition to our family a few days ago. We were told she is an English Bulldog mix, but everyone keeps saying Boxer. We don't care what she is, we are in love with her regardless, but thought it would be nice to get an opinion.


red and white dog

Is My Dog Full Blooded Red Nose?I want to know if my pup is a full blooded Red Nose Pit Bull or not. I've met both of his parents. They looked like full bloods to me, but I keep getting told he has terrier in him. I would just like to clarify this.


large brown dog

What Breed Is Nasus?I've had Nasus for about 3.5 months now. For the life of me, I cannot figure out what breed he is. It's not so much a big deal as some people make it out to be, but I love to brag about him. When people ask me what he is, I have to say 'a Lab mix'. I'd love to have some idea as to what he is.


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